The Headmaster’s Office

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The movie takes place around 100 years ago. It begins with four young women at a boarding school. It’s nighttime. They are drinking wine surreptitiously by candlelight. A fifth girl reports the behavior to a teacher, who confronts the girls and orders them to report to the Headmaster’s office the next morning.

The girls dutifully report the next day. They are wearing alleged period dresses that cover their entire bodies. There’s a very short lecture from the Head, in which the girls are told that they’ll be “severely punished” for what they’ve done. They are then ordered to remove all of their clothing. “Yes, Headmaster” is the extent of their dialogue.

stock spankingThey undress completely, but for stockings. It’s a nice touch, because the stockings are sexy. They come to the mid-thigh and stop, highlighting the nude bottoms just above. Interestingly, the girls didn’t seem to wear much, if any, underwear. The dresses came off, and voila — nudity.

caning video schoolgirlThere are three blonds and a brunette. Two of the blonds are tall with long hair. The third is shorter, with her hair pulled back in a bun. The brunette has shoulder length ponytails. All four girls have nice, attractive faces and bodies. The tallest blonde, who has the largest breasts of the three, appears to have had some augmentation.

The young women (including the tattletale) appear reasonably age-appropriate for their roles. There are no middle-aged porn stars in pigtails.

The pacing of the movie is quick. We’re barely 5 minutes into it, and a lot has happened. The misdeed has already been done and reported. The lecture has been given. All four girls are already undressed. The punishment is about to commence, all in the first 5 minutes. This video doesn’t waste time.

The girl who reported the misdeed is in the office as well. She’s been given the job of counting the strokes. We’re told that there will be fifty for each young woman.

The brunette goes first. Naked, she bends at the waist over a wooden contraption and gets strapped into it. Again, it happens quickly. There is no slow, sexual buildup as this occurs. There is no fetishization of the bondage gadgetry. The camera doesn’t linger over the people or the implements.

But that doesn’t mean the video’s not sexy. It is. They just don’t lay it on thick.

The other three girls look scared as the first one gets strapped in. The caning begins. The tattletale counts the strokes.

naked caning videoOkay, the caning. All I can say is … Holy Shit! I’ve seen canings that were for show, lots of pomp and circumstance. I’ve seen canings with lengthy pauses in between each stroke. I’ve seen caning where there’s very little back-swing, or where there’s very little force, or where the Dom slows at the end of the stroke or pulls up short. In other words, I’ve seen canings that purposefully don’t really hurt all that much.

None of that happens here. The back-swing goes back far. The arm travels athletically fast. There is no pulling up short. There are no pauses in between. There is speed and force in each stroke.

And it shows. After about a dozen (and they come fast and furious) the brunette is writhing in agony. If she were not strapped in, I don’t believe she would have remained in place. But she is strapped in — arms, legs and waist. So the brutal caning continues. She bucks and squeals throughout.

Then it’s done. It took maybe two minutes. How long does it take to cane someone 50 times, if you don’t pause in between? Apparently not long. The shaken brunette is unstrapped and led against the wall, her rear end on display. The other three girls stare wide-eyed, almost stunned by what just happened.

The next student is the tall, statuesque blond who appears to have had some surgical augmentation. She allows herself to be led to the wooden contraption and strapped in.

At the beginning, she gets paddled, not caned. Again there is a lot of arm strength behind each blow. The girl cries out immediately, and who could blame her? A strong, athletic man has just wound up and delivered a forceful blow to her naked rear end with a large wooden paddle.

Because of the straps, only her head can move. It shakes up and down like the head of a marionette. A large purple bruise appears quickly on her leg. She sobs and sniffles.

The blows are slower this time. The headmaster switches to the cane after about ten whacks. The girl cries out, a wrenching groan. Her breathing comes fast and labored. Her rear end get striped from cane. The stripes overlay the bruises from the paddle. The headmaster pauses to lecture occasionally. Maybe the director told him to slow things down.

The young woman’s legs start shaking by the halfway point. Around stroke forty she sobs loudly. Number fifty is the hardest. The girl’s head jerks up and down like a puppet on a string as she gasps and squeals.

Then she’s unstrapped and sent to stand against the wall with the brunette, both rear ends on display side by side. The blond is sniffling and moaning softly as she makes her way to the wall of shame.

Next up is the short blond with her hair tied back in a bun. With her large eyes, natural breasts and round bottom, she’s my personal favorite. Like the first two girls, she’s strapped in with a minimum of foreplay or flourish. Her white stockings underline her glorious round buttocks. She looks lovely.

The Headmaster is all business at this school. The girl is told to breathe in, to make the waist strap tighter. Nice touch. She’s actually breathing hard before it begins.

The caning starts. The counting starts. The same force is used. But with more pauses. It’s slower and more sexual this time.

And very soon the crying starts. Not womanly sobbing, though. The girl is wailing like a child, loudly and pitifully, elongated “aahhahahahaha’s” issuing forth involuntarily. She’s helpless.

The camera zooms in on her pretty face. The tears fall to the floor “Oh God! No!” she cries out at one point. The Head stops and taunts her at another point, saying that she was the ringleader. The caning gets quicker toward the end. Her bottom is crimson-striped when it’s done.

The fourth girl is a tall, thin blond with long hair. She looks scared before it starts, and who could blame her? She gets strapped in like the others before her.

The caning starts. The same force and speed is used again. She’s weeping almost immediately. Her squeals are high-pitched and breathy. The Headmaster pauses and pushes the hair from her face. Her expression is a grimace of pain and fear.

She sobs and cries out loudly as the caning continues. Her bottom becomes marked with stripes and bruises. Like the first three, she gets 50 strokes.

All four are then lined up afterward, facing against the wall. They are ordered to say “thank you, Headmaster” for their punishment, Still nude, they turn around. They are lectured. They are forced to apologize. Then they’re sent away.

Okay, you knew the tattletale would get it, too. Later that night, in the dormitory, she does. The four girls corner her. They force her down on her belly, pull up her nightdress, expose her bottom and spank it.

It’s not much of a scene. It’s dark, so the visuals aren’t good. And the girls have no leverage to deliver a serious spanking. Compared to what they themselves went through — strapped down so their butts were targets for caning by a healthy adult male with a forceful wind-up and delivery — the tattletale’s spanking is a walk in the park

bruised ass caningNevertheless, she acts like it hurts. She keeps saying she’s sorry in a distressed voice. They keep spanking her. One grabs a scissor as if to cut off her long brown hair, and the movie ends. Presumably the tattletale will be undergoing quite a bit of punishment to come, at the hands of her four angry dorm mates.

So how good is the movie? Not to be wishy-washy, but it depends. I’m not a big fan of extreme punishment, marked up bottoms, etc. I prefer spankings with more of a balance between physical and emotional domination. And I like rear ends that are attractive before the spanking and remain so afterward. Red bottoms are just fine with me. Striped, purplish, bruised and blotchy bottoms not so much.

But there’s still a lot to recommend about this movie. I liked the nudity. I liked the attractive young women. I liked the reality of it (no phony strokes!). And I appreciated the pacing. With all of that going for it, if you like the more severe punishments and the discolored bottoms that result, you should truly enjoy this video.

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