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Jane has been summoned to Mr. Lewis’ office. He has an enormous headache and asks the girl to go to the chemist to get him some aspirins. Since he has no cash he gives her the school credit card. She is to get the medicine and come right back.

After two hours Mr. Lewis is frantic. His head is pounding and Jane is nowhere in sight. She had just one job to do and she has failed miserably. Then he gets a call from a beauty salon. They want to charge $500 on the school account. It seems Jane has asked for the full salon treatment, the works.

When she returns with the weak excuse that she has missed the bus and without the aspirin, Mr. Lewis is livid. he demands she fetch the cane. Chastising her at the same time , he begins [] giving her strokes with the cane but feels it’s not severe enough. He instead gives her an OTK spanking with a large ruler on her bare bottom until it is much discolored.

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