Writing a Letter

Studio: Spanked at Home

Starring: Amy, Maggy and Alex

Approximate Running Time: 08.50 minutes

Amy is an Exchange Student staying in the home of Maggy and Alex in Germany.

Maggy comes into her room to find her lying on her bed watching the telly instead of writing a letter home to her parents.

Maggy finds her watching the tv

She’s so absorbed in what she’s watching, that she doesn’t realise that Maggy is there.

Unfortunately for Amy, Maggy has found a half written letter in her exercise book and she’s surprised that Amy is telling such blatant lies to her parents in the UK – about how good she is being and never gets punished.

When Alex also comes into the room, he insists on seeing the letter that Maggy is trying to hide behind her back. He too is surprised and also angry that Amy is trying to deceive her parents.

He starts caning her

Off he goes to fetch the cane. Poor Amy has to start writing the letter again – without the untruths this time.

She is leaning over the table writing the letter, while Alex is caning her.

First he canes her on top of her pink shorts – followed by them being pulled down to her knees and finally he canes her on her bare bottom.

Between her yelps of pain, she reads aloud what she is writing.

Her bottom is very sore

Eventually, Alex is satisfied that the latest letter is a more accurate account of her new life in the home of Maggy and Alex.

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  1. samantha says:

    oww spanking hert becaus i had my when i was 2