Red Head, Red Hand, Red Bottom – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Red Crescendo
Approximate Running Time: 26.21 minutes

From the box cover alone, Red Head, Red Hand, Red Bottom is an obvious winner when it comes to spanking movies.

This offering from Red Crescendo features a beautiful redhead, but she has been a bad girl throughout her schooldays and has received corporal punishment in its many forms over the years.

The pretty girl tells us that she has lived in various countries throughout her young life. Now the reason for this movie is to show the viewer what she had to endure punishment-wise while at English and Scottish schools.

She’s dressed as a schoolgirl, wearing a short plaid skirt.

Our redhead narrates at the start of the movie and explains that the punishments usually began with her holding out her hand to receive the cane. She explains that flinching when it comes time to take a strike on the hand results in the rest of the discipline occurring on the bottom. She flinches when her hand is hit, so she has to bend over a desk in order to receive her caning, strapping, and paddling on her poor defenceless ass instead.

she flinches as the cane strikes her hand

During her explanation of the various implements used on her, especially the Scottish tawse, we learn about the various grades, sizes, and uses of each type.

When the punishment starts in earnest, the redhead no longer talks about what’s happening, but we are able to interpret what we are seeing from the view of her butt.

This shot is split in two - showing her red bottom and her face contorted in pain

The man who is punishing her works methodically. The strokes of the strap, paddle, tawse, and cane are delivered slowly and deliberately, and she cries out loudly as the pain vibrates through her bottom in waves. Then just when it becomes unbearable, her top uses a lump of ice to rub over her tortured bottom. As it melts, the camera pans in and we are able to see the water trickling down her hips and into her ass crack.

the tawse and a red bottom

The tawse generally has two or three tails and in this video, these tails are used by the punisher to tease the spankee. He gently rubs the side of the tawse between her thighs, and as the tawse kisses the lips of her pussy, she shudders orgasmically.

the cane leaves its mark on her red bottom

By the time the punishment is over, her bottom is a mass of bruises; the black and blue marks run into each other and the skin is broken, leaving a trail of blood meandering down her bottom.

the paddle covers a larger area

The Discipline of Sasha – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: and

Approximate Running Time: 27.54 minutes

In’s The Discipline of Sasha, cute, blond Sasha is such a naughty girl. She got her sweaty little hands on a porno magazine and she knows from previous experience that her mistress Lady Venus has forbidden her to read such trash. But while the cat’s away…

Guiltily, Sasha sneaks into the house clutching the dirty magazine. Sitting on the wooden steps, she riffles through the pages until she finds a particular page that obviously turns her on. Her hand moves under her short, plaid, schoolgirl skirt and she pushes aside the crotch of her panties to play with her swollen clit.

With her other hand she tugs at her cropped tank top and plays with her stiffened nipples.

She is so engrossed in what she is doing she doesn’t hear Lady Venus come home earlier than expected.

“What are you doing?” Lady Venus demands to know. “What are you hiding behind your back?”

“Nothing, Ma’am,” Sasha whispers.

Lady Venus is annoyed with her and intends to discipline Sasha

However, Lady Venus insists on hearing the truth and makes Sasha hand over the magazine.

Now Lady Venus is going to discipline submissive Sasha.

Her wrists are manacled together and she is told to hold on to the beam above her head.

Lady Venus finds it difficult to keep her hands off the young girl. Under the pretext of spanking Sash, Lady Venus gently rakes her long, manicured nails up and down the squirming girl’s inner thighs.
Sasha’s pretty little ass is turning a lovely shade of red – due to a hand spanking by her mistress.

Turning Sasha's bottom red in the discipline of Sasha

Having been told to let go of the beam and bend over the banister, Sasha is then spanked with a riding crop.

Then it’s time for another change of position and she drapes herself over Lady Venus’s knee for a bare bottom, otk spanking.

An otk spanking in the discipline of Sasha

Lady Venus makes Sasha promise never to disobey her again after Sasha’s bottom has been turned deep crimson.

Her mistress shows her softer side by giving Sasha a loving hug.

The riding crop further reddens her bottom - in the discipline of Sasha

The discipline of Sasha is over and the young girl is allowed to get on with her chores.

Bare Bottom Collection Vol. 5: Bottoms Up! – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: B & D Pleasures
Starring: , , , , , &
Approximate Running Time: 57.03 minutes

This movie, Bare Bottom Collection Vol. 5: Bottoms Up!, is a collection of  girls’ fantasies about the bare bottom punishments they receive for their wrong doings.

It starts off with a Daisy Duke-wearing student who has failed all her exams. Her teacher believes she is capable of passing her exams if she would just make an effort. He has to enforce his authority in order to make her see that he is deadly serious. After a warm up spanking, the teacher tells her to remove her short shorts. As she pulls them down, her tiny thong gets caught in the skin-tight fabric. She ends up with a very sore ass after a prolonged OTK session with him.

A bare bottom spanking is what is needed

The next scene depicts a young girl who works in a movie studio. She has received some messages to pass on to her boss, but she is fascinated by a movie of a girl receiving a spanking. She stands watching the movie and doing some self-spanking. When one of the movie crew interrupts her reverie. He’s been watching her for several minutes.

With a bit of bravado on her part and some goading on his, she ends up over his knee. It soon becomes apparent that she is more than interested in being on the receiving end of a spanking herself. She gets more than she bargained for, but thoroughly enjoys getting a bare bottom spanking.

She's getting a very sore bare bottom

In the third scenario, a sultry brunette has arrived home to the flat she shares with a girl friend. She winces as she sits down on the couch next to her pretty blond friend. The friend becomes very curious and coaxes the truth out of her roommate. And the friend is more than agog hearing what happened to her about taking part in a spanking movie.

Curiosity gets the better of the blond and soon her roommate is spanking by her friend. This is an opportunity not to be missed and she is being spanked for various reasons, including being late with the rent and the phone bill. The sexy brunette also realized that the roommate is wearing her stolen panties!
The blond finds herself promising the sun, moon and stars – just so long as she can carry on being spanked, because it has been a dream of hers for some time. These sexy ladies seem to be having a blast together. The brunette continues to spank and tease her roommate, even licking her pink cheeks between spanks.

Her fantasy is coming true - a bare bottom spanking

In the final, we see a boss and employee situation. The employee has no respect for her boss and is extremely arrogant. When her boss overpowers her and has her helpless over her knee – it takes some time, but her boss proves that a well-spanked bare bottom can be an attitude adjuster.

One employee brought down to earth with a well deserved bare bottom spanking

Spanking Schoolgirl – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Billie West Productions
Starring: Cameron Towers and Paige Hunter
Approximate Running Time: 40.22 minutes

Cameron is a very pretty blond schoolgirl who is supposed to to be studying for her exams the next day. However, she is soon going to be learning the art of being a spanking schoolgirl instead.

She flips through the pages of her American history textbook, hoping to learn something, but she is bored and cannot see the necessity for learning about things that have happened in the past.

She lights a cigarette and puffs at it  until she hears her teacher, Ms. Jones, who has come to check on her progress.

Ms. Jones questions Cameron about the past presidents, but Cameron doesn’t get a single question right.

Therefore, Ms. Jones thinks maybe a spanking might help her student to focus better.

A sore bottom might help the spanking schoolgirl

One thing leads to another and both teacher and student are turned on.

Ms. Jones takes Cameron to her home in order to give her extra lessons.

In Ms. Jones’s bedroom, the two women undress each other and Ms. Jones finds Cameron a willing pupil. She finger fucks the young girl and has her screaming as she has an orgasm.

Ms Jones finds spanking the schoolgirl and finger fucking her exciting

This is followed by Ms. Jones strapping on a cock. Without any hesitation, Cameron learns how to suck it.

Then Ms. Jones uses it to fuck her young student.

Cameron's cunt is wet and juicy - after being a spanking schoolgirl

Both the teacher and the pupil have a wonderful time together. To show her appreciation, Ms. Jones promises Cameron that she will get straight As in her exams.

Caning for Jasmine – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine Lau

Approximate Running Time: 31.21 minutes

Jasmine has been in a lot of trouble at school, so her mother phones an old friend of the family to ask for his advice. He’s a strict disciplinarian and suggests Jasmine stay with him for a few days; he will soon knock her into shape. But he warns that there will be a caning for Jasmine, among other things.

A very nervous Jasmine turns up. She has come straight from school and is still wearing her school uniform, which is disheveled and in need of a wash.

At first, she sits down on the couch next to him and he explains to her why she is there and what’s going to happen to her. Jasmine is non-responsive and keeps her head down, not looking at him.

Having explained to her what’s going to happen, he’s going to start her spanking immediately.

Although she is not at all happy about it, there’s nothing she can do but obey.

He tells her to stand up and lift her skirt clear of her sweet ass, and then he beckons her to lie over his knee.

This spanking is only the start - before there is a caning for Jasmine

Giving her a hand spanking on top of her panties, he leaves her gasping and swearing under her breath. He has very sharp hearing and tells her that that sort of language will not be tolerated.

Therefore, she is going to get a taste of the slipper on her bare ass.

She gets the slipper before the caning for Jasmine

Jasmine finds it painful and at times she is about to swear but bites back the words.

He introduces her to the cane. As it bites into her already tender bottom, she gasps and cries out.

As promised there is a caning for Jasmine

Eventually, humiliation is part of the punishment too. Her mother’s friend orders her to remove all her clothing before continuing with a caning.

When part one of her punishment is over, he tells her to pick up her clothes and go to her room. When Jasmine has dressed she is to return to the lounge.

She has a very sore bottom after receiving a caning for Jasmine

The poor girl already knows that she’s in for some painful lessons over the next few days – including some more caning for Jasmine.

First Report – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Arnold and Maggy

Approximate Running Time: 13.32 minutes

Arnold is sat relaxing after a hard day at the office. He’s checks the mail and finds an official-looking envelope. When he reads the contents, he is not pleased at all – it’s a first report from Maggy’s headmaster.

When Maggy comes home, unsuspecting, he waves the report under her nose and demands to know why the Headmaster had to cane her in front of the class.

Maggy denies what the Headmaster has written in her first report

She tries to deny it but the Headmaster explained all in his report.

So Arnold takes matters into his own hands. Maybe Maggy doesn’t care about her poor marks in her exams, but Arnold does. He puts her over his knee and starts to spank her on top of her school skirt to prove it.

He starts spanking her -he's disappointed at her first report

As the spanks reign down upon her ass, Maggy wriggles and screams. She tries desperately to escape, but he’s too strong and holds her down easily.

Up goes Maggy’s skirt and Arnold continues with the spanking on top of her pristine white panties – then he tugs them down to her knees and quickens the pace of the spanking. She pleads with him to stop, but he has no intention of doing so until he’s good and ready.

Her sore bottom is due to her first report

He lets her get up off his knee and orders her to fetch the leather strap.

Then Arnold has her bend down while he straps her ever-reddening bottom.

Only when her bottom is glowing a deep, cherry red that he stops the spanking.

Next, Arnold tells Maggy to sit on the couch. He hands her a writing pad and a pen, then dictates to her.

She finds herself having to write to the Headmaster on Arnold’s behalf. He thanks him for the first report and for caning her, and he definitely approves of the punishment. He also tells the Headmaster that he has also punished her.

Therefore, in the future, Maggy’s behaviour, as well as her studies, will be greatly improve. Arnold would appreciate it if the Headmaster would keep him informed of her progress. There should not be any more repeats of the first report.

Demoted To The Fourth – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Red Stripe

Starring: Emily, Annabel, and Miss Hayworth

Approximate Running Time: 42.25 minutes

Emily and Annabel, two senior girls at St. Stripes Girls School, have been summoned to Miss Hayworth’s office.

The Headmistress lectures them about their many absences from class. However, they are both quite smug – they have notes from their mothers.

She announces their punishment - they are to be demoted to the fourth

Miss Hayworth examines the notes carefully and compares the signatures with signatures she has on file. The girls’ notes are forged.

Also, the girls’ attitude annoys the headmistress. They are downright rude and insolent.

Miss Hayworth announces that they are going to be demoted to the fourth. This means that all of the privileges they enjoy as senior girls are to be taken away from them. Plus, they must go to the dormitory and dig out their fourth form uniforms and return to her office wearing them.

Both girls protest loudly-it’s going to be embarrassing, but Miss Hayworth has made up her mind.

Their punishment also includes being spanked, strapped, and caned.

She spanks each girl in turn - they know they have been demoted to the fourth

The Headmistress deals with Emily and Annabel  in turn.

Even with very sore, bare asses, they still have an attitude that Miss Hayworth is determined to knock out of them.

The Headmistress doesn’t give an inch. Rudeness, disobedience, and back talk  just increase the number of cane strokes.

being caned - part of their punishment of being demoted to the fourth

Miss Hayworth does win in the end, although it’s quite a battle of wills.

For their final humiliation, the humiliated girls are to stand outside Miss Hayworth’s office in their fourth form uniforms  with their panties around their knees and their sore red asses on display. The real fourth formers will be able to see how the two senior girls have been demoted to the fourth form.

She’s Got No Right – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Samantha, Trudy, and Miss Parker

Approximate Running Time: 31.50 minutes

Trudy Marshall is a bad influence on Samantha, a new girl at the school. While Trudy is always in Miss Parker’s office for being rude and disruptive in class,  Samantha is a new and is easily led astray.

Miss Parker overhears Samantha saying that she’s got no right. The teacher then goes ahead to prove to Samantha just how wrong she is with a harsh spanking.

Samantha regrets her words - she's got no right

The two girls stand side-by-side waiting for Miss Parker.

When the teacher comes into her office, the first thing she notices is that Samantha is not wearing the regulation school uniform. Samantha timidly explains that she is in a highland dancing class.

Miss Parker doesn’t want to see Trudy in her office again;  therefore, she is going to give Trudy a very severe punishment.

Her foolish words - she's got no right - come back to haunt her

The teacher starts off by giving Trudy an over the knee spanking on top of her navy blue panties. The panties are then pulled down to mid-thigh, and Miss Parker continues spanking Turdy on her bare ass.

Trudy then must stand facing the wall with her skirt up and her bright, red ass cheeks on full display.

Now it’s poor Samantha’s turn to go over Miss Parker’s knee.

A few minutes later, the two naughty schoolgirls stand side by side with their skirts up, knickers around their knees, and the inability to soothe their sore asses. Miss Parker leaves the room – but returns with a leather strap a few moments later .

As it turns out - she's got no right is not true

Trudy and Samantha are in turn bent over a vaulting horse to have their sore ass cheeks further beaten with the leather strap.

Finally, Miss Parker uses a cane on the girls.

It’s after the punishment is over that Miss Parker hears Samantha’s unfortunate remark that – ‘She’s got no right.’ So in order to prove to the silly girl how wrong she is – she gets another eighteen strokes of the cane on her bare bottom.

Bad Attitudes – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Elin and Michael

Approximate Running Time: 10.54 minutes

Michael sat in his office to check the reports of some of the students at Girls Boarding School. One particular report took his attention – Simone, a new girl, had been expelled from her previous school because of her bad attitude.

And now at GBS, it seems that she is still being rude and disruptive in class. Three of the older, experienced teachers have complained about her. She contradicted them and called them rude names.

Michael calls her into his office. When he asked her to explain why she had such a bad attitude he got a mouthful of bad language from her.

He’s disgusted with her and tells her he’s going to punish her. She tries to argue but he’s having none of it and orders her to lie bent over the table.

spread eagled over the table having her bad attitudes spanked out of her

For the next few minutes he concentrates on turning her smooth, creamy, white, tight, little ass into a blazing inferno.

The pain, the humiliation having her bad attitudes beaten out of her

After leaving Simone to kneel on a chair in the corner to reflect on her attitude problem, Michael returns and orders her to remove all her clothes. She protests about the humiliation, but he tells her that is part of the punishment.

Michael then has her bent over in various positions while he canes her.

touching her toes for the final six strokes of the cane - goodbye bad attitudes

As a grand finale he gives her six strokes of the cane – she has to count each one and thank him for it.

She is sent to her room to get dressed.

Simone promises Michael that she will no longer have bad attitudes.

In The Morning – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Beverly and Abi

Approximate Running Time: 11.56 minutes

It is seven o’clock in the morning and as Abi and Beverly rub the sleep from their eyes, they remember their assignment for that day.

The two are students at Girls Boarding School and are always in trouble. Usually Headmaster Tom gives them regular spankings.

Headmaster Tom is away on business, but he’s left written instructions for the two girls to carry out in his absence.

They are to spank each other. And to prove that they have obeyed him, they are to video record all of the action.

So while Beverly fiddles around with the camera, Abi sets out the various implements that are to be used during the spanking sessions.

It is decided that Beverly should spank Abi first.

In the morning Beverly spanks Abi first

Abi has a very sore bottom when her mobile phone rings. It’s Headmaster Tom checking on them. She’s not too happy at what he tells her. The spankings are meant to be on the bare bottom. This means the spanking has to start all over again.

They change places and both girls have very sore red bottoms.

It's in  the morning and Abi's turn to spank Beverly

It’s when they decide to watch the video – disaster; the camera was not turned on.

The camera was not turned on. Maybe they can try again in the morning

This means the whole thing has to be repeated again.

Maybe they can get away with it and start again in the morning.