Abi’s Confession – Hard & Long OTK

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Abi and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 16.06 minutes

Abi is standing in the corner, she’s been there for three hours – now Headmaster Tom has returned to administer a further punishment.

Awaiting her next spanking

Her already reddened bottom is beginning to twitch at the thought of what’s to come.

He checks what she has written on a piece of paper – she has confessed to cheating in order to get a diploma, so it is decided that she is to receive a severe otk spanking – with his hand.

Otk for a hand spanking

But as she has confessed to six incidents he’s going to spank her in six sessions of thirty seconds each.

Handing her a watch, he instructs her to tell him when to start the spanking and when thirty seconds have passed, she is to tell him loud and clear to stop.

Each session the spanking is getting harder, until after the fourth session, he complains that his hand arm and shoulder is hurting – so he sends her to fetch a hairbrush from the bathroom. He uses this implement hard and fast when he administers the fifth and sixth sessions.

spanking with the hairbrush

Finally, he has her kneel on a wicker chest. She is to stay there for two hours. During that time, she is to come up with a good logical reason why she found it necessary to masturbate in church.

So she knows what to expect when he comes back.

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