Self Spanking – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Justine and Arnold

Approximate Running Time: 07.35 minutes

Justine is home alone and she’s feeling bored and horny. She wants and needs a spanking, but Arnold is out. Without him, she decides to do some self spanking.

She kneels on the bed. Clutching a wooden spoon she’s taken from the kitchen drawer, she takes aim – swinging her arm backwards she hits one cheek, then the other.

Self spanking was not easy as Justine found out

However, try as she might, she couldn’t do it hard enough to hurt, so that makes her feel frustrated. Oh, how she wished Arnold was there right now!

As the saying goes – be careful of what you wish for or you might surely get it.

At that moment, Arnold walks in and sees what she’s doing – or trying to do. Spanking Justine is his job, so it’s his duty to help her out.

Arnold to the rescue - much better than self spanking

He takes the wooden spoon from her hand and smacks her ass with it. Now that does hurt and poor Justine whimpers after every stroke!

Then Arnold goes to the kitchen and comes back with a wooden breadboard. It’s so big that he hits both cheeks at once when he hits her bottom with it.

The breadboard really hurts - much more than selfl spanking

Now she’s complaining that it’s hurting her. Some people are never satisfied.

Kneeling on the bed with her hands on her head and her ass glowing bright red, Arnold leaves Justine to think about what just happened.

Which is better – self spanking or being spanked by Arnold?

Don’t Touch It – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Alex and Maggy

Approximate Running Time: 10.54 minutes

Maggy is  reading a book and waiting to have a shower once Alex has finished with his. When Alex’s mobile phone rings, she absentmindedly answers it. Oh dear Maggy, it would be better if you don’t touch it. But – too late – she does answer it.

The phone disturbs her reading - so she lies to the caller. She's in for a spanking when Alex tells her  it's his phone don't touch it.

Since Maggy wants to get back to her book, she tries to get rid of the caller as soon as possible. So she lies and tells him that Alex will not be in work that day.

Alex heard his phone ringing, so he comes into the lounge still drying his hair. The phone rings again – it’s his business partner who is concerned about Alex’s absence that day. So he puts his business partner right and assures him that he would be in to work – a few minutes later than usual but still coming in.

Alex is teaching her a lesson. It's his phone so don't touch it.

For her lie, Maggy was in need of a good spanking.

Alex wastes no time in getting her over his knee for a long, hard, hand spanking. First one cheek then the other, then straight down the middle.

Soon there is the sound of his hand rhythmically spanking her while she yelps with the pain, intermingled with her pleas for him to stop.

But his mission is to teach her a lesson. She has no right to answer his phone. He tells her, “Maggy, if my phone rings – don’t touch it.”

By the time he leaves to go to work – Maggy’s ass is a blotchy red and very sore. As soon as she is sure that he’s gone, she looks backwards, twisting her neck round to see her spanked ass in a full-length mirror. And she rubs it gently – hoping to rub away the soreness.

She looks at her sore bottom - in future when Alex's phone rings she will remember - don't touch i t.

First Report – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Arnold and Maggy

Approximate Running Time: 13.32 minutes

Arnold is sat relaxing after a hard day at the office. He’s checks the mail and finds an official-looking envelope. When he reads the contents, he is not pleased at all – it’s a first report from Maggy’s headmaster.

When Maggy comes home, unsuspecting, he waves the report under her nose and demands to know why the Headmaster had to cane her in front of the class.

Maggy denies what the Headmaster has written in her first report

She tries to deny it but the Headmaster explained all in his report.

So Arnold takes matters into his own hands. Maybe Maggy doesn’t care about her poor marks in her exams, but Arnold does. He puts her over his knee and starts to spank her on top of her school skirt to prove it.

He starts spanking her -he's disappointed at her first report

As the spanks reign down upon her ass, Maggy wriggles and screams. She tries desperately to escape, but he’s too strong and holds her down easily.

Up goes Maggy’s skirt and Arnold continues with the spanking on top of her pristine white panties – then he tugs them down to her knees and quickens the pace of the spanking. She pleads with him to stop, but he has no intention of doing so until he’s good and ready.

Her sore bottom is due to her first report

He lets her get up off his knee and orders her to fetch the leather strap.

Then Arnold has her bend down while he straps her ever-reddening bottom.

Only when her bottom is glowing a deep, cherry red that he stops the spanking.

Next, Arnold tells Maggy to sit on the couch. He hands her a writing pad and a pen, then dictates to her.

She finds herself having to write to the Headmaster on Arnold’s behalf. He thanks him for the first report and for caning her, and he definitely approves of the punishment. He also tells the Headmaster that he has also punished her.

Therefore, in the future, Maggy’s behaviour, as well as her studies, will be greatly improve. Arnold would appreciate it if the Headmaster would keep him informed of her progress. There should not be any more repeats of the first report.

Fraud Case – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Justine and Arnold

Approximate Running Time: 13.03 minutes

Justine has been a naughty girl. She used Arnold’s credit card without his permission and he is treating it as a fraud case.

Arnold calls for Justine. She comes to him in a tee shirt and red thong and kneels on the floor in front of him with her hands are on her head. Justine has to stay in this uncomfortable position while Arnold lectures her.

She's being punished for misusing Arnold's Credit Card. It's a fraud case

Then the spanking starts. Just by using his hand he soon has her ass a deep red.

A fraud case is a serious offence and that's why she's being spanked

After a while, he puts her over his knee and continues with the spanking.

Justine has a very sore bottom - she won't be a fraud case in future

She will think twice about misusing his card again. Being a fraud case is a serious offence.

No Pocket Money – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Amy and Alex

Approximate Running Time: 07.16 minutes

Alex tells Amy that she won’t get any more pocket money since she is in big trouble.

She’s an exchange student staying in Alex’s home. She’s made herself so at home that she is phones her friend on a long distance call.

Unfortunately, Amy enjoys the banter with her friend so much she doesn’t realise how long she has been on the phone.

Amy has been on the phone for three hours - she's going to receive no pocket money

Alex snatches the phone out of Amy’s hand and she protests loudly. He tells her she’s been on the phone for over three hours and there is going to be a big bill to pay – like never before in that house.

As she has cash, she can’t pay the bill;  Alex is going to make her pay in another way.

His way is going to be very painful – he’s going to spank her.

As she has no pocket money she is going to have a sore bottom instead

Pushing her face down over the arm of the sofa, he flips up her short skirt and starts hand spanking her. Amy screams and wriggles, and wildly kicks her legs, but Alex keeps spanking her. Her poor ass is so red and sore looking, but Alex keeps on spanking her. He stops long enough to tug down her panties, and then carries on.

No pocket  money but a will spanked bottom

When he stops spanking her again, it’s only to remove his belt from his trousers. Her screams and wriggling about becomes more intense.

It’s a long hard spanking – meant to hurt her.

After Alex gives Amy a final six strokes of the belt on her red ass, he reminds her that she’ll not get any pocket money until the phone bill has been paid off.

Assignments – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Justine and Alex

Approximate Running Time: 07.17 minutes

Alex is annoyed with Justine. He goes out to work each day and leaves Justine with assignments to complete before he gets home.

However, Justine has no time for his stuffy assignments – she has too much to do like shopping, chatting on the phone to her friends, or watching the soaps on the TV.

Alex is not impressed with her behaviour and intends to make her suffer for it.

He puts her over his knee for a long, rapid, hand spanking.

He puts her over his knee for not doing her assignments

She squeals and wriggles about – but is unable to get away from the stinging slaps. When he pulls her panties to mid-thigh and carries on spanking her, her bottom is soon bright red and very sore.

When he does allow her to get up – she’s disappointed when he tells her that she has more spanking to come.

Alex orders her to undress and makes Justine bend over the kitchen table while he uses a long-handled, wood-backed, clothes brush on her exposed ass. If her bottom was sore before – it’s a lot worse now.

She's put in the diaper position - all because she didn't do her assignments

Despite her crying and squealing, Alex carries on spanking her until he stands her on her feet. Then he tells her to sit on the couch, shuffle her bottom forward, and raise her legs in the air.

He continues to use the clothes brush on her blotchy, red bottom.

She holds her own legs up while he spanks her for not doing her assignments

By the time he’s finished spanking her, she will almost certainly do her assignments in future.

Welcome Nadine


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Alex and Nadine

Approximate Running Time: 07.50 minutes

Alex is in his car when a young lady approaches him and tells him she’s new in town and  looking for a job. Her name is Nadine. Alex welcomes her and offers her a lift to the local job centre.

They chatted all friendly like, but when Alex stops at some traffic lights, the naughty girl snatches his wallet and jumps out of the car. However, Alex is a fit young man and very soon catches up with her.

He offered her a lift not a welcome Nadine to my wallet.

Alex gives her a choice: he’ll hand her over to the police and have her branded as a common thief or he’ll give her a severe spanking.

She makes up her mind quickly and goes with him to his home.

He tells her welcome Nadine to my home - now I'm going to spank you.

He wastes no time in starting the spanking he promised her. And she soon finds herself lying over his knee with her jeans still on. However, Alex thinks that her jeans are softening the spanks and he tells her to stand up and take down her trousers.

Nadine protests and dawdles over unzipping her jeans, so he gives her a helping hand.

Back over his knee, Alex continues to spank Nadine on top of her skimpy knickers, until he tugs them down to mid-thigh and carries on with the spanking on her bare bottom.

The end of the spanking - or the beginning - welcome Nadine

Finally, he orders her to stand in the corner – facing the wall with her hands on her head.

Then he very kindly offers her a home, as he believes she is in need of some regular discipline.

Welcome Nadine to Alex’s spanking world.

Household Affairs


Eleanor Powell


Approximate Running Time: 08.48 minutes

Alex calls Maggy to look at the messy kitchen. She assures him that she’s not at fault, but rather it’s Kathrin who hasn’t done her household duties.

Sure enough, Alex finds the lazy housemate in bed in the middle of the day; she’s sleeping.

However, Kathrin gets a rude awakening when Alex shakes her shoulder and tells her to get out of bed.

Groggily, she obeys and he sits down on the bed and tells her to get over his knee.

He starts off spanking her hard and fast with the back of a hairbrush.

Spanking her lazy bottom

But he doesn’t think he’s getting through to her, so he tells her to stand up and pull down her pajama bottoms. Her blue knickers can’t hide the signs of the spanking she’s just received. Alex is still not satisfied that she has been punished enough and  he insists on her knickers coming off.

After a lot more spanking with the hairbrush, he has Kathrin bend down and rest her hands on the bed; Alex then uses a cane to further redden her bottom.

The cane is guaranteed to leave its mark

Satisfied that she has been punished enough, he tells her to put her pajama pants and knickers back on, and go to the kitchen and clean it up.

The Lost Key


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Spanked–At–

Starring: Alex and Kathrin

Approximate Running Time: 11.10 minutes

Alex is sitting on the sofa – after a hard day at the office he feels he’s entitled to some relaxation time, watching the TV.

Alex is relaxing

He doesn’t hear the doorbell ring – he’s so absorbed in watching the football game; it’s only when it rings again insistently that he realises he’s going to have to get up and let Kathrin in.

She’s full of apologies. Having lost her key, she had no choice but to ring the doorbell.

Alex is not a happy bunny. His peace has been shattered. He can’t allow Kathrin to get away with this willful act of carelessness. After all, he’s responsible for her behaviour and well being.

As she needs to be disciplined and he has a regular method of bringing her into line – she’s going to be spanked.

Once she’s settled over his knee – he starts hand spanking her on top of her school skirt. Spank-spank-spank, she squeals and wriggles about each time his hand makes contact with her bottom.

lying over his knee the spanking begins

But this is not a spanking, not a proper one – so he lifts her skirt and carries on spanking her on top of her knickers. Her squeals become even louder. He’s not moved by her discomfort and carries on with the spanking. Bit by bit he pulls down her knickers and carries on spanking her bare bottom with a leather paddle.

This is just the beginning

However, he still hasn’t finished with her and sends her into the other room to get the cane.

Head down - bottom up

Now with her on all fours on the carpet – her head is down and her bottom well up, just waiting for the cane to further redden her already sore bottom – the cane bites into her tender flesh.
As a finale, he has her count out loud the last few cane strokes.

She has a very sore red bottom

Then he leaves her lying on her tummy on the carpet. Her bottom is bright red and blotchy. Placing the cane so that it is balanced across her back, she’s told to stay there until he tells her to get up.

Poor Kathrin is scared to move in case she dislodges the cane and he has threatened to start the spanking all over again if she moves.

The balancing act

Let’s hope she has learned her lesson and isn’t careless again.

The Hitchhiker


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Spanked –at-

Starring: Alex and Maggy

Approximate Running Time: 10.19 minutes

Alex is driving home from work – is that Maggy he just caught a glimpse of?

Maggy has also seen him and she dodges into the trees at the roadside.

He stops the car and gets out – shouting to her to come out of hiding.

Sheepishly, she creeps out.

She’s hiding something behind her back and he insists she shows him what it is.

It’s a hand written placard with just one word on it Berlin.

The silly girl is trying to hitchhike to Berlin. What on earth is she thinking of? Doesn’t she know the danger she’s putting herself in? And look at the way she’s dressed for goodness sake. She looks like a real tart with her full breasts almost falling out of her bra and her mini skirt that is more like a wide belt.

she looks cheap and trashy

He uses a twig as a cane and there and then has her bend over while he starts spanking her bottom. As part of the punishment is humiliation – he pulls down her knickers and carries on spanking her on her bare bottom.

An open air spanking

Unfortunately, as there is not an audience, so he can’t humiliate her, he drives her home.

Has the carpet beater got her beaten?Th

Once in the house, he orders her to bend over the arm of the couch. Then armed with a wicked looking carpet beater, he beats out a rhythm on her bum. She squeals and kicks out.

For a finale, he puts her over his knee for a hard fast bare bottom hand spanking.

You can't beat a good old fashioned hand spanking