Blue Denim – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Shadow Lane
Starring:  as Jessie, as Erica, , and
Approximate Running Time: 49.07 minutes

It’s 4th of July and Jessie and Erica are having a girl talk about life in general and their men in particular. Jessie is wearing a blue denim skirt and Erica has on a pair tight blue denim shorts.

Jessie deliberately goes out of her way to find things to do to bring some excitement into her life. Her friend Erica hasn’t been living with her boyfriend Keith very long, yet she too likes to tease him. She wonders how far she can go before she’s in trouble with Keith.

Exchanging confidences - two friends in blue denim

On this particular day, Jessie admits that she does some topless dancing in bars and lets other men take liberties with her. This really shocks Erica.

Their guys catch up with them and the chat becomes more general.

After a while, the two couples split from each other.

Erica has the devil in her and her mischievous antics are bordering on doing some real harm to Keith. He threatens her with a spanking if she carries on like she has been doing. But she chooses to ignore his threats – believing that they are empty ones. After all, he loves her and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

Erica has gone too far she's having the seat of her blue denim shorts warmed

In the evening, the two couples meet up for a drink and some relaxation. Erica is still playing silly tricks on poor Keith, who is being very patient with her. Yet how far is too far? She is oblivious to when she has reached that point and recklessly keeps up the silly pranks. That is until, calmly seething, he puts her over his knee and gives her a quick, sharp spanking in front of their friends.

Erica is still playing childish games

Now it is Erica’s turn to be embarrassed. But Keith apologises to Jessie and Nick and the foursome again part for the night. Spitefully, Erica in a loud voice lets slip about Jessie and her antics when her husband Nick is not around.

Jessie and Nick are left alone and he demands to know what it was Erica was referring to.

Nick is determined to spank the truth out of Jessie

Jessie denies all the allegations, but Nick doesn’t believe her. He puts her over his knee and soon has her kicking her legs wildly as her bottom turns redder and redder from his spanking.

Her bottom is really sore

She refuses to admit what she does when he’s not around. He can be just as stubborn as she is and threatens to spank her all night if need be – all he wants is the truth.

Eventually, the continual bombardment of spanks on her sore, red bottom makes her change her attitude. She then tells him what he wants to hear. Now that she has admitted to him that she messes around with other men when he’s away, he needs her to go a step further and promise not to do it again. Tearfully, she agrees and sits on his knee and they kiss and make up.

Back home, Erica and Keith are still at loggerheads. He tells her that he loves her, but if her behaviour continues like it has been their relationship may not last. However, she’s not really listening to him. So he tells her he wants her undivided attention.

He blindfolds her and puts her over a rocking horse. Next he ties her wrists and ankles to the horse – now she is helpless. Then the spanking continues until he uses a riding crop and that brings her to her senses. He unties her and she promises not to be so badly behaved in future.

Keith is getting his point across to Erica

So they too kiss and make up.

After Work Spanking – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 31.00 minutes

She’s at her dressing table, dressed in a black bra and thong with lace-topped black stockings. As she applies her makeup, she doesn’t realize she’s just minutes away from being on the receiving end of an after work spanking.

Her husband comes in after a full work day, and he’s tired and hungry. However, there’s no sign of any dinner and he knows that his wife beauty routine is not for his benefit.

He drags her from the dressing table stool and he sits down on it, as he pulls her over his knee.

He spanks her - it's an after work spanking

When the husband start hand spanking her, the wife squeals and struggles, but he holds her down tightly.

It doesn’t take long for the tears to start flowing.

In the diaper position the after work spanking hurts even more

However, he’s not moved by her distress and changes from hand spanking to using various implements that include paddles, canes, and straps.

Putting her in the diaper position, he carries on spanking her, carefully avoiding hitting her juicy pussy. He has other plans for her pussy.

He inserts a dildo into her cunt, while at the same time still spanking her sore, exposed ass. She doesn’t seem to know whether it’s agony or ecstasy. Should she be cry or sigh with joy?

he pushes a dildo into her - humiliation is part of the after work spanking

The question is – has she orchestrated the after work spanking?

Spanked Wives and Cuckolds 3 – Holli Star


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Mojo Studios

Starring: Michael Khan and Holli Star

Approximate Running Time: 34.05 minutes

Jim’s wife needs to be spanked. He realises this, but doesn’t know how to go about it.

So when he sees an ad in a magazine that Michael Kahn is advertising his services, it seems like an answer to his prayers. He sends off a letter to Michael asking for his help.

Jim has had more than enough of his wife’s lazy, slutty ways. He tells Michael how she sits around on her arse all day watching the soaps and eating bon bons.

When Michael arrives, Jim introduces him to his wife and again tells Michael his problems with her.

Michael shows Jim how to spank her

Michael assures him that he almost certainly can help and her lessons should start immediately.

Jim sits and watches while this bald, older man takes his lovely wife over his knee and starts her training.

What a view Michael has

Michael gives Jim a running commentary on what he’s doing and why. Jim is taking it all in and watches the expert at work.

At first, Jim’s wife is feisty and defiant, and Michael has to give her a harder spanking. Eventually, she becomes more subdued and carries out Michael’s orders without question.

As the lesson progresses, Michael explains to Jim that it is necessary for him to go deeper into the subject, but because his methods are so special that Jim must be blindfolded.

So, Jim happily dons a blindfold and sits listening to the lesson his wife is learning.

Michael stops spanking the lazy wife and instead he claps his hands every so often to make it sound like she is being spanked.

Is this her being spanked?

However, he is actually having it away with the slutty wife. Only when Michael and the wanton woman are getting close to cumming with gasps and grunts that he tears off the blindfold.

He is shocked at what he sees.

It ends off with the wife giving Michael a blowjob, taking his cum into her mouth and then spitting it out over her husband’s face.

They're enjoying the ride

This is a sign of disrespect for him.

She is more than happy to have been spanked and fucked by Michael.

Spanking Ms. Cali Vol 2


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Alpine Sierra Studios

Starring: Ms Cali

Approximate Running Time: 42.06 minutes

Ms Cali is a beautiful blonde lady – who is fortunate to have a beautiful shapely bottom that other women would die for.

Unfortunately for her, she can’t seem to keep out of trouble. Her husband tries to keep control over her and when she steps out of line he appears to take great pleasure in spanking her.

He also has an imagination and when he is going to spank her, he chooses various locations – always in places that other people just might be able to see what’s going on. This is with a view to adding humiliation to his wife’s spanking.

In the opening scene – Ms Cali has done something to displease him. He leads her blindfolded out of the house into the backyard. He guides her so that she is kneeling on a wooden chair with a high back. As she leans forward – her voluptuous bottom is stuck up and out, giving him a great target area.

spanked in her own back yard

He uses a paddle and soon has her bottom glowing nicely. In her agitation she is inclined to kick her legs out and he warns her to keep them down or else …

His home made switch really stings

His next instrument of torture is a flogger. He knows how to use it to both sting and titillate.

In Scene Two she’s in trouble again. He chooses a day when there is a hurricane blowing outside – he has her standing in a doorway – bending forward so he can use his belt on her bare bottom. She sways her bottom from side to side, in an effort to avoid his leather belt. Or she could be swaying as she is being buffeted about by the high winds outside.

In the wide open spaces a spanking takes place

Now in Scene Three they’re on a beach. He gives her a lecture about not going off alone. Then he gets on with spanking her bare bottom with his hand and a paddle.

another place another spanking

In the next scene they are out in the countryside. She has displeased him yet again by going swimming on her own. He starts off spanking her bare bottom with his hand, then, he rips a thin whippy branch from a tree, shaves off the rough bits and uses it on her already sore bottom. Now this homemade implement really does sting and has her hopping about from foot to foot.

Scene Five they are back home in the kitchen. Now she appears to have an eating disorder. He is concerned for her health, so when sweet reasoning doesn’t work he resorts to putting her over his knee for a paddling.

Back in the kitchen for Scene Six. Looking very housewifely in an oversize apron he uses a large wooden spoon on her bare bottom – he’s still trying to get her to eat regular meals.

she has such a sore bottom

Finally in Scene Seven she is lying face down on a bench. He is swinging his right arm that is holding his doubled over belt. This spanking is so painful she is in tears by the end of it.

He Spanked Me for Real


Eleanor Powell

My husband spanked me fairly regularly – not because I’d done something to upset him, but because he knew I enjoyed being spanked.

But there was just one time that things were different.

This is what happened.

My record player had broken and I wanted a stereo system. Do you remember them in the 70’s? It has a record (vinyls) player, audio cassette player, and a radio-all three in one unit. I couldn’t afford a new one so I spent my time going round the local secondhand shops looking for one.

I had a phone call from one of the shop owners – she had a stereo system that was  in good condition and in my price range. It sounded good.

When my husband came home from work that evening, I proudly showed him my new possession.

However, he went very quiet and certainly lacked enthusiasm. It puzzled me why he was reacting that way, but I soon forgot about it when listening to Frank Sinatra.

I used to go dancing on a Saturday evening to our local Palais. It was on the next Saturday after buying my wonderful stereo system.

As usual, he inspected me before I went out. He liked to be sure I looked good. Then he waved me off, telling me to enjoy myself.

Some evenings were better than others – but this particular evening was one of those so-so evenings. But it didn’t matter; I was going home to my loving husband.

It was just after midnight when I got home. Something was unusual-he was normally in bed, yet this time he was up, sitting on the couch watching the telly.

I went to kiss him.

Then without warning – he grabbed hold of my wrist and pulled me over his knee. Up went my skirt and down came my knickers to mid thigh. Wow! He was so masterful.

However, something was different. It wasn’t a playful titillating spanking, but one that was meant to hurt. He must have planned it because he produced a belt from under a cushion.

He brought that belt down on my poor bottom numerous times. Then while still spanking me he explained why it was happening.

He and our two daughters were planning a surprise for my birthday, which was imminent. They had purchased me a brand new super duper stereo system. When I went ahead and bought that second hand one, I ruined the surprise. So he and the girls were disappointed.

As I said, that spanking was meant to hurt and it did, although I had had many play spanking that hurt a lot more. This spanking had me in floods of tears. I was full of remorse and so sorry I had hurt my loving family.

I apologised.

He kissed away the tears and rubbed a soothing cream into my sore bottom.

Then we went to bed and as we were both turned on – we had a lovely session.

All was soon back to normal. But I now knew that my loving husband could and would spank me for real if he thought it was necessary.

This very thought gave me a thrill.

The Spanking Professor

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Shadow Lane
Starring: Raven, Erica Scott, and Steve Fuller
Approximate Running Time: 43.29 minutes

The Professor has had enough. There is one particular student who has been stalking him for quite some time. Everywhere he goes, she’s there. He finds it embarrassing and has summonsed her to his office – he intends to get to the bottom of this cheeky little stalker.

She misunderstands why he has invited her into his office. She mistakenly believes that he has feelings for her too and would like to have a young attractive girl on his arm.

However, despite his spurning her advances she still offers him her body and soul.

What is he going to do to get her to leave him alone?

The unexpected spanking

So moments later she finds herself over his knee – having her knickered bottom well and truly spanked.

When she realises that the spanking she was receiving was not the titillating one she expected but it hurt like mad – she was in no position to get him to stop.

His hard hand kept coming down on first one cheek then the other. She squealed – she squirmed but she couldn’t escape and her bottom was getting sorer with each spank that landed on it.

She decided to change tactics. Telling him about his wife who was well known all over the campus for her free and easy ways.

Of course he doesn’t let her know that this information bothers him.

Eventually he gets her to promise not to stalk him again. So he allows her to stand up – adjust her clothing and leave.

Part Two

The Professor is waiting for his wife to return home from her busy round of tennis, bridge, personal training etc. He wastes no time in getting her over his knee.

She is so indignant that he can treat her like this.

She thinks she's too old to be spanked

He has to use several implements in order to drive home his message. He wants his wife to stop all her activities and get a job instead

When she understands that her lifestyle has been hurting him for almost a year – she gives in and promises to stop all her activities.

So he is happy with that and tells her she doesn’t need to look for a job after all.

However, he makes it clear to her that should she stray off the straight and narrow again – she’ll end up over his knee again.

Marriage Guidance



Eleanor Powell

Studio: Moonglow West Video

Approximate Running Time: 49.26 minutes

Amanda and Jim are entertaining Eric and Louise.

The Lull Before the Storm

Things are going along smoothly and the wine is flowing freely, especially down Amanda’s throat. When Jim asks her to pour some wine for him she rudely tells him to pour it himself. She then goes to the toilet.

Poor Jim is embarrassed and humiliated. It soon becomes apparent to their guests that their host’s wife is the one who wears the trousers in that house.

However, Eric to the rescue. He tells Jim that he had the same problem with Louise, but he sorted it out by putting her over his knee and spanking her.

Jim puts her over his knee



So, Jim takes his advice and mustering up all his courage, he tells Amanda what he is going to do. She laughs in his face. Encouraged by Eric and Louise he pulls his naughty wife over his knee and starts to spank her.

She threatens him with all sorts of terrible things, screams at him and generally makes things even worse for herself.

Because she is struggling so much, Eric again comes to the rescue and helps to hold her down.

It takes two to spank her

Despite the combined efforts of both men, she still swears at and curses them.

As the hand spanking doesn’t seem to be having the desired effect, Louise goes out to the car and comes back with an assortment of implements.

The cursing and threats carry on until it comes to using the ultimate punishment implement – the cane.

The cane works miracles

Now Amanda finds herself pleading with her husband and apologises  profusely. Nevertheless, this new not seen before masterful man ignores her and carries on caning her on her very sore, red bottom. He is determined to make sure that she is really sorry and not crying wolf.

When Eric and Louise realise that they are no longer necessary or needed. They say their goodbyes and leave.

He gently rubs a soothing cream into her bottom

Left alone, Amanda apologises to Jim and asks him to rub some soothing cream into her blazing hot bottom. This makes them both randy – so they go to bed.

Whether he’ll have to repeat the spanking / caning again remains to be seen.

Carie’s Red Hot Lesson

Eleanor Powell
Studio: HotOldMovies
Approximate Running Time: 13.16 minutes

Carie had been busy in the kitchen, preparing a meal for her man – like any good wife would do. Now it’s ready to be dished up. Problem is, where is her man?

She waks him up with a slap on his bottom

He’s lying face down on the bed … sleeping.

Giving his bottom a hard slap, she stands back waiting for his reaction. Oh Carie, you should let sleeping men lie. She gets a reaction, but is it what she hoped for?

He jumps up wanting revenge

He jumps up from the bed and pulls her over his knee and proceeds to spank her.

She wriggles about but can't escape

Despite her wriggling about, he manages to keep control of her although at times it appears that he’s losing his grip.

Showing his more gentle side

The spanking he gives her lasts over ten minutes.

For me, I would have preferred him to remove his thick leather belt and used that, but it was a very enjoyable movie to watch.

At the end they are both turned on and ……

The Slave and Her Two Masters


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Real Spanking Video

Approximate Running Time: 33.30 minutes

Here is one very lucky girl. Her Master is in the process of spanking her – when the bedroom door bursts open and her husband comes in. She is shocked – she didn’t expect him home until the following day.

The husband is surprised at the things she allows this other man to do to her.

two masters at once - her wildest fantasy

So here she is, having her fantasies fulfilled by this other man – not realising that she could have had all this with her own husband, if she had only asked.

Her husband puts her over his knee and hand spanks her. Then the other man joins in, each man alternately spanking her with an assortment of implements.

she's a fantastic cock sucker

As the grand finale – she sucks off both men until they come in her eager mouth and all over her face and neck.

Wife Spanking


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 28.20 minutes

He’s busy hammering in his workshop – his wife interrupts him. She talks fast and is angry with him. She wants his attention. Well, she sure gets it.

He pushes her face down

Pushing her face downwards over the workbench, he pulls up her voluminous skirt and starts hand spanking her bare bottom.

She wriggles and squeals as his work roughened hands redden her poor bottom. But even his hard hands get tired, so he picks up a piece of wood that is lying around and hits her with that.

Relentlessly, the spanking goes on with her bottom becoming redder and sorer. He even pulls her blue slippers off her wildly kicking feet and uses them to spank her.

In the diaper position

However, spanking her is thirsty work, so he replaces her slippers and asks her to go and get him a drink of water. Being the loving and obedient wife that she is, she goes to do his bidding.

Taking the glass off her he takes a large swig of the water – and immediately spits it out.

Revenge is sweet as she put salt in the water.

In retaliation he starts spanking her again – once more improvising various pieces of off cut wood in order to save his hand getting sore.

He changes her position – from over the workbench to having her legs up in the diaper position.

Finally, he pulls her over his knee in order to finish off her spanking.

in the time honoured position

Then he goes back to his hammering.