Wife is Spanked and Fucked

spanked wives
Studio: Mojo Studio’s
Title: Spanked Wives and Cuckolds 5
Running Time: 30:25
Starring: Master Michael Kahn, Mellanie Munroe

I once ran a survey on The Spanking Spot after a Dear Reader asked me do most people have sex before/during/after a spanking session. Well Dear Reader the results actually surprised me and lead me to launch Spanked and Fucked. It seems that over 80% of us Spanko’s out there indeed engage in coitus with our lovely ladies after or before we spank them! So it is indeed odd Dear Reader that one would find so little material that mixes the two. Well Dear Reader today we aim to amend this issue with the Review of Spanked Wives and Cuckolds 5. I am of course Brushstrokes, your Humble Narrator and I will of course be reviewing this fine title today.

Our tale begins with a distraught husband writing a letter to Master Kahn. It seems his wife has been quite frigid as of late going out with her friends and refusing to do anything around the house. It sounds indeed like a spanking is in order. Master Kahn being sympathetic to our wronged husband decides indeed to help him.
Now if you ever watched that show “Intervention” you can kind of get the gist of the meeting. Mellanie Munroe a buck some blonde whines and denies as her husband and Master Kahn explain to her why she is here. But having quite enough of this girl He grabs her quite roughly by the back of the hair and drags her over his knee.

Her short club dress sneaks up halfway up her ass, as her spanking begins. Master Kahn giving the girl instructions on just how to treat her man. First by addressing him as Daddy ( I would prefer sir personally) and teaching her exactly how to respond how to respond when he demands she suck his dick. Being a rather spirited girl the lessons are indeed difficult for her to learn requiring instruction more than once and the need for her to be silenced as she yells at the hapless husband.

Now Master Kahn while apt in punishing young ladies indeed is a rather interesting one. He tells the husband that he has a special spanking technique that he is of course unable to show him. But he will happily perform it on his beautiful wife if he would just wear a blindfold. You of course can see where this is going.

Once her clothes comes off the husband becomes kinda annoying -asking what is going on every couple of minutes. It would indeed be better if he left the room, since its kind of distracting watching this hot young thing suck the portly Master Kahn’s dick while the guy keeps asking question.

Mounting him, the husband finally decides to take the blindfold off only to be greeted to the sight of Master Kahn fucking his very hot wife. She grids against his pelvis with zeal as our whining husband sits and complains but ultimately does nothing. Since he gets really annoying after a while we shall ignore him for the rest of the review other than to say he complains.

She gets back down blowing -allowing her to choke a little bit when he shoves her head down on it. Our very happy master then has her do a little reverse cowgirl. For a finale our Master bends the girl over and fucks her from behind which her unbelievable ass has been begging for since the minute she went over the knee, finally finishing off with a load of cum to the face.

So I guess the question is did I like it? Well like many spanking and sex movies, it was decent. Unfortunately the spanking tends to be a bit lacking, but our master gets some good shots on her supple ass. I would have to say a very decent all around movie.



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