So You Want To Be A Spanking Star


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Chelsea Pfieffer Entertainment

Starring: Chelsea Pfieffer and Pixie

Approximate Running Time: 15.35 minutes

Pixie has turned up at the studios of Chelsea Pfieffer.

“So, you want to be a spanking star?” Chelsea is just verifying why Pixie has come for an interview.

She is asked so you want to be a spanking star

“Yes,” replies Pixie, her whole face lighting up.

Chelsea compliments her on her choice of clothing – a clean, crisp cheerleader uniform.

So not wasting any more time, Chelsea pulls out a dining chair and sits on it, beckoning Pixie to get over her knee. There is no hesitation as Pixie willingly goes over the older woman’s knee.

It hurts so much is she sure she wants to be a spanking star

But it doesn’t take long and the poor girl is squealing as Chelsea starts hand spanking her on top of her short skirt.

Chelsea reminds Pixie that she’ll  have to take a lot more than that if she wants to be a spanking star.

Her bottom is so sore but she's determined to stick it out because she wants to be a spanking star

When her skirt is raised to reveal a lovely pair of yellow panties, Chelsea is impressed.

The hand spanking continues on top of Pixie’s knickers. However, there is a slight hesitation – Pixie was about to stop the spanking but stops objecting as her knickers are pulled to mid-thigh.

Her bottom is looking very red and sore but Chelsea hasn’t finished with her.

paddles and straps are used but she's still determined that she wants to be a spanking star

Chelsea tells Pixie to bend over the chair while she uses various implements on Pixie’s already sore bottom.

She is told to count the strokes of the paddles and straps and eventually she has received more than fifty.

Therefore, if asked in future, so you want to be a spanking star, she can honestly answer yes.

Spanking Interview 1


Eleanor Powell

Studio: California Star Productions

Starring: Sarah Johns

Approximate Running Time: 31.05 minutes

It’s spanking interview day at the studios.

The casting director and his secretary have been advertising for young ladies interested in having a modelling career.

Interviewee Number 1 comes into the office. He tells her briefly what the work entails and shows her some magazines. She is surprised to see that the models are being spanked. This sort of modelling has never entered her head.

He uses gentle persuasion to get her to bend over his knee.

The two fo them are spanking her

At first his spanks are light and she agrees that they just sting a little. But when he coaxes her to take down her trousers and knickers – the spanking becomes harder, much harder and she protests that it is hurting her. He makes her feel like a silly little girl and tells her she is really enjoying the spanking and he reminds her about how well paid she is going to be.

Her bare bottom is sore and red

As the spanking progresses he uses an assortment of implements to further redden her bare bottom and his secretary is more than happy to join in with spanking poor Carole’s bottom.

When the interview is over, she happily goes off – full of hopes of having a career as a spanking model.

The next interviewee is a blonde. She too submits to being gently spanked until the spanks become more difficult to bear. But he has a persuasive tongue and convinces her to let him proceed so he can be absolutely sure that she is right for them.

Her tits are met with approval

Finally, a shy young girl comes into the studio. She is really innocent and is shocked at what she sees in the magazines. But she is encouraged by the promise of a good salary if she is right for the part.
She is put through various positions – including the diaper position when the two interviewers take turns at spanking her.

her bottom is so easily accessible

With a very red sore bottom – she dresses and leaves.

The two interviewers feel that they have had a good day with their three spanking interviews – who all showed promise as spanking models.

Spanking Kathy


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Real Spanking Video

Starring: Kathy

Approximate Running Time: 52.21 minutes

Kathy has turned up at the Real Spanking Video studios for a trial session.

The casting directors need to know how much pain she can take and even Kathy doesn’t know herself.

First an otk spanking for Kathy

All she knows is that she is going to be receiving a spanking that would test her tolerance to pain.

learning obedience

The casting directors put her through various spanking scenarios – positions and  implements used are recorded and her reactions are noted. They start with an OTK hand spanking, profess onto paddles, straps, and canes.

the spanking is painful

Her cries of distress are genuine and sometimes there are tears.

The scenarios that are played out are meant to display her assets. She has a lovely spankable bottom and the cameras pan in on her bottom, allowing the viewer to see her bottom change from a pale, creamy colour  to pink, and finally a deep shade of red with blue bruising.

the hand spanking that hurt the most

In other scenarios, the cameras concentrate on her expressive face and show the way her eyes widen, and then narrow to slits while the tears squeeze out.

Spanking Kathy is a movie that should satisfy the spanking enthusiast.

Madeline’s Secret Fantasy – Part Sixteen

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far ……

Madeline had retrieved the box from under the sideboard where it had ended up after she sneezed. And as she held it in her hand, her lover told her to open it.

Finally she was going to find out what it contained.

However, she couldn’t hide her disappointment when she saw the contents. She had no idea what it was – but for sure she couldn’t wear it on the third finger of her left hand.

She looked at her lover for an explanation as to what it is ……

Now read on ……

Her lover removed the object from the box – it glinted in the lamplight.

‘Look at it Madeline, isn’t it beautiful?’ He handed it to her.

‘Yes it is beautiful, but what is it?’ She turned it over and over in her hand.

‘What does it look like?’ he asked her.

‘Our dog Rex had something like this on his collar.’

‘Right, and why was it on his collar?’

‘In case he got lost.’

‘Exactly Madeline.’

‘Errrr! Sorry, but why have you given this to me?’
‘Because my darling girl, I want everyone to know that you are mine,’ he took the disc off her. ‘We will get it engraved tomorrow.’

Her bottom lip came out again in a super pout.

‘What’s the matter Madeline, I thought you wanted to be mine.’

‘I do – I did, but I don’t like being compared to a dog.’

‘You are my pet – so I want you to be my companion.’ He took her in his arms and kissed her on her soft lips.

‘Now come on darling let’s get you ready for the Initiation Ceremony?

‘Okay,’ she answered.

It took almost twenty minutes to get her ready. His skilful fingers tightened the buckles and adjusted the various straps.

Then standing back to look at her, he grunted his satisfaction. ‘You’re so beautiful Madeline, I’m so proud of you.’

He led her over to the full-length mirror on the wardrobe door. ‘Look at yourself Madeline.’

She looked and was amazed at the transformation. Was this really her?

She was self-conscious wearing what she was. It felt strange and a little bit uncomfortable.

Seeing her fidgeting a bit, he told her, she’d get used to it.

He placed a black velvet hooded cloak over her shoulders and led her to the car that was waiting outside the door.

She knew where he was taking her, but still couldn’t understand why she was dressed like she was.

To be continued ……

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Spanking Videos – Spanking Auditions

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jodie and Alexandra

Approximate Running Time: 28.43 minutes

Part 1 – Jodie’s Desire

Jodie, a very attractive young lady is being interviewed about her career as a ‘Spanking Model.’

She explains to the interviewer – that although she has been modelling for for some time, she enjoys being spanked so much, that being well paid for doing something that gives her so much pleasure – is the icing on the cake.

However, because of her love of being spanked – she has a desire / fantasy to be spanked in real life, but unfortunately, it just isn’t happening for her as she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. The interviewer finds it hard to believe.

Now, it looks like her dream could come true.

The interviewer has arranged for a man – who happens to be a keen spanker, to meet and spank her.

Spanking Videos - Her bottom is bared

The spanker shows her the various implements he’s going to use on her, after a warm up hand spanking over his knee. The whole idea is that if she and the spanker get on well, he is willing to be her boyfriend.

He starts off by giving her an OTK bare bottom spanking that gives her a beautiful glowing red bum.

Spanking Videos - he lets her try the tawse

The implements are introduced by giving her two strokes of the slipper, tawse and cane etc. She then tells him which one she liked best. This turns out to be the broad leather paddle.

Spanking Videos - the slipper is not to her liking

Finally, he leaves her with his contact details so she can get in touch with him – that is if she wants him to be her spanking boyfriend.

Spanking Videos - she is left to think it over

Part 2 – Russian Labour

Alexandra, an immigrant from Russia is looking for a job. A friend tells her about an employment agency that’s looking for staff.

Spanking Videos - Being interviewed

She attends an interview, where it’s explained to her what the work entails. She can speak and understand English very well and agrees that she understands what is expected of her.

Spanking Videos - starting her first spanking

But when the agency boss asks her to take down her trousers, she balks at the idea. He then explains to her that her work will be receiving a spanking on her bare bottom – therefore, he needs to see her bottom and give her a spanking – just to make sure she can take one.

Once she understands, she is only too eager to learn.

So he gives her her first bare bottom spanking. As she has never had one before, he has to lead her through each stage.

Spanking Videos - he bares her bottom

He finds that she is a very apt student, but not wanting to make her bottom too sore and red because he has an assignment for her that afternoon, he lets her off lightly.

Spanking Videos - her bottom is only slightly reddened

Giving her details of where she’s to go for her appointment – he wishes her luck and tells her not to let him down as the reputation of his employment agency is at stake.

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Free Spanking Videos – Gonzo Spanking

Free Spanking Videos - Gonzo Spanking
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Free Spanking Videos - Spanking Kathy

Watch as this beautiful young flower blossoms into an obedient woman. Kathy has always been one of our favorite and most popular models. She truly arrived on our dorm; straight from the Midwest, wanting to know what all this spanking was about. My. M, Lady D. and Coach were all more than happy to show her.

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Speaking of Spanking – It’s Time for A Spanking Party!

Chelsea Pfieffer - Speaking of Spanking

Every year (almost) Larry and I attend the Grand Poobah of spanking parties, The Shadow Lane Back to School Party. I don’t mean to make fun of the SL people. They work hard and have for quite a while and it shows. They know how to throw the spanking party. I mean, seriously, they know how it’s done! It’s a weekend long event. Some people come in on Thursday and stay through Monday. Now THAT’S a long spanking weekend. And, people spank and spank and spank till they can’t spank no more! Guess I forgot how I’d be if I wasn’t a spanking professional and didn’t get to do it all the time, whenever I want. Hehehe! Weeeee! I’m such a BRAT!

I’ve been to most of these parties over the years. My hubby first laid eyes on me at one. He didn’t actually TALK to me that time. Noooo! He just sat at the bar and ogled me with his eyes. Huh… Men…

When we first began our video production business, we had a blast at the Vendors’ Fair. That’s the Friday night meet-and-greet, of sorts. It’s a chance for production companies to sell a few DVDs and introduce about three hundred avid spankers to their movies. Crafts people (paddles, floggers….implement makers of all sorts) and other creative sorts display and sell their wares. It’s a nice, exciting introduction to the party. I always try to imagine what it would be like to be a complete newbie and walk in and see all these people mixing, mingling and spanking. Then see all these implements spread out on tables everywhere and all these “spanking celebrities,” (yeah, I guess that’s what I am and I’m not the only one there) right there in person for you to approach and talk to just like anybody else. Anyway, like most new production companies, we’d set up table displays that were fun and eye catching. We’d bring some of our girls from our videos with us. We’d put on spanking shows to draw people over. Imagine three or four women all spanking each other and having a party of it, too. Let’s just say it worked. We drew crowds, sometimes!

We don’t do a vendor table anymore. Larry and I just circulate and our presence there is enough to remind everyone that we’re still at it, plus we have more free time to get into the real mix of things and play with people we’ve only just met. Yes, we make little appointments with people we find, uh, interesting for one reason or another, and we slip off to our room to spank and engage in various spanking related activities. It’s kind of like swinging, but only with spanking instead.

On Saturday night, there’s a more formal event. Everyone dresses up and there’s a banquet and then everyone meets up and slips off to rooms, or private parties in various suites…or both. It’s a long night. There’s plenty of time for lots of spanking! In between Friday and Saturday night, people meet up and spank. See? I told you there’s non-stop spanking going on! On the two, or so, hotel floors that are reserved for our group, spanking can be heard ringing out from behind almost every door. Smack, smack, smack! “Ah! Ah! Ah!” It’s pretty erotic…actually VERY erotic.

I’ve got most of my sites updates done early and come Friday morning it’s pack up the car time and we’re off…to Vegas. Vegas baby! What happens there stays there…but a lot of people with red butts under their clothes will be heading home at the end of the weekend.

I’ll update you all with an after party report when I get home. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos I’ve found from parties past! I don’t remember what years these photos were taken. Too many parties and no organized (like, actually dated) files. Yes, I AM a BRAT!! Brat’s are a good thing in my biz. :-p

Free Spanking Pics - Spanking Foursome

Me, Molly Matthews and Stacy Burke spanking Carolyn Reese

Free Spanking Pics - Spanking sweethearts ready to play.

Carolyn Reese, Greta Carlson and Molly Matthews

Free Spanking Pics - F on F OTK Spanking

Eleanor Powell OTK spanking Greta

Free Spanking Pics - Spanking Sisters

Molly Matthews and Catalina L’Amour

Free Spanking Pics - Bare bottom hand spanking

Molly hand spanking Catalina

Free Spanking Pics - Stockings Spanking

Molly spanking Catalina…only Catalina seems to be a bit more into it.

Free Spanking Pics - Bare Bottom Spanking

Catalina gets a crack at Molly’s bare bottom.

Free Spanking Pics - Tight asses waiting to be punished

Eleanor Powell, Catalina and Molly showing off our asses – people do that sort of thing at these parties.

Free Spanking Pics - Three Spankees

Eleanor Powell, Catalina and Molly pose in front of our company sign.

Free Spanking Pics - Cherry Red Ass

Amber Michaels checking out how red her bare bottom is.

Free Spanking Pics - Three Spaking Girls Celebration

Eleanor Powell, Amber and Jewell Marceau celebrating. We must have sold a lot of videos. Hehe.

Free Spanking Pics - Bare red spanked ass

Amber and Jewell, post spanking

Free Spanking Pics - Girl on Girl Spanking

Amber spanking Jewell.