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elite pain model

The incident of a Mood-Pictures studio being raided by Hungarian authorities set off spanking message-board members on a debate about spanking ethics. Some of the questions that have arisen – “Do the people at Mood-Pictures go to far in their shoots?”, “Do the models really know what they were getting into?”, “Should ‘”vanilla”‘ models be used in bdsm/spanking movies?”

Obviously, the debate will go on unsettled, as it seems like everything boils down to personal preference. However, the only questions that do seem to have some chance of having their answers verified are the questions of the legality of the productions – a question that goes beyond the scope of this post.

None the less I’d like you to keep these questions in mind as you view Elite Pain Interviews. I think these kinds of conversations are important to the “alt” lifestyles community as they attempt to bring things into finer definition, as well as shed light on the gray area that is personal preference and even social norms.

Here’s a break-down.

Avril, twenty-something Eastern European female is interviewed by director Maximilian Lomp. She sits on a chair in a non discript room that nearly resembles a prison cell.
Max casually asks her if she knows what the shoots are like and Avril answers that she knows there’s corporal punishment involved featuring different instruments. Max reminds Avril that not only will she be physically punished, but psychically as well as there will be a good deal of humiliation involved in the production.

Max then goes on to ask Avril about her motivation for auditioning for a punishment video. Avril states that her boyfriend “forced” her to come – as he wanted to see how she would be in one of these kinds of films. Max then makes an interesting comment that the boyfriend isn’t courageous enough to try it for himself.

I liked that comment, because, vanilla or not, it takes a lot of courage to subject yourself to what will certainly amount to brutal pain.

We see Avril answering the questions with a smile on her face, but as the interview proceeds, you can see her brow start to furrow a bit and start to glisten. Her nerves are showing. Max describes that when he whips her naked tits, that it will hurt like hell. She says she will do it for her boyfriend.

Avril’s relationship with her boyfriend isn’t discussed in detail, but we can safely assume that they have some sort of domestic discipline thing going on, or at the very least, her boyfriend is very controlling.

Anyway, the quick details about the punishment tests – used to determine her pain threshold are some nipple clamps, labia clamps, multi-tailed whip on her back and tits, single whip on her back, flapper used on her feet, and cane across her palm.

The flapper across the feet is used as Avril’s final test. If she can withstand a full-forced swat across the bottom of her feet without moving, then she gets the job.

The video is sort of clinical. I think people are probably drawn to that aspect. It makes everything seem controlled, professional, masterful. It also dehumanizes Avril in a way – turning her into an object for study.

Admittedly, I haven’t watched any other Elite Pain videos. I’m not really drawn to that tone. I tend to go for bdsm that has more of a nurturing vibe. However, I understand that some might find this kind of punishment to be erotic, and nurturing if the punishment is inflicted in order to build character.

Take a look. We’ve got five or six interviews like Avril’s as well as large selection of feature length Elite Pain films.

Watch Avril’s punishment/audition here.

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