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Studio: Starring: Keith Jones and Amanda Morrison Approximate Running Time: 56. 00 minutes Fantasy 1 – Darling Disobedient Daughter Twenty-two year old Heather has her father wrapped around her little finger. She’s going out for the evening and asks her doting dad to let her use the jeep. He agrees, but because there have been several hijacking incidents recently – especially of jeeps, he asks her to contact him if she’s [links~0952.htm] going to be home later than 2. 00 am. So off she goes with a generous wad of notes links~0952.htm to help her enjoy herself. Dad is waiting up for her. It’s well past 2 and she’s not home yet – nor has she phoned as promised. He becomes very agitated when there is a news flash on the TV about a jeep being hijacked. Is it Heather? In his worry, he contacts the police. He has just replaced the receiver when in she comes. She tells him she was with her boyfriend. Links~0952.htm he is very annoyed with her for being so thoughtless, so he decides that a spanking is in order. She protests about being too old to be spanked, but he’s made up his mind. She watches him apprehensively as he slowly pulls his belt out of its loops. Doubling it links~0952.htm, he tells her to bend down with her hands on the seat of a stool. This is just a warm up. Although I must admit, much as I love receiving the belt, it usually follows a hand spanking otk. After the spanking; her previously white creamy never before spanked bottom is now a deep cherry red. She apologises for worrying him and they kiss – they’re friends again. Fantasy 2 – Sophisticated Discipline Amanda and Keith are discussing her spanking needs. What does she like, what doesn’t she like? He also asks her if she has a safe word and she tells him what it is. He points to a bag in the corner of the room and invites her to have a rummage through it – choosing which implements she would like him to use on her. Then the spanking starts. Firstly with her over his knee. There is a great deal of him stroking her sore bottom – causing her to gyrate her hips as she is obviously being turned on by his caresses. He progresses through an assortment of implements – with her in a variety of positions. She even accepts some light bondage, when he fastens her wrists together. Being a cheeky brat, she often would say something, knowing full well she was earning herself a few extra strokes of whatever he is using at the time. At the end of the spanking session, she is a very happy bunny – looking forward to the next time she needs his services.

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