Renata’s Interracial Spanking Session

Video: Renata's Interracial Spanking Session
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Studio: Scorched
Renata’s been a naughty girl, and she’s going to need to learn a lesson! The only thing that can possibly tame Renata is a hard, swift spanking! And luckily, she’s about to get her wish! After receiving some whacks with a strap, she gets her behind spanked and slapped! To top it all off, she even gets a proper fucking at the end!

Stars: Renata

Taboo Teens Spanking 2 – Around The World

Video: Taboo Teens Spanking 2 - Around The World
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Travel around the world with us, and watch as these naughty sluts get what's coming to them! Sensual, hard, disciplinary...these girls bent over and shown authority with an ass-reddening, as they squirm and cry out. No matter how they struggle, they can't deny that their pussies are dripping wet from punishment!

Stars: Helena Sweet, Olga Cabaeva, Victoria White, Donna Ray, Lucy Lee, Bailey Brooks (i), Nikita, Veronica Carso, Hana, Missy Nicole, Lenny Black, Jeny Baby

Elite Pain Interviews – Battya

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Battya
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
26 years old Battya is having a financial crisis in her life and finds the best way, as she seems to be very tough woman who can bare pain. Lomp is so impressed by her toughness, that he even brings a legendary bullwhip, which is created to beat horses, not naked women. Watch and enjoy how tough Battya really is.

Stars: Battya, Maximilian Lomp

Sex And Submission – Featuring Ashley Adams and Bill Bailey

Video: Sex And Submission - Featuring Ashley Adams and Bill Bailey
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The Director's Cut

Ashley Adams is a struggling actress, and it looks like she just lost her star-making lead role in a cheesy horror movie. Crestfallen, she goes to desperate measures to get it back. All natural, big tit Ashley Adams is just 18 years old but has a crazy appetite for rough sex. She tries to bribe the sleazy Director with sloppy blowjob, but he wants more and tells her if she wants to work in this town, she's going to have to do more than just suck dick. When Ashley goes to his hotel room to try harder for the part, she is met with total domination, tight bondage and hardcore fucking.

Stars: Ashley Adams, Bill Bailey

Obsession – Der Stiefelknecht

Video: Obsession - Der Stiefelknecht
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Studio: Mega-Film
These slaves have an obsession with three things; licking feet, being dominated, and worshipping their Dominatrixes. See how the Mistresses keep their men in line and make them beg for what they really want. Watch them get their asses spanked raw, before being rewarded for their discipline like animals.

Obsession – Beine Breit!

Video: Obsession - Beine Breit!
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Studio: Mega-Film
(Translated Title: “Legs Wide”) This little carpet hussy needs to learn her place; down on the rug, crawling around like the filthy animal she is! Taste my boots, and taste my cock! This is my friend; you will be fucked by him and I will watch. This is what you deserve. You are my plaything; you exist for my entertainment and nothing more…

Double Feature 2

Video: Double Feature 2
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Studio: Shadow Lane

It’s a Double Feature of butt-smacking action! Bad girls need to be shown that their men will take NONE OF THEIR NONSENSE!

Act One - The Trouble With Erica, Starring Chelsea Pfeiffer and Lawrence Selden

It's Christmas morning and spoiled brat Erica is so disappointed in the chintzy gift Larry gave her that she hurls it at him. Not surprisingly, she immediately finds herself across his knee, receiving a long, hard spanking. This section also includes a modest little caning, the kind you might want to give a curious beginner. Like Tony and Eve, this tape is both romantic and realistic, because Larry and Chelsea are really going out together.

Act Two - The Social Embarrassment, Starring Sandy Deveraux and Ralph Marvell

Sandy, a pretty, poised young woman from Chicago, is generally dominant when she plays, but with her beautiful bottom and long, lovely legs, we couldn't resist asking her to go sub for just one Shadow Lane tape, and she agreed, choosing Ralph as her dom. What they gave us was an even more intense scene than we had envisioned, the climax of which left Sandy in tears, a circumstance which has only occurred two other times in Shadow Lane tapes: Blue Denim and Naughty Secretaries Week. Of course, we didn't mean for Ralph to spank (and strap) her that hard, but Sandy is an experienced player. She knew the mercy word and opted not to say it. That's because Sandy is real. And real people like to go the limit in their scenes. It's almost a point of pride.

Stars: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Sandra Deveraux, Ralph Marvell, Lawrence Selden

Elite Pain Interviews – Alice

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Alice
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
The Elite Pain Castings series is a study in perversity, desire and desperation.

Alice can’t leave the room unless she passes casting director Maximilian Lomp's test in endurance for pain. Max first plays with her nipples, then whips her butt and punishes her pussy. First Alice refuses to cry, but she ends up with teary eyes.

Stars: Alice, Maximilian Lomp

Elite Pain Interviews – Alexandra the Dancer

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Alexandra the Dancer
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Hot, fit and beautiful Alexandra is 19 year-old student, who works as a stripper. She visited Maximilian to participate in his Elite Pain Interviews and earn money in return for taking the pain. Max first attaches clamps to her sensitive nipples, then starts to whip her thighs, tits, pussy and butt. Take a peek and see how Alexandra passes her first test.

Stars: Alexandra, Maximilian Lomp

Elite Pain Interviews – Nika

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Nika
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
The Elite Pain Castings series is a study in perversity, desire and desperation.

Nika is 25 years old, working at department store. She came here willing to pass casting director Maximilian Lomp's test in endurance for pain and of course to get paid for that as she needs money to study. Take a look and see how it goes!

Stars: Nika, Maximilian Lomp