Elite Pain Interviews – Laura

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Laura
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
We welcome you to next Elite Interview led by great arch master of domination and agony Maximilian Lomp. For you today we have prepared 35 year old, European mademoiselle. She has come to Lomp to earn some money. Let's see together will she be able to pass the test, or will she be another one who will be reduced to tears!

Stars: Laura, Maximilian Lomp

Scorched – Diana’s Kinky Lesbian Session

Video: Scorched - Diana's Kinky Lesbian Session
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Studio: Scorched
This movie features a naughty, thick redhead who gets dominated and gets her plump and round bottom spanked and turned a very deep shade of red! The dominatrix is gorgeous blonde Princess Nikki, who is very adept and skilled at spankings and she's brought along some vibrators and paddles to the party too!

Correct Her If She’s Wrong

Video: Correct Her If She's Wrong
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Studio: Shadow Lane

A beautiful and strict disciplinarian severely spanks, paddles & canes the cute, but lazy, coed in her charge!

Layla is used to being pampered by her godmother, but when Snow discovers that her charge has been cutting classes, dating slackers, partying hard and neglecting her duties, the statuesque brunette gives her slender houseguest a thrashing she will never forget. Hand spanking, wooden paddling and a severe twelve stroke caning leave Layla's luscious bottom well marked and sore for a week!

Part One Over the Knee Hand Spanking: Tall, beautiful, smartly booted Snow, hand spanks lovely, lissome Layla over her lap. Leg lovers, feast your eyes on this stunning combo. And enjoy the classic scolding.

Part Two Wooden Paddling: Layla, still in the tiniest of mini skirts, is bent over a table for a paddling with a heart shaped maple paddle that leaves her severely marked.

Part Three Over the Knee Hand Spanking: More punishment is meted out to Snow's carefree charge when that young lady is made to account for missed lessons and reckless partying. Now clad in a super short red plaid skirt and skimpy white blouse, the leggy girl is once more hand spanked by her strict godmother.

Part Four Severe Twelve Stroke Caning: A 12 of the best style caning is now administered to the hapless Layla. When Layla protests being made to take her discipline in the nude, Snow compromises and removes her own outer garments, revealing her magnificent body, ravishingly clad in a Victorian corset that enhances her small waist and even more greatly exaggerates her womanly curves. Then, to the idle girl's chagrin, twelve juicy cane strokes are sternly delivered to Layla's already well marked bottom. This was Layla's second spanking video ever and her first caning. She did admirably well, but is rocked to her foundations by each hard stroke. By the end of the caning she is a chastened and repentant girl. Glamazon Snow Mercy has never looked more divine.

Stars: Snow Mercy, Layla Savage

Private Tutoring From Spanked Cuties

Video: Private Tutoring From Spanked Cuties
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
When this young student was told by her teacher that she is going to have some private tutoring, for enhancing her grades, she was expecting a fun time with a senior student, with some coffee, some cookies, and a lot of giggling. But THIS type of private tutoring is certainly NOT what she expected! Before she could only turn around, she finds herself in a most embarrassing diaper position, fully naked, for receiving a proper and thorough caning! Will this be motivation enough to enhance her grades eventually?

Addicted To Sweets From Spanked Cuties

Video: Addicted To Sweets From Spanked Cuties
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Young ladies really got to watch what they eat! Of course, being TOO skinny is not what we want to see...but a glutton girl who is stuffing sweets into herself, like a greedy pig? Is THAT what we want to see? Certainly not! And if repeated well-intentioned words of advice do not help, it's the leather strap and the cane who need to speak a stronger language!

Elite Pain Interviews – Mandy

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Mandy
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Mandy is a woman with who just can't get enough. She is married, though she has got a lover. She's fucking with her boss too. But is it enough? Apparently not for Mandy gentlemen. So, for the new experiences she applied to the Elite Pain Interviews to get tested by Mr. Lomp - the great. At first she seems to be handling the pain pretty well, but we all know the way Lomp works. During the video shooting Mandy experiences so much pain, that she's just not able to take it anymore. Why don't you watch it yourself and enjoy the whole scene?!

Stars: Mandy, Maximilian Lomp

Best Of Pain Emporium 4

Video: Best Of Pain Emporium 4
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Studio: Severe Society Films
This best of pain emporium compilation features 5 scenes from some of the most humiliating yet titillating sets from the important series. Jimmy Broadway and Tommy Toscani are submissive males appeasing their dominatrix's. St. Andrew's Cross, humiliation, paddles, spanking, whips, restraints; it's all here!

Stars: Leena Sky, Madame Dahlia, Domina Alexandra Snow, Aiden Star, Eden Alexander, Jimmy Broadway, Tommy Toscano

Dora Explores Lesbian Spanking

Video: Dora Explores Lesbian Spanking
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Studio: Scorched
Dora is a pretty brunette who doesn’t know what she has coming! However, she doesn't have to explore for long before discovering that she loves, loves, LOVES being dominated and spanked by other women! Princess Nikki makes her suck on a butt plug before shoving it deep in her asshole, while she spanks and paddles her delicate butt cheeks around it!

Stars: Dora, Princess Nikki

Clear Regulations From Spanked Cuties

Video: Clear Regulations From Spanked Cuties
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
This young lady is plumbing the depths of despair! Looking back at the dozens of bare bottom spankings that she received in her life before, being beaten by THIS furious angry black matron outshines them all! A severe sound thrashing on her naked buttocks to an extent and severity that she couldn't conceive ever before. Pretty much a worst case scenario for this poor girl.

Do The Dishes From Spanked Cuties

Video: Do The Dishes From Spanked Cuties
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
When this sexy brunette schoolgirl is tasked with doing the dishes, she thinks she can get away with doing a half-assed job. Little does she know that she’s being watched, and she will have to face the consequences for not attending her duties properly. A corporal punishment - applied on her bare bottom - will help her in treating the school’s property with more respect! Spanking, paddling, beet-red cheeks, pain, sniveling, and bitter tears follow!