The Milgram Experiment 3

Video: The Milgram Experiment 3
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Studio: Mood Pictures
The successful Milgram Experiment series (based on areal Yale University experiment) returns with its third installment. Female volunteers are tested how cruel they are, how far they go when their task is to punish other females (or spankee models) for failing in a test. The outsiders were not aware of the real point of the experiment. They thought that we were scientists, and that we were testing how punishment affects learning. This video features three girls being whipped and caned. Some painful surprises are awaiting in this video.

Stars: Suzie, Maximilian Lomp

The Best Of Bianca Rose Volume 1

Video: The Best Of Bianca Rose Volume 1
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Bianca is a precocious teen who thinks she’s best when she’s bad! But the women in her family are determined to break her of her mischievous ways by putting her over their knee. It all starts when acts up in school and her mother spanks her tight tushy until it’s beet red! Even her sister gets in on the spanking action to leave her humiliated in the corner once she’s done. I guess Bianca is one impish redhead who has to learn the hard way.

Stars: Bianca Rose, Joelle Barros

Luna Lola’s Severe Spanking And Painal

Video: Luna Lola's Severe Spanking And Painal
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Studio: Spanking Studios
Luna Lola and her DaddyDom, Master Kaos, are in a poly family. Daddy said no playing without his permission, but Luna played with her poly sisters anyway. Now, Daddy has something to say about that. Eventually, Master Kaos bends Luna over on the couch and applies liberal amounts of caning. This is no light caning, but a hard, enthusiastic, non-stop caning that lasts for 15 minutes.

Stars: Luna Lola, Master Kaos

Taboo Teens – Paddled & Plugged

Video: Taboo Teens - Paddled & Plugged
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Studio: Bizarre Video

Let the fear in their eyes get you hard, and then punish them even harder! But don’t let their screams deceive you – they are begging to be Paddled and Plugged. Become the Master you truly are, and watch these girls take it in the ass with a smile on their pretty little faces. They dream of being collared, tied, and restrained while you fuck them and tease them. Watch as they squirm and drip with excitement in this extreme fetish feature.

Scene 1: PUPPY’S DINNER SPANKING Actors: Whiney Westgate and Baylock Whitney is summoned to dinner, her dog bowl on the floor. When she hesitates, master applies a few lashes to her upturned backside for encouragement. When dinner is finished its playtime. Whiney first endures a stimulating flogging applied to her back and ass, then her pussy. She is then allowed to enjoy a nice plugging by straddling a dildo and bouncing herself to a fulfilling orgasm. Whitney’s moans and whimpers are a delight to the ears.

Scene 2: BULBOUS BUTT PLUGGED Actors: Valentina Nappi and Baylock A delightful round smooth alabaster butt greats us while Valentina struggles in steel and chain bondage. She is told to plug her ass and with bound hands she manages to insert a glass toy deep beyond her curvaceous globes. The toy is stuck in her ass while she endures a fine cropping marking her with splotches of pink imprints. The ass toy is removed only to be replaced with a much bigger one. But the smooth silkiness of Valentina’s asshole can’t hold it. It squirts out on the floor. Not to worry Valentina, still bound in chains attacks her pussy hole and masturbates herself to a vibrating orgasm while her asshole winks at us.

Scene 3: BEDROOM CAPTIVE Actors: Mia Malkova and Baylock Mia is bound hand and foot in front of a mirror to show off her lovely charms, back and front. But that’s just a prelude. For her first plugging master binds her legs wide open and stimulates her gapping pussy with a dildo. Master is not satisfied with her cooperation. He whips her protruding ass and pussy while she is bent over the bed. She is given another chance to perform while bound spread open on the bed. Both her gapping pussy and the rosette of her asshole are penetrated and probed. Master uses the whip on her upturned ass again. She moans and whimpers in a combination of delight from the plugs and pain from the whip.

Scene 4: ABUSED Actors: Jillian Janson and Baylock Jillian is bound with rope standing in painfully high heels and nipple clamps. She screams when the clamps are removed from her now tender nipples. Master binds her spread eagled on the bed. A painfully tight strap bisects her swollen pussy lips while he applies sharp crop lashings to her exposed inner thighs. He turns her over binding her with her ass open and thrusting upward. An ass hook is inserting into her gapping asshole and tied above. She moans delightfully at the intrusion into her nether hole. While in this helpless position, master uses the crop to stimulate the soles of her feet and thighs.

Ed. Note: Kenna James does not appear in this movie.

Stars: Baylock, Jillian Janson, Mia Malkova, Valentina Nappi, Whitney Westgate, Andre Baylock

Greatest Spanking Scenes

Video: Greatest Spanking Scenes
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Studio: Mr. Skin

You'll be giving yourself a spanking when you see these ripe, round celebrity cans bounce as they take a rhythmic pounding in Mr. Skin's Greatest Spanking Scenes Ever playlist. This 22-scene playlist features a wide range of sexy stars baring their rear ass-ets (as well as rack and rug) as they bend over, lie down, and get draped over guys' knees to receive some stiff discipline.

First up is Julie DuPage, who gets her ass smacked raw by an enraged older man in 1997's Le Jour et la Nuit. Next, Jessica Alba bares that famous Alba ass as Casey Affleck throws her onto a bed and whips her bare butt with his belt as she viciously fights back in The Killer Inside Me (2010). Then, check out more from The Killer Inside Me as Kate Hudson gets a bare hand on her bare butt. Then Maggie Gyllenhaal pulls down her panties and spanks herself with a brush in the kinky comedy Secretary (2002), Brunette Dana Delaney ecstatically receives a bare-handed spanking wearing a black silk garter belt and silk stockings while a room full of men watches in Live Nude Girls (1995), Joanna Pacula cries as she gets her butt spanked by her husband in a rough scene from Husbands and Lovers (1992), Syren administers a topless spanking to the equally topless Charlie Laine before tossing her salad in the softcore flick Voodoo Dollz (2008), Keira Knightley gets some sexual healing from the good Dr. Jung (Michael Fassbender) as he ties her to a bed and spanks her with his belt in A Dangerous Method (2011) Yvonne Young Hung gets her bare ass rhythmically paddled by two men in A Chinese Chamber Story (1995), Curly-haired brunette Meredyth Herold bares butt and a hint of bush as her mother spanks her, gags her, a fucks her with a dildo in Singapore Sling (1990), Japanese tart Marie Jinno bound with rope and whipped with a crop in Tokyo Decameron (1996), Zaftig French maid Rafaella Ponzo engages in some kinky lesbian foot play and rubs off her fully nude mistress before a guy comes in and spanks her with a paddle in Private (2003), Topless brunette Natalia Bellami being spanked in a schoolgirl uniform and pigtails in a roleplay scene from Shapeshifter (2005), Fully nude, fantastically furry Euro tart Dinara Drukarova kneels over a prayer bench and gets beaten with reeds by an old lady in Of Freaks and Men (1998), Aussie blonde Madeline West bends over her boyfriend's lap as he pulls down her lace panties and smacks her ass on Underbelly, Two spanking scenes with hot MILF Mary-Louise Parker, once getting whipped soundly with a belt and fucked bent over a bar, then being draped over her boss's lap and spanked in the back of a limo, on Weeds, Tatted-up punkette Melissa Reed gets her ass smacked by a dwarf in Feast 2 (2008), Blonde Brit Maeve Dermody bares boobs and implores her guy to spank her harder in Beautiful Kate (2009), Niki Rubin bares tush and shaved bush as she strips down to nothing but a bra and a wig before being spanked in Blood and Sex Nightmare (2008), Brigitte Bardot gets thrown down onto a bed and has her bare butt spanked in L' Histoire très bonne et très joyeuse de Colinot Trousse-Chemise (1973), And then pretty Polish girl Maolgorzata Pritulak gets her ass whacked with a frying pan in It's Spring, Sergeant (1974). Finally, Italian eyeful Sydne Rome gets laid one her lover's lap and smacked silly in La Sculacciata (1974), a fully nude Monique van de Ven gets a carnation stuck up her ass and then her cheeks spanked hard in Turkish Delight (1973), soft core slut Kira Reed compares her cans to those of another girl, who then paddles her with a hairbrush, in Cheerleader Ninjas (1998), Sean Young is roughly tossed on a bed and spanked with one tit hanging out in Love Crimes (1991), Natalia bares some more boobage smacking her guy around in more footage from SHapeshifter (2005), foxy frau Carmen Russo bends over to get spanked in sheer white panties in the German flick Mia mobile torna a scuola (1981), thong-clad blonde Sirena Irwin gets thrown around like a rag doll and her butt roughly spanked 'til it turns bright red in Whacked (2004), and Shavon Ryan gives her fellow topless brunette Stephanie Restivo's jiggling junk a playful smack in National Lampoon's Dirty Movie (2010).

Bath Time Spankings Volume 1

Video: Bath Time Spankings Volume 1
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Studio: PunishedBrats

While taking a bath, Joelle was having phone sex with a boy from school. This was overheard by Veronica who pulled the brat from the tub and spanked her with the bath brush.

Lady Bianca summoned Penny to her room as she had prepared a bath for her. Penny assured her owner that she could bathe herself, but Bianca instructed that she wanted to give her pet girl a bath. The tall patrician slowly removed the uniform that identified Penny as a pet in training. Soon, Penny was in the tub as her owner washed her. When Bianca’s hand wandered too near to her private area, Penny pulled back. An angry Bianca noted that pets have no rights except those given to them by their owners and she would touch her anywhere she pleased. Penny was pulled from the tub, taken into the bedroom, and bent over the bottom of the bed for a hard punishment with the leather paddle. Lady Bianca punished her pet until she believed in her promises to be obedient always. Once Penny stood up, her heart sunk as she saw the spiked punishment chair. When her already sore bottom touched the spikes she let out a scream and cried.

Kitty was busy relaxing in the tub when an angry Bianca approached her about a bill not paid due to insufficient funds in Kitty's account. When the brat seemed less than concerned about this matter she was pulled from the tub and spanked on her wet bottom with a hairbrush. Soon, tears were streaming down Kitty's face as she promised to pay the bill if only the spanking would stop. As the hairbrush descended upon her naked bottom time and time again, Kitty promised to pay her portion of the rent and to never be late again. After her ordeal was over, Bianca warned her tearful roomy that if this were to happen again, she would be spanked with a truly fearful implement.

Ava was sent to Audrey's house for a play date with Chloe. When Mommy-Audrey went to call Ava's mommy to let her know that she arrived, both girls talked and found that their stories were precisely the same. Both were very young wives caught by their mothers-in-law in the arms of another man and now forcedd to live as little girls and subject to many humiliations. After returning, Audrey noted that Ava needed her bath. She was taken upstairs, her clothing removed and placed in the tub. When Mommy-Audrey went to wash Ava's most private places she pulled away. She was taken from the tub and marched into the bedroom and spanked on her wet bottom.

Ava was spanked until Mommy Audrey was sure that little Ava had learned her lesson. Once the spanking was completed, the naked girl was placed on display in the corner, her bottom nearly as red as her hair.

Chloe wondered what had happened to her playmate and walked into the bedroom. Upon seeing Ava standing in the corner, freshly bathed and spanked, she thought it best if she made a hasty retreat. Mommy Audrey stopped her from leaving, noting that she had gotten a call from school and she was not applying herself. This had earned her a spanking. This was especially humiliating to her as this punishment was to happen with Ava in the room.

After a long, bare bottom spanking, Chloe promised to be an obedient little girl. She was then placed next to Ava and they both stood in the corner with their red bottoms exposed.

After a hard day at school, Bianca decides to take a relaxing bubble bath. She was shocked when her mother came in to confront her about being rude to teacher. During a discussion of the Civil War, she asked her teacher what side she fought on? She noted that it was just a joke, but it was a joke neither her teacher or mom found funny. She was pulled from the tub and spanked on her wet, soapy bottom with a bath brush. Bianca, through her tears promised never to disrespect any of her teachers again, but her mother continued to spank her with the bath brush until she felt the lesson was learned. Just as Bianca thought her torment was over, Bianca's mother began rubbing her sore bottom with the bristles of the bath brush causing the bratty girl to shout in pain. Then Bianca was made to stand naked in the corner of the bathroom. She was cold and filled with shame and remorse. with Bianca Rose and Miss Lisa

Stars: Bianca Rose, Veronica Bound, Kitty (General), Miss Lisa, Ava Little, Bianca, Audrey, Penny, Joelle

Domina Sessions – Dominas & Sklavias

Video: Domina Sessions - Dominas & Sklavias
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Studio: Inflagranti Film Berlin
These dominatrix ladies know how to makes someone their slave: by treating them to a variety of punishments and pleasures. Training them with hot wax, nipple clamps and an array of sex toys. This is a dark and depraved voyage into the realm of Sapphic sexual submission. This impressively produced release is just perfect for those curious lesbian couples who are seeking submissive stimulation.

Stars: Kirra, Maria Mia, Lady Alexxa

Skin Deep

Video: Skin Deep
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So it turns out that our little stupid Maggy had scratched Alex's car in an accident. She hoped that Alex would never find out, but alas, a lie has no legs, and when Alex finally stumbles upon the truth he's furious and understandably so. Silly Maggy needs to be punished for her actions and she gets punished with fierce spankings!

Stars: Maggy, Alex

Lomp’s Court – Case 1

Video: Lomp's Court - Case 1
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Studio: Elite Pain
Mr. Lomp's private court is open for trials. For taking a case before Lomp's Court, both the victim and the offender must agree to be judged by Mr. Lomp. This can be beneficial for both parties. The victim can have a sweet revenge, the offender can go through the process quite swiftly, and can avoid jail. But there is one catch. If Mr. Lomp finds the offender guilty, the sentence is quite painful. But if the accusation is false, then the other party must endure the pain. Mr. Lomp's investigation method is quite simple but very efficient: he uses a big scary chair with electric wires to be attached to the body with clamps...

Stars: Rebecca, Melinda, Maximilian Lomp

Asleep At Her Studies

Video: Asleep At Her Studies
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Just another example for why you better keep your eyes glued to your home students! Rather than concentrating on her studies and working hard on improving her grades, Angelina preferred a relaxing nap when she felt unwatched. Well Angelina, certainly no longer THAT relaxing some minutes later, bent over the table with your buttocks exposed for the 30 inches wooden ruler!

Stars: Angelina