Spank Now Love Later

Video: Spank Now Love Later
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Studio: Shadow Lane
A bedroom discipline drama with spanking, paddling, kissing, oral sex, intercourse, and true affection, starring Addie Juniper and Kevin Wang. When beautiful and seductive Addie dons a micro-mini dress to visit her new shrink, Kevin suspects his spoiled brat of mischief and shuts that adventure down with an over the knee spanking and paddling. The disciplinary foreplay leads to finger banging, oral sex going both ways, and fucking. Adorable Addie gets head until orgasm as a reward for taking her paddling so nicely. This smart, sexy, all natural beauty and her cute chosen dude are a real life couple!

Stars: Addie Juniper, Kevin Wang

Office Decorum

Video: Office Decorum
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Brittney was lucky enough to be hired by her cousin Audrey at the behest of Brittney’s mom who was desperate to help her daughter get a good job. Now Brittney thinks she can roll into the office and do as she pleases because she is related to her boss. Audrey is about to teach her that's not how things work around here.

1. Inappropriate Attire Brittney is abusing the company's business casual dress code by showing up to work in sweats and flip flops. When Audrey voices her disapproval, she is only greeted with a ton of attitude from Brittney. Finally Audrey decides that she needs to give her cousin a good spanking to improve behavior, just like she did when they were younger.

2. Overtime Audrey leaves a ton of work for Brittney to complete for an early morning meeting the next day. Brittney is not about to work a minute of overtime and doesn't even touch the pile of paperwork leaving Audrey unprepared at the client meeting. When Brittney reports to the office the next morning, Audrey has the girl bend over the desk for a hairbrush spanking.

3. Java Drama Brittney carelessly spilled coffee all over important legal documents and sheepishly reports the incident to her boss. Audrey has had it with Brittney only causing more work for everyone and uses the old punishment strap to teach her a lesson.

4. Swamped Brittney calls Audrey to let her know that she has too much on her plate and can't possibly take on another project. Audrey says she understands and agrees to find help to alleviate Brittney's workload. But when Audrey goes to look for Brittney to discuss which projects to shift to others, she finds the girl sitting in the lounge ordering designer shoes. Audrey is incensed and pulls the Brittney over her knee for a bare bottom spanking.

5. The Problem Audrey has had it and complained about Brittney to her dad, and owner of the company, David. To Audrey's delight, David agrees that Brittney is an issue and gives the brat a hard hand spanking while Audrey looks on.

Stars: Brittney, Audrey, David Pierson

Dominatrix Gets Destroyed

Video: Dominatrix Gets Destroyed
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In this extreme BDSM scene, Mistress Margot has her control stripped from her and is relegated to being just “toilet margot”. And I literally mean a toilet--thanks to some dental floss bondage that pries open her mouth when her lever is pulled. She is beaten with toilet brushes, ass-fucked, head-fucked, fed her own ass, and made to eat Dr. Mercies' feet and cum. Don't even ask what we did with her disgusting armpit hair. Dr. Mercies hated her armpit hair, so he got rid of it in the cruelest way he could imagine... We can't always do scenes this degrading, but Margot is a real BDSM player who loves to be treated like shit. So we gave this sick babe what she craved. This is the kind of scene you can spend days trying to find on the Internet. And this is just the first part. – Dr. Mercies

Stars: Mistress Margot, Dr. Mercies

The New Resident Natascha

Video: The New Resident Natascha
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At first Headmaster Tom wonders if there is something wrong with Natascha but eventually realizes that she must speak Russian and not understand him. She refuses to look at him and this makes him very angry. Her first lesson will be obedience. He calls Dana in to help him.

Soon she understands his commands and obeys. Then he speaks to her in the language of corporal punishment as he drags her across his knee for a hard hand spanking. Punishment is known in every language. Before he is finished with Natascha she will be caned on her bare bottom across a desk. When the Headmaster is finished her bottom is red and raw and she is much more obedient.

Stars: Dana, Natascha, Headmaster Tom

What’s A Paddle Good For, Alice?

Video: What's A Paddle Good For, Alice?
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Alice decides to use a spanking paddle as a toy. The Headmaster catches her and decides to show her what it’s really for, as if she doesn’t already know. He bends her over a chair and begins paddling her uniformed bottom. When he is finished we see Alice’s raw and red bottom as she’s sobbing on her knees.

Stars: Alice, Headmaster Tom

The Tutor

Video: The Tutor
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Amber gets a mild spanking from the Headmaster tutoring her in Mr. Lewis brief absence. She has failed to do her homework and when he questions her she has no clue to the answers. He demands she take off her uniform skirt and knickers, hoping a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom will teach her some kind of lesson. The punishment seems to go on and on as she squirms on his lap.

Headmaster Tutor then bends Amber over the couch, having gotten the tawse to sting her bare bottom. Before he leaves Headmaster issues a command to Amber from Mr. Lewis – do your homework!

Stars: Amber, Headmaster

Mistress Jasmine On Sub Ian

Video: Mistress Jasmine On Sub Ian
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Studio: BDSM.XXX
Mistress Jasmine looks absolutely majestic in her studded bustier walking her sub Ian around the Dungeon floor. Finally he serves a purpose, as a prop of her grandiosity! So little of what he does matters, the reassurance that his pathetic existence can become purposeful at least in a comparative way to show how fantastic the Mistress is should be a humbling lesson he only needs to learn once.

Stars: Mistress Jasmine, Ian

Special Positions

Video: Special Positions
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Janie is called into the living room by a very unhappy Headmaster Tom. He places her over his knee with his one leg covering both of hers so she cannot move. Janie has been missing physical training and now must be punished. He gives her a five minute spanking with a slipper.

He moves her position from over the knee to standing bent over with her hands behind her knees; to over the top of a chair; to the diaper position on the couch and leaves her standing in the corner. He hopes this punishment will finally entice her to attend physical training class.

Stars: Janie, Headmaster Tom

Pixie’s Fantasies Volume 2

Video: Pixie's Fantasies Volume 2
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Studio: PunishedBrats

Pixie’s Fantasies is a compilation of fairy tale characters have never been treated in such a callous manner. Their curiosity, their mischievous behavior doesn’t end with them getting off scot-free – they have to face the consequences!

1. Goldilocks Is Busted

Goldilocks has been brought in for questioning by the local police regarding a break in at the Bears' house. Officer Tony's hard line of questioning finally gets a confession out of Goldi and with no lawyers in fairytale land, her punishment is swift and to the point.

2. Go Ask Alice

Alice has just come back from a trip through the looking glass where she saw all sorts of amazing creatures and ate candy that made her grow big and small. But her mother Susan doesn't believe a word of it and is convinced her daughter has been taking mind altering substances. Clearly a hard lesson on just saying no is in order.

3. Muffet & Snow

Snow and Muffet have been called before the disciplinary council. They've heard rumors of other girls getting a slap on the wrist, but despite their best efforts, these two bratty characters are in for a far more intense dose of corporal punishment than that.

4. Over The Rainbow?

When farmhand Zeke gets word that Pixie threw eggs at Miss Mulch, he doesn't want to hear her silly stories about their neighbor being a witch. Pixie must learn to respect her elders and so it's not over the rainbow, but over the knee for this girl.

5. Faulty Fairy Tales

Gretel and The Queen of Hearts have been called down to fairytale headquarters for a little discussion about their behavior. As Ms. Susan disciplines The Queen for her acts of mischief, Veronica addresses Gretel's late night escapades with the big bad wolf and others.

Stars: Susan, Amber Pixie Wells, Beverly Bacci, Veronica Daniels, Juliet Valentina, Richard Windsor

Special Audience For Annie

Video: Special Audience For Annie
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David Myers, the facilities manager, has reported Annie to the Headmaster. She was supposed to clean the outside area but neglected to do so and her excuses are weak. The Headmaster plans a punishment for her which includes the additional humiliation of being witnessed by Mr. Myers.

The Headmaster begins with a hard hand spanking of Annie’s bottom while she is across his knee. Mr. Myers interrupts to wonder if the spanking could be harder and faster. Headmaster obliges. Then both men agree that Annie is ready for the cane.

Mr. Myers lowers her trousers in order to see her cane marks. He also gives her a few hand whacks himself. Then he picks up the cane left by Headmaster Tom to continue the chore alone.

Stars: Annie, Headmaster Tom, Mr. Myers