Wheel Of Pain 10

Video: Wheel Of Pain 10
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Studio: Elite Pain
Young Lori was among the audience in Mood Pictures "Prison Punishment Show." At the time she sneered at the painful reactions of the poor inmates. Now the table has turned. She's the one in pain and she's not smiling anymore. She has to spin the wheel and receive her punishments according to the wheel. This is a very long episode, over an hour. This episode will cause a hard time for the viewer. It is very hard to decide whether to enjoy her painful reactions, or feel much pity for little Lori seeing her as our next helpless victim.

Stars: Lori, Maximilian Lomp

Miss Snoopy Pants

Video: Miss Snoopy Pants
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Studio: Shadow Lane

Cougar spanks kitten!

Starring Violet October and Dee Williams

Dee is a ladylike top, so of course she decides to butt plug her impudent guest!

During convention week, Violet chooses an air bed and breakfast in the home of Ms. Williams. But the little blonde is a terrible guest, for Dee soon catches her snooping through her business files. To teach Ms October a lesson, Dee spanks her. But the lesson doesn’t take, and later Dee surprises Violet going through her sex toys! Naturally this leads to a much more serious spanking, this time with a butt plug.

Stars: Dee Williams, Violet October

Bella Vendetta’s Workout

Video: Bella Vendetta's Workout
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Studio: Wasteland
When Mistress Bella takes Bondage Betty to the Gym for a workout, poor Betty was in for a huge surprise. She had expected to partake in the workout, but Bella had something completely different in mind. She decides to use the Gym to display Betty, humiliate her. It certainly made her break a sweat! From being tied up on Gym equipment to becoming Gym equipment herself nothing escaped Bella’s perverse and diabolical mind, not even the orgasms she gave her, right on the gym floor. Well, she certainly got her Betty’s heart rate up! Clothes Pins, flogging, spanking, restraints, controlled orgasms, kinky masturbation, large toys….

Stars: Bella Vendetta, Bondage Betty

Obsession: Fotzen – Tortur Vol. 7

Video: Obsession: Fotzen - Tortur Vol. 7
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Studio: Mega-Film
In the world of porn, it is generally known that German porn is guaranteed to have over the top action. This time they open the gates to the world of dark fantasies, submission, and inner desires, which triggers the Incubus in every man (and woman). These masters know no mercy. They sure know how to dominate and rule over women's body and make them moan out of the misery from every stroke they get. This is how they do it in Germany!

Wheel Of Pain 9

Video: Wheel Of Pain 9
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Studio: Elite Pain
Gigi missed the opportunity to participate in Wheel Of Pain before so now it's finally her turn. She spins the wheel and receives the punishments. This is a very long episode, nearly an hour. But Gigi takes these punishments rather well considering the intensity of them. However, just like anyone else, there's a point when even she cannot take anymore.

Stars: Gigi, Maximilian Lomp

BDSM Party Guests

Video: BDSM Party Guests
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Studio: Wasteland
Eric X and Jada Sinn are throwing a party and Goddess Starla is the guest of honor. Jada is tied and strung up like a hot flesh pinata while Eric and Goddess Starla circle her like a pack of ravenous wolves. They each take turns playing with Jada’s body, flogging her relentlessly until she screams in ecstasy. Jada then swallows all of Eric’s rock hard cock. All the while her pussy is fucked over and over again. Intense hardcore action and out of this world orgasms in this weeks update: The BDSM Party Guest!

Stars: Goddess Starla, Jada Sinn, Eric X

Wheel Of Pain 8

Video: Wheel Of Pain 8
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Studio: Elite Pain
Elite Pain presents the eighth episode to the series “Wheel of Pain”. As you know by now this is the most painful games show and this one features Suzy and Wirda, who is only 18 years of age. These players must spin for a body part and then spin for an instrument (of 12 different types) in the first round they receive 10 strokes, then 15, and the number of strokes increases with each round. The more rounds, the more money the girls can make.

Stars: Suzy, Wirda, Maximilian Lomp

BDSM In A Choir Loft

Video: BDSM In A Choir Loft
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Studio: Wasteland
Ava is restrained to the rafters of an old church, her arms overhead and her ankles in a steel spreader bar. Master Rob takes advantage of her vulnerable position and after getting her attention with tickling, cropping and flogging, subjects her to some intense stimulation with a Whatenburg Pinwheel and leather paddle. Once she has gone into sub-space, he reards her with multiple screaming orgasms.

Stars: Ava, Rob Gadling

At Home With Delirious Hunter

Video: At Home With Delirious Hunter
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Studio: Wasteland
Wasteland is proud to present their next title At Home with Delirious Hunter. Movie Where Mistress Delirious and her submissive have just finished having dinner and Mistress wants to make sure that Ava has cleaned the kitchen and has put everything away properly. Alas that is not the case and she needs to be punished!

Stars: Ava, Delirious Hunter

Spanking For Caron

Video: Spanking For Caron
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Studio: California Star Productions
Caron has once again been called into the study by her caretaker to confront the list of complaints against her. He only wishes a week would go by without him having to deal with these bratty behavior problems he says, but corporal punishment is sure to work in the end.

Stars: Caron