Spank Me, Fuck Me – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Approximate Running Time: 16.31 minutes

The manager’s secretary is not working out very well for him. There are several errors in the important document she typed for him. He decides it’s time to punish her for her poor work. The manager’s method of punishment soon has her begging him to spank and fuck her.

As her bends her over the office desk, he tugs down her panties and spanks her with a leather strap.

It doesn’t take long for her milky, white ass to change to a deep scarlet.

The manager gets turned on as he spanks his secretary. His hands wander over her red cheeks, and then spread to other parts of her twitching body. Her cries of pain from being spanked turn into squeals of pleasure.

His wandering hands hsve her pleading with  him to spank me, fuck me

As her pulls her up into a sitting position, he eases off her clothing until she is naked. Then, with his secretary’s help, he too is completely naked.

even more pleasure when she begs him to spank me, fuck me

He sucks her nipples until they are stiff and elongated. She pleads with him, “Spank me, fuck me.”

He pushes his throbbing cock deep into her mouth and she gags as it fills her – touching her tonsils. Yet, she is so turned on all she wants to do is please him.

Change of position for spank me, fuck me

His experienced hands and fingers find her pleasure zones, and soon they are both moaning in unison.

She also plays with herself during the spank me, fuck me session

The boss moves her into various positions, easing his stiffened cock into her waiting pussy from behind.

However, as he is about to shoot his load, he has her waiting eagerly with her mouth open to catch his come.

She ends up taking his somewhat floppy cock into her mouth again in order to clean him up.

she cleans him up after their session where she pleaded with him to spank  me, fuck me

Her punishment session where she pleaded for her spanking and fucking was a roaring success that left them both happy and content.

The House Part 1 – Victoria’s Room


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Strictly English

Starring: Victoria, David and Lucy Bailey as Annabel

Approximate Running Time: 29.39 minutes

Victoria doesn’t know it yet but she’s in big trouble.

She shares a house with Annabel, David and another couple of girls.

Every week they got together for a meeting, where they discuss issues, plans and grievances if they so arose.

Unfortunately, Victoria never takes the trouble to attend these meetings and also because she shirks her duties – the other tenants are fed up with her.

So in her absence Annabel suggests that they leave a note for Victoria telling her she is to be spanked by each of the other tenants.

However, Annabel is quick to add that although she has made the suggestion, she doesn’t mean to go through with it, just to give Victoria a fright.

After the meeting breaks up, Annabel goes to her room and lies on her bed, visualising having Victoria over her knee and spanking her bare bottom.

Annabel's Secret Fantasy

Meanwhile, Victoria returns home and finds the note. She’s a little surprised that the other tenants have a problem with her. So she hatches her own little plan.

Annabel is feeling aroused

She phones David and explains to him how she realises that she probably does deserve a spanking, but being spanked publicly by everybody else would be too much of a humiliation.

She uses her feminine charms – of which she has plenty, to persuade David to spank her in private and secretly. He is only too happy to oblige.

So he sneaks into her room, where she is waiting for him. Looking both sexy and demure.

He is taking his job very seriously and pulls her over his knee. He immediately pulls her knickers off – revealing a smooth creamy white bottom that is just asking for a spanking.

This spanking will work wonders - but for who?

His hand makes contact with each of her cheeks, alternately. Soon her creamy white bottom goes through several shades of pink to red. In order to keep the blood flowing in the area to prevent bruising his hands wander hither and thither all over her bottom.

He gently soothes her sore burning bottom.

Is it any wonder that this stroking, rubbing and patting starts to ignite a fire within each of them.

When she asks him would he mind applying some soothing oil to her poor sore bottom he agrees.

This tips them both over the edge and they end up in each other’s arms and other body parts.

Afterwards while chatting – they try to decide if Annabel is also a pervert, who is into the spanking scene.

As they all seem to share the same fantasies – involving spanking – what fun they can have in the future.

It's Annabel's turn to be in trouble

Mood Castings – Elison Chaple


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Mood Castings

Starring: Jessica Lee as Kyra and Elison Chaple

Approximate Running Time: 06.21 minutes

Elison Chaple has arrived at Mood Castings Studio. She’s a bit nervous / apprehensive, but also very keen to find out more about herself.

Having seen an advert on the Internet – Mood Castings are looking for young ladies, over the age of eighteen to possibly be their next movie star. So Elison replies to the advert, hoping she just might be that person.

Kyra asks her many questions about her herself.

Kyra interviews Elison

What are her sexual preferences? Has she ever received a caning? But it turns out that while the fantasy of rough sex arouses and excites her, Elison is unable to say yes or no to her pain threshold, but she is eager to give it a try.

Kyra assures her that at Mood Castings nobody is forced to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with. So Elison agrees to carry on.

She removes all her clothing and bends over a chair with her smooth creamy white bottom sticking well out.

After only three strokes she knows the truth

Kyra brings the cane down hard on the younger girls bottom – there is no scream or jumping up, in fact she appears to be enduring the caning well. But after the third stroke has made contact with her bottom, she asks Kyra to stop, as she can’t take any more.

As promised Kyra stops immediately. She asks Elison if she’d like to take a break, but Elison declines the offer.

Kyra thanks Elison for coming

She redresses and leaves.

At least she has learned something about herself – she can’t take pain.

Hot Spanking – Mandy Bates

Eleanor Powell
Studio: California Star Productions
Approximate Running Time: 27.34 minutes

Mandy is tidying up the classroom – putting books away etc.

She gathers together some books and opens a drawer in the teacher’s desk, with the intention of putting the books in that drawer. But what’s this? She finds a Kane magazine. As she turns the pages you can see her getting more and more excited. Soon she is stretched out on the teacher’s desk, rubbing herself. Her eyes are glazed and she is licking her lips. As she twiddles her nipples she becomes even more excited.

Her eyes widen as she  sees ...

The sound of her teacher’s voice breaks into her reverie. She has difficulty talking her way out of it to her teacher, who insists on marching her through to the headmaster’s office.

The Student and Teacher have  their fun

She explains to him what happened and he agrees with her that Mandy should receive a corporal punishment. When she goes to leave – he tells her to stay, as he needs a witness to the whole thing.

The caning begins

So she watches as he orders Mandy to undress and he gives her a caning.

After the caning Mandy is told to go and return to her class.

The Headmaster Punishes the Teacher

Left alone, the teacher and headmaster have their own fun.

Later the teacher seeks out Mandy and apologises to her for putting temptation in her way. Leaving a magazine like Kane where an innocent young girl like Mandy could find it, was nothing short of cruel.

Therefore, the teacher and the student agree to satisfy each other’s needs and desires.

A movie well worth watching – for action and sexual arousal.

Madeline’s Secret Fantasy – Part Eleven

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far ……

He had promised her something and now sure enough he had handed her a small square box. With trembling fingers she fumbled with opening the lid, which has a clasp on it and is stiff. She’s frowning with concentration – the tip of her pink tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth. Then the lid was off.

What’s inside the box?

Now read on ……

Her lover is stood in front of her, watching her struggle to open the box but not helping her in any way.

Suddenly she realises that he’s speaking to her.

‘Madeline, obedience. Get back into position immediately.’

With concentrating on opening the box, she had closed her legs together.

Hurriedly, she drew her knees up to her chest and opened her thighs as far as she could.

The little box she had been struggling to open – fell out of her hands and she heard the gentle knock it made as it landed on the parquet floor.

‘Tut tut, butterfingers,’ her lover said. ‘You’ll just have to wait until I say you can see what’s inside it.’

Tears of disappointment well up in her eyes, but she keeps her position.

He is now standing right in front of her and puts his hand in his jacket pocket bringing out a black velvet pouch.

Crouching down in front of her, he opens the lips of her pussy and inserts his middle finger into her wet love passage. Withdrawing his finger, he then thrusts it back inside her.

It feels so good she realises that she’s not too far off coming. But this time when he withdraws his finger – he doesn’t put it back again. Her eyes plead with him.

‘Remember Madeline, you will only come when I say you can.’

‘Sorry,’ she whispers.

‘That’s better,’ he said. ‘Right, I’m going to blindfold you.’

Removing a satin cravat that he was wearing around his neck, he puts it over her eyes – fastening it behind her head.

‘Now relax,’ he tells her.

He’s gently pushing something into her pussy. It’s smooth and round and she finds herself using her vaginal muscles to suck it in.

‘That’s it,’ he gives a grunt of satisfaction.

That’s what? She wonders, as she now can’t feel anything.

‘Okay, Madeline my beautiful girl, come on stand up.’ He holds out his hand and helps her to her feet.

As she stands up, she has a strange feeling – like a weight inside her womb. And as she moves – the movement of whatever it is inside her is pleasurable and she knows she’s going to come again.

‘Stand up straight Madeline,’ he orders her. ‘And turn your back to me.’

She obeys without question.

‘Good girl,’ he says.

This time, his fingers are opening up her anal passage. ‘Madeline, I’m putting this penny in between your bottom cheeks.’ Giving her bottom a sharp slap, she squeals as the penny falls out and rolls across the floor.

‘Madeline, Madeline you should have clenched your cheeks to keep it in,’ he tells her. ‘Now get down on your hands and knees and go and get it.’

As she crawls across the floor – he removes his belt and brings it down on her swaying bottom.

Eventually she retrieves the penny that had come to rest under the coffee table. He holds out his hand and she puts the coin into his palm.

Bending down again, he inserts the penny into her anus again.

‘Okay; now I want you to stand up and walk across the room. Clench your cheeks and don’t drop the penny.’

She takes a couple of steps and the penny drops out again.

‘Madeline my darling, this is getting very tiresome.’

He once again picks up the penny and pushes it between her cheeks.

‘If you drop it again, you’re in big trouble,’ he tells her.

Will she get it right this time?

To be continued ……

Spanked, Paddled and Caned 2

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Michael Kahn Production
Approximate Running Time: 24.42 minutes

She’s attending a modeling agency.

However, he’s not interested in her looks – her lovely slim body and pretty face – his interest is in her bottom.

She can't believe this is happening to her

Before she knows what’s happening, he pushes her face down over a desk and is soon using his hand to spank her on top of her blue jeans.

She squeals and struggles to rise from her undignified position, but he over powers her and she finds herself pinned down to the desk.

He pulls down her jeans so that they end up around her ankles. Then to really have full control of her, he fastens her wrists to the desks legs.

It hurts

Using an assortment of implements he plays her along – sometimes hard strokes sometimes gentle almost caressing her poor bottom.

She's having second thoughts

He tells her to count the strokes; she finds this difficult and keeps losing count so he starts again.

At the end of the session she decides that maybe modelling is not for her after all.

Femdom Spanking 4


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 33.10 minutes

Take two very attractive young ladies. One is dominant while the other is submissive.

Finger fucking for pleasure

With that kind of combination – watch this movie. See the pleasure each is giving to the other one.

The smiles, the laughter and pure joy. The touching. The spanking. The paddling and the kissing. Kissing on the lips, and other body parts.

the pain and the ecstacy

The loving and caring between the two girls is obvious.

See the loving

The dominant by using her finger-to-finger fuck the submissive brings her to an orgasm simultaneously as she uses her tongue on the dominant to bring her too to a climax.

bending over backwards to please

They then promise each other that they will do it all over again in the near future.

Can you watch this movie and not be turned on by it?

Shout It Out

Eleanor Powell
Shout It Out
Studio: Scorched
Approximate Running Time: 31.01 minutes

The client is on the phone – wanting to hear a young girl being spanked.

He is listening in

The Domatrix promises him that if he listens in on the phone he’ll hear the sound of the spanking and the young girl’s cries of pain and pleasure.

The Domatrix then acts as a narrator – explaining to him exactly what is going on as she spanks the girl.

Her cries, her moans can be clearly heard

He hears the girl being ordered to remove all her clothing – then the sound of a hand making contact with a bare bottom.

She is a beautiful girl, with long dark hair. Her screams, gasps and sighs can be clearly heard.

The hand that is spanking her – turns her bottom from pink to red, but when the Domatrix changes to using the leather tawse, her bottom becomes even redder.

The gentleman who is listening in to all this, is able to hear her getting aroused as her mistress gently caresses her pert breasts, causing her nipples to harden.

enjoyment and satisfaction all round

He is more than satisfied with what he heard and there and then makes arrangements to call in to the office and actually view the spanking for real.

Teacher, Coach & Lover

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Starring: Sharon
Approximate Running Time: 33.28 minutes

Sharon is lounging on her sofa one evening – feeling turned on but with no one around to help her out, she phones her boyfriend.

Chatting with her boyfriend

After the usual small talk had been made, he suggested she tells him of her favourite fantasies.

So she tells him about her first spanking.

She was in her last year at school and was cheeky to her male teacher. He calls her into his office so they could discuss her behaviour.

The tears are flowing

The discussion doesn’t last long – before she finds herself lying over his knee for a hand spanking. First on top of her skirt, then with her knickers pulled down to mid thigh, he spanks her on her bare bottom. She enjoys the experience and makes up her mind to get him to repeat it.

A short time later, sure enough she finds herself lying over his knee for another bare bottom spanking – only this time, he uses a strap.

More of what she enjoys

Sharon’s boyfriend listens with interest as she tells him of her little adventures into Spanko Land.

Her next adventure is with her PE Teacher. Some backchat from Sharon and she is called to the teacher’s office. She is instructed to remove all her clothing. Then the teacher sits down – pulling Sharon over her knee. She receives a hand spanking that turns the colour of her cheeks to a deep rosy red.

Finally her boyfriend asks her to tell him of her unfulfilled fantasy. She tells him it concerns him. She wants him to deal with her when she next gets stroppy.

Now this is more like it

She explains to him in detail what she hopes he will do.

Watch this movie to see if she gets her wish.

Lesbian Spankers

Eleanor Powell
Studio: California Star Production
Starring: Heaven
Approximate Running Time: 58.54 minutes

She sure looks sexy in her fluffy pink bra and matching knickers set. Her lovely shapely legs clad in white-laced knee-high boots are bent and she is rubbing on her pussy. This is taking place while she is chatting on the phone – bad mouthing her flat mate – referring to her as a bitch.

Looking pretty in pink

Then the bitch is home from work. She looks around the room and more especially at her flat mate. All hell breaks loose. That sexy pink outfit is hers and the fact she is wearing it without permission – well she’s not going to take that lying down.

No way.

She sits down and pulls her naughty friend over her knee and spanks the wriggling bottom until it’s as pink as the outfit.

A naughty bottom is spanked

This is a two way street. Being the spanker is all very well, but hey she is being turned on big time.

So the two friends take it in turns to spank each other.


However, they feel the need to spice things up a bit, by phoning another young lady and inviting her to come over and join in the fun.

Light finger exercises

Sore red bottoms are proof that they have had an enjoyable time.