No Pocket Money – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Amy and Alex

Approximate Running Time: 07.16 minutes

Alex tells Amy that she won’t get any more pocket money since she is in big trouble.

She’s an exchange student staying in Alex’s home. She’s made herself so at home that she is phones her friend on a long distance call.

Unfortunately, Amy enjoys the banter with her friend so much she doesn’t realise how long she has been on the phone.

Amy has been on the phone for three hours - she's going to receive no pocket money

Alex snatches the phone out of Amy’s hand and she protests loudly. He tells her she’s been on the phone for over three hours and there is going to be a big bill to pay – like never before in that house.

As she has cash, she can’t pay the bill;  Alex is going to make her pay in another way.

His way is going to be very painful – he’s going to spank her.

As she has no pocket money she is going to have a sore bottom instead

Pushing her face down over the arm of the sofa, he flips up her short skirt and starts hand spanking her. Amy screams and wriggles, and wildly kicks her legs, but Alex keeps spanking her. Her poor ass is so red and sore looking, but Alex keeps on spanking her. He stops long enough to tug down her panties, and then carries on.

No pocket  money but a will spanked bottom

When he stops spanking her again, it’s only to remove his belt from his trousers. Her screams and wriggling about becomes more intense.

It’s a long hard spanking – meant to hurt her.

After Alex gives Amy a final six strokes of the belt on her red ass, he reminds her that she’ll not get any pocket money until the phone bill has been paid off.

Homework Test – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Molly and Michael

Approximate Running Time: 15.00

Michael has a special homework test for Molly.

He has previously had to lecture her on the importance of doing her homework; she promised to take her studies more seriously in the future.

Meanwhile, her teachers had reported to Michael that she had skipped classes again.

He called her into his office and she tells him that she had been ill and that was why she wasn’t in school. However, he knows she’s lying, because in the evening she was seen clubbing with some boys. But she tells him that by the evening she felt better and that is why she went out.

Michael tells her to sit down and complete a geography test. Then he tells her he’s leaving her to get on with this test and he’ll be back in ten minutes.

Failed her homework test - noow she is being punished.

When he comes back to check on her, he looks over her answer sheet and it’s blatantly obvious that she has no idea of what she’s doing.

He’s not at all happy with her. She’s going to be punished – hard.

She’s guilty of three misdemeanors and therefore, she’s going to be punished in three sections.

He pulls her over his knee and hand spanks her hard on her bare bottom.

she is left to comtemplate her homework test

She now has to kneel on a wooden cabinet, with her hands on her head. He tells her that when he comes back he will give her punishment part two.

For the second part of the punishment she has to remove her skirt and panties, and bend over a chair. This time she feels the sting of Michael’s belt. She has to count each of the ten strokes.

Again she is left to stew, kneeling on the cabinet, with her hands on her head.

The third part of the punishment requires Molly to lie over a table and receive an unknown number of strokes of the leather tawse.

being foorced to take her punishment for failing her homework test.

There is a final part to the punishment. She once again kneels on the cabinet with her hands on her head. Additionally, Molly must repeat three sentences, including the phrase “I will not lie any more.”

So she repeats these three promises like she is chanting a mantra.

Michael hopes there will be an improvement in her marks for the next homework test.

Hold Her – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Beverly and Abi

Approximate Running Time: 18.39 minutes

Headmaster Tom is determined to teach Abi and Beverly obedience.
Since Abi has been at Girls Boarding School longer than Beverly, he will hold her responsible for Beverly’s behaviour.

He summons the two girls to his office. They knock on his door, entering before he has shouted to them to come in. That’s not good.

After Headmaster Tom sends them out of the room, they knock and wait for his response before opening the door and re-entering his office.

This is an improvement – they are learning discipline.

However, there is still one more thing they must do before entering his office. They must remove skirts, trousers and knickers and go in with bare bottoms.

This is part of their obedience training and his orders must be carried out without hesitation.

Abi obviously has already learned this lesson, but Beverly is more rebellious. Headmaster Tom promises her the caning of her life if she ever disobeys him again.

Beverly's expression shows rebellion - Abi has to hold her while she's being punished.

The two girls are sent to their room to await punishment.

Beverly is still wearing her jeans

As per instructions, Beverly is lying on her back on the bed, with her legs up in the air, while Abi holds her ankles.

Headmaster Tom comes in and announces their punishment will be fifteen strokes of the belt each.

Beverly is first to be punished while Abi has hold of  her

After he removes the belt from the loops in his trousers, he doubles it and brings it down hard on Beverly’s waiting bottom. As she cries out, Abi counts for her but she has to thank him herself.

After Beverly has received her fifteen strokes – she and Abi change places.

Abi's turn for punishment while Beverly has to hold her

Then having given Abi her fifteen strokes, he orders them to lie face down on the bed – side by side.

They have to spend the rest of the niight lying on their tummies.

Although it is only 7.00 pm they must lie there until 5.00 am breakfast time.

Office Absence – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Sophie and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 08.00 minutes

At Girls Boarding School, office absence is not tolerated – especially when it happens regularly.

Sophie has been found guilty and has now been sentenced to receive a physical punishment from Headmaster Tom.

Before the punishment actually starts, she is standing in a corner facing the wall. Her jeans and knickers have been pulled down to her knees so revealing her plump, creamy, white bottom.

She is to be punished for office absence

She holds her punishment sheet behind her back while waiting for further instruction from Headmaster Tom.

The door creaks loudly as he enters the room.

He tells Sophie to turn around and face him, and then to read out loud what is written on the punishment sheet.

She is then sent off to her bedroom.

When he enters her bedroom, she is lying face down on the bed with a mountain of pillows beneath her tummy. The pillows raise her bare bottom so it is easily accessible for the belt.

she is awaiting her punishment for office absence

Headmaster Tom wastes no time and starts her punishment immediately – twenty-five strokes of the supple leather belt.

As Sophie anticipates each stroke of the belt, her ass cheeks clench and her face screws up. She gasps and cries out piteously.

A well strapped bottom - punishment for office absence

Once the final stroke had been delivered, Headmaster Tom throws down the belt and leaves poor Sophie to rub her sore bottom in an effort to soothe some of the smarting.
In a fit of temper, she throws the belt across the room.

Whether there will be any more office absence remains to be seen.



Eleanor Powell


Starring: Beverly and Abi

Approximate Running Time: 04.19 minutes

What is Abi wearing? Fishnet pantyhose.

Beverly has walked into Abi’s bedroom and is shocked to find her dressed in just flimsy tank top and a pair of pantyhose.

Beverly walks in and finds Abi wearing little more than pantyhose

She accuses Abi of dressing like a tart and she says that if Headmaster Tom sees her like that he will spank the both of them. So she tells Abi she’s going to punish her instead.

Abi is ordered to get into the lunge position and Beverly uses a belt to strike Abi’s bottom.

Abi is ordered to get into the lunge position for daring to wear pantyhose

Then Beverly recognises that the fishnets are actually hers. Abi had helped herself to her roommate’s pantyhose.

When the spanking is over, she firmly tells Abi to return the pantyhose to their rightful owner and not to ever take them again without permission.

Abi collapses - unable to maintain the lunge position.

Poor Abi is left rubbing her sore, fishnet-wrapped covered bottom.

Abi must return the pantyhose to their rightful owner.

Just The Belt


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Kathrin and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 06.03 minutes

Kathrin is having a shower, unaware that within the next few minutes she is going to be punished with the belt.

The post has arrived and Headmaster Tom has sorted through it. He finds a speeding ticket.

She's going to get just the belt

Seems Kathrin was guilty of driving his car  without a driving licence, speeding in a built up area.

He orders her to come out of the shower and be lie on her bed to wait for him within two minutes. He is going to punish her with the belt.

She hurriedly dries herself  and is obediently lies on her bed face downwards when he comes to her room, as promised.

He has brought a leather belt with him. He doubles it and starts hitting Kathrin with it. After about twenty hard strokes, her bottom is dark red with signs of bruising.

He is punishing her with just the belt

However, he hasn’t quite finished with her and tells her to turn over onto her back and put her legs up in the air in the diaper position. The next dozen strokes make her already sore bottom much sorer.

Then, throwing down the belt, he leaves poor Kathrin as she tenderly trys to rub away the sting in her bottom. How could just the belt hurt her so much?

Just the belt has really left its mark

As he leaves her, he assures her that she will pay the fine – every penny of it.

Disobedient Again


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Michael and Molly

Approximate Running Time: 08.08 minutes

Poor Molly has been disobedient again.

Michael, the disciplinarian at Girls Boarding School, is reprimanding her for not attending her physical training class.

He lectures her about being disobedient again

Her rather lame excuse is that she forgot about the class. Michael is not impressed as the day and time of the class has been the same for many years.

He accuses her of being lazy and disobedient. And he tells her he’s going to punish her.

When he tells her to remove her skirt and knickers, she wastes no time in carrying out his order in an attempt to appease him.

However, he intends to punish her.

she is in position for her punishment

Kneeling on the coffee table on all fours – her taut little bottom stuck in the air – she agrees that physical training is more enjoyable than physical punishment.

She’s sorry and apologises over and over again to him, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. She’s been disobedient and is being punished for it.

He removes his belt from the loops in his trousers and doubles it. As it makes contact with her bare bottom, she shrieks in protest and comes out of position. He tells her to stop wriggling and stay still. She finds this very difficult and he has to remind her that she is being disobedient again.

Her bottom is looking very red and sore when he tells her to kneel on the chesterfield with her hands on her head. She is to keep that position for ten minutes.

He leaves the room for a moment and she takes the opportunity to rub her sore throbbing bottom.

However, he comes back into the room and sees what she is doing. He tells her that as she has been disobedient again, he must punish her further as she hasn’t yet learned her lesson.

He catches her being disobedient again

So she finds herself kneeling on the coffee table again. Now Michael is no longer uses his belt but a leather paddle. Molly agrees that this paddle hurts much more than his belt. Unfortunately, she finds it even more difficult to stay in position.

Therefore, in order to help her stay still, he tells her to lie on her back on the coffee table with her legs up in the diaper position.

Now there is no escape and she is forced to keep her poison.

Once he is satisfied that she has learned her lesson, he tells her to kneel on the chesterfield again – but this time she is to hold the paddle in both her hands and woe betide her if she rubs her bottom again. Also, as he is going to be in the room with her, she knows she has no chance.

After such a hard punishment – will she be disobedient again?

A Terrible Week


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Michael and Simone

Approximate Running Time: 14.48 minutes

It’s turning out to be a terrible week for poor Simone.

Michael is the disciplinarian at Girls Boarding School. It is his job to punish the girls who are students at the school.

over Michael's knee for a hand spanking

Now Simone has brought him a report from one of the other teachers – she has broken another rule of the school and it’s Michael’s  job to discipline her so that she won’t break the same rule again.

Michael reminds her about Monday of that week. She had come to him with a report card – she had been missing classes.

and the next punishment

He had given her an over the knee spanking on her bare bottom using only his hand. Simone squealed and wriggled with pain during the spanking, as the while lying over his knee and repeating “I will never skip classes again.”

But that was only the start of a terrible week.

When she appeared before Michael on Wednesday, he had used a leather belt on her bare bottom. She’d overslept and was twelve minutes late for class. He finished off the belting with twelve hard strokes. Her poor bottom was so sore. Surely, she wouldn’t be back again.

However, now it’s Friday and for the third time this week she’s standing fidgeting in front of him.

She hands him yet another report card from her teacher. Michael notices that she is not properly dressed; Simone’s blouse needs ironing and Michael sends her off to see to it.

When she returns, the blouse is better but not perfect. He tells her to remove all her clothing and kneel for a severe caning.

The cane bites into her tender flesh, and leaves marks and bruises across her bottom.

A caning ends off a terrible week

After the caning, Michael tells Simone to stand in the corner with her hands on her head and not to touch her bottom. She must remain like that for thirty minutes while thinking about her naughtiness during the past week.

It really has been a terrible week.

Will she be back again for more?

Spanking Ms. Cali Vol 2


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Alpine Sierra Studios

Starring: Ms Cali

Approximate Running Time: 42.06 minutes

Ms Cali is a beautiful blonde lady – who is fortunate to have a beautiful shapely bottom that other women would die for.

Unfortunately for her, she can’t seem to keep out of trouble. Her husband tries to keep control over her and when she steps out of line he appears to take great pleasure in spanking her.

He also has an imagination and when he is going to spank her, he chooses various locations – always in places that other people just might be able to see what’s going on. This is with a view to adding humiliation to his wife’s spanking.

In the opening scene – Ms Cali has done something to displease him. He leads her blindfolded out of the house into the backyard. He guides her so that she is kneeling on a wooden chair with a high back. As she leans forward – her voluptuous bottom is stuck up and out, giving him a great target area.

spanked in her own back yard

He uses a paddle and soon has her bottom glowing nicely. In her agitation she is inclined to kick her legs out and he warns her to keep them down or else …

His home made switch really stings

His next instrument of torture is a flogger. He knows how to use it to both sting and titillate.

In Scene Two she’s in trouble again. He chooses a day when there is a hurricane blowing outside – he has her standing in a doorway – bending forward so he can use his belt on her bare bottom. She sways her bottom from side to side, in an effort to avoid his leather belt. Or she could be swaying as she is being buffeted about by the high winds outside.

In the wide open spaces a spanking takes place

Now in Scene Three they’re on a beach. He gives her a lecture about not going off alone. Then he gets on with spanking her bare bottom with his hand and a paddle.

another place another spanking

In the next scene they are out in the countryside. She has displeased him yet again by going swimming on her own. He starts off spanking her bare bottom with his hand, then, he rips a thin whippy branch from a tree, shaves off the rough bits and uses it on her already sore bottom. Now this homemade implement really does sting and has her hopping about from foot to foot.

Scene Five they are back home in the kitchen. Now she appears to have an eating disorder. He is concerned for her health, so when sweet reasoning doesn’t work he resorts to putting her over his knee for a paddling.

Back in the kitchen for Scene Six. Looking very housewifely in an oversize apron he uses a large wooden spoon on her bare bottom – he’s still trying to get her to eat regular meals.

she has such a sore bottom

Finally in Scene Seven she is lying face down on a bench. He is swinging his right arm that is holding his doubled over belt. This spanking is so painful she is in tears by the end of it.

Spanking Confessional


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Bailey Sullivan as Anna and
Alex Doyle as Father Ryan

Approximate Running Time: 53.04 minutes

Anna has gone to see Father Ryan. He is a strict disciplinarian and has heard some rather disturbing tales about Anna and her behaviour – both in the classroom and in her personal life.

As he cares about his flock, he is concerned about Anna and her falling grades.

Anna thought he was just going to give her a lecture and then she would be free to go back to being a selfish spoiled brat.

She has some very important exams coming up in a month’s time and the way she’s going at the moment, she is not going to pass them. The consequences are extremely serious as failing her exams means she won’t be able to go to the school her parents have set their hearts on her going to.

Father Ryan does lecture her and wants to know why she’s failing. She tells him that she thinks her problem is that she is unable to focus.

Well he has a solution to that problem.

It's time for action

Sitting down on a high back chair, he puts her over his knee.

She protests loudly, wriggling and kicking her legs. But there is no escape he has her in a firm grip.

While spanking her he explains to her that it is his job to make sure that she knows what her job is.

Just two things – concentrating on her studies to ensure a successful outcome – like passing her exams and she should be thinking of God and her soul.

Her bottom shudders beneath his hard hand

He spanks her hard, very hard and he spanks her fast. Her screams and tears have no effect on him at all. Meanwhile, her beautiful shapely bottom is being turned into a red sore looking one.

When he pulls her knickers down to mid thigh – she renews her struggles but to no avail. Her already sore bottom is now made even sorer.

Once he believes she’s learned her lesson he tells her to go but he wants to see her in a month’s time.

Scene Two

Once again Anna is in Father Ryan’s study – reporting back to him about her progress.

When he asks her if her studies have improved she tells him yes, that she has passed her exams.

However, he had already pre-checked with her teachers and so knows that she is lying.

Therefore, Anna finds herself once again lying over his knee – skirt up – knickers down, having her bottom turned into a blazing inferno again.

How much more can she take?

She does know that he can’t really spank her without her consent, but the alternative is to tell her parents about her lack of self-discipline and her wanton behaviour. And how their sacrifices in order to be able to send their daughter to a decent school that would ensure her getting good grades and eventually a good job. They would be so disappointed in her if they knew the truth.

So she has to succumb to another spanking.

Scene Three

Two weeks later she is once again in his study.

However, this time he has heard about her disgusting behaviour with one of her girl friends. And he spanks her until she tells him the truth.

Her face is all screwed up - with tears flowing freely

The final part of her third spanking and he slowly pulls his belt out of their loops – doubling it he tells her to lean over a table and he then goes on to applying the leather belt to her already tender bottom.

Only this time, in order to humiliate her even further he punishes her while she is entirely in the nude.

She is then told to stand facing the bookcase – with her sore red bottom in full view for anyone to see.