Spanking Video Review – The Bad Wife

Spanking Studio: British Discipline

Approximate Running Time: 54.41 minutes

This movie is broken into five separate scenarios.

Scenario One

Elizabeth has been brought to the UK by her husband – now a few months later, he’s not at all satisfied with her.

He accuses her of being lazy – she has made no effort to contact the neighbours or attend classes to enable her to learn English.

Therefore, he decides to teach her a lesson that he hopes will get through to her.

Telling her to remove her trousers and knickers, means he has to do it for her as she doesn’t understand what it is he wants of her.

Elizabeth gets a spanking

Putting her over his knee, he proceeds to hand spank her. This is followed by his using a leather paddle on her by now sore bottom. Finishing with using the cane.

Scenario Two

Victoria has lost her job but not told her husband. However, he finds out when the Credit Card Statement arrives. She says the outstanding balance is £900 but he calls her a liar, as he knows it’s £1 600.

Lying makes for more spanking

He gives her a long hard spanking. First otk on her bare bottom, with his hand. Progressing to using the leather paddle and finally with the cane.

Scenario Three

Spanking as corporal punishment

She goes out of the house each morning, not returning until the late afternoon – then telling him she’s spent the day job hunting – when he discovers she’s lying to him, he again spanks her.

Scenario Four

Spanking her sore bare bottom

Victoria has forgotten to buy the tea; he’s hungry and was looking forward to his sausage rolls.

He gives her another spanking – and after using the cane on her, he gives her six extra strokes for being insolent.

Scenario Five

Once more, Victoria is on the receiving end of a severe spanking and caning.

Taking a fierce caning

For the otk spanking enthusiast, this movie has plenty of it. Enjoy!

Spanking Video Reviews – Naughty Exchange Students

Studio: British Discipline

Stars: Ivy, Angelina Cortez

Approximate Running Time: 32.08 minutes

Red Slippers Volume One

Ivy lolls about on the couch – reading some magazines. Her boss comes in and is not too pleased to see Ivy acting so slovenly. So she has a discussion with the poor unfortunate girl.

Just lolling about before a spanking

Firstly, she wants to know why Ivy was reading magazines about pregnancy and babies. The answer she receives shocks her. No, Ivy is not pregnant, but she had done a pregnancy test and it was negative.

What is she to do with this disobedient willful girl? She has given her a home so she can get an education. She decides that some corporal spanking is necessary.

Ivy finds herself lying over her bosses knee, her bare bottom is getting redder and sorer with each spanking slap that lands on it.

getting an otk spanking

When Angelina thinks she’s had enough, she tells her to get dressed and get on with her chores.

Red Slippers Volume Two

Ivy’s in trouble again. Wearing just a pajama top – she is lying on her back on the couch, her thighs parted and she is finger fucking herself – however unbeknown to her, Angelina her employer has been standing watching her for a few minutes.

Spanking once again

It is weekend and Angelina has just seen not one but two boys leaving. Ivy has had sex with both of them. This means another spanking, her bottom is still red and sore from her previous spanking.

At the end of the spanking session, Angelina tells her to get dressed and packed as she is being sent home to Russia in disgrace. Ivy begs her not to send her away.

Bed by 8pm

The house rule is that she should be in her pajamas and in bed by 8 pm. But Ivy is still in her school uniform, chatting on her phone to a friend.

Her bottom is being reddened again

Angelina is extremely annoyed at the way Ivy keeps flaunting the rules. She orders Ivy to take off her knickers, skirt and top and get over her knee. Another spanking brings the already reddened cheeks back to a fiery red.

She leaves poor Ivy sobbing into her pillow.

Ivy’s Exclusion

This time Angelina has received a letter from the school saying Ivy has been excluded from school for being a disruption in class.

Now Ivy is on her last chance. She not only gets an open hand spanking, but receives many strokes from a leather strap as well.

Once more spanking a sore red bottom

And to make sure she has learned her lesson, she is to be spanked every night before bed – for a week.

Maybe this time she will be a good girl and make Angelina proud of her.

Spanking Video Review – Jasmine’s Bare Bottom Spanking

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine

Approximate Running Time: 35.02 minutes

Jasmine’s poor bottom is still very red and sore from her previous spanking earlier that evening – but she is in big trouble yet again.

This time her guardian comes into the room and catches her red handed messing about with his keyboard.

An infraction worthy of spanking

She knows she is not allowed to touch it. He arranges music for the church choir and has many music pieces saved on his keyboard. She doesn’t hesitate to deny having done more than look at it. But as he actually saw her fiddling with some knobs etc – and when the doorbell rings, it’s her schoolfriend asking if she had done the recording yet? Well Jasmine was about to be shown once again, that disobedient girls will be dealt a hard spanking.

OTK spanking her

Her bottom is bared and he continues spanking her, bringing back the flush to her cheeks.

spanking makes her bottom red and sore

With a very very sore bottom, she is told to get bathed and into bed.

She hurries to obey in fear of being spanked again.

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Spanking Video Reviews – Bad Day for Jasmine

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine

Approximate Running Time: 35.02 minutes

Jasmine is getting ready for school and is preparing some breakfast for herself.

Her guardian comes and joins her, asking her if everything was okay at school as her exams are approaching fast. She assures him that everything is fine. Then the post arrives. He is not pleased to read the letter that had been sent by the school. She had been disruptive in class and had deliberately damaged some school property. So as part of her punishment, she was to do two evening detentions.

She denies being in trouble to avoid a spanking

When he tackled her about it, she denied everything. Eventually she admitted that she was guilty.

He believes that as her guardian, it is his duty to guide her in the right direction. And as she is a liar as well as a hooligan, he is going to give her a good spanking. But as he has to get to work, he is dividing the spanking into two parts. So he puts her over his knee and gives her a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom and he then sends her off to school stinging.

OTK spanking punishment begins

On her return from school that afternoon, he keeps his promise and gives her spanking part two. He steps up the severity of the spanking by using a leather strap on her bare bottom.

Spanking gives her a cherry red bottom

By the time he has finished spanking and thrashing her, her bare bottom is a very bright cherry red and looks very sore indeed, plus she apologizes for her behavior.

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Spanking Videos – Spanking Auditions

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jodie and Alexandra

Approximate Running Time: 28.43 minutes

Part 1 – Jodie’s Desire

Jodie, a very attractive young lady is being interviewed about her career as a ‘Spanking Model.’

She explains to the interviewer – that although she has been modelling for for some time, she enjoys being spanked so much, that being well paid for doing something that gives her so much pleasure – is the icing on the cake.

However, because of her love of being spanked – she has a desire / fantasy to be spanked in real life, but unfortunately, it just isn’t happening for her as she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. The interviewer finds it hard to believe.

Now, it looks like her dream could come true.

The interviewer has arranged for a man – who happens to be a keen spanker, to meet and spank her.

Spanking Videos - Her bottom is bared

The spanker shows her the various implements he’s going to use on her, after a warm up hand spanking over his knee. The whole idea is that if she and the spanker get on well, he is willing to be her boyfriend.

He starts off by giving her an OTK bare bottom spanking that gives her a beautiful glowing red bum.

Spanking Videos - he lets her try the tawse

The implements are introduced by giving her two strokes of the slipper, tawse and cane etc. She then tells him which one she liked best. This turns out to be the broad leather paddle.

Spanking Videos - the slipper is not to her liking

Finally, he leaves her with his contact details so she can get in touch with him – that is if she wants him to be her spanking boyfriend.

Spanking Videos - she is left to think it over

Part 2 – Russian Labour

Alexandra, an immigrant from Russia is looking for a job. A friend tells her about an employment agency that’s looking for staff.

Spanking Videos - Being interviewed

She attends an interview, where it’s explained to her what the work entails. She can speak and understand English very well and agrees that she understands what is expected of her.

Spanking Videos - starting her first spanking

But when the agency boss asks her to take down her trousers, she balks at the idea. He then explains to her that her work will be receiving a spanking on her bare bottom – therefore, he needs to see her bottom and give her a spanking – just to make sure she can take one.

Once she understands, she is only too eager to learn.

So he gives her her first bare bottom spanking. As she has never had one before, he has to lead her through each stage.

Spanking Videos - he bares her bottom

He finds that she is a very apt student, but not wanting to make her bottom too sore and red because he has an assignment for her that afternoon, he lets her off lightly.

Spanking Videos - her bottom is only slightly reddened

Giving her details of where she’s to go for her appointment – he wishes her luck and tells her not to let him down as the reputation of his employment agency is at stake.

Brit Spank!

bare bottom brits

Title: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 1
Studio: British Discipline
Running Time: 41.47 minutes
Starring: Heather Stanton

Women, Dear Reader tend to be quite stubborn. It is one of the many mixed blessing of the fairer sex. For those of us who enjoy spanking their bums it is however a godsend for they tend not to learn their lesson after one. Thus this allows the spanking aficionado the knowledge that many a spanking is necessary.

This is of course true with our next title Bare Bottom Brits Vol 1 starring Heather Stanton. I am of course Brushstrokes from The Spanking Spot and I will be your Humble Narrator as we explore the behavior of naught girls and their reaction to a good hard bare bottom spanking.

Now our title of course does not bill the pretty Heather as the star, But the years I have been blogging about Spanking Dear Reader has allowed me to gather the knowledge of the girls around the world who have had their bottoms Smacked. Heather came on the scene a couple of years ago. A thin, pretty British girl for a penchant for trouble Heather came to my attention almost immediately and I am sure she will delight and titillate you in this review.

Bare Bottom Brits is a compilation of three unrelated scenes with of course our lovely Heather all of course available in beautiful High Definition streaming on

Our first Scene we learn that Heather is quite the untidy girl, leaving dishes and a mess about in the kitchen. After a half hearted attempt to do as she is told our spanker loses patience with our messy girl and drags her into the living room to teach her a lesson. Bent over a chair clad in a short cute jean miniskirt she protest as her bottom is smacked over the skirt. This of course does not last long since as we know

all proper spanking should indeed be given on the bare ass.

After being made to touch her toes the spanking continues as her unblemished bottom slowly turns a pleasing shade of red. After of course she is made to return to the kitchen and do the dishes as she was told, but this time with a stinging bottom.

In our Second Scene we have Heather in a schoolgirl outfit. A outfit might I say suits her quite well. As you might agree Dear Reader there is something that indeed titillates us about English Schoolgirl play, particularly when the girl wearing it is as attractive as Heather.

Well she apparently doesn’t follow the dress code properly and after a dressing down from the headmaster he explains the rules to this slovenly girl. Punishment in this school is a good old fashion spanking. Which she will receive today!

Now Heather really shines as a spanked girl when she is indeed over the knee getting a OTK spanking and this scene does not disappoint Dear Readers. Progressing slowly through spanking her over her skirt, over her panties and finally the bare bottom Heather begins sobbing as the spanking hardens. Not feeling a simple hand spanking is enough our headmaster gets his trusty leather strap and has her bend over the chair, which Heather hangs on for dear life. After a few smacks with the strap, he decides to give her a taste of the cane. And while not a particularly hard caning she jumps forward from feeling the searing pain that the cane affords unfortunate bare bottoms. A lesson she will remember for a long while.

Now Xerotic (The Spanking House that produces these fine videos) have always had a issue with bathroom Hygiene as a reason for their spankings. Not particularly my favorite but I suppose as good as any reason to spank a hot bare ass. Our third scene is just that, It seems our Heather does indeed not like to flush the toilet, among other basic bathroom etiquette. Thus after some cajoling her boss decides to teach her a lesson.

After making her pull down her tight jeans he gets to work spanking her over her panties. These of course don’t offer much protection since half her bottom is hanging out of these provocative undergarments. This is by far the harder of the three spankings, with her frustrated employer spanking her on the bare quite hard. Finally feeling she might benefit from the strap as well she is put over the back of the chair and is given a few firm whacks with a leather paddle.

So Dear Reader did I enjoy it. This indeed is a solid spanking movie. Personally I have always like Heather and her bottom is one of the more spankable in the business.

3/5 Stars