Girls Boarding School: Spanking Spotlight on Lisa

TomLisaLisa has been a student at the Girls Boarding School for a few years. You would think she would understand the rules by now, but she just can’t behave herself. Lisa is very headstrong and doesn’t like to listen to instruction. All of her little mistakes eventually catch up with her, and Headmaster Tom must take action. He has these young girl’s future in his hands, and he is not about to let them turn out to be the social deviants they have every intention of becoming. He must be strict, to the point, and make sure that these girls know exactly why they are being punished. Here are two instances that Lisa will not forget.

Wild Hands

The Headmaster receives a message that he is needed to call a student’s parents. When he finally gets in touch with the parents of Tina, he finds out that she has been attacked in the shower by one of his other students, Lisa. Shocked, the Headmaster calls Lisa into his office to find out exactly what happened between Tina and Lisa. The severity of Tina’s condition was not fully evident to Lisa. She had no idea that when she and Tina had begun fighting that she had hurt Tina so badly that she had to go to the hospital. Lisa feels sorry that she hurt Tina, and get’s ready for her punishment.

TinaHandOutHeadmaster Tom decides that it is time to make the crime for what Lisa has done fit the punishment she is about to receive. Headmaster Tom makes Lisa take off her shirt; this will definitely embarrass and humble her. Then, headmaster Tom begins to instruct Lisa to hold her arms out-very straight-with her palms facing flat up towards the ceiling. Headmaster Tom makes sure that Lisa’s form is perfect as he whips her hands. As tears run down Lisa’s face, Headmaster Tom repeats to his student how much she has disappointed him. When the physical part of Lisa’s punishment is through, Headmaster Tom makes Lisa call Tina and apologize. If that wasn’t humiliating enough, Lisa is made to stand with her hands over her head, topless, with tears streaming down her cheeks so that everyone can see what happens when you lose control and take matters into your own hands.


drinkingLisa’s TV Evening

Lisa is having a quiet evening by herself, enjoying watching television and smoking cigarettes. She’s had a few beers, but she seems to be keeping it under control. Suddenly one hour turns into two hours, and two beers turns into several. Lisa gets so drunk that she falls asleep and forgets to turn the television down. Loud music from the TV attracts the attention of Headmaster Tom, and Lisa awakens to find herself being spanked repeatedly by the headmaster. After some over the knee punishment Lisa must pull her pants down in order to receive a cane to her bottom. She must thank the Headmaster for every hit she receives, or else the next canning will be much worse.


otk cane

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The Cane, The G-Spot, and The Orgasm – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Cum Again UK


Approximate Running Time: 23.12 minutes

Allison, a mature, curvy woman in her forties, had a fantasy and jumped at the chance when she got the opportunity to make it a reality.
Cum Again UK just happened to be looking for someone like herself – they had a theory regarding the possible erotic connection between the cane, the G-spot, and the orgasm.

At the studio it was a one to one scenario – with just the camera recording what was happening.

A gentle hand spanking to start - the cane, the g-spot and the orgasm

She was shackled with leather straps across her back and just below her knees, and she wore only black lacy briefs, black hold-up stockings, and black, fishnet, fingerless gloves.

The man who was going to be Allison’s spanking top explained how he expected the session to pan out.

He started out using a light leather strap and she did a bit of protesting, which only caused him to tease her. He wanted to use the cane on Allison, but despite the strap being applied to her ample bottom, it didn’t go red. And he pointed out to her that he couldn’t cane a white bottom.

When the top changed from the strap to a paddle, he was then able to produce a healthy-looking glow to her cheeks. Then he decided Allison was ready for the cane.

It was now beginning to happen - the cane, the  g-spot and the orgasm

He had an assortment of canes, but Allison didn’t know the effects of one from the other, so she suggested he make the choice.

The modus operandi became: the cane would be applied to her bottom lightly, then he would use his finger to stimulate her clitoris and g-spot in order to give Allison an orgasm.

He gives her a helping finger - the cane, the g-spot and the orgasm

This was repeated over and over again – with her having multiple orgasms. She had so many orgasms she lost count.

After half an hour of this stimulation, Allison was exhausted and the crotch of her briefs became saturated with her juices.

He left her still strapped to the chair for ten minutes so she could think hard about what had just happened.

The conclusion was that there is a very definite connection between the cane, the G-spot and the orgasm.

Baltimore Brat – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: ,
Approximate Running Time: 49.29 minutes

Kelly Payne is a very strict disciplinarian and is well used to dealing with brats, but she has her work cut out when she meets the Baltimore Brat. When you watch this classic from the Kelly Payne Collection, you’ll understand why it was the 2007 AVN Award Winner for Best Specialty Release for Spanking.

Annie finds herself standing in front of Kelly – attempting to wheedle her way out of the punishment she knows she’s about to receive.

Baltimore Brat is being little Miss Innocent

Her boyfriend, who loves her dearly, contacted Kelly asking for her help. He’s at the end of his rope with Annie. She is constantly rude and thoroughly badly behaved so he hopes that Kelly really can sort out his bratty girlfriend.

Annie immediately tries to lie her way out of trouble. First, Annie feigns surprise at meeting Kelly. Then she denies being a brat to her ever-loving boyfriend.

Kelly is ensuring Baltimore Brat does not escape

Kelly is too smart and won’t stand for any nonsense. Her job is to turn a spoiled brat called into a sweet and loving lady. She is not going to let Annie get away without a heavy spanking.

Kelly starts off with an OTK hand spanking on Annie’s pert little ass. Then Ms. Payne realizes that she’s going to have to bring out the implements-paddles, straps, and the dreaded cane-because her Baltimore brat is still back-talking to her and insisting she is innocent of all accusations.

Kelly immobilizes the pretty blond by binding her wrists together and making her lie face down on the bed. The strapping, tawsing, and caning continues.

Baltimore Brat is being crack caned

Then Kelly has a change of tactics and tells Annie to kneel up on the bed with her very sore, red ass sticking up in the air. She gives Annie instructions to stay like that or else.

When Kelly returns to her brat, she’s wearing a pair of tight-fitting surgical gloves. What Kelly Payne does next takes Annie by surprise. She inserts her finger into Annie’s asshole and finger fucks her there.

She then tapes Annie’s bottom cheeks apart and gives the poor girl a crack caning.

The final method of torture is really cruel: Kelly gives Annie an enema and warns her not to let it out. But unfortunately, some of the water escapes and Annie tries to mop it up without Kelly seeing her. However, Kelly doesn’t miss a trick and gives her Annie yet another spanking.

Filling up the Baltimore Brat

When she does allow Annie to go to the bathroom, she tells her to be quick.

Now, it’s obvious that Annie still hasn’t learned any obedience because takes her time, even after Kelly’s warning. When she returns from the bathroom, she admits to Kelly that she was in there masturbating.

The Baltimore brat just earned herself another uncompromisingly heavy spanking, strapping, and caning from strict Kelly Payne.

A big hug the Baltimore Brat has been tamed

Only once Kelly is sure that Annie is going to be a sweet, little angel does she ask for a hug and ends Annie’s ordeal.

Caning Castings: Featuring Angela Rick – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Home Video Studio
Approximate Running Time: 11.15 minutes

Angela Rick is a blonde 39 year-old from Budapest. She is hoping to work in spanking movies, but must pass the caning casting test first.

She turns up for her interview and Bridget, the Domme who will wield the cane, introduces herself. Bridget wants to know more about Angela and asks questions about her personal life and her previous experience with S/M. Angela is reluctant to talk too much about it, but does tell Bridget that she could take a full twenty-five minutes of being caned and whipped at an event she went to.

She chats to Bridget from Caning Castings

She tells Bridget about one boyfriend who handcuffed his own penis to a chair then asked her to stand on it with her stiletto heeled shoes. She did not enjoy doing that and asked him to stop.

Although Angela can take a great deal of pain, she is reluctant to hurt someone else – either physically or mentally.

She works as a shop assistant in Budapest, so her earnings are on the low side. When a friend recommends she go for an interview with Home Video Studio, she jumps at the opportunity.

Bridget goes on to explain that they are looking for actresses who can endure fifty strokes of the cane. Therefore, if Angela is still willing to go through with it, she should remove all her clothing including her knickers – just leaving her high-heeled shoes on. Once Bridget has approved of her figure she asks her if she wants to carry on with it. The answer is a definite yes.

With Angela kneeling on the chair – her bottom is well presented for a caning.

Bridget from Caning Castings starts the test caning

For the first five strokes of the cane, she is silent – then on the sixth stroke she cries out loudly – clenching her buttocks together and sucking in her breath. Besides crying out loudly, her face shows the pain she is suffering, she stubbornly has no intention of giving in – she wants the job and, more importantly the money, so she endures the full fifty strokes, by which time the cane marks are fully visible – red and purple turning black.

although in real pain she won't give in she wants to work for Caning Castings

She is proud of the fact that she has been offered a part in the forthcoming movie at Home Video Studio and wears her cane marks like a trophy.


Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook – Part 3

Clare Fonda and Paris Kennedy in LingerieParis Kennedy, shown here on her knees to Clare Fonda, got us invited to an exclusive models’ party, hosted by, the largest purveyor of vintage and retro style foundations on the internet. Girdlebound’s generous founder gifted us with numerous delightful undergarments, including classic open bottom girdles, stockings, garter belts, and bras. All of these will be appearing in future Shadow Lane videos. Thanks, Girdlebound!

Eve Howard and Clare Fonda in Lingerie and StockingsWe managed to get at least one shot where Clare wasn’t holding a glass of wine. These sheer, open bottom, slip girdles are flattering and sexy. Wearing one on a first spanking date without panties on underneath is guaranteed to intrigue and ignite any top guy with a retro bent.


These are two of my favorite shots of me spanking Sarah Gregory during the Labor Day party weekend.

Eve Howard Spanking Sarah Gregory

OTK Spanking with Eve Howard and Sarah Gregory


Don’t worry, I’ve got this. The coach may look like a bruiser, but he went “Waaaaa!” when  I spanked, strapped, and paddled him, just like any smaller, bad, little boy.

Eve Howard Spanks The CoachWhen you have a sub who can take it, why wouldn’t you use a cane?

The Coach Get a Caning from Eve Howard


To find out more about Shadow Lane, you can visit us at, follow me @EveShadowLane on Twitter, and become a friend of  Shadow Lane Spanking and Eve Howard on
Hope to see lots of you at the next Shadow Lane party. Cheers!

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Big Bottom Girls Caned – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: California Star Productions
Approximate Running Time: 53.04 minutes

This is the story of how and why big bottom girls get caned.

The alarm clock was ringing out shrilly.

“Turn it off for goodness sake,” he grumbles irritably. “What time is it anyway?”

“Seven o’clock,” she replies, banging down hard on the turn off button. Then there is silence.

She starts to get out of bed, but her husband coaxes her to come back to bed for another half hour or so. She protests that if she’s late for work again she’ll get fired.

Half an hour or so later, she gets dressed hurriedly and leaves her husband still in bed.

Meanwhile, her boss is in a stew because her secretary has been late for the second time in the past two weeks. The boss has meetings to attend and she is in need of some documents that her secretary took  home with her.

Flustered, her missing secretary arrives.

Her boss is hopping mad and tells her she’s fired. She needs a secretary she can rely on. And to make matters worse, the secretary has left the briefcase with the documents in it at home.

But the boss relents when her employee begs her not to fire her – she needs the money. She’ll do anything her boss wants.

She obviously doesn’t expect what her boss suggests: she’s going to be spanked.

The spanking starts -- big bottom girls caned

First, the secretary receives a hand spanking. The boss spanks her secretary on top of her skirt and then on her bare bottom. However, that is only the start. Her boss goes on to strap and finally cane her.

Now for the cane because big bottom girls caned

Back home at the flat, her husband has discovered the briefcase, so he gets dressed and hurries round to her office to take it to her.

When he arrives, he witnesses his wife on the receiving end of a vicious caning. He demands to know what is going on.

He comes to a quick decision. He is going to do to the boss all she has done to his wife, including the spanking, strapping, and the caning.

He spanks straps and canes the boss - as big bottom girls caned

Both the boss and the secretary have very red sore asses.

Finally, the wife keeps her job and her boss keeps her secretary.

All’s well that ends well in Big Bottom Girls Caned.

Finally he gives his wife's boss a taste of the cane - big bottom girls caned

Silly Millie – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Starring: and Hans Hoff
Approximate Running Time: 35.56 minutes

Hans Hoff returns to his hotel room after witnessing some justice being carried out on a young girl earlier in the evening. Silly Millie is going to be his plaything for the evening.

He phones reception asking for some room service. He asks for a bottle of their finest whiskey to be sent up to his room.

While waiting for his whiskey to be delivered, he opens his suitcase. He must check that his punishment implements have not been damaged during transit.

He spreads out his various toys on the bed.

There is a knock on his door and in comes Millie, a pretty blonde girl. She is dressed in a maid’s uniform. She carefully puts the tray containing the bottle of whiskey and a glass on his bedside table.

He puts Silly Millie over his knee

Looking round the room, she sees the punishment implements and gets excited at the sight of them.

Now it’s a case of who is egging who on.

Milly obligingly allows Hans to start spanking her on her almost bare bottom. She is enjoying it and encourages him to try out some of his other implements.

She giggles and sways her reddening ass from side to side.

Occasionally she pleads with him to stop, but is easily persuaded to let him carry on.

He uses a light flogger on Silly Millie bottom

He uses a couple of different paddles, a flogger, and finally a cane.

Poor Silly Millie has her bottom further reddened by the cane

Daylight is peeping through the curtains when reception phones through to him giving him his early morning call.

Now what’s this? Hans is not alone in his bed – snuggled down under the duvet is Millie.

It looks like they are to have another interesting day ahead of them.

Jasmine is Much Too Cheeky – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine Lau and Elizabeth Simpson

Approximate Running Time: 21.04 minutes

Jasmine is much too cheeky. On this particular evening, her mother is waiting for her errant daughter to come home.

When Jasmine eventually does return home, she has no idea what’s going to happen to her. However, her mother soon puts her in the picture.

Because Jasmine is much too cheeky her mother spanks and canes her

Jasmine lies to her mother when she asked where her daughter had been. Jasmine was seen with a bad crowd that her mother has in the past forbidden her to see.

Jasmine’s sentence is passed by her loving, caring mother. She is to be spanked and caned.

Bending touching her toes is because Jasmine is much too cheeky

Part of the punishment is humiliation. So her bottom is bared in readiness.

Her bottom is warmed up by a hand spanking, then she is caned.

Scene Two

In this scene her father is disgusted with her Jasmine’s behaviour and slovenly ways. He tells her that her bedroom is like a pig sty and in future she is to keep it clean and tidy.

Her father is sorting her out because Jasmine is much too cheeky

But meanwhile she is due for a spanking and slippering. He tells her to take off her panties and get over his knee. She is humiliated and embarrassed, but her father points out that that is part of the punishment.

Her father spanks and slippers her because Jasmine is far too cheeky

After the spanking and slippering, Jasmine’s ass is so sore. Her father will not allow her to go to bed yet. She is to stand there with her hands on her head until the rest of the family have come home and are able to see what has happened to her because Jasmine is much too cheeky.

Caning for Jasmine – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine Lau

Approximate Running Time: 31.21 minutes

Jasmine has been in a lot of trouble at school, so her mother phones an old friend of the family to ask for his advice. He’s a strict disciplinarian and suggests Jasmine stay with him for a few days; he will soon knock her into shape. But he warns that there will be a caning for Jasmine, among other things.

A very nervous Jasmine turns up. She has come straight from school and is still wearing her school uniform, which is disheveled and in need of a wash.

At first, she sits down on the couch next to him and he explains to her why she is there and what’s going to happen to her. Jasmine is non-responsive and keeps her head down, not looking at him.

Having explained to her what’s going to happen, he’s going to start her spanking immediately.

Although she is not at all happy about it, there’s nothing she can do but obey.

He tells her to stand up and lift her skirt clear of her sweet ass, and then he beckons her to lie over his knee.

This spanking is only the start - before there is a caning for Jasmine

Giving her a hand spanking on top of her panties, he leaves her gasping and swearing under her breath. He has very sharp hearing and tells her that that sort of language will not be tolerated.

Therefore, she is going to get a taste of the slipper on her bare ass.

She gets the slipper before the caning for Jasmine

Jasmine finds it painful and at times she is about to swear but bites back the words.

He introduces her to the cane. As it bites into her already tender bottom, she gasps and cries out.

As promised there is a caning for Jasmine

Eventually, humiliation is part of the punishment too. Her mother’s friend orders her to remove all her clothing before continuing with a caning.

When part one of her punishment is over, he tells her to pick up her clothes and go to her room. When Jasmine has dressed she is to return to the lounge.

She has a very sore bottom after receiving a caning for Jasmine

The poor girl already knows that she’s in for some painful lessons over the next few days – including some more caning for Jasmine.

Demoted To The Fourth – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Red Stripe

Starring: Emily, Annabel, and Miss Hayworth

Approximate Running Time: 42.25 minutes

Emily and Annabel, two senior girls at St. Stripes Girls School, have been summoned to Miss Hayworth’s office.

The Headmistress lectures them about their many absences from class. However, they are both quite smug – they have notes from their mothers.

She announces their punishment - they are to be demoted to the fourth

Miss Hayworth examines the notes carefully and compares the signatures with signatures she has on file. The girls’ notes are forged.

Also, the girls’ attitude annoys the headmistress. They are downright rude and insolent.

Miss Hayworth announces that they are going to be demoted to the fourth. This means that all of the privileges they enjoy as senior girls are to be taken away from them. Plus, they must go to the dormitory and dig out their fourth form uniforms and return to her office wearing them.

Both girls protest loudly-it’s going to be embarrassing, but Miss Hayworth has made up her mind.

Their punishment also includes being spanked, strapped, and caned.

She spanks each girl in turn - they know they have been demoted to the fourth

The Headmistress deals with Emily and Annabel  in turn.

Even with very sore, bare asses, they still have an attitude that Miss Hayworth is determined to knock out of them.

The Headmistress doesn’t give an inch. Rudeness, disobedience, and back talk  just increase the number of cane strokes.

being caned - part of their punishment of being demoted to the fourth

Miss Hayworth does win in the end, although it’s quite a battle of wills.

For their final humiliation, the humiliated girls are to stand outside Miss Hayworth’s office in their fourth form uniforms  with their panties around their knees and their sore red asses on display. The real fourth formers will be able to see how the two senior girls have been demoted to the fourth form.