First Time Spankings – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: Kelly Payne, Amber, Erica, and Sheree
Approximate Running Time: 53.40 minutes

Kelly Payne is giving out first time spankings to three young ladies. These are absolutely real spankings!

Erica is a stripper and tastefully and artistically performs her act for Kelly. Once she has removed every stitch of her clothing, she poses in front of Kelly, who admires Erica’s gorgeous ass. Kelly doesn’t mess around and immediately puts the pretty blond over her knee for a wood paddle spanking.

A very sore bottom after her first time spanking

The paddle whacks grow progressively heavier until Erica’s ass is cherry red. Once Kelly is satisfied that both Erica’s cheeks are equally bright crimson, she gently rubs a soothing cream into them. For Erica she processes the agony and then came the ecstasy. Erica clearly enjoys the endorphin rush as she pulls up her jeans in front of Kelly.

The second girl Kelly has to deal with is Sheree. Sheree works for Kelly, but when Kelly catches her idling in the office, she takes Sheree over her knee for a heavy discipline session.

Kelly believes that a sore ass should sort the young girl out. So she puts her over her knee and immediately begins the obligatory warm up spanking with her hand. Once Sheree’s ass is bright pink, Kelly uses a leather paddle to spank the squealing & struggling girl until her pert little bottom is a bright, glaring red.

Her first time spanking really hurt Amber is the third young lady to go over Kelly’s knee.

Amber is a thief and has stolen spanking movies from Kelly’s website. As Kelly points out to her, she has worked very hard making those movies. She tells Amber that stealing from her is morally wrong, and that spanking her would “be better than calling the cops.”

After amber endures a warm up OTK spanking from Kelly, she is tied with blue rope to a chair to restrict her movement. The spanking Kelly then gives the Amber is hard and long, using an assortment of implements including a wicker carpet beater and a wooden paddle. Only when the whimpering girl promises never to steal from her again, the spanking ends.

Helpless she has to take her first time spanking

The Hitchhiker


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Spanked –at-

Starring: Alex and Maggy

Approximate Running Time: 10.19 minutes

Alex is driving home from work – is that Maggy he just caught a glimpse of?

Maggy has also seen him and she dodges into the trees at the roadside.

He stops the car and gets out – shouting to her to come out of hiding.

Sheepishly, she creeps out.

She’s hiding something behind her back and he insists she shows him what it is.

It’s a hand written placard with just one word on it Berlin.

The silly girl is trying to hitchhike to Berlin. What on earth is she thinking of? Doesn’t she know the danger she’s putting herself in? And look at the way she’s dressed for goodness sake. She looks like a real tart with her full breasts almost falling out of her bra and her mini skirt that is more like a wide belt.

she looks cheap and trashy

He uses a twig as a cane and there and then has her bend over while he starts spanking her bottom. As part of the punishment is humiliation – he pulls down her knickers and carries on spanking her on her bare bottom.

An open air spanking

Unfortunately, as there is not an audience, so he can’t humiliate her, he drives her home.

Has the carpet beater got her beaten?Th

Once in the house, he orders her to bend over the arm of the couch. Then armed with a wicked looking carpet beater, he beats out a rhythm on her bum. She squeals and kicks out.

For a finale, he puts her over his knee for a hard fast bare bottom hand spanking.

You can't beat a good old fashioned hand spanking

Review for The Hitch Hiker

Starring Alex and Maggy

(Running Time of the Movie 10.19 mins)

from Spanked at Home

Alex and Maggy had had a row. She stormed off. He went off in his car looking for her.

He was driving along a main road, when he sees Maggy at the side of the road, holding up a home made banner.

He opens the car window and shouts for her to come to him.

Reluctantly, she came to his side of the car, but she has hidden the banner. He tells her to go and get it. She returns with it and shows him the side with adverts. He orders her to turn it round. She had been trying to hitch a ride to Berlin.

He gives her a lecture on it not being safe for young girls to be hitching lifts from strangers and orders her back into the car.

He orders her back into the car

He drives her to a quiet area, surrounded by trees and long knee high grass.

He spanks her in the open

He orders her to face a thick tree trunk and bend down so her bottom is stuck out. Making a whippy cane from a tree, pulling down her blue knickers and baring her bottom he canes her all over her bottom. After about twenty strokes he pulls her knickers back up and orders her back into the car.

Back at home, holding onto her upper left arm he pushes her face downwards over the arm of the couch, then, tells her to stay where she is.

Over the arm of the couch

He returns with the carpet beater, that he uses on Maggy for serious misdemeanours. He uses a steady rhythm on top of her skirt. She is squealing and moaning all the time.

otk for a hand spanking

Raising her skirt the carpet beater is used on her knickered bottom.

Alex then pulls down her knickers and carries on spanking her with the carpet beater on her bare bottom.

As a finale, he pulls her over his knee and proceeds to give her a prolonged bare bottom hand spanking. Only when he is satisfied that she has a very sore hot red bottom, he tells her to go to her room.

This movie has some excellent shots of her bottom – turning from white to pink to red.

The otk hand spanking as the final part of her spanking was a satisfactory ending.

Review for Bad School Marks

Starring Molly and Michael

(Running Time of the Movie 8.12 mins)

from Girls Boarding School

schoolgirl spanking

Molly a blonde schoolgirl has reported to the headmaster’s office. Looking every bit the real schoolgirl, she is dressed in a long sleeved white school blouse, tie, navy skirt and white knee length socks and she has no shoes on.

She’s feeling confident that she has done much better and got higher marks than she had the previous semester.

Michael studies the report for a few moments. He then tells her that her marks are even worse than they were before.

He Pulls Her Over His Knee

He pulls her down over his knee. Lifting up the back of her navy skirt, he is disgusted to find she has a bare bottom. So he starts to spank her harder than was his original intention, to teach her that it’s not nice to wear no knickers.

The Spanking Continues

He sets about spanking her smooth white bottom that within a few minutes has changed from white to pink to red.

While lying over his knee being spanked, she is still protesting that her work had improved.

The camera moves in close so that we get a good view of her face – grimacing with the pain.

Her bottom is getting very sore looking

    As the spanking progresses, she pleads with him to stop as he is hurting her. He tells her she needs to be hurt in order to make sure her marks do improve the next semester. She promises to do better in future.

    She starts to undress

    But he tells her to go to her bedroom and change into her nightclothes and he will be up shortly to continue with her spanking.

    In her room, she first removes her tie, then, she unbuttons her blouse and takes it off. She next removes her bra; her pert little breasts are showing her excitement because her nipples can be seen to be hard and standing to attention.

    She puts on her pink pyjama top

    She puts on a pink pyjama top, followed by her pyjama bottoms and finally she removes her socks.

    Then she pulls on her pyjama bottoms

    He comes into her room. She is sat on the bed waiting for him as he had instructed her to do.

    He tells her to remove her pyjama bottoms and build up her pillows and lie over them so her bottom would be elevated. He has brought with him a carpet beater; he uses it to spank her already sore bottom.

    After about thirty strokes of the carpet beater on her very sore red bottom, he tells her to remove her pyjama top and build up the pillows even more; He then carries on spanking her with the carpet beater.

    He lectures her and asks her to promise to do better in the future. She agrees and he gives her a final three strokes with the carpet beater.

    Telling her she is to stay in her room and think about her punishment, he leaves her lying on the bed trying to rub the soreness out of her bottom.

    The movie is well made – with no background noises to mar the enjoyment.

    Another great movie for the otk spanking enthusiast.

Improving Techniques

Review for

Improving Techniques

girls boarding school


Eleanor Powell

Starring Linda and Mr Harris

(Running Time of the Movie 11mins)

From Girls’ Boarding School Studio

Mr Harris is a new teacher at the Girls Boarding School. The headmaster summons him to his study for a discussion. Mr. Harris is new, so there are some allowances that can be made in regard to his performance. But, there can be no allowances when it comes to a teacher’s ability to discipline a student. Mr. Harris is told that in order to thrive at the boarding school, in fact, in order to keep his job, he will need to make many improvements to his disciplining techniques, mainly, his approach to spanking.

In the headmaster's study

He leaves the headmaster’s study with a video camera, he is instructed to set it up so that it can record exactly how he tackles punishing one of the school’s naughtiest students, Linda.

Back at his study, Mr Harris sets up the camera and lays out various implements in the order that he’s going to use them on Linda.

He then calls her into his study. She is a very pretty girl with long blond hair. She’s wearing a white school blouse and navy skirt. For some reason, I know not what? She’s not wearing any shoes, but blue ankle socks. She could of course, have a reputation for kicking out while being punished. One or two of my spankers have removed my shoes before starting to spank me – in order to protect their manhood.

He tells her to bend over the desk. There is a very solid looking chair to the left of where Linda is bending over the desk. If he had moved the chair, I think he’d have had a better swing of his arm.

He starts off by using the carpet beater on top of her skirt. He gives her eight strokes. Then he lifts her skirt to reveal pristine white knickers, he delivers another three strokes on her knickered bottom.

Setting aside the carpet beater, he next picks up the birch and gives her 12 strokes with that, still on top of her knickers.

In readiness for the cane, he pulls down her knickers to her knees and canes her on her bare bottom.

A bare bottom for caning

By this time, it is very red and sore looking. Linda is fighting back the tears and squealing and whimpering.

But Mr Harris has to prove to the headmaster that he can give the students an adequate spanking, so, he carries on relentlessly. Picking up the paddle, he gives her eleven firm strokes with it. Finally, he was left with the strap/tawse. He brought it down on her upturned bottom – a total of thirty seven times. This causes her to wriggle about so much, her knickers slip down her legs to her ankles.

On display a well spanked bottom

Linda is told to go and stand facing the wall. She has to hold her skirt up to show off her bright red bottom.

Mr Harris proved that he was able to improve his technique.

There was no dialogue between them, except when he called her into his study and told her to bend over the desk. As for Linda, she says not a word. No backchat, swearing or pleading for mercy.
I enjoyed the movie, but I would have liked it better if he’d started off with a bottom warming session otk.