The Scorned Cheerleader — Kelly Payne Collection

cheerleader spanking

Sandi is a young and pretty latina with golden skin and hair to match. She’s petite, but her rear end is beautifully curvy. Robyn (think that’s her name) is an attractive, light-skinned, young African-American woman. Both are cheeleaders on the same squad.

Robyn confronts Sandi for ruining her outfit. Both young women are wearing cheerleader garb. Sandi denies it at first. The two girls are both mouthy and full of street swag. They are in each others’ faces as they jaw back and forth.

Eventually Sandi admits to ruining the outfit, but “admit” is funny word here. Sandi boasts of doing it. She’s proud of it. She’s glad she did. “What are you going to do about it?” Sandi challenges, a taunting smile on her face.

Robyn calls Sandi’s bluff. “I’ll tell the coach and get you kicked off the squad,” she responds.

The threat works. “No, wait,” pleads Sandi. “I’ve worked hard for this. Don’t tell the coach. I’ll do anything.”

“A spanking,” says Robyn.

“What, just a spanking?” replies Sandi incredulously. “Then we’re even?” She can’t believe how easy she’s getting off. As she later finds out, though, she couldn’t be more wrong.

Robyn pulls Sandi down hard over her knee. This is just the start of a long, hard spanking that is neither gentle nor respectful toward the spankee.

Robyn flips up Sandi’s skirt. She begins both spanking and lecturing. Robyn lectures to the cadence of the spanks, and vice versa. “Lit-tle San-Di, lit-tle San-di” she says, with a hard, staccato blow for each syllable.

Then Sandi is roughly hustled to her feet. “Take off your dress,” Robyn orders.

“What are you talking about,” Sandi responds. There’s some resistance about the dress, but eventually Sandi complies. She’s still mouthy, though. “Then we’ll be even,” Sandi says, still trying to dictate the terms of the bargain.

Next comes more over-the-knee spanking. Sandi talks, and Robyn orders her to be quiet. Robyn continues with rhythmic swats and lectures: “spoiled brat … did I say talk?”

But Sandi remains mouthy, still trying to assert the terms of the bargain. “Are we done? Is this it? “Are we even?

“Shut up,” Robyn replies. Then follows more hard spanks, more lecturing, more “poor little Sandi” sarcasm.

Robyn even ties a scarf around Sandi’s mouth, telling her that she talks too much. Another scarf is tied around Sandi’s wrists. It’s done roughly, with continued lecturing.

“What are you doing?” demands the still mouthy Sandi.
“Shut up, ” replies Robyn.

Robyn exposes Sandi’s cute butt by giving her a hard wedgie during spanking. Then the undies come off entirely.

Robyn makes Sandi kneel on a wooden seat and lean over a desk. Robyn starts using implements on Sandi’s reddenning rear end — a wooden paddle, a black strap. The blows are hard. Sandi is a bit moaning now, no longer mouthy.

Then Sandi is hustled to her feet again. “Arms up”, Robyn orders. Sandi complies. Robyn yanks off Sandi’s shirt and bra, roughly as usual. Cute, little, golden-skinned Sandi is now completely nude. It’s a beautiful sight, but there’s no time to drink it in. Sandi is pushed harshly back over the desk, wrists bound again, for more paddling.

The session continues. Robyn complains that she’s “hot” and gets half-undressed herself. Sandi has stopped talking now. No more trying to dictate the terms of the agreement. Now we just hear her moaning and breathing hard. Even Robyn quiets down. The blows continue. It’s intense and intimate.

When Robyn fianlly stops spanking, she grabs Sandi by the hair and virtually throws her against wall. Sandi collapses into a sitting crouch and looks up. Her eyes are big and fear-filled. Robyn lectures her some more. Sandi nods submissively, amid some sniffling.

The movie ends, but it doesn’t. The camera continues running. We see a few moments of behind-the-scenes footage of the set. We hear the voice of Kelly Payne yelling direction at the someone. We see and hear Sandi and Robyn talking briefly together as co-workers, fellow actresses. It’s actually fascinating, but it ends quickly and goes to black. Sadly, this hot and sexy video is then truly over.

Cheerleaders Spanked — Bizarre Video

Cheerleaders Spanked

Bizzare Video

cheerleader spank

Soooo … you wanna see a blond, silken-haired high school
cheerleader goddess get the spanking of a lifetime? If so, then you might be disappointed by this movie. The first “cheerleader” is a bottle blonde pushing 30, and the
spanking is mild. Even so, the scene’s not bad.

It begins with the “girl” doing a cheer in a classroom and knocking over a vase with her errant pom-poms. Uh oh! In walks the teacher. More uh oh! The teacher is a tall, fierce, intimidating figure with mannish shoulders and hair pulled back in what must be the world’s tightest bun. She looks like the warden in a women’s prison movie. She proceeds to be really, really mean to our poor, benighted cheerleader.
blond spanked

cheerleader spanking videoCheer girl is forced to strip. Miniskirt? Off. Panties? Off. Top? Off. Cheer girl may be kinda older, but she has a nice body — small breasts, cute butt, no fat. Cheer girl gets spanked by hand and with a ruler, and although she feigns pain, the spanking is mostly symbolic.

blond spankedCheer girl does, however, get bullied in a serious way. The warden, er … teacher, is really mean. She’s sneering and sarcastic and dismissive and condescending and contemptuous of poor cheer girl. Mean teacher uses her power and position of authority to insult the naked cheer girl and make her repeat embarrassinging things. If you like this kind of emotional and psychological humiliation, combined with nudity, you’ll like this segment. Personally, I liked it.

Scene two has different actresses, but it follows the same
theme — contempt of cheerleaders. This segment features an encounter in the girls locker room between the school tough girl and a very pretty, dark haired, Mediterranean-looking cheerleader. In fact, both girls are really hot.

Tough girl, who just happens to be hanging around topless in the locker room, bullies cheer girl and makes her get naked, too. Completely. Cheer girl is hot. Did I mention that before? She’s appropriately youthful-looking, but her body is full and womanly in all the right places. Nice.

hot ass spankingTough girl spanks cheer girl. Again, the spanking is not hard. Cheer girl likes it, though. Cheer girl moans in pleasure. Tough girl makes cheer girl say she likes it. Cheer girl does say it, passionately. Tough girl is disdainful of cheer girl. Tough girl makes cheer girl do a naked cheer. Spank me, spank me, please don’t stop. Spank me, spank me, til I pop! Cheer girl does the cheer, with enthusiasm. Tough girl walks away abruptly. Apparently she is through humiliating cheer girl. Cheer girl watches her depart wistfully, disappointed that the spanking session has come to an end. I’m disappointed, too.

Scene 3: same classroom and same scary teacher as scene 1. Different blond cheerleader. This one looks more reasonably youthful. She pisses off the scary teacher — I forget how. Anyway, who cares? Scary teacher goes into her routine. Skirt off, panties off, top off. Nudity. Mild spanking by hand and with a ruler.

hot ass spankingAnd more of the treatment we’ve come to expect by now. Condescension toward cheerleaders. Superciliousness.
Sarcasm. Insults and psychological abuse heaped upon poor cheer girl by a rude and contemptuous authority figure. Scary teacher makes cheer girl repeat demeaning things. Scary teacher spanks cheer girl’s exposed genitals. Scary teacher makes cheer girl say that she has a bad pussy. “Yes, I have a bad pussy,” repeats the blonde, bullied cheerleader, as she stands with her hands against the classroom wall, totally naked, butt sticking out, genitalia exposed and being swatted by what looks like a black spatula. I admit it — I was turned on.

Anyone out there a fan of Monty Python? Anyone remember the Piranha Brothers skit, about two tough, cruel gangsters in London? One brother is known for his physical cruelty, which includes nailing his victims’ heads to the
floor. But the other brother is even more feared, because he uses … SARCASM!

In this movie, cheerleaders are victims of sarcasm. In the
fourth and final segment, our blond cheerleader from the
first scene returns. She has invited a friend home from
school and wants to teach the friend all about cheerleading.
But the “friend”, who is another high school tough girl type, has other ideas. Tough girlfriend decides to teach the cheerleader about some things. Tough girl takes some implements out of her bag (paddle, tawse, etc.) and gives
our cowed cheerleader a mild little bondage session. Naked, of course.

I have to give this movie credit for getting all of the clothes off the victims in each segment. In this scene, both girls get naked, and it ends with tough girl pulling cheer girl’s head down into her crotch. Tough girl gives cheer girl a forced initiation into lesbian oral loveplay.

So how good was this movie? Silly as it is, I liked it. The women are hot. The meanness, sarcasm and forced nudity combine to create an atmosphere of erotic humiliation of attractive young women. Because the cheerleaders are looked upon so disdainfully, there is a certain amount of suspense, an attitude that anything could happen to these contemptible creatures.

Warning: that anything-can-happen atmosphere is mostly a tease. The segments are short, the spankings are mild, and
the action tends to end just when it might be building into something more hardcore. Even so, it kept me interested, and the sarcastic and psychological abuse and humiliation of the attractive and naked young women make it memorable and enjoyable.

Cheerleaders Spanked

Bizzare Video

Bad Girl Spankings – Naughty Students

Bad Girl Spankings – Naughty Students

Fantasy Content

This is a fairly short video. It consists of three segments, each no more than ten minutes long.

As segment one begins, we meet a hot chick and an oafish authority figure. They are in a classroom. It has the kind of writing desk associated with school classrooms. Hottie is seated at said writing desk, and Oaf is standing before her. Oaf is talking/lecturing. He reminds me of the detention teacher in The Breakfast Club, not in look but in manner. He’s way too involved in being an authority figure.

He calls himself the principal, but he looks, acts and dresses like the gym teacher. There is not a lot of production value or attention to detail in this video. He calls the girl Ashley. Her character is mouthy, contradictory and disrespectful.

Neither person displays much in the way of acting. This is not a video to watch if you’re looking for character development or emotional range.

Oaf forces Ashley over the desk and starts spanking her over her short skirt with some kind of paddle. It’s a haphazard, undisciplined spanking. He changes from the paddle to his hand. He tries to stay in character. So does she. There’s not much character to stay in, though. He lectures her for cheating on a test. She denies it. He says she’s lying. She denies it. This is not your video if you want to see creative dialogue.

Principal hikes up her skirt. Ashley complains, although nothing embarrassing is happening to her. She even shifts to give the camera a better view. The spanks are glancing blows for the camera. Nothing painful is happening, either, except maybe to the intelligence of the viewer.

At the end, she mouths words indicating that she has now learned her lesson. Okay.

One nice thing about this video is that Ashley truly does look and dress like that really hot high school chick you would have loved to spank or see get spanked back in the day. If you focus on her, and focus on your memories, you can make this video work for you.

In segment two, the same oafy guy is seated on a couch in a living room, with an attractive, large-breasted woman. Did I mention that she has large breasts? Because she really does have phenomenal breasts. In this segment, Oaf is a father, the woman is his wife, and they are complaining about their daughter, who is two hours late for curfew.

Daughter shows up, wearing a short skirt. Like the girl in the last segment, she looks appropriately high school-ish, though not quite as hot as Ashley.

Daughter gets lectured, she gets mouthy, and then she gets spanked. She gets spanked by both parents. She gets held down by one, and spanked by the other. They take turns. Again, there’s no pain, just glancing blows to make her exposed butt turn pink for the camera.

And the girl’s reaction to all of this? She laughs hysterically. She’s laughing so hard she might be crying, but not from the pain. Hey, I think I started laughing, too. It’s contagious. The scene is also oddly sexy. The young woman being held down with her ass exposed, the big-breasted Mom involved, the spanking that’s having the effect of tickling — I wouldn’t have predicted it to have erotic value, but it did. Ya never know. Maybe I’ll look around for a tickling video.

The ending is kinda funny, too. Dad tells daughter to wait on the sofa while he and Mom go to the bedroom. I don’t blame them. When they leave, daugher whips out her cell phone and invites her boyfriend over. Everyone is sexed up at this point, including me.

Segment three brings us Ashley again from the first part of the video. She’s back in the same classroom. This time she’s dressed like a cheerleader. She’s sitting in front of a man who’s allegedly the coach of the football team. He lectures her so idiotically that I start realize that, hot chick or not, I’m really tired of this silly movie.

Ashley gets bent over the desk and “spanked” again. He whips out his dick and she reaches around to play with it. Okay, they’ve got my interest. He keeps on spanking. She moans. She has a nice voice when she gots sexed up — throaty and deep. He cums on her beautiful butt. It’s a happy ending, but you do have to endure a lot of silliness to get there.

Bad Girl Spankings – Naughty Students

Fantasy Content