Careless Lips – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring:  & with bonus footage featuring &

Approximate Running Time: 34.09 minutes

Sophia is going to lunch with some business associates, and her business partner Cheyenne warns her to keep her mouth zipped about their future plans for their business. But Sophia has careless lips and tells her friends all about it.

Now Cheyenne is positively pissed at her partner, whose careless lips could cost them thousands of dollars. So she intends to carry out her threat to give Sophia a good, bare bottom spanking.

Sophia is highly amused about her friend’s intentions and believes it is just a joke.

However, when she finds herself lying over Cheyenne’s knee, having her ass well and truly spanked, she struggles to get away from the stinging slaps, to no avail.

She who has careless lips deserves to be spanked

Cheyenne tells Sophia that she intends to make her ass bright red before she’s finished with her and in order to attain this result, she insists on Sophia removing all her clothing. Then Cheyenne uses several paddles that are vicious enough to make her pretty friend’s ass sting.

And dominant Cheyenne has other plans involving her partner Sophia-she’s going to fuck her. Sophia is shocked at the thought of another woman being so intimate with her. Surely sex should include a cock. Cheyenne has an answer for that – she’s going to use a huge dildo on Sophia’s tight pussy.

Yet, to level the playing field, Cheyenne orders her subordinate friend to undress her.

Once the two women are naked, Sophia is told to lie on her back on a table that has been lined with cushions. Her wrists are then handcuffed together above her head and a huge dildo is inserted into her tight little pussy.

What follows then is a battle of wills: Cheyenne is determined that Sophia has an orgasm and Sophia is just as adamant that no such thing is going to happen.

Legs spread ready to receive the dildo - due to having careless lips

Yet Sophia’s own body betrays her. With the dildo moving in and out of her pussy coupled with Cheyenne rubbing her clit, she comes hard on camera. As the dildo is removed from her blushing cunt, she squirts her juice all over the cushions. She is amazed at how easy it was to be made to come like she did.

Cheyenne threatens her with an action replay if she ever has careless lips again, but Sophia promises it won’t happen again.

Team Mom Mouth Soaps Clare

All the moms are pissed off with the foul language Clare comes out with in front of their children. They appoint Eve Howard as the disciplinarian who is going to wash Clare’s filthy mouth out with soap.

In the bathroom, Clare is made to bend over the sink, while Eve forces a bar of soap into her mouth. Clare gags, but Eve just pushes the soap into her mouth again.

A mouthful of soap gets her into a lather due to having careless lipsOnly when Clare promises not to use such bad language in future does Eve put the soap away.

However, Eve also insists on Clare removing her rather revealing dress and putting on a more suitable one.

A more suitable dress is required for she who has careless lips

Clare goes off – intending to find some orange slices to take away the nasty taste of the soap.

Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Clare Fonda Productions

Starring: as Aunt Gwen, , and

Approximate Running Time: 45.55 minutes

Amber has brought her friend Kendra home to stay the night. Amber introduces Kendra to Aunt Gwen, who acknowledges the visitor and asks her if she, like her niece Amber, is part of the ladies football (“soccer” to you folks in the States) team. Kendra tells her she is not at all interested as most of the ladies are in lesbian relationships with each other. This is not the response Aunt Gwen was hoping to hear and that’s why Aunt Gwen spanks Pixie and Kendra.

Amber introduces Kendra to her Aunt Gwen - which leads to Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

However, she tells Kendra she is welcome to stay, but there are certain things – rituals-that she must take part in, so Kendra warily agrees without knowing what will be expected of her.

As Aunt Gwen was not expecting a guest, she needs some bits and pieces from the shops. So she sends Amber out with a list and some money to go shopping for her.

Left alone, Aunt Gwen asks Kendra for her views on lesbianism. Aunt Gwen does not like what Kendra tells her.

Aunt Gwen gives Kendra a physical examination in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

Aunt Gwen rules the roost in this household and here is this young lady who appears to be challenging her and her authority.

First, she tells Kendra that she is going to have to check her health, as she can’t have just anyone sharing a bed with her niece Amber.

Aunt Gwen Spanks Kendra while Amber watches in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

She examines Kendra by moving her hands over the girl’s slim, young body. This satisfies her up to a point, but she insists that she needs to examine her more intimately – and orders her to remove her clothing. Poor Kendra does not like the way things are turning out and she protests that she is not staying, but she will get dressed and leave.

The older woman is stronger and manages to overpower her.

It isn’t long before Kendra finds herself lying over Aunt Gwen’s knee, having her bottom spanked. Unfortunately, there is no escape for her. When Amber returns from shopping, she is not too surprised at what she sees.

So Amber is told to watch and wait for her turn by Aunt Gwen.

Kendra soon realises that there is no help forthcoming from her friend, who is already well and truly under her Aunt’s thumb.

Having received a very sore red bottom, she is told to move to the top of the bed and Amber takes her place over Aunt Gwen’s knee.

So the two girls are spanked and Aunt Gwen says she’s now going out shopping to get a few personal things and she leaves the two girls alone.

It's Amber's turn to be spankied by her Aunt Gwen in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

Kendra is hopping mad with Amber for getting her into this mess. It’s not long before Amber is being spanked by the still nude Kendra.

Kendra spanks Amber in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

After some coaxing, Amber tells Kendra that her Aunt has gone out to buy a rectal thermometer.

Sure enough when Gwen returns from the shops, she pulls the thermometer out of her bag.

Kendra does not like the look of the rectal lthermometer in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

She assures Kendra that she is a trained nurse and taking her temperature is a good indication of her physical health. As Kendra is back over her knee by now, she is powerless to escape what is coming to her. Therefore, she has no choice but to allow her temperature to be taken rectally.

As it turns out, her temperature is normal and Kendra is again told to go into the corner and it’s now Amber’s turn to be spanked again.

Now with Amber well and truly spanked she is told to go in the corner with her back to her Aunt Gwen and her friend Kendra.

The older woman – not liking Kendra’s views on lesbianism, challenges her to do to her what lesbians do to each other.

Hearing some strange sounds, she peeps over her shoulder to see her friend on her knees with her head between Aunt Gwen’s thighs.

Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook – Part 3

Clare Fonda and Paris Kennedy in LingerieParis Kennedy, shown here on her knees to Clare Fonda, got us invited to an exclusive models’ party, hosted by, the largest purveyor of vintage and retro style foundations on the internet. Girdlebound’s generous founder gifted us with numerous delightful undergarments, including classic open bottom girdles, stockings, garter belts, and bras. All of these will be appearing in future Shadow Lane videos. Thanks, Girdlebound!

Eve Howard and Clare Fonda in Lingerie and StockingsWe managed to get at least one shot where Clare wasn’t holding a glass of wine. These sheer, open bottom, slip girdles are flattering and sexy. Wearing one on a first spanking date without panties on underneath is guaranteed to intrigue and ignite any top guy with a retro bent.


These are two of my favorite shots of me spanking Sarah Gregory during the Labor Day party weekend.

Eve Howard Spanking Sarah Gregory

OTK Spanking with Eve Howard and Sarah Gregory


Don’t worry, I’ve got this. The coach may look like a bruiser, but he went “Waaaaa!” when  I spanked, strapped, and paddled him, just like any smaller, bad, little boy.

Eve Howard Spanks The CoachWhen you have a sub who can take it, why wouldn’t you use a cane?

The Coach Get a Caning from Eve Howard


To find out more about Shadow Lane, you can visit us at, follow me @EveShadowLane on Twitter, and become a friend of  Shadow Lane Spanking and Eve Howard on
Hope to see lots of you at the next Shadow Lane party. Cheers!

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The Housesitters – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: , , , and
Approximate Running Time: 55.28 minutes

Kelly and Clare share a house. When they decided to go away together for a vacation, they gave a housesitting job to Julie and Anastasia-two young ladies who came well-recommended.

However, as things turned out, Kelly and Clare were contacted by their neighbours because their house was being trashed by their housesitters and their friends. So instead of being away for two weeks, they had to cut their holiday short and returned home after only a week, much to the dismay and disappointment of their housesitters.

The housesitters were in a position to be spanked

On close inspection, Kelly and Clare discovered some of their precious belongings were either missing or broken.

The neighbours had complained that loud music was playing every night until the early hours and a lot of strange people were in and out of the house at all hours.

The two friends were livid and shaking with anger. Their home used to be a haven of peace and harmony; now it was alien to them and they felt betrayed by their housesitters.

Sore bare bottoms for the housesitters

There was no way they could let Anastasia and Julia get away with it. Kelly put Julie in the corner while Clare spanked obnoxious Anastasia.

Kelly and Clare punished the two thoughtless young girls with severe spankings. They each took a girl and dragged her over their knee for a long, hard, bare bottom spanking.

Although Anastasia and Julia protested loudly at the way they were being treated, their pleas for clemency fell on deaf ears. They were going to be spanked until their bottoms were so sore they wouldn’t be able to sit for at least two weeks.

The sound of hands making contact with bare bottoms echoed round the room and added to this cacophony of noise was the shrieks and cries of the two young girls.

Occasionally the girls were told to stand in a corner with their red bottoms on display. Then Kelly or Clare would again check on the rest of the house – finding even more broken or missing items. This further inflamed them and they returned to spanking the girls with more fervour.

Eventually Kelly and Clare were tired and the two naughty girls were sobbing and begging for mercy.

The housesitters have been spanked and humiliated

So the spanking part of their punishment is over but the two girls now have to clean the whole house and take all the clothes and furnishings to the dry cleaners.

The two housesitters better do a good job of cleaning up or their already sore bottoms will be spanked again.

Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook – Part 2

Eve Howard Spanks Madison YoungI spanked Madison Young in the opening scene of Paddled, Pleasured, and Purged, preparing her for a subsequent session with a behavior modification expert at our discipline therapy clinic. Madison was only one year out from having her first baby when this video was filmed and she had already gotten her slim, curvy figure back. This made her exactly the right size to fit across my lap. Star of some of our most popular (explicitly sexual) videos, Madison is a dedicated sex educator, adult producer, and erotic performance artist. Her artistry is never lost on a spanking audience, nor is her natural peachy-creamy-strawberry blonde charm.


Kid Dynamite Gets a Spanking from Eve HowardIn , I spanked Kid Dynamite in my first femdom video with a male spankee since I went to Nu-West/Leda in the 90’s to shoot “David Meets Shadow Lane”. My victim is a local.


My friend Clare Fonda (whose alter-ego Jamie Foster does scandalous things other than spanking) was the person who convinced me that it was time to get back in front of the camera. On the 4th of July, we co-starred in a series of short vignettes shot for our respective download sites.

Eve Howard and Clare Fonda
This breast-spanking scene, in which Clare bullied me severely for some imagined slight, had me screaming for mercy in mere minutes. It was a fan favorite for many weeks.


Clare Fonda Over Eve Howard's KneeIn this scene, included as a bonus on , Clare plays a lapsed Lambda Sigma Zeta girl and I play the senior sister sent to administer discipline to her for disgracing the sorority. This is an oft-repeated theme in our Our Sorority video series. In this case, her punishment consisted of me tickling her, slapping her breasts, and finally, forcing her to suck on a bar of soap while being tickled some more.

Clare Fonda Gets Soap PunishmentI like the way Clare’s cute cougar body looks in this scene, and, of course, I like the way she lets me abuse her. I honestly never knew I had it in me.

Come back next week for more from Eve’s spanking scrapbook. Don’t forget to follow @EveShadowLane on Twitter  and check out her spanking videos on and

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You will not mistake my kindness for weakness

22 year old British brat Sophie gets permission from her Aunt Sylvia to have friends over for a party. But Sophie lets her friends stay way too late and then argues with her aunt about sending them home. Angry Aunt Sylvia gives Sophie a sharp, spontaneous spanking for her selfishness and disrespect, orders her to get rid of her friends and then come back to her. When Sophie returns Sylvia tells her to pack her bags to return to the UK. Sophie begs to be allowed to stay in the sunny Southwest with her aunt, pleading with Sylvia to spank her again and even more severely, rather than send her away. Sylvia decides that Sophie needs this lesson, so she agrees, takes Sophie back over her lap and spanks the spoiled English beauty until her alabaster skin turns a stunning shade of deep, hot magenta. Sophie is spanked over her skirt, over her pantyhose, over her black lace panties and finally on the bare bottom. Hand and wooden hairbrush are used.

Anastasia Pierce Punished — Clare Fonda Productions

anastasia pierce

There are different ways to be hot. There’s stripper hot. There’s model hot. There’s girl next door hot. There are hot moms and hot college students and hot secretaries, all with their own look.

Anastasia Pierce looks like she should be emerging from a limo with a rock star. She’s arm-candy hot. She’s tall and long-legged and thick-haired. With her wide, dark eyes, her full lips and her high cheekbones, her face is a virtual emblem of seduction. And with her physical assets below the neck, she pretty much pops out of the clothes she’s wearing. And she’s not wearing all that much.

Apparently, her lack of proper attire is the problem that needs correcting in this video. Her Aunt Gwen feels that Anastasia needs a spanking to learn to dress more appropriately. Gwen leads Anastasia over her lap and begins spanking her.

Anastasia looks incredibly sexy draped her the knee. Her long legs kick. Her beautiful face pouts. I love her reactions, too. They are immediate. No just laying there
doing nothing. She frowns. She whines. She complains.
She groans. She asks why this is happening? She gets
lectured. She promises to dress better. In other words, she acts her part, in character. It’s nice.

Gwen keeps on spanking and lecturing the beautiful woman. Gwen removes the skirt. Anastasia has sheer black panties underneath. After more spanking, Gwen removes the panties. Anastastia protests, but to no effect.

Clare spanks harder. Anastasia cries out louder. Gwen make her count 50 swats. Anastasia does so obediently. She looks and sounds forlorn. “Can I get up now”, she pleads submissively, when she’s reached 50. Gwen lets her. Anastasia stands up and displays the redness on her beautifully-shaped bottom. She thanks Aunt Gwen and promises to be better from now on.

As punishments go, this one is moderate. It’s short and
sweet. As productions go, it’s excellent. Also short and
sweet. It wastes no time either before or after the
spanking. The sound and video quality are top notch. The camera angles are great. We see face, we see bottom, and both are equally beautiful. The entire movie is only about ten minutes long, but it’s ten solidly sexy minutes of wonderfully erotic spanking.
Check it out here for free

I have bottomed the best

While I enjoy working as a model for my own company, I stopped working for others in 2007 and one of the main reasons was I had been spanked by the best. I can think of a few more men I’d like to be spanked by but as far as women – with the exception of Dana Sphect who only spanked me off camera at a Shadowlane party where people were lining up to get over her knee-I have been spanked by some of the hottest players in the industry. I remember when I did my first video for Bobbie Tawse and there was a short scene where she spanked me. I can’t remember what I did to deserve it but Bobbie spanked very hard and since she was my director on the shoot I wasn’t about to cut. She didn’t go that long as I think she could sense we were at the edge of my limit and and she was most considerate but after the shoot I was telling people “Bobbie is a really hard spanker.” Their reaction was “Um, Yeah- you should have done your homework”

I knew it was going to hurt with Kelly Payne and I was up for it. She spanked me with her little hand that packs a wallop, hairbrushes and paddles. It helps that Kelly compliments your “luscious ass” between takes and at the end of the shoot I would have let Kelly do anything she wanted to me and I’m not even bisexual. Now that’s a spanking! Sorry guys- all Kelly wanted to do was get to the next scene where Anastasia Pierce got it long and hard!

Lana is one of my models that people are dying to see me spank and me have never explored that territory but before I ride the Lana ride again- we will. She is the space mountain of spanking as you are hurled all over the place and barely have time to catch your breath. She makes you laugh a lot as well so it’s a challenge not to hyperventilate. You get the most amazing endorphin rush from a Lana spanking and I know just what my models are going through when they buck and kick over her knee. I love being behind the camera when Lana works her magic but it may be a while before I grow the balls to get over her knee again.

Recently I have been surrendering the booty to Miss Chris for scene on a few of my sites. She is so skilled and fair you really feel like she is the absolute right person to be issuing the correction, and she is going to take you past your threshold in a safe and sane way. I love to have Miss Chris play characters like a cop or a hardworking mom as i feel she is exudes an upstanding citizen vibe, and her spankings help me grow as a person. Maybe that is why so many people seek real life counsel from Miss Chris. I am sure she could have been a judge but i am so glad she’s a domina.

I’ll end this piece with fond memories of Chelsea Pfeiffer. Although I haven’t been spanked by Chelsea lately, we are proud of the video collection we have together. While our true chemistry is as switches, she is a harder spanker than I am and when she had me over her knee I always knee two things. One- I was getting a great spanking and secondly, we were making fans happy. I also switched with the gorgeous Veronica Daniels and a switch video with a broad my age my favorite thing to work on. And as Kelly would say, when I get a cougar over my knee she always has “A luscious ass.” I mean that with no disrespect to the gorgeous little cupcakes I have switched with thru the years, some who really tear up Momma Clare’s ass, but that’s a different subject and I’ll write about it when I have a few drinks down the hatch to ease the special humiliaition that comes from being spanked by a 21 year old…


My Real Life Spanking Pleasure

When I have a boyfriend, which isn’t very often, I will quickly get round to introducing him to my vanilla friends.  One of the main purposes in having a boyfriend is that you have someone to do things with.  You  are no longer that awkward third wheel your friends are trying to set up with someone “super nice” who has no car. My last boyfriend was very eager to go out and do things as a couple but then I discovered, it wasn’t him- I really just don’t like going out. That’s why running 6 websites from my home is so great for me.  Naturally my friends who know what I do will start to ask the spanking questions.  “So does she spank you?”  A drunk buddy will say at a party to my new boyfriend.  You can tell non spankos a million times  you prefer to be spanked in real life – it doesn’t matter.  You take a couple of thousand photos of you in heels, holding a paddle, it sticks, go figure.  The boyfriend, even though he would secretly love me to spank him willl say “No way, dude” and then later that night lay a misplaced whack somewhere between my tailbone and kidneys to refute my drunk friend’s comment.  Then I just remind my new boyfriend that i see spanking all day, don’t need it in real life. Goodnight, love.

surprise ass spanking

But it’s so nice to have it.  There is an exiting humiliation when someone refuses to believe you can take or leave a spanking. Six freaking websites and even if he has never spanked anyone before he will do his homework and give you what he knows you need.  It is very hard to act as though you’re tired of spanking when you’re over someone’s knee, squirming, rubbing your hand over their ankle until the next swat makes everything bounce in the air. As long as they don’t get  too carried away with an implement they have never seen before, you very much enjoy being topped.  I don’t know if other models feel the same way, but there is something very sexy about being “busted” Maybe that would be a good video when one models finds out another has been doing a little more than bikini pictures this summer. Turns out she saw something on the web.  As a friend of her family’s she thinks it’s best the girl tells her parents, but there’s always another way they can work it out.  Alright, back to the fantasy but as ’09 is not over, I vow to explore more in reality.

Clare Fonda ass spanking

Spanking Postions

As a producer I get a lot of mail requesting various positions and while most viewers seem to feel that bottoms are great any way you look at them, they do seem to have their favorites.  I get a lot of requests for the diaper position and we rarely show it as it seems to be a hard one to spank from and not so traditional.  Since I also do an erotic diaper site I have tried to incorporate this position more on there.  I have nothing against it and I will say as a sub it feels wonderful, but as a domme I just don’t have the coordination to give a girl a good, long hard spanking with her legs up in the air.  This is something I will investigate further and I will say Leia-Ann Woods is very diaper-position friendly!  I hope she’s not cross at me for saying that.  Oh yes, I forgot – I’m the domme- on your back, girl – toes pointed.

Doggie style is a hot one with the model giving us a great view of everything when she is on her hands and knees, offering herself with very little cushion on her bottom and this spanking produces some great reactions.  Once when I shot Kailee she said this was her favorite position and the Cameraman took full advantage.  A tough girl like Kailee will keep herself firmly planted and take her whacks but I flew across the room after a blow from Miss Chris- fear as much as force  Some girls make better doggies than others!

Bent over a chair or the couch is popular and I feel best to do at the end of a shoot once the model trusts you.  I think it can look effective on video if you deliver sold whacks.  Amber Pixie Wells and Kailee are two girls who I have had nice scenes with while they are bent over the end of my bed taking it hard with a hairbrush. They are two models who need things taken to a higher level so they can find the right head-space.

OTK on the bed is popular as it is common and intimate to spank someone in their bedroom no matter what type of spanking this is. This is a favorite though for a mother/daughter settings when mom or aunty comes into the bedroom, lectures and then spanks.  I also love when someone is peeking through the door. I would think it is thrilling to be on the subby end of the spanking with someone watching in a subtle manner.

over the kneeOf course, our viewers tend to go for OTK on a hard-backed, armless chair more than anything. I like this as a top as it helps my posture and I also like it as a producer because if girl has an ounce of lazy in her she won’t be able to pull off an effective scene. Most models want to pull off best scene possible and a hardworking model will enjoy being on camera so much that she will kick and wiggle and make sure we see her pretty face.  The fact that girls can do this while the scene really hurts, just shows that fetish modeling is not an easy gig.  Enjoy the shot of Lana and Ace. I shot there scene a week ago and am still buzzing from it