Spanking Barbie – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Scorched
Approximate Running Time: 30.36 minutes

“Barbie, please bring my newspaper,” the commanding lady boss calls to her assistant. Barbie, the young blond office assistant, is not dressed appropriately for the office. She’s a pretty young girl with a long braid hanging down her back and a tiny mini skirt who obediently enters the office and places the newspaper on her boss’s desk. However, she doesn’t realize what is about to happen to her. Her inappropriate outfit earns her a spanking from her supervisor.

Spanking Barbie is turning them both on

Her boss glances up from some documents she is reading and studies the young girl carefully then decides to take a closer look. The young girl is wearing a mini mini skirt that just barely covers her beautiful bottom. A casual flip up of the mini mini skirt reveals that she is not wearing any panties.

She is told to bend over the desk and her boss starts to gently spank her. At the moment, this is not a punishment spanking but rather a titillating one. You can see Barbie’s grin right after the very first smack.

Besides using her hand, her raven-haired boss also uses various paddles and straps that make Barbie’s bottom a sexy, deep pink. Barbie elicits squeals of pain and pleasure to show that her boss is not really hurting her.

While spanking Barbie she is put into the diaper position

Clearly, the squeals are of enjoyment as she is turned on. To add to the enjoyment, her boss gently spanks the lips of her wet, juicy pussy and makes Barbie purr in approval.

The pain and the ecstacy when spanking Barbie

Barbie’s position changes several times,  from bending over the desk to kneeling on it and even lying on her back on the desk, with her legs up in the diaper position.

It is not clear if Barbie has learned her lesson or been encouraged to not wear panties for the office.

But the viewers are treated to a wonderful view of a beautiful girls stunning, sexy ass and a juiced up cunt, while the boss is spanking Barbie.

Petite Lesbian Spanking

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Scorched
Starring: Sandra
Approximate Running Time: 30.21 minutes

Sandra a petite redhead has been summoned by her mistress to start her training as a submissive.

Her mistress teaches her to please

Being more than happy to succumb to all of her mistress’s wishes, she raises no objection to being stripped naked and spanked. First she is introduced to a hand spanking – this is followed by a crop that makes her moan softly in unison with her mistress.

As the crop cracks across her tender cheeks, she wriggles her bottom provocatively.

Her mistress spreads hercheeks

Her mistress puts her in several positions from over her knee to lying on her back in the diaper position while the stingy crop makes her bottom even more red and sore.

Getting excited

When she is ordered to lick and such her mistress’s pussy she is well up for it.

A finger fucking good time

Then it is her turn. Sandra is thrilled when her mistress finger fucks her extremely wet throbbing pussy – bringing her to a noisy orgasm.


Studio: Spanked at Home

Starring Kathrin; Alex

Approximate Running Time: 07.50 minutes

Alex is set eating his breakfast, when Kathrin shows him his white trousers – that she has ruined.

She had washed them with something red so the colours had run and he now had pink trousers.

He’s furious with her for being so careless.

Ordering her to undress completely – he then tells her to lie on the bed.

He orders her to strip

He holds her legs up by the ankles so that she is in the diaper position and starts hitting her with the slipper. Her poor bottom is already very sore from a recent spanking; soon it’s a lot sorer.

She is in the diaper position

But he isn’t finished with her yet. He leaves her lying on the bed – making a futile attempt at rubbing away the soreness.

When he returns, he has brought the cane with him.

He uses the cane

She is so humiliated with the position she’s in and he canes her sore bottom time and time again, until her bottom is a mass of cane marks and is very sore and tender.

It is to be hoped that she will be more careful with her household duties in future because Alex has made it very clear what she can expect if it happens again.

Playing Ill

Studio: Spanked at Home

Running Time: 10.36 minutes

Starring: Alex and Maggy

Alex finds Maggy is still in bed and he knows she should be at school taking an important exam.

Maggy is ill

She lies on the bed rolling about in agony, clutching her stomach and she tells him, she’s not feeling at all well and she has a fever.

She breathes on the thermometer

Alex leaves the room and returns with a thermometer. Putting it under her arm he again leaves the room. Maggy removes the thermometer from under her arm several times and breathes on it, in an attempt to make the mercury rise. When Alex comes back and checks the thermometer, he is not at all convinced that Maggy does have a temperature.

He inserts the thermometer into her anus

So he orders her to lie on her back on the bed and he removes her knickers. Then he holds both her ankles in one hand and pulls her legs up into the diaper position. He places the thermometer into her anus. After waiting a few minutes, he removes it and checks it. It shows normal. So he realises that Maggy is not ill but trying it on.

Telling her to kneel up on the bed, with her bare bottom stuck in the air, he starts hand spanking her – first on one cheek then on the other.

Awaiting her punishment

Once again, he leaves the bedroom after instructing Maggy to stay in position.

He comes back with a thin whippy cane and starts hitting Maggy with it. She gyrates her bottom in an effort to avoid the inevitable caning.

He canes her

Finally, with another half dozen hand spanks, he tells Maggy to get dressed and go to school.

She gets dressed