The Discipline of Sasha – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: and

Approximate Running Time: 27.54 minutes

In’s The Discipline of Sasha, cute, blond Sasha is such a naughty girl. She got her sweaty little hands on a porno magazine and she knows from previous experience that her mistress Lady Venus has forbidden her to read such trash. But while the cat’s away…

Guiltily, Sasha sneaks into the house clutching the dirty magazine. Sitting on the wooden steps, she riffles through the pages until she finds a particular page that obviously turns her on. Her hand moves under her short, plaid, schoolgirl skirt and she pushes aside the crotch of her panties to play with her swollen clit.

With her other hand she tugs at her cropped tank top and plays with her stiffened nipples.

She is so engrossed in what she is doing she doesn’t hear Lady Venus come home earlier than expected.

“What are you doing?” Lady Venus demands to know. “What are you hiding behind your back?”

“Nothing, Ma’am,” Sasha whispers.

Lady Venus is annoyed with her and intends to discipline Sasha

However, Lady Venus insists on hearing the truth and makes Sasha hand over the magazine.

Now Lady Venus is going to discipline submissive Sasha.

Her wrists are manacled together and she is told to hold on to the beam above her head.

Lady Venus finds it difficult to keep her hands off the young girl. Under the pretext of spanking Sash, Lady Venus gently rakes her long, manicured nails up and down the squirming girl’s inner thighs.
Sasha’s pretty little ass is turning a lovely shade of red – due to a hand spanking by her mistress.

Turning Sasha's bottom red in the discipline of Sasha

Having been told to let go of the beam and bend over the banister, Sasha is then spanked with a riding crop.

Then it’s time for another change of position and she drapes herself over Lady Venus’s knee for a bare bottom, otk spanking.

An otk spanking in the discipline of Sasha

Lady Venus makes Sasha promise never to disobey her again after Sasha’s bottom has been turned deep crimson.

Her mistress shows her softer side by giving Sasha a loving hug.

The riding crop further reddens her bottom - in the discipline of Sasha

The discipline of Sasha is over and the young girl is allowed to get on with her chores.

Disciplinarian Mom


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer and Casey Calvert

Approximate Running Time: 25.59 minutes

Mom is extremely agitated. Her unemployed twenty-three-year-old spoiled daughter has been out all night.

Now it is next morning and her errant daughter saunters in carrying a half-empty vodka bottle.

Her mother is furious. Where has she been and who was she with? Mom had been out of her mind with worry, imagining all sorts of things that could have happened to her daughter.

This girl needs discipline

The worst part is the selfish girl had been driving her mother’s car while being intoxicated.

So now mom is about to give her naughty daughter the spanking of her life.

She insists on the young girl removing all her clothing – this was meant to further humiliate her daughter. She hauled the struggling, protesting perpetrator over her knee.

Mom starts to disipline her daughter

Initially, she uses her hand to redden the cute little bottom. Then she brings out a heavy hairbrush.

When swinging her arm was restricted – she told her daughter to bend over a low coffee table. This meant the target bottom was well up and ready to receive the paddle.

Cleansing her dirty slut  of a daughter

Eventually, she sends the young girl to bring a special exercise bench into the room. She then ties the girl to the bench and carries on with the spanking / paddling – without any interference from the protesting girl.

Finally, she cleanses the girl with an enema.

A job well done

The tearful daughter is by now ashamed of herself and promises to start seriously looking for a job. Her mother is pleased to hear this and hopes she never has to repeat the spanking. She doesn’t really want to be a strict disciplinarian mom.

Doctor of Discipline — California Star

doctor spanking

A girlfriend once told me about a medical check-up she’d
had. She undressed for the doctor. He touched her
manipulated her, examined her. She did everything he
asked, willingly and submissively.

I told her I was jealous. “Okay,” she challenged me, “what
would you do if you were a doctor and I were your
patient?” Thus began one of the most erotic episodes
of my life.

I love role-playing the doctor/patient relationship. I
love the transfer of power that occurs when a woman walks into a doctors office and presents herself as a patient.

He tells her undress. He tells her to lie down. He
touches her as he deems appropriate. And, in Doctor of
Discipline from California Star, he spanks her as well. Spanks her, straps her and canes her.

The first patient in the video is Miss Larson, an attractive and professionally-attired blond in her twenties. She’s been to this doctor before. She claims to not be getting any better, but the doctor thinks she’s simply not been taking her medicine. This is the pretext for her punishment.

There are numerous nice touches in this video. One is that Miss Larson has a throat condition. When asked to
undress, or when her naughty areas are touched by the
doctor, she asks questions like “is this really necessary?”
Of course it is, she is reassured. And she submits.

Another nice touch is the presence and activity of the office nurse, who is complicit with the doctor. She wants the spanking to happen. She backs him up in whatever he says. The reluctant, questioning patient is in effect double-teamed by both doctor and nurse.

It’s a furthering of the loss of power that a patient undergoes. She’s outnumbered, at the mercy of two white-garbed professionals. If she questions one, the other sides against her. The patient’s helplessness is more complete. The nurse even helps hold Miss Larsen down during the punishment.

Another nice touch: after Miss Larson’s caning, she is allowed to stay for in the examination room for the next
patient. And who will be the next patient? Lisa James,
chronic bed-wetter.

Miss James is a beautiful young woman with long dark hair,
pale skin and a great smile. She takes a short but hard
session of spanking, strapping and caning. Her grimaces
are deliciously sexy, as are her moans and gasps.

Miss Larson, the first patient, watches and even takes part in certain aspects of Miss James’ “therapy”. Again, it’s a furthering the patient’s helplessness, a complete invasion of her privacy. Not only is she stripped and spanked, but strangers get to watch and even take part.

After the two patients are spanked, the haughty office
nurse gets a session from the doctor as well. It seems
that the doctor feels she is in need of some “therapy”.

“Oh, Doctor”, she moans over and over as he swats her bare bottom. “Doctor, please.” Previously, in the office,
she’d been in control. Now she’s gasping in pain. It’s a
pleasure to watch the turnabout. He straps her and she
wriggles like mad, begging him to stop. “I’ll never be
late again,” she promises. When it’s all over, she
remains in position, a dreamy, faraway look in her eyes.
“Oh doctor, you’re the best,” she says.

Review for Lack of Consideration

domestic spanking

Starring Arnold and Justine

(Running Time of the Movie 11.35 mins)

From Spanked at Home Studios

Justine’s mother has gone away on holiday and she has asked Justine to take care of her cat.

During the night it rained heavily and the cat was outside. The next morning, the cat was nowhere to be seen.

Arnold is very annoyed with her for being so inconsiderate and he gives her a spanking that she’s not likely to forget.

The spanking starts

He orders Justine to kneel on a pale blue armchair. He lifts her skirt, to reveal that she is wearing a pink thong that leaves her bottom completely unprotected.

Using a heavy black leather paddle he strikes her with it several times. She is squealing and whimpering as her very spankable bottom changes from white to pink to red. Arnold pulls down her knickers, her shaven pussy is then on full view. While he’s strapping her, she has to count each stroke and thank him for it.

He pulled her knickers down

She has to take all her clothes off. He gets impatient with her and tells her to hurry up. The problem was, the fastening on her skirt was stuck.

Then, she is again kneeling on the chair. Her bottom is well up and rounded.

He changes from the paddle to a lighter strap again making her count the strokes.

All the time he is lecturing her. Putting aside the strap and paddle, he hand spanks her.

He also warns her, that if the cat does not come home, she will be in trouble again.

Finally, he orders her to kneel up on the chair with her hands on her head.

She kneels on the chair - hands on head.

Arnold goes down stairs, leaving her kneeling there, rubbing her bottom.

Spanked at Home is a fairly new studio. At times during the movie, the sound and the action are not in sync. This spoils what could be a good video.

But if you can ignore this cock up, you will enjoy seeing Justine get her comeuppance once again.

Tardy gets caned again

Studio: Desade Productions
Title: Tardy gets caned again

girl butt spank

Mark has enough of Tardy been late so he tells her that instead of been 10 minutes earlier in future it`s now going to be 20 minutes, she scowls at him so he decides to drive his point home, Tardy bares her bottom and kneels on the ottoman, Mark starts with 190 lashes of the belt this is rapid fire in both the speed it`s delivered and the heat in her bottom she yelps and she eeks like a mad mouse throughout her ordeal.
Next Mark brings the Paddle it is a large wooden sheriffs paddle with holes in it and you just know that Tardy is going to regret that scowl if the last few minutes are anything to go by. Mark then slowly applies 15 of the paddle and she squeals and bucks like a bronco for every one of them.
Tardy has a reasonable figure and you can practically feel her bottom getting warmer as you watch it mark up nicely. This film is short and sweet and well worth watching 20 minutes of nonstop action.

red bottom picture
bruised bottom picture

Rumors – Discipline Spanking

Title: Rumors/Rumours

Studio: Slippery Cat Studios, Kelly Payne Productions

Running Time: 41 minutes

Year: 2000

Starring: Daisa, Sara

Number of scenes: 5

Category: F/f spanking

Rating: 9 out of 10

Now THIS is a spanking video!

I love this movie. If you enjoy discipline spanking and don’t mind bruising, you will probably really enjoy this offering from Slippery Cat Studios and Kelly Payne Productions. I will definitely be checking out their other offerings!

The plot of the movie is fairly simple. Daisa, a beautiful, young, curvaceous wife, finds out that her husband has been cheating on her with her best friend Sara. She confronts Sara, who agrees to be punished, in the hopes that Daisa will forgive her and continue to be her friend.

The beauty of this movie lies in the execution of this very basic premise. Both actresses are convincing, handle their dialogue beautifully, and do a great job of projecting the emotions their characters are experiencing. Their body language is realistic, given the situation, and they never fall out of character. In short, it is pretty easy to suspend disbelief and feel like you are viewing a real discipline spanking between friends.

discipline-spanking1In the first scene, Daisa is in her bedroom, sitting on her bed, talking with her friend Gloria on the phone. We only hear Daisa’s side of the conversation, but it becomes apparent that she is upset, and she swears that she will confront “Sara” soon.

Daisa is a beautiful, curvy, fit woman who appears to be in her 20s. In this video she has her long black hair pulled up in a loose ponytail, and wears high heels, hoop earrings, and a very sexy short, red sleeveless dress.

After the phone call, the camera cuts to a scene later that day (or the next). Daisa’s friend Sara enters the room, and the two begin to talk. Sara is a bit overweight, but is on the lighter end of the BBW spectrum. She has shoulder-length black hair, and wears a black blouse with black pants. She has a couple of large black spots on her body, which may be moles or bruises, but they are not distracting. Unfortunately, she has a full bush of pubic hair, which is not to my taste, but that’s a minor thing when compared to all the positive points of the movie.

Daisa starts out by chit-chatting with Sara as if nothing is discipline-spanking2wrong. Daisa had gone to a party Saturday night, and wants to know what Sara had done that evening. Sara claims to have spent the night alone. Daisa continues to question her, then starts pushing Sara for the truth. Sara eventually admits that she had not spent Saturday night alone – she spent it with Daisa’s husband, Eric, having sex.

discipline-spanking3Daisa explodes, and Sara starts to apologize, but tries to justify her behavior, as well. Daisa questions how a friend could do something like that, and tears down every excuse that Sara makes. She refuses to accept statements like “it just happened,” “we were drunk,” and “it will never happen again.” Finally, Sara says those fateful words “I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”

A dubious Daisa finally tells her that she is going to give her a “long, hard spanking.” She has Sara remove all her clothes, and pulls up a straight-backed, armless metal chair. She puts Sara over her knees, and starts spanking her, HARD.

The verbal confrontation between the two is very realistic (up until the spanking part, of course), and they both do a great job in making it believable. It isn’t easy to scold someone in a video for 40 minutes without sounding repetitive, but Daisa manages to pull it off. I never lost focus on their dialogue, which can be easy to do when it is punctuated by loud slaps and shrieks and moans.

Daisa spanks Sara very hard, and never lightens up. Her handspanking is very intense, but she really gets serious when she switches to different implements. Though the spanking starts out on the chair, it soon moves to the bed, where Sara is made to lay on her stomach.

There are three implements that are used: a round wooden paddle, a discipline-spanking4leather paddle (briefly), and a strap. The round paddle is particularly brutal – you can see the bruises forming on Sara’s butt early on, and they get bigger and bigger throughout the video. The strapping was very well done and very hard. Daisa demonstrates complete control of the strap, even though it is fairly long. There are no abrupt scene switches or other trickery here – this was a very, very, very hard session, and Sara holds up admirably.

Throughout the spanking, Sara continues to apologize, but Daisa doesn’t want simple apologies – she wants to know why Sara would do such a thing, and she wants to be convinced that she will not do so again. Daisa continues to grill her – was she first attracted to Eric because she heard all of Daisa’s sexual secrets? Is she doing this to anyone else? Sara continues to claim that it was a one-time drunken mistake, but Daisa doesn’t buy it.

After a while, Daisa suddenly says “I’m going to give it to you really good Sara, just like my husband did.” She pulls out a large clear dildo and tells Sara to “spread those cheeks.” After lubing the dildo and Sara’s asshole, she pushes it in and starts to twist it around. Sara begs her to take it out, saying that it hurts, but she stops protesting as much after Daisa switches to a regular in-and-out stroke. Daisa continues to spank her on and off as she works the dildo.

discipline-spanking5Daisa eventually pulls out a strapon, pulls up her dress, and puts it on over her panties. She orders Sara to get on her hands and knees, and begins to fuck her in the pussy, while still spanking her. At this point, Daisa begins to moan, though more in pleasure than pain. Daisa keeps asking her who fucks her better, and Sara admits that Daisa does it better than Eric.

Though Daisa tells Sara “I’m not doing this for you to enjoy it,” Sara obviously DOES enjoy it. She also seems to enjoy the anal beads that follow, and the rubber-gloved anal fingerfucking after that. Finally, Daisa inserts a buttplug, and works it in and out of Sara’s ass as she spanks her.

After more than 30 minutes of hard punishment, Daisa has Sara get on her knees on the floor. She says “Tell me how you feel.” Sara is sufficiently contrite, so Daisa forgives her, but warns her that “it’s not going to be the same” from now on. That is probably a bit of foreshadowing, since this video is part of a trilogy.

The camera work in this movie is very good for a small production of this sort, and the angles are perfect. There is one technical problem – the audio portion has a background hum, and there are times when the voices echo a bit. This is most noticeable before the spanking action begins, though, and I didn’t find it distracting after that.

As I noted before, there is a lot of bruising in this movie – Sara’s butt is black and blue by the end of it. If this bothers you, then this probably isn’t the movie for you. If you don’t mind bruising, though (or if you like it), I would strongly recommend that you watch it.