Spanked for Twerking– A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Joelle Barros, Christy Cutie , Sarah Gregory, Keith Jones

Approximate Running Time: 53.38 minutes

Sarah is meant to be an example to her two younger cousins – Joelle and Christy. Unfortunately, she leads them into trouble and they all end up being spanked for twerking.

They didn’t know how to twerk, so Sarah gives them a demonstration. After some practicing and giggling, the girls decide to go out clubbing and show the other clubbers what twerking is all about.

Joelle and Christy realise the being spanked for twerking is not fun

However, their Uncle Penwyn sees a video of the three girls in action on YouTube. He is utterly disappointed with his three nieces and texts Sarah with strict instructions to spank the two younger girls. Sarah admits that she was the one who put the video on YouTube. So, as per Uncle Penwyn’s orders, she reluctantly gives them both a good over the knee spanking – by hand, hairbrush, and cane on their bare asses.

Now it is Christy's turn to be spanked for twerking

Unnoticed by them, Uncle Penwyn comes into the room unannounced. As he has been stuck in traffic for over three hours, he’s not in a good mood. He announces to them that his secretary was the one who found the video of them “tweeking.” The girls giggle as he asks about the dance and then try to explain it to him. He is disgusted that his own kin would partake is such a classless activity.

As Joelle and Chrisy’s bottoms have gone back to their normal pale colours, he’s not convinced that she has spanked her naughty younger cousins. So, he takes it on himself to spank all three of them – so they will know they have been spanked for twerking.

He gives each girl in turn a severe hand spanking – leaving Sarah, the ringleader, till last.

As they all have four years to go at university and he has paid for their studies, he expects them to get straight As.

All three girls have sore red bottoms – and they end up having a family hug.

After all lthree girls had been spanked for twerking, they have a family hug

Once Uncle Penwyn has gone back to the office, the three naughty girls – with a great deal of giggling-make plans to go clubbing, despite having been spanked for twerking – have they learned their lesson?

Spanking Video Review – Samara Spanking


Starring: Samara

Approximate Running Time: 16.27 minutes

As the bright sunshine streams through her bedroom window – Samara is still sleeping like a baby.

Her big brother, not realizing that she is still in bed, comes into her room looking for his phone.

In bed before her spanking

He’s obviously feeling very resentful – why his little sister gets away with murder, while he takes corporal spanking from their father for the stupidest reasons. Although Samara does have a job, she is inclined to take days off when she is tired and wants to sleep in.

Samara gets her spanking

So big brother decides to take his resentment out by spanking his sister’s spoiled bottom.

The bed covers are unceremoniously dragged off her sleeping form, and he begins dealing Samara a spirited hand spanking.

He progressively removes her pajamas and knickers – while shifting her position and spanking her ever reddening wobbling bottom cheeks. Until eventually he puts her naked body over his knee for a further otk spanking.

He inserts a thermometer while spanking her

As she tells him she’s sick and can’t go to work, he inserts a thermometer into her anus – when it beeps, it shows her temperature is normal. So he carries on spanking her for a few more minutes.

he carries on with the spanking

But he has a job to go to, so he tells her to get dressed and she should also go to work.

He leaves her rubbing her sore red bottom.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Red Stripe

schoolgirl spanking

“Mummy, please stop it hurts”
“Put your hands down, Monica, you naughty girl, lie still…”
“But, mummy it’s not fair”

This little tid-bit pretty accurately describes the banter between the “mother” and “daughter” that star in this amateur British spanking video.

I’d say, that for the most part, they do a pretty good job at recreating the “schoolgirl” spanking fantasy. Young Monica has an adorable accent, and plays the part of a naughty schoolgirl who’s had one too many run ins with her head-mistress… and now it’s time for her to learn proper etiquette from her furious mum.

For the first segment, there’s no slow build. There’s a little character introduction and then the action starts quite abruptly. I would have loved to hear what sort of mischief young Monica was getting into at school before her disciplining began. It’s only later, when the plot moves both mother and daughter to the head mistress’s office, that we learn a little bit more about the naughty schoolgirl.

So, mother and daughter spanking. Again, there’s no build, it just sort of jumps into red rump. Monica has a very sweet little ass that looks exceptionally good either clothed or bare. Her creamy skin tone gives a nice canvass for her mother to paint swathes of red across, something she does with controlled measure. Hand spankings warm the flesh, and it’s not long before Monica begins to whimper.

There’s no struggle at first, as Monica seems to think that her punishment will be swift, but once mum brings out a flat back-scratcher, you can see the desperation build in the schoolgirl’s doe eyes. Once the back-scratcher starts to break vessels Monica starts to resist her disciplining. This is when it gets good. The tension between Monica as she tries to sheild her raw bottom from her mum’s heavy blows, and her mum who wants nothing more to engrain her lessons into her daughters plump bottom is enough to make you want more.

And then, they give you more. The plot moves mum and daughter to the headmistress’s office where the sullen Monica will be thoroughly walloped again. This was actually a nice direction for the video. The headmistress is very sexy in her tight, black dress, and comes across perfectly. She’s so dominating, that she even requires that Monica’s mum take some licks to make sure that she’s aware of the proper techniques for keeping her daughter in line.

mother daughter spanking

I’m a sucker for female-on-female spankings, so I enjoyed the plot thoroughly. And although I felt I would have liked a little more artistry in terms of building up the intensity of the spanking, I have to say that there was something consistent about the pace of the video and all the spanking implements that it used. Poor Monica’s sweet ass get’s hand spanked OTK-style, paddled, and caned, leaving her sweet bottom awash in red bursts and stripes. Makes my mouth water to think about it.

Something that sort of interferes with the video are some of its technical elements, one of which is the constant angle changes on part of the editor. I would have liked it a bit more had they not used as many shots. It took some of the believability out of the action. Other technical issues that might irk a few is that they didn’t really white-balance the camera, so some of the shots are really hot and blown out. In a way, the multiple angles helps this, so you’re never stuck with a shitty shot for too long.

The audio quality was fairly decent, which was nice being that Monica and her mum did a nice job with playing their parts. But, the headmistress, who gives the best performance, has audio levels that make it difficult to hear what she’s saying at times.

Even though it has it’s technical short-comings, and a little trouble with the pacing, I have no problem accepting this video. It’s amateur content. And don’t we have to pay those prices to get real spanking content?

Like Mother, Like Daughter