Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-Four

The spanking story so far ……

After being sentenced to a public spanking on the following Monday, Tazeline and Margie are led back to their cell. The warder who escorted them back to their cell was curious and wanted to know what they had done wrong, to warrant a public spanking. However, the girls ignored him, except for Tazeline telling him to piss off.

He has now returned with three other warders and hopes the girls are going to be more co-operative.

But, Tazeline still uncommunicative tells him again to piss off and lies face down on her bunk bed.

Strong hands lift her easily off the bed. Now what’s going to happen to her?>

Now read on ……

Tazeline had been lifted from the bed and was now dumped over the knee of the Head Warder.

‘Right fraulein, you have already got a red bum, but it’s nothing like as red as it’s going to be.’ the head warder, jiggled her about over his knee. Raising his right arm, he brought his big hard hand down on her bare red bottom.

‘Ouch!’ she screamed, wriggling about over his knee in an effort to escape any further spanks like she had just received. ‘Let me go, you lousy rotten swine.’

‘Really fraulein, using language like that is not helping you one bit.’ He raised his arm again and brought it down hard on her other cheek. Several spanks later and Tazeline was still screaming and swearing at him.

‘Herr Schmidt, would you like to take over, maybe if you use your thick leather belt on her, she might be more co-operative.’ The head warder pushed her off his knee and she landed on all fours. She attempted to scramble to her feet, but wasn’t quick enough as Herr Schmidt, lifted her off the carpet and she found herself draped over his knee.

He was left handed, so his left hand made its impression on her by now sore red bottom.

When he paused, she again tried to escape, but he had only paused in order to pull his belt out of its loops. Taking a firm grip on it, he started hitting her with it.
‘Now fraulein, how many strokes of this belt will it take to make you into a sweet little girl?’

‘Let me go you brute,’

‘Okay, let’s liven things up a bit,’ the head warder broke in. ‘We’ll have a round robin.’

He directed the other three warders to tie her down over a bar stool.

Meanwhile, poor Margie who had been watching all that was going on, with a look of horror on her face, now found herself also tied down over a bar stool.

Now what’s going to happen to the two defenseless girls?

To be continued ……

Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-Three

The spanking story so far ……

The magistrate asked to see the faces of the two naughty girls who were in the dock – bending down, touching their toes, with their bare bottoms on full view to the magistrate and the rest of the court.

Tazeline and Margie straightened up and turned to face the magistrate.

The magistrate gave a gasp. ‘You two again,’ she said, as she recognised them.

Now read on ……

Tazeline wished she hadn’t been so rude to Sally the stewardess, when they were on their way to Berlin.

The magistrate interrupted Tazeline’s thoughts. ‘Do you remember what I said I’d do to you if you were my daughter?’

‘Yes ,’ Tazeline whispered.

‘Speak up, I want the court to hear what you are saying.’ The magistrate peered over her glasses at Tazeline, who stood there visibly shaking.

‘Right, so start again and tell the court what it was I said to you.’

‘Y-y-you said that if I was your daughter, you’d ………’ Tazeline hesitated.

‘Come on young lady, speak up,’ the magistrate was getting impatient. ‘You had a lot to say for yourself, last time we met, didn’t you?’

‘I’m sorry,’ Tazeline said.

‘Yes I’m sure you are now, however, what did I say I would do to you.’

‘You’d put me over your knee and spank me.’

‘That’s correct, it’s exactly what I said.’ The magistrate stood up. ‘I will now pass sentence on you.’

Tazeline bit her lower lip so hard, she could taste blood.

‘I’m going to personally give you a public spanking. Recorder of the court, please ensure that these two young ladies are unclothed and ready for a public spanking, in the square on Monday morning next week.’

‘Yes ma’am, what time?’ the court recorder asked.

‘Make it ten o’clock, I’ll carry out the punishment before I go into court.’
The two girls were led back to their cells.

‘You frauleins must have done something to make the magistrate take a personal interest in you,’ the prison warder said.

Neither of the girls answered him.

‘You will acknowledge when I speak to you,’ he said.

Tazeline and Margie still remained silent.

‘How dare you ignore me,’ he pushed them roughly into their cell, locking the door behind them.

‘I will be back in thirty minutes,’ he said. ‘Maybe you will be a bit more co-operative by then.’

Exactly thirty minutes later he returned, but he was not alone,there were three more warders with him.

‘Right frauleins, are you going to be a bit more talkative now?’

‘You can all piss off,’ Tazeline sat on the bunk bed that had been allotted to her.

‘Fraulein, you would be advised to think before you speak in future.’

‘Make your mind up,’ Tazeline retorted. ‘It’s only half an hour ago and you were not happy cos we didn’t speak to you.’

‘I’m warning you fraulein.’

‘Piss off,’ she repeated, lying face down on the bed.

Strong hands lifted her easily off the bed.

What’s going to happen to her now?

To be continued ……

Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-Two

The spanking story so far ……

Tazeline and Margie have been reunited; in the morning, they are to appear before the magistrate, accused of corrupting the crew of the helicopter that was on a rescue mission.

Now read on ……

It was six o’clock in the morning and the two girls were awakened, their own clothing was returned to them – newly washed and ironed – just their knickers were missing.

‘Hurry up Frauleins, you will have some breakfast, then the car will be here, to take you to the Magistrates Court in Berlin,’ the prison governor tells them sternly. The two girls had an attack of the giggles.

‘Frauleins, this is no laughing matter,’ he said. ‘You have been very naughty girls and you need to be punished severely.’

Once the girls realized that he was not joking, they did become apprehensive. What would the magistrate say or do?

The Town Hall clock was chiming eleven as the car that was ferrying the two girls to the magistrate’s court arrived and the girls were helped out of the car.

‘No Fraulein leave your skirt up, do not try to cover up your bottom,’ the chauffeur spun Tazeline round and gave her a hard slap across her naked bottom.

‘Please,’ she said to him, ‘I can’t walk through the streets like this.’

‘This is all part of your punishment,’ he said. ‘You rich English girls come here to Berlin thinking you can say or do whatever you like. Now move yourselves; the magistrate is a stickler for punctuality.’

The courtroom was very basic. The two friends stood in the dock bending down and touching their toes – their bare bottoms still showing the signs of a recent spanking.

‘What is the charge against these young Frauleins?’ the magistrate asked the Clerk of the Court, who answered, ‘Your Honor, they corrupted the crew of the helicopter that went to rescue them from a fire at the Excelsior Hotel.’

‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘Are there any more charges against them?’

‘Yes, Your Honor, they resisted arrest and tried to smuggle drugs out of the prison.’

‘I can see I’m going to have to give these two naughty girls a severe sentence,’ she said. ‘Kindly tell them to turn around; I want to see their faces.’

The girls straightened up.

‘You two again,’ the magistrate said.

The magistrate recognized them.

What’s going to happen now?

To be continued ……

Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-One

The spanking story so far ……

Tazeline is feeling hot and turned on; however, her tormentors are withholding gratification from her unless she denounces who the prisoner is who gave her the package to look after for him.

Therefore, when the man himself is brought into the room and he comes up to her where she is lying on her back on an examination couch, with her feet up in stirrups and whispers to her, ‘Fraulein please ………’

What is he going to ask her?

Now read on ……

Tazeline was longing for a man’s cock ramming inside her, bringing her to a glorious climax. Now here was this man, pleading with her to give him away, to tell the prison officers that it was he that gave her the package.

She is unable to think straight, because she has this need and here is a man – naked from the waist down, his pulsating throbbing cock only inches from her hot wet pussy.

‘Please Fraulein, admit it was me.’

She could feel his hot breath fanning her face as he whispered to her.

Because of a buzzing in her head, she has difficulty concentrating on what he is saying and he has to repeat himself.

‘I’m in such terrible pain Fraulein,’ he moved closer to her. ‘They have given me some Viagra tablets and my erection means I have a hardon for the next thirty-six hours.’

She looked at his erection with longing in her eyes.

‘Admit it was me and they’ll let me get some relief.’ He moved even closer to her, letting the fingers of his right hand move up the inside of her trembling thighs. His knuckles brushed against her pussy, bringing forth an outpouring of her juices that dripped onto the sterile sheet she was lying on.

‘Taylor step back,’ the chief prison officer ordered him.

‘It was him, it was him that gave me the package,’ she shouted.

No sooner were the words out of her mouth – than two strong prison officers grabbed the semi naked man and dragged him from the room.

Tazeline could hear his cries of pain as he is led away.

Her attention is brought back to her own urgent need, that has been made even more pressing after his knuckle had touched her sopping wet pussy.

Now the buzzing in her head is getting louder and louder, suddenly, she feels the walls of her vagina stretching, the pain is horrific, but the prison officer relentlessly carries on pushing the dillido into her love passage – then the pain is gone and her love passage is fully dilated, causing her to rhythmically push back, her cries of pain change to shrieks of ecstasy.

‘I’m coming, I’m coming,’ she calls out – the dillido is being pushed and withdrawn from her eager pussy, faster and faster – as her orgasm comes in waves, washing over her body, heightening all her senses.

She had never before known an orgasm like it.

A loud cheer went up from the watching prison officers.

Gentle hands helped her off the examination couch and she is ushered out of the room and into a bathroom.

A scented bath has been run for her and she immerses herself into it.

The warm water soothes her.

After the welcome bath, she is given a new set of clothing – then finds herself reunited with Margie.

‘Frauleins, you will sleep now and in the morning, you will be appearing at the magistrates court.’

What is going to happen when they meet the magistrate?

To be continued ……

Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty

The spanking story so far ……

Tazeline stubbornly refused to say who gave her the package. So she was now being forced to watch her best friend Margie lying on an examination couch with her feet in stirrups – while a big black rubber dillido was being forcefully pushed into her hot wet pussy.

Now read on ……

Margie’s screams of pain hurt Tazeline’s ears and she pleaded with her captors to release her friend, but as she still kept her silence, for poor Margie the torture went on.

Then the high-pitched screams changed and Margie was now moaning softy, while rocking rhythmically and pushing her pussy forward to meet the dillido. The smile on Margie’s face was of pure joy. Tazeline found herself envying her friend.

The prison officers soon realised that their method of making Tazeline talk was not going to happen. Therefore, they had a discussion among themselves and despite straining her ears to hear, she couldn’t hear a thing.

Meanwhile, Margie exploded into an orgasm that had her convulsing for some time.

Once she had stopped shaking, she was released and walked bow legged across the room.

Tazeline was excited as she was placed on the examination couch – with her feet up in the stirrups. Then she waited for the glorious torture to start. However, thirty minutes later and she was still waiting.

The prison officer approached the examination couch and whispered in her ear. ‘Come on Fraulein, tell us who gave you the package then you can have the pleasure your friend just enjoyed.’

‘Piss off,’ was her answer.

He laughed, ‘we don’t have anyone here called that, wouldn’t you like to try again?’
Shaking her head, she didn’t answer.

It was then that the sound of shouting in the corridor came closer and the door was pushed open – and Bill the man who had entrusted her with the precious package was pushed into the room. He was minus his trousers and underpants. As he was frog marched up to the examination couch and saw Tazeline with her wet pussy in full view – his pulsating cock was swaying about as if it had a life of its own.

‘Just think Fraulein, that lovely dillido could be inside you – all you have to do is admit that this was the man who gave you the package,’ said her tormentor.

Shaking her head again, the man with the throbbing pulsating cock began to look extremely uncomfortable.

‘Fraulein please ……’

What is he about to ask her?

To be continued ……

Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Nine

The spanking story so far ……

Tazeline and Margie have caused havoc on the helicopter. Now they are being frog-marched to the jailhouse.

Now read on ……

It was decided to put them into the male prisoners’ section of the jail, so the men could get a few moments of pleasure.

There were ten men in the holding cells. The two girls with their hands still handcuffed together, had their sore red bottoms on full display. There were wolf whistles and guffaws from the men.

Then the excited girls were led from cell to cell. They had to bend down with their bottoms stuck up in the air and within reach of each prisoner.

Most of the men stroked the two girls’ bottoms and occasionally slipped their fingers into the girls’ hot wet pussies. Yet one of the prisoners, hearing the commotion had his cock out of his trousers by the time the procession had reached him. His ramrod cock was twitching and pulsating – and his steaming cum spurted out all over Margie’s bottom.

However, one of the men pushed something into Tazeline’s crack, whispering to her to clench her cheeks in order to keep the packet from slipping out. He also told her to ask to see the Guvnor and tell him she had something for him from Bill.

Poor Tazeline had some difficulty in walking, but she did manage to conceal the package.

Unfortunately, on reaching the holding cell – dedicated for naughty girls, they were stripped of all their clothing. It was then that Tazeline sneezed – causing the packet to slip out of its hiding place and falling at the feet of the prison officer who had been frisking her.

‘Who gave you that?’ the prison officer asked her.

Tazeline stubbornly refused to say anything.

‘You will tell me,’ he said.

Still she said nothing.

Then without any further warning, she was pulled over his knee. His big hard hand spanked her bottom, causing her to plead for mercy, as her sore bottom from earlier was once again made into a blazing inferno.

However, despite the pain she was in, she still said nothing.

‘Very well,’ the prison officer stood her on her feet. ‘Maybe your friend will help to loosen your tongue.’

He nodded to two of his men and they went and stood either side of Margie, then half carried and dragged her to an examination couch on the other side of the room. She was placed on her back and her feet were put into stirrups. A very large black rubber dillido was pushed roughly into her pussy. Tazeline had also been dragged across the room and was forced to watch and hear the cries of agony from her friend.

What will happen next?

To be continued ……

Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Eight

The spanking story so far ……

There is a fire at the Excelsior Hotel, where Tazeline and Margie are staying in the penthouse on the 120th floor. The four firemen that came to rescue them, had helped them and the two doormen to safety.

They had been led up to the roof, where a helicopter was waiting for them.

Being a very small helicopter, the crew of four men, said they could only take two passengers at a time, so they’d come back for the men as soon as possible.

What is going to happen to Margie and Tazeline, who are at the mercy of four randy airmen?

Now read on ……

The two girls looked at the four fit men and the four fit men looked at the girls. And every one of them had a twinkle in his or her eye.

The two girls turned their backs on the four men and swayed their hips, so that their sore, striped red bottoms were in full view.

‘Wow! Look at that arse,’ and one of the crew, moved purposefully towards Tazeline – who slowed down, giving him a sporting chance to catch up with her.

‘Come on you little tease,’ he said, caressing the hot cheeks of her bottom. His big hands moved in wide circles, over her twitching bottom. Her thighs parted – giving him a view of her sopping wet pussy.

His wandering hands pulled her cheeks apart and he quickly released his throbbing cock from the confines of his trousers and wasted no time inserting it into the dark musky smelling slit that was so ready for him.

As he thrust into her, she pushed back at him. His swelling cock filled her hole and she was so wet, there was nothing to stop it going all the way to the hilt.

Her climatic cries and his grunts of satisfaction were in chorus with those being made by Margie and her helicopter crewman.

The two men shot their load into the girls’ pussies at the same time. Then they were unceremoniously pushed aside by the other two members of the crew, who couldn’t wait to have their share of pussy.

Two of the crew were flying the helicopter. But as every man was a trained pilot, the guys who had already had their pleasure with the two girls, took over the controls, giving their colleagues the chance to also get rid of their dynamite juice.

Soon after, the warning lights came on, telling everyone to sit down and fasten their seat belts.

However, the cabin crew strapped the girls into their seats, so that they were bent down with their elbows resting on the seat and their bottoms stuck well up in the air. Once they were safely secured, the cabin crew sat down and strapped themselves in to the pull down seats that were meant for the crew.

When they suddenly hit some turbulence, the girls were alarmed to find their bottoms were set into motion and swayed erotically from side to side. This caused their heads to be pressed even deeper into the seat.

The turbulence stopped as suddenly as it had started.

Therefore, the two girls realised that they were helplessly at the mercy of these young fit bucks.

The helicopter landed and the girls heard a strange masculine voice. ‘What on earth is going on here?’ said a deep stern voice that made the girls’ stomachs loop the loop.

‘You girls are under arrest for corrupting my air crew.’ The disembodied voice barked out an order. ‘Handcuff these two hussies, then put them back in position.’

Strong hands released the seat belts that were holding them in place and their hands were pulled behind their backs and handcuffed together.

Then they found themselves pushed back into the seat, the seat belt again fastened round their waists and their bottoms again stuck up in the air.

The guy, who was giving the orders, now stepped forward, with the pretence of testing the girls’ seat belts – making sure these two wildcats were securely under control.

‘That should hold them, good work men.’ He voice was now husky.

He patted Margie’s bottom, ‘You’re a very naughty girl, corrupting my men like that, while they are doing their duty.’ He didn’t pat Tazeline’s bottom, but gave it a hard resounding spank.’ As for you young lady, anyone can tell – you are the ringleader.’ With a grunt, he pushed his purple headed, pulsating cock into Tazeline’s pussy. He grunted and groaned then pulling his cock out of her vagina, he shot his load of spunk all over the helpless bottom.

His cum trickled down the inside of her thighs – forming a pool on the carpet of the helicopter.

‘You wicked girl see what you’ve made me do.’ He tucked his by now limp cock back into his trousers.

Right, men take these prisoners to the jail house; they will be up before the magistrate in the morning.’

Now, what’s in store for Margie and Tazeline?

To be continued ……

Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Seven

The story so far ……

There is a fire at the Excelsior Hotel, where Tazeline and Margie are staying in the penthouse on the 120th floor. The message received by the fire chief on his walky talky was that the fire was out of control on the 100th floor.

Can the four firemen get the four occupants of the penthouse to safety?

Now read on ……

The fire chief, takes his position very seriously, and springs into action. Using the fireman’s lift, he slings Margie over his shoulder and strides to the fire escape. Her red-hot striped bottom is in full view for all to see.

Meanwhile, the fireman whose cock she has been sucking is kneeling on the floor, rocking backwards and forwards, cradling his injured manhood in his hands.

‘Come on man, go grab the other girl,’ the fire chief barked at the unfortunate fireman, who scrambled to his feet and set off to disentangle Tazeline from her impalement on one of the other firemen’s cock.

As the door of the fire escape opens, acrid smoke fills the lounge of the penthouse and all the occupants start coughing and spluttering.

Tazeline, starts screaming hysterically, fighting with the gallant fireman who is hell bent on rescuing her. Instead of slapping her face, as one does with someone having hysterics, he slaps her bottom. This has the anticipated affect and she calms down.

Everyone crowds onto the fire escape, ready to start the descent to the ground. The other two firemen herd the two doormen and they are the last to leave the penthouse.

There is a gust of wind and the fire escape door blows shut – with a loud crash.

‘Oh shit,’ said the fire chief. ‘It’s self-locking.’ He set Margie on her feet.

‘Okay young lady, can you walk?’

She appeared to consider this for a moment, while her mind was racing. She liked this big handsome fireman and would much prefer him to carry her to safety.

‘I’ll try,’ she said bravely. Fully intending to not be able to walk. Then she genuinely did slip on the wet step and would have fallen if the fire chief had not caught her by the arm. Swinging her back up over his shoulder in the fireman’s lift, he could feel her hot wet pussy on the back of his neck.

They started cautiously moving downwards. It had been raining, although it had stopped and the sun was trying to shine. However, the iron steps were somewhat slippy.

They had carefully gone down three flights of steps and the crackling of the fire chief’s walky talk made them all stop and listen.

‘This is control, this is control, come in please.’

‘Fire Chief Sterling here, over.’

‘Make your way back up to the roof, a helicopter is waiting for you, over.’

‘Okay, cheers, over and out.’

By now, Tazeline was also being carried by her fireman, he too was using the fireman’s lift.

So they all trudged their way back the way they had come, eventually they reached the roof.

As promised, the helicopter was waiting for them.

‘Is there a medic on board?’ the fire chief lifted Margie down from his shoulder. ‘These two young ladies may need some attention, especially their bottoms.

At the sight of the girls’ sore bottoms, the helicopter crew, laughed loudly. ‘Well, what have we here, you jammy sods?’

‘Right,’ the chief steward said, ‘We can only take two of you at a time.’ He helped the two girls up the rope ladder and into the helicopter.

‘We’ll look after them, won’t we guys?’ There was more laughter from the crew.

Margie and Tazeline looked at each other and started giggling.

‘Good afternoon young ladies. I’m Steve, the chief steward. Welcome aboard.’ He bowed exaggeratedly. ‘At your service, It is our pleasure to make sure your every wish is fulfilled.’

What further adventures are the girls about to have?

To be continued ……

Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Six

The spanking story so far ……

The hotel’s fire alarm clanged out its warning – there is a fire. The door of the penthouse suite is roughly pushed open and four hunky firemen are standing in the doorway – taking in the sight of two men and two women in various stages of undress.

Now read on ……

The fire chief is the first to speak. ‘Sorry folks, the fire is no longer a danger – but from what I can see here, is two very hot chicks, with two fiery red bottoms.’ The other firemen laughed. ‘We came to save your lives,’ he went on, ‘would it be all right if we join in the fun?’

Tazeline and Margie were giggling.

‘It’s up to the girls,’ said the senior doorman. However, the two poor helpless girls have already selected one fireman each and have started to stroke the bulge in his trousers. Zips are pulled down and two rampant cocks come into view.

Margie kneeled down in front of her fireman – stretching her mouth open as wide as she could, she took his massive manhood into it. While she was giving her full attention to the job in mouth, the fire chief, seeing her bare bottom sticking up in the air, takes advantage of the situation and pulling his thick leather belt from its loops, lays six strokes on her mobile bottom. She tries to escape the bite of the leather on her already tortured bottom, but with his large hand firmly in the small of her back, he easily holds her in place. The shock of the pain that went through her bottom, made her close her teeth around the innocent cock she was sucking.

The owner of the cock felt her sharp little teeth graze it and hastily pulled it out of her mouth.

Meanwhile Tazeline has been placed on the couch; her legs are up in the diaper position. One fireman is thrusting his cock into her hot wet pussy, while the other one is trying to stuff both of her tits into his mouth at once.

The clanging of the fire alarm made everybody jump. The crackling voice of the control room, came over the fire chief’s walky talky. The fire is out of control again, it’s now on the 100th floor. Evacuate, evacuate.

Will they all escape this new danger?

To be continued ……

Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Five

The story so far ……

Rolf has spanked Tazeline so severely – she is bruised and blood is oozing from little cuts where her skin has been broken.

Now he is going to show her his gentler side by soothing her sore bottom with a lotion.

He wants to put her back over his knee, poor Tazeline is worried – is he going to spank her again?

Now read on ……

She looked up at him fearfully, with pleading in her eyes.

‘Trust me Tazeline, I promise I’m not going to hurt you again,’ he lifted her off the bed. ‘It will be easier to spread the lotion over your bottom if you’re over my knee.’

So she found herself once again lying over his knee, but this time, the hand that had hurt her so badly was gently spreading the pink lotion over her sore twitching bottom.

Rolf’s long slender fingers massaged the cream into the red-hot skin. He was using a circular motion – at first a wide circle, gradually getting smaller and smaller, until he was kneading her tender cheeks – occasionally stretching out his index finger and running it up and down the crack between them. Now, she is moaning softly, clenching and unclenching her bottom as she is being turned on.

When his probing finger slid easily into her hot wet pussy, making contact with her swollen clit, she bucked over his knee. Her juices were flowing freely and her love passage was so lubricated – his finger entered her and started finger fucking her. Sometimes he would withdraw his finger and use a circular movement around her anus; this sent her into a frenzy. Taking his cue, he gently put his digit into the tight little orifice. Then he withdrew his finger and this time she was gasping in disappointment.

She felt him fumbling in his pocket; twisting her head round trying to see over her own shoulder.  She felt him pushing something into her anus. She couldn’t think what it was but it filled her – and when he once again slid his finger into her throbbing pussy, her cheeks tightened and relaxed, causing whatever it was he’d pushed into her, to go deeper and deeper.

As she became closer and closer to having an orgasm, she was about to go over the edge – he slowly pulled the beads out of her bottom hole. She let out a scream, causing both Margie and the senior doorman to rush into the bedroom to see what was happening.

They found her lying limp over Rolf’s knee, her bottom still gyrating and twitching. She became aware of something sticking into her stomach and he bent his head – whispering in her ear.

She scrambled off his knee and knelt down between his  legs, Placing her hot little mouth over his stiff pulsating cock, she let him push it into her mouth, making her gag as it touched the back of her throat.

Margie and the doorman looked at each other, he raised an eyebrow and arm in arm, and they left Tazeline and Rolf and went back to the lounge.

There were grunts, sighs, and the occasional sound of a hand slapping a bare bottom.

Then came a clanging sound – it was the fire alarm. This was followed by a loud banging on the front door of the penthouse suite. Without waiting for a reply, the door was forcefully pushed open and four burly firefighters rushed into the room.

The Chief Fireman’s mobile phone rang and he answered it immediately.

‘Okay men, the fire has been contained on the twentieth floor,’ he informed the fire crew.

However, the air was thick with the smell of arousal.

What’s going to happen now to Margie and Tazeline?

To be continued ……