Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook – Part 3

Clare Fonda and Paris Kennedy in LingerieParis Kennedy, shown here on her knees to Clare Fonda, got us invited to an exclusive models’ party, hosted by Girdlebound.com, the largest purveyor of vintage and retro style foundations on the internet. Girdlebound’s generous founder gifted us with numerous delightful undergarments, including classic open bottom girdles, stockings, garter belts, and bras. All of these will be appearing in future Shadow Lane videos. Thanks, Girdlebound!

Eve Howard and Clare Fonda in Lingerie and StockingsWe managed to get at least one shot where Clare wasn’t holding a glass of wine. These sheer, open bottom, slip girdles are flattering and sexy. Wearing one on a first spanking date without panties on underneath is guaranteed to intrigue and ignite any top guy with a retro bent.


These are two of my favorite shots of me spanking Sarah Gregory during the Labor Day party weekend.

Eve Howard Spanking Sarah Gregory

OTK Spanking with Eve Howard and Sarah Gregory


Don’t worry, I’ve got this. The coach may look like a bruiser, but he went “Waaaaa!” when  I spanked, strapped, and paddled him, just like any smaller, bad, little boy.

Eve Howard Spanks The CoachWhen you have a sub who can take it, why wouldn’t you use a cane?

The Coach Get a Caning from Eve Howard


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Hope to see lots of you at the next Shadow Lane party. Cheers!

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Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook – Part 2

Eve Howard Spanks Madison YoungI spanked Madison Young in the opening scene of Paddled, Pleasured, and Purged, preparing her for a subsequent session with a behavior modification expert at our discipline therapy clinic. Madison was only one year out from having her first baby when this video was filmed and she had already gotten her slim, curvy figure back. This made her exactly the right size to fit across my lap. Star of some of our most popular (explicitly sexual) videos, Madison is a dedicated sex educator, adult producer, and erotic performance artist. Her artistry is never lost on a spanking audience, nor is her natural peachy-creamy-strawberry blonde charm.


Kid Dynamite Gets a Spanking from Eve HowardIn , I spanked Kid Dynamite in my first femdom video with a male spankee since I went to Nu-West/Leda in the 90’s to shoot “David Meets Shadow Lane”. My victim is a local.


My friend Clare Fonda (whose alter-ego Jamie Foster does scandalous things other than spanking) was the person who convinced me that it was time to get back in front of the camera. On the 4th of July, we co-starred in a series of short vignettes shot for our respective download sites.

Eve Howard and Clare Fonda
This breast-spanking scene, in which Clare bullied me severely for some imagined slight, had me screaming for mercy in mere minutes. It was a fan favorite for many weeks.


Clare Fonda Over Eve Howard's KneeIn this scene, included as a bonus on , Clare plays a lapsed Lambda Sigma Zeta girl and I play the senior sister sent to administer discipline to her for disgracing the sorority. This is an oft-repeated theme in our Our Sorority video series. In this case, her punishment consisted of me tickling her, slapping her breasts, and finally, forcing her to suck on a bar of soap while being tickled some more.

Clare Fonda Gets Soap PunishmentI like the way Clare’s cute cougar body looks in this scene, and, of course, I like the way she lets me abuse her. I honestly never knew I had it in me.

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Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook – Part 1

Eve Howard is a spanking powerhouse who needs little introduction to the spanking crowd. As the co-owner of Shadow Lane, she has been writing and producing excellent domestic discipline content since the 80’s. While we have quite a selection of Shadow Lane’s videos, it’s not every day that we get a peek into Eve’s personal collection of spanking photos and memories. Enjoy this glimpse into Eve’s scrapbook and come back next week for more photos.


Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook

Eve Howard in Black and WhiteSarah Gregory Looks Just Like Eve Howard

Doesn’t Sarah Gregory bear an uncanny resemblance to me, 26 years ago? Coincidentally, that’s is about Sarah’s age. Gets you thinking. Read the rest of this entry »

Spanking Video Review – Tiffany’s Fantasy

Tiffany’s Fantasy

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Tiffany and Cecil B

Approximate Running Time: 19.48 minutes

Tiffany is very excited.

She’s telling her best friend all about what had happened the night before.

Oh how she longed for a spanking – had done for a long time, but her boyfriend showed no interest or inclination – that is until last night.

Her friend asked her why last night was different. So Tiffany explained.

She had found a schoolgirl outfit in a charity shop and by the time her boyfriend arrived, she was all dressed up, wearing an ultra-short pleated skirt, a white blouse, white lacy-topped stockings held up by a white suspender belt.

At long last positions her for an otk spanking

Now her boyfriend was interested. Once he had her over his knee, he began the spanking slowly and gently on top of her short skirt. Occasionally she would give a little moan, more from pleasure than pain. The only time she wriggled about was when he held her arm behind her back, making her helpless and so unable to avoid the stinging spanks.

Her boyfriend would sensually stroke her cherry red cheeks arousing her big-time.

The spanking turns them both on

As she is telling her friend about the previous night, she is getting hot again, just thinking about it.

He is coming round that evening for an action replay.

Tiffany is very excited.

Spanking Video Review – Phone Etiquette

Studio: Spanking.com

Approximate Running Time: 09.45 minutes

She’s sitting on the couch – multi-tasking. In one hand she has a hairbrush and is brushing her long red hair, while in the other hand she has her cell phone and is phoning her friend.

Her boyfriend comes in and he is not too pleased with her. She has broken his cell phone, so he can’t make or receive any calls. As he uses his cell phone for business purposes, he is probably losing work.

He snatches her phone before spanking her

Snatching her cell phone out of her hand, he throws it to the floor, where it shatters into several pieces.

Pulling her up, he sits down on the couch and puts her over his knee. He’s going to teach her a lesson with an otk spanking she is not going to forget in a hurry.

He bends her over for an otk spanking

As his large hard hand lands on each cheek alternately – changing her creamy white bottom to a deep cherry red, he is not satisfied with his efforts until he has spanked every square inch of her poor quivering bottom.

Spanking her bottom with a hair brush

The hairbrush that she had been using to brush her hair was now used to further redden her bottom. He even used her slipper but went back to using the hairbrush as it apparently left more of a stinging impression.

Spanking her bottom makes it very sore

Finally, he tells her to get out of his sight – he doesn’t want to see her for a while, so she leaves the room, rubbing her sore bottom in an attempt to rub away the pain and smarting.

Spanking her well brings satisfaction

Click to Watch Spanking Video

Spanking Video Reviews – Punished by the Plumber

Studio: California Star Productions

Starring: Mrs Baxter

Approximate Running Time: 25.50 minutes

Mrs Baxter’s husband had given her £50 to pay the plumber who was going to replace the waste disposal unit that was broken.

Spanking - She can't pay the bill

Mr Jones did the job and presented her with the bill for £300 and when she apologized for not having the money, he decided to cancel the bill if she would just accommodate him by taking a spanking and a caning.

Spanking begins

Reluctantly she agreed to this – even though he did warn her that she was in for a very painful half hour.

He gave her a warm up hand spanking over his knee. She took the spanking bravely, although her large shapely bottom was soon turned from a smooth white area, to a quivering glistening cherry red.

Spanking with a paddle

At his command she removed all her clothing, including her shoes and he proceeded with the spanking – using a couple of paddles instead of his hand – by which time she was protesting that it was hurting – his response was to carry on, just reminding her that a spanking was meant to hurt.

Spanking with a cane

Eventually, he used the cane – that was whippy and left lines across her bottom. As he didn’t say how many strokes he was going to give her, she had no idea how many more she was going to receive. She had already received about eighteen strokes when he told her he was going to give her six more and that would be the end.

Mr Jones was very satisfied that he had received payment in kind and he ripped up the bill.

Spanking leaves marks

After he had left, Mrs Baxter rubbed her sore smarting bottom – wondering how she was going to hide the welts from her husband’s gaze. She then dressed in readiness for her lunch date.

Spanking Videos – Au Pair Girl

Studio: Cheeky Video

Approximate Running Time: 49.34 minutes

Sarah is an English girl working in Greece for a Greek woman and her Scottish husband.

Her employers were going out for the evening – the theatre, then for a meal.

After they had gone, Sarah wandered about the flat. Tony had left his wallet on the table, so she opened it and put some of the money into the pocket of her jeans. Still wandering around, she opened her bosses’ jewellery box and put a ring on her finger.

Then Tony comes in and goes right to his wallet. Checking its contents – he realises that £40 is missing.

Husband and wife have a discussion; it seems that Sarah has been stealing from them for some time.

An immediate decision to punish her is acted on.

Despite Sarah denying being a thief, when the missing money is found in her pocket – denial was futile.

Spanking Videos - A Spanking is imminent

She has the choice – instant dismissal or a spanking. As she wants and needs the job, she reluctantly agrees to the spanking.

Spanking Videos - the wife starts the spanking

The wife takes the initiative and puts Sarah over her knee. Then Tony has his turn at hand spanking her.

The couple keep changing positions, so that poor Sarah didn’t know which way was up.

Spanking Videos - she was spanked by each in turn

By the time they had finished with her, she had a very red sore bottom. This was achieved by using their hands, a slipper, a paddle and finally a cane.

Spanking Videos - the final spanking

However, it’s possible they might have to repeat the whole thing again, as Sarah, seemed to enjoy herself and they certainly enjoyed dealing with her.

Spanking Videos – Spanking Auditions

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jodie and Alexandra

Approximate Running Time: 28.43 minutes

Part 1 – Jodie’s Desire

Jodie, a very attractive young lady is being interviewed about her career as a ‘Spanking Model.’

She explains to the interviewer – that although she has been modelling for Spanking.com for some time, she enjoys being spanked so much, that being well paid for doing something that gives her so much pleasure – is the icing on the cake.

However, because of her love of being spanked – she has a desire / fantasy to be spanked in real life, but unfortunately, it just isn’t happening for her as she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. The interviewer finds it hard to believe.

Now, it looks like her dream could come true.

The interviewer has arranged for a man – who happens to be a keen spanker, to meet and spank her.

Spanking Videos - Her bottom is bared

The spanker shows her the various implements he’s going to use on her, after a warm up hand spanking over his knee. The whole idea is that if she and the spanker get on well, he is willing to be her boyfriend.

He starts off by giving her an OTK bare bottom spanking that gives her a beautiful glowing red bum.

Spanking Videos - he lets her try the tawse

The implements are introduced by giving her two strokes of the slipper, tawse and cane etc. She then tells him which one she liked best. This turns out to be the broad leather paddle.

Spanking Videos - the slipper is not to her liking

Finally, he leaves her with his contact details so she can get in touch with him – that is if she wants him to be her spanking boyfriend.

Spanking Videos - she is left to think it over

Part 2 – Russian Labour

Alexandra, an immigrant from Russia is looking for a job. A friend tells her about an employment agency that’s looking for staff.

Spanking Videos - Being interviewed

She attends an interview, where it’s explained to her what the work entails. She can speak and understand English very well and agrees that she understands what is expected of her.

Spanking Videos - starting her first spanking

But when the agency boss asks her to take down her trousers, she balks at the idea. He then explains to her that her work will be receiving a spanking on her bare bottom – therefore, he needs to see her bottom and give her a spanking – just to make sure she can take one.

Once she understands, she is only too eager to learn.

So he gives her her first bare bottom spanking. As she has never had one before, he has to lead her through each stage.

Spanking Videos - he bares her bottom

He finds that she is a very apt student, but not wanting to make her bottom too sore and red because he has an assignment for her that afternoon, he lets her off lightly.

Spanking Videos - her bottom is only slightly reddened

Giving her details of where she’s to go for her appointment – he wishes her luck and tells her not to let him down as the reputation of his employment agency is at stake.

Spanking Videos – In The Christmas Spirit

Spanking Videos - In The Christmas SpiritIt’s Christmas Eve and elf Carolyn is busy wrapping gifts for Santa to deliver the world over. Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus is in her cups, again, complaining about her problems with life at the North Pole. Then she turns her negative attention to poor little over-worked Carolyn!

Santa’s mistress bends Carolyn over and deals this hot santa helpers bare bottom a righteous holiday OTK hand spanking. As she continues to make Carolyn’s rump closer and closer to the shade of Rudolph’s nose, Mrs. Claus does not notice her nice points slipping deeper and deeper towards the naughty side.

Uh, oh! Mrs. Claus finally went too far and little elf Carolyn is suddenly not so forgiving. In fact, she’s bent on dealing some holiday spankings of her own. This hot santa helpers gusto finally reaches it’s peak, and she flips Mrs. Clause into some reciprocal over the knee punishment. OTK spanking for all, and to all a good night!

Spanking Videos - In The Christmas Spirit 1
Spanking Videos - In The Christmas Spirit 2

Watch this Spanking Video HERE

Speaking of Spanking – The Economy and Handy Household Spanking Implements

Spanking Pics - Sore red bottom after kitchen spankingEveryone knows it. It’s been drilled into our collective psyches over the last couple of years, hasn’t it? The economy sucks! The question is, then, what do we do when we need a new spanking implement and can’t afford to buy one of those flashy, creative artisan paddles online? Get out of our funk and get on with it, I say!

Welcome to the world of household implements! When you can’t buy a pretty hairbrush with a cute spanking picture appliqué on it, go to your local beauty supply store and buy a (much) cheaper wooden hairbrush. It’ll have a sturdy backside to apply to your favorite backside and even some bristly boar’s hair bristles. (Picture the rest of the wild boar in the imu oven at the luau you attend during your next Hawaiian vacation. Or, maybe not. Sorry, I just HAD to go there.) So, the wood isn’t mahogany. Who cares? It’ll still works just fine. Trust me. I have a LOT of experience…a serious LOT of experience. In fact, that’s exactly where I bought my most favorite hairbrush and I’ve had it for 17 years. Possibly less time than most of you reading this have even been of age for participating in adult consensual spanking. It has seen more spanking action in that time than I can even begin to wrap my mind around. As hard as it’s been used, it’s never come close to being broken. A good bath brush is always effective, too. They’re usually even thicker than hairbrushes and easily available at your local drug store. I have a couple of those and believe me; I don’t use them for bathing.

Then it’s time to go to the kitchen. Oh yes! The kitchen is full of wonderful, worthy spanking implements. The most obvious, of course, is the wooden spoon. A good, thick wooden spoon will always get the job done. Just be sure to wash it after the spanking before you use it for cooking again. Eeeww.

But, my favorite is one of those kitchen implements is one of those new fangled heat-resistant spatulas. Those things sting! They’re thick, unyielding and snappy. Snap one of those down on a deserving behind and you’ll have contrition in no time.

How about rolled up newspapers, or magazines? Well…maybe, but kinda clumsy. They’re good for quickies. Rulers or yard sticks? Gotta use those carefully. They tend to break over tougher tushies.

I almost forgot. There’s always the good switch obtained from the tree in your backyard. Ouch!

There! Economy, eeeshmonomy. Get your spank on, I say!

Oh, and you creative spanking implement artisans out there, please forgive me. I promise to promote anyone’s efforts if they’re willing to send me some new implements for free. Wink, wink.

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Carolyn Reese gets the wooden spoon and the heat-resistant spatula. The spatula produced tears! And, uh, the cast iron frying pan was never intended to be used and never was. Carolyn, wise woman that she is, ran away. Hey! I was only joking with that one…

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Spanking Pics - Spanking with Wooden Spoon Spanking Pics - Wooden Spoon Spanking Closeup Spanking Pics - Wooden Spoon Spanking
Spanking Pics - Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanking with Wooden Spoon Spanking Pics - Kitchen Spanking Spanking Pics - Wooden Spoon Spanking
Spanking Pics - Kitchen Spatula Spanking Spanking Pics - Hot blonde taking a spatula spanking Spanking Pics - Chelsea Pfeiffer grabbing a spanking pan