The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Two

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far…

Cora had arrived at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure – as she looked around her she felt overwhelmed by the sumptuous luxury of it all. It must have cost her Master – Percy of Harmonington a pretty penny – but she knew he had plenty of it. And that was why he sent her to the Palace of Pain and Pleasure – he had said it was to broaden her experiences.

She was escorted through the house, still marveling at the richness around her.

However, everything changed once she was led through the leather-padded door.

Gone was the thick-pile carpeting and crystal chandeliers – now the coldness froze her to the marrow. And when she was roughly pushed into a room – she looked around her in horror.

Now read on…

The room she was pushed into – if it could be called a room – a cell or a cage might have been a better description.

The walls were crumbling bricks covered in a dingy grey flaking paint.

The floor was cement – full of dirty cracks. In the dim light that emanated from the single light bulb that was hanging from the ceiling – she caught sight of a cockroach scurrying across the floor and under the rickety looking bed in the far corner.

In the centre of the room was a wooden table and a high three legged bar stool.

Up to that point, her escort had not spoken a word. Cora couldn’t make up her mind if the slim person, dressed all in black was male or female.

But now her escort spoke to her in a high pitched voice. ‘Your master has given us his orders, from now on you do whatever you’re told without question, do you understand?’

‘I-I-I don’t …… ‘ she began.

‘Without question,’ she suddenly found herself being pushed face down over the rough wooden table. Her voluminous skirts were pulled up and her red lacy pantaloons were pulled down to her knees.

She felt the coolness of the air on her bare bottom – but not for long. A leather strap struck her left cheek – cutting into the soft flesh and she cried out in surprise and shock, as the searing pain seemed to vibrate through the whole of her bottom.

When the strap descended again, it struck her right cheek, sending waves of agony through her whole body.

The strap found its mark another ten times, alternating between her left and right cheek – by which time she was sobbing helplessly.

She was pulled roughly to her feet and her escort spoke again, asking her if she understood, that she would do whatever she was told without question.

‘Yes, yes, I understand,’ she whispered.

‘I can’t hear you,’ and she found herself once again lying face down over the table.

‘Please, please no more,’ she pleaded.

‘Shut up.’

From behind her she heard a whirring sound. She strained her neck to be able to look behind her.

What she saw shocked her.

What has she seen?

To be continued…

Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part One

Original Spanking Stories


Eleanor Powell

Everybody living in the area knew about The Palace of Pain and Pleasure.

It was a red-bricked house – some might call it a mansion – standing at the top of a hill – looking down at the town below.

People talked about it in whispers.

During the day, there was little to see or hear – but at night there were rumours of blood curdling screams coming from within the bowels of the house.


Now as the shiny black limousine – with the tinted windows swept up the driveway, Cora took a few deep breaths. Her Master Percy of Harmonington had warned her that she was going to stay at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure and it was for her own good.

As the car smoothly came to a stop – someone dressed all in black stepped out of the shadows and opened her door. A slim hand caught hold of her arm and helped her out of the car.

She stood for a moment – blinking in the bright lights that were coming from within the house.

A cold shiver went down her spine and just for a moment she was paralysed with fear and unable to move. Then the hand on her arm shook her and guided her towards the imposing heavy oak front door.

Cora’s eyes widened as she took in the details. The whole scenario – the entrance hall with paintings on the walls – the thick pile-carpet beneath her feet – the overstuffed sofas and the crystal chandeliers overhead – all these screamed out luxury – sheer unadulterated luxury.

Still being guided by her escort, she moved forward down the hallway towards a wide staircase.

However, as they approached the staircase, the hand under her elbow moved her to the left. Going through a leather-padded door, she found herself in a stone floored passage with a stone staircase straight ahead of her – a stone staircase with no banister – leading downwards. She shivered again – but this time it was the stark coldness mingled with fear that struck terror into her very being.

She stood at the top of the stone staircase – her high-heeled shoes threw her off balance and if it hadn’t been for her escort’s steadying hand she would have overbalanced and fallen down the flight of twelve steep steps.

At the bottom of the stairs she felt herself relax slightly.

Now she was being led down another passage – through another stout wooden door.

Up to this point, she had been able to hear the sounds of music, conversation and laughter from above – now there was an eerie silence, except for the clicking sound her heels made on the stone flags.

When the sound of screaming cut through the silence she jumped at the suddenness of it. She knew then what fear real raw fear felt like.

Then a door on the left of the passage was pushed open and Cora was pushed roughly inside.

She looked around her in horror.

To be continued…

A Double Spanking – Part Ten

Original Spanking Stories


Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

We had had a double spanking. Mike Pamela’s boyfriend spanked me and my fella Joe spanked Pamela.

The whole thing was so wonderful; it was as if all my fantasies had come to life.

But I had questions buzzing round in my head.

Joe kissed me goodnight and promised that we’d sort it all out in the morning.

Giving a happy sigh – I drifted off to sleep.

Now read on…

Luckily the next morning – or I should say next afternoon we awoke to the sound of the postman delivering the mail. Glancing at the bedside clock – I squinted at it still feeling drowsy, crikey-it was ten past twelve. I panicked until I realised it was Saturday.

I got out of bed – stretching and yawning.

Joe-my darling Joe-was still in the land of nod. So I tiptoed through to the bathroom and took a cold shower.

Creeping back into the bedroom, Joe was still sleeping. I crept round to his side of the bed and bent down planting a kiss on his forehead. I didn’t half jump when his hand grabbed hold of my wrist and he pulled me back into bed.

Our lovemaking was the best it had ever been. After a while we put on our bathrobes and arm in arm we went through to the kitchen, because we were feeling ravenous.

We had a leisurely brunch.

A quick tidy round and we settled down arm in arm on the couch.

I moved slightly away from him –looking intently into his face.

’Questions and answers please Joe,’

Looking down at me, he kissed me on the tip of my slightly turned up nose.

‘Ok Natasha, my sweet – ask away.’

Now it came to it, I didn’t know where to start. So I blurted out, ‘how long have you been into spanking?

‘For about five years, quite some time before I met you,’ he planted yet another kiss on my nose.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ I was now feeling even more puzzled.

He laughed. ‘Well it’s not something you talk about – I thought you’d go ballistic at the mention of spanking.’

Now it was my turn to laugh. ‘So I wanted to be spanked since I was – well forever – and I thought you’d think I was off my head.’

‘Thank goodness we got it right eventually,’ Joe was beaming at me.

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but darling what made you – you know, suddenly come out with it?’

‘It was the other night at the restaurant, I was so turned on watching Mike spank Pamela.’

‘I was really turned on too.’ I clung on to him. ‘Just think, if Pamela hadn’t thrown her drink at Mike, we’d never have known.’

‘It was all staged my sweet.’
I was amazed at this revelation. ‘How, why?’ I asked

Joe pulled me closer to him. It was some weeks ago, when you girls were in the ladies, Mike and I got talking about kinks.’

I opened and closed my mouth like a goldfish – but no sound came out. I was gobsmacked.

Then the words came tumbling out. ‘How did you know about my kink?’

Joe laughed. ‘I was watching your face in the restaurant,’ he cleared his throat. ‘There was such a look of longing on it.’

I swallowed. ‘Was it so obvious?’

‘Probably only to a kink like me.’

I blushed to the roots of my hair.

‘Anyway,’ Joe continued. ‘We worked it all out, the three of us.’

‘W-what did you work out?’

‘Everything about last night, from your going round to see Pamela to the spankings.’

‘So it was all a trap,’ I pretended to be shocked.

‘No, not a trap darling, more like a honeypot.’

‘I …, ‘ he started. But the phone shrilled out.

I disentangled myself from his arms and getting up went to answer it.


‘Hi Natasha, it’s me.’

‘I take it you are my ex friend Pamela,’ I giggled.

‘What do you mean?’ she squeaked.

‘I know all about your little plan.’
‘Natasha, you’re not upset are you?

‘No way,’ I said. ‘I love you and Mike for it, otherwise I might have gone on living in my fantasy world for the rest of my life.’

‘Right, I’m just phoning to ask you and Joe to come for a meal with us, our treat.’

I spoke to Joe and as he’d heard every word, he nodded his head vigorously.

‘Okay, we’ll pick you up at 9 ok?’

‘Looking forward to it,’ I put down the receiver.

The phone rang again. It was Mike. ‘Pamela should have told you, after the meal we will come back here,’ he paused. ‘That is if it’s all right with you two.’

‘Sounds like a lovely plan,’ I couldn’t keep the excitement out of my voice.

‘And Natasha, wear your sexiest underwear.’

‘Why? I asked teasingly.

‘We’ll be carrying on where we left off last night.’

As it was seven o’clock, Joe and I had to hurry a bit to get ready.

After I had had my shower, I chose my underwear carefully – bringing out a new pair of knickers from their tissue paper.

I wondered what their reaction would be this time.

The end

A Double Spanking – Part NIne

Original Spanking Stories


Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

After a few glasses of wine – Pamela was giving an impromptu striptease in the centre of the room. Kicking off her knickers – they landed on my fella Joe’s shoulder.

What he did next surprised me.

Now read on…

Joe, my beloved man, removed the flimsy scrap of nylon from its resting place on his shoulder. Putting them to his nose, he breathed in deeply – enjoying the musky aroma.


He marched across the room and grabbed hold of a still-spinning Pamela. She laughed and caught hold of his arm.

‘Hello,’ she said, holding up her face for a kiss.

But Joe’s mouth was set in a straight line. Keeping a firm hold on her arm, he dragged her across the room, stopping in front of a surprised Mike. ‘This young lady is acting like a real tart. What she needs is a good spanking.’

‘I agree with you,’ Mike said. ‘Why don’t you do it and I’ll spank Natasha.’

This was getting better and better. Not only had my beloved Joe given me my first real spanking, but now we were going in for swapping partners. How lucky can a girl get?

Mike strode across the room and stood in front of me. ‘Right young lady,’ he grinned down at me. ‘May I have the pleasure of spanking you?’ And he bowed.

I got the giggles. It seemed so absurd, this 6ft 4ins hunk of man bowing to me as if he was asking me for a dance.

I stifled my giggles and tried to straighten my face. I nodded my consent.

He pulled me to my feet and in one quick movement sat down on the couch and hauled me over his knee.

When he pulled up my skirt – he gave a gasp then burst out laughing.
‘Hey Joe, come and see what your tart is wearing.’

Once again the three of them were looking down at my bottom. What a fuss over a bare bottom!

‘Now what am I supposed to do,’ Mike pretended to look puzzled. Well I think he was pretending. ‘I need instructions,’ he laughed.

Soon the four of us were laughing.

So we sorted ourselves out – Joe was spanking Pamela, while Mike was spanking me.

Being spanked was everything I’d hoped it would be. It turned me on big time. I felt the beginning of an orgasm.

Suddenly there was a shrill shout from Pamela – ‘all change partners again.’

We were having a double spanking.

Moments later I was back over Joe’s knee. It only took another half a dozen spanks from him and I came – and I came – and I came.

I lay there over his knee – sore but satisfied – very satisfied.

In the taxi on the way home, I still had some unanswered questions buzzing round in my head.

As Joe kissed me goodnight, I whispered that I had some questions.

‘Tomorrow Joanne, tomorrow is another day.’

With a happy sigh I drifted off to sleep.

What am I going to find out tomorrow?

To be continued…

A Double Spanking-Part Eight

Original Spanking Stories


Eleanor Powell

The story so far…

Joe, my beloved boyfriend, was actually giving me my first real spanking.

He lifted my skirt and pushed it so that it bunched up around my waist. Then he burst out laughing and called to my best friend Pamela and her boyfriend Mike to come and see what was amusing him.

There were the three of them laughing at what was revealed when Joe had pulled up my skirt.

So they took turns, spanking me – after all that was what I had asked for, the message was clear enough – and emblazoned across my bottom it said – ‘Please Spank Me.’

Pamela said she wanted a pair and I promised to give her the link to Kinky Knickers Website.

Joe had interrupted.

What did he say?

Now read on…

‘Good idea Natasha,’ Joe was stroking my by now sore bottom. ‘I want you to send for another pair of knickers – only this time, the message should be – ‘This bottom is the property of my master Joe.’

‘You my master,’ I spluttered.

‘Natasha, my darling, your bottom is still available and I can spank you like this – he placed a firm hand in the middle of my back and beat a rapid tattoo on my quivering bottom.
‘Ouch!’ I squealed loudly.

‘Who’s your lord and master?’ he asked me.

‘You are, you are,’ I giggled.

Then there was a bit of shuffling the other side of the room and out of the corner of my eye I saw Mike had dragged a giggling Pamela over his knee.

He was telling her what he wanted her to have on her knickers.

An hour later the four of us were sat discussing what had happened. We had had a double spanking.

The half empty bottle of wine was still open on the coffee table. Mike took a swig from it – pulled a face – then carried it through to the kitchen. We heard the glugging noise of its contents going down the plughole. Then he came back with a new bottle of wine on a tray – complete with four glasses.

‘Come on guys, let’s celebrate,’ Mike poured some wine into the four glasses.

‘What are we celebrating darling?’ Pamela smiled up at him.

‘We’re celebrating a successful evening,’ and he winked at her.

Meanwhile, I was fidgeting about – I had a sore bottom, but I couldn’t have been happier.

However, I was confused. So much had happened in such a short time. Yet what had happened was so like the fantasy I’d had about being spanked; a fantasy that had been my secret for so long – now it had happened. Was it still part of my fantasy? Then I changed my position and I was aware of my sore bottom. It was lovely, such a wonderful feeling – oh please don’t let me be dreaming I pleaded with the god of spanking.

‘Are you all right my darling?’ Joe put his arm across my shoulder and pulled me close to him.

Giving a contented sigh, I rested my head on his shoulder.
Mike raised his glass, ‘Here’s to our friendship,’ he said. ‘May this evening be the start of many more such evenings.’

We all raised our glasses, ‘to our friendship.’

Mike put on some music. Now what was Pamela up to?

She had carefully put her glass down on the table. Then standing swaying in the middle of the room – she slowly and seductively slid out of her dress. She kicked off her black high heel shoes and pirouetted around the floor discarding her flimsy underwear – tossing it in Joe’s direction. She gave a kick and her knickers went into flight – landing on Joe’s shoulder.

What Joe did then surprised me.

What did Joe do?

To be continued…

A Double Spanking – Part Seven

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

After years of fantasising and yearning for a spanking – now it was happening for real.

Joe the man I adored was doing the honours. Why it was actually happening was ponderable – but I decided I’d enjoy it now and ask questions after.

He’d started the spanking – using his hand on top of my skirt – now he was onto stage two, he pushed my skirt up my back – then I heard him give a gasp that turned into a laugh.

He called to my best friend Pamela and her boyfriend Mike, ‘Come here guys, have you seen anything like this before?’

They too burst out laughing.

What was amusing them so much?

Now read on ……

For goodness sake, I should have been selling tickets. As I lay over Joe’s knee – like exhibit number one. The three of them just stood gawping at me and laughing.

Then I felt a spank on my upturned bottom – it wasn’t Joe but Mike. This was followed by a gentler spank from my bessie friend Pamela.

‘Your turn now, Joe,’ Pamela moved aside – giving Joe room to swing his arm.

After that they were taking turns each.
‘Oy!’ I shouted. ‘What’s going on?’

‘Natasha, my sweet,’ Joe gently stroked my bottom. ‘How could we resist your invitation?’

‘What invitation?’ I squeaked. As if I didn’t know.

‘Aww! The lady doesn’t know. I’ll show you shall I?’ Joe pulled my knickers right off and stretched them, holding them under my nose.

‘See my darling,’ what does it say in black and white?’

‘Huh! It’s actually in red and white,’ I said cheekily.

His hand landed once again on my by now bare bottom. ‘Sarcasm, Natasha, is not your best idea, especially while you’re in the position you are in.’

I wriggled my bottom provocatively and that earned me another spank from each member of my appreciative audience.

‘Hey Natasha, where did you get them from?’ Pamela had picked up my discarded knickers and was examining them. ‘Hee hee,’ she giggled. ‘Please spank me,’ she read aloud.

‘I ordered them from Kinky Knickers Website,’ and I laughed. ‘I’ll give you the link if you like.’

Joe interrupted. ‘You can send for another pair,’ he said. ‘Only this time they should say …… ‘

What should they say?

To be continued ……

A Double Spanking – Part Six

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

Oh how I envied my friend Pamela, she had just received a wonderful spanking from her boyfriend Mike – it was just as I had imagined it for years. Now just imagine – we may end up getting a double spanking.

Now my boyfriend Joe is standing in front of me – what was going to happen?

Now read on…

My beloved Joe was acting strangely – I’d never seen him like this before, but I liked it. I felt a shiver of excitement – my body was tingling and I knew now what the expression going weak at the knees meant. I felt nervous with anticipation – I was eager to see more of this unusual side of Joe, but maybe not sure if I would enjoy it.

“Natasha, stand up,” he was looking down at me – a strict look on his handsome face.

Without any argument I stood up, but nearly fell, as my knees were still feeling weak. However, he put out a strong hand to steady me.

For a moment I stood there, not sure what was to come next. He looked down at me, and whispered, “I love you.”

I turned my face up and our eyes met. Bending his head, he kissed me full on the lips.

Then his next words took me by surprise, “Natasha, you’ve been a very naughty girl and it’s time I showed you who’s the boss in our relationship.”

I gasped. Those were the very words I’d dreamed he’d say to me. Word for word. Had he been able to read my mind?
After that things happened quickly. He sat down on the chair that I’d been sitting on, and, in one movement, pulled me over his knee. As I am only five foot tall and he’s six foot four, I found myself dangling from his knee. My head was hanging down with my dark hair covering my flushed face. My face felt hot with the physical blood rush to my head and my rear seemed to flush in response to the attention I was hoping it would get.

Taking a firm hold of me, he started spanking me on top of my skirt. Was it meant to hurt as much as it did? In my fantasies it was definitely more pleasure than pain. I cried out in shock. But my Mr. Wonderful ignored me and carried on with the spanking.

When I put my hand back to stop his hand landing on my sore bottom, he caught hold of my wrist and held my arm up my back. I was scared to struggle too much in case he stopped and I didn’t want it to stop. I craved the attention, the pleasure, and the discomfort I’d only just gotten a taste of.

Then when he lifted my skirt – I heard him gasp then burst out laughing. He even invited both Pamela and Mike to come and see what was amusing him.

What was so funny?

To be continued…

A Double Spanking – Part Five

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

Although I didn’t realise it at the time – this could be the story of a double spanking.

The Story so Far…

Pamela’s boyfriend Mike had come home unexpectedly early – bringing with him my boyfriend Joe.

Mike was being very masterful. He had sat down on the sofa, squeezing himself between Pamela and me. I made a flippant remark and the look he gave me made my tummy do a double somersault. This was a new feeling for me and I was thrilled to the core.

However, he told me to go and sit on an armchair on the other side of the room – I must have been a bit disappointed because I did what he told me to do, but sulkily.

Joe was also sat in an armchair on the other side of the room – but it seemed he was expecting something to happen.

But what?

Now read on…

My best friend Pamela was sitting on the sofa with Mike sitting on her left.

Why was she giggling?

She was laughing so hard the tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Mike gave her one of his withering looks while telling her to behave herself or else.

She ignored him and carried on giggling.

Then as I watched it seemed to be in slow motion – a re-enactment of the previous night at the restaurant – when she had provoked Mike by throwing a glass of wine in his face.

Now there was a slight difference. He was already sitting down. So taking a firm grip of her left arm he pulled her over his knee. After jiggling her about, he was satisfied with her position.

Oh! This was wonderful, I wished it was me in that position.

He pulled up her skirt and bunched it around her waist. As her red knickered-bottom came into sight, her cheeks were still pink from last night’s spanking.

She wriggled her bottom provocatively and he slapped her – the sound echoed around the room and she squealed loudly. “Keep still,” he ordered her. To my surprise, she was immediately motionless.

Mike pulled her knickers down to mid thigh.

I was fascinated.

Her black suspender belt and her black fishnet stockings framed her beautiful, shapely, reddened bottom.

What followed was Mike giving my best friend Pamela a thoroughly good spanking.

That tickly feeling I had felt minutes before in the pit of my stomach had returned and how – I felt my nipples stiffen and my pussy felt squelchy while my clit started to throb.

By this time, Pamela was no longer giggling, but squealing, although I couldn’t make out if she was squealing in pain or pleasure.

My imagination was working overtime. Just as I had done often in the privacy of my own bedroom, it was me being spanked and so enjoying it.

I was brought back from my reverie.

As if from a distance, I heard Mike speak to Joe and Joe responded.

I heard him utter just two words – “Right, mate.”
Then he was stood in front of me.

Why, what was going to happen next?

To be continued…

A Double Spanking – Part Four

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The story so far …

I’m Natasha and with Pamela, my friend of many years, we were having a girly night in – following an incident at a restaurant the previous night when Mike, Pamela’s boyfriend, had given her a public bare bottom spanking. The very thought of a double spanking set my clit a quivering.

Then by a strange coincidence we had just discovered that we both had the same want / need to be spanked – that is, without telling anybody about it. Now on this evening we were trading secrets.

She was telling me about an online dating site that she had joined. She was getting around to telling me how she met Mike.

The sound of a key in the lock made us both jump. Who could it be?

Now read on …

We heard the murmur of male voices in the hall – then the lounge door opening was filled by a tall broad-shouldered man – it was Mike and just behind him was my fella, Joe.

“Hello, girls,” Mike strode into the room with Joe trailing behind. “What have you been up to?” he kissed Pamela. “You’re looking rather flushed.”

Ignoring his question she asked him, “Why are you home so early?”

“Joe and I were missing you girls,” he said with a grin.

We didn’t really believe that rather lame excuse – so we waited somewhat impatiently for the truth.

Mike picked up the half finished bottle of wine. “Hmm! Look at this, Joe, methinks our two girls have been enjoying a glass or four.”

“You’re right Mike, just look at their flushed faces.”

I could feel my face flushing as the two men scrutinised us. And for some reason I felt guilty – although I couldn’t for the life of me think why.

“Do you know what, Joe? I think if we hadn’t come home these two little ladies would have been well sizzled. What do you think we should do about it?”

I couldn’t quite make out the look that passed between them.

“Weren’t you going to give me a demonstration, Mike?”

“Joe, my friend, I am thinking along the same lines myself.” Coming over to the sofa where Pamela and I were sitting – he squeezed himself between us.

“Why don’t you sit on me?” I laughed, but the laugh died on my face as he looked down at me sternly.

“Be careful, young lady,” he said. “That kind of talk could get you into a lot of trouble.” As he uttered those words, my stomach did a delicious somersault.

“Be a good girl,” he said. “Go over there and sit down.”

“Yes, sir,” I said cheekily. I stood up and saluted him. He gave me that look again and I thought my heart was going to stop beating.

Very quietly he told me to watch my tongue as it was going to get me into trouble.

Pamela was giggling helplessly. What was the matter with her?

Anyway, sulkily I went across the room and sat down in the armchair he had indicated.

Joe sat in an armchair on the other side of the room.

Then there was silence.
What was going to happen?

To be continued …


A Double Spanking – Part Three

Original Spanking Stories

Part Three


Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far ……

Pamela and I were both admitting to having yearned to be spanked for years – but neither of us told anybody about our fantasies. I didn’t know at that time – we were heading for a double spanking.

Now after an incident the previous night at a restaurant when Mike gave Pamela a bare bottomed public spanking – we girls were having a girly night in and we were now trading secrets.

I wanted to know how the incident at the restaurant came about.

We settled down with a glass of wine each – Pamela was going to spill the beans.

Now read on ……

It had been her big secret – the yearning, the longing to be spanked – that no one knew anything about, not even me Natasha, her best friend.

Can you imagine the coincidence? I too had had the same longings and told no one else.

A dreamy look came on her face. She took a sip of her wine then smiled at me.

“As I said, Natasha, I had this longing – but I didn’t have a clue how to make it happen,” she blushed.

I didn’t interrupt her – just sucked in my breath and waited to hear her story.

“I was browsing on the Internet – I typed ‘Spanking’ into the search box – and…” she paused and I urged her to go on.

“You should have seen it, Natasha, pages and pages of websites and blogs.”

“Wow!” My jaw dropped open. What I was hearing was mind-boggling.

“Yes,” she said, “that was my reaction at first. I was like a dog in the park, I didn’t know which tree to visit first.”

“Go on, please,” my excitement was obvious, because my voice always became squeaky when I was excited.

“Okay,” she said taking another sip of her wine.

“Well, I started looking more closely and I came across a dating site for spanking lovers – and the rest is history,” she laughed at my disappointed face.

“Pamela, don’t you dare leave me up in the air like this – tell me all the whats, whys and wherefores.”

“Patience, patience. I’m coming to it, but if you’re going to keep interrupting me, I shan’t tell you.”

I was so afraid she might carry out her threat – I closed my mouth. And just nodded to her.

She smiled graciously at me. The little minx.

“Well, as I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted,” she giggled, “I started looking more closely at the ads and I saw an ad for a spanking dating site.”

I didn’t dare interrupt her, but willed her to get on with it.

“I signed on to the dating site.” she paused again. “They were offering free membership for fourteen days.”

“That’s wonderful,” I squeaked. I cleared my throat and tried again. “How did you sign up? What did you put? Did you use your real name?”

“I’m coming to that my impatient friend.”
“That’s ok,” I said. “Take your time – only hurry up.”

She laughed. “I had to fill in my profile. S/L/A.”

“What’s that?” I had to know.

She gave a big sigh and said, “Sex, location, age.”

I laughed. “So you answered, ‘yes, please, at home and whatever.’”

She too joined in the laughter.

“Oh Natasha, you’re a scream.”

“Right, let’s get back on track.” I settled back against the fluffy cushions on the sofa.

I listened attentively while she told me how she filled in her profile. Describing herself and saying what she was looking for in a man. Then she had to be patient and hope to get some replies.

“How long did you have to wait?” I was impatient to know.

“I didn’t expect it to be instant – so as it was two o’clock in the morning I went to bed.”

“And?” I asked.

“And next morning at eight o’clock I was back at my computer.”

“And?” I said again.

“I couldn’t believe it.”

“What couldn’t you believe?” I prompted her.

“There was not one single reply.”

“Why?” I asked her.

“Had an email in my inbox. I’d not agreed to the terms and conditions.”

She then went on to tell me how she went back to her profile and ticked the little box.

“After that did you get any replies?” I asked.

She giggled. “I had fifty that first day and, now, three months later, I’m still getting replies.”

“Wow! So when did you meet Mike?”

Before she could reply there was the sound of a key in a lock.

Who could it be?

To be continued ……