The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Ten

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

His very touch thrilled her through and through. As his magic finger caressed her engorged clit she could feel the onset of an orgasm.

Then he stopped.

She opened her eyes and they pleaded with him to carry on but he was already withdrawing from her.

He had frozen and was watching the door with a fixed stare on his face.

She was puzzled – what was wrong?

Now read on…

She heard a scuffling outside the door of their room at the Palace of Pleasure and Pain – it was roughly pushed open and in came a familiar figure brandishing a sword.

‘Where’s that runt of a brother of mine?’ he made a dive at the man lying on the bed.

Cora screamed in sheer terror. ‘Master Percy please don’t hurt him.’ She threw herself over her lover in an effort to shield him from the incensed man.

‘What about him hurting me?’ Master Percy was seething. ‘My own brother has deceived me.’

‘How Master Percy, how has he hurt you?’ she asked him earnestly.

‘How, how – by stealing my beautiful sub from me.’ Master Percy was red in the face and blustering.

‘But that’s all I am to you Master – just your sub. Master Peter makes me feel special – a woman.’
Master Percy gave a grunt, and throwing down the sword he went to her. Pulling her upright, he sat down on the bed and hauling her over his knee he lifted her skirt away from her bottom and dragged her pantaloons down her legs where they gathered round her ankles – he began to spank her.

Cora wriggled about but it wasn’t long before her struggles to escape turned into wriggles of enjoyment. She thrashed about over his knee as the waves of an orgasm sent her into frenzy. He then set her back on her feet.

‘Go on admit it Cora, you’re just a slut who loves to have her backside spanked,’ he said triumphantly.

For a moment Cora bit her lip, uncertain of herself.

‘How dare you speak to this lovely lady like that,’ Master Peter stood up, towering over his brother who was still sitting. ‘I have loved her from the first moment I saw her photo.’

‘And how did you see her photo?’

‘You left your wallet lying around and I happened to see it.’

‘So you’re not just a thief, you’re a sneaky liar as well.’ Master Percy began to stomp about the room, punching the air in frustration.

Then turning to Cora he stormed at her, ‘look at him – he’s so badly scarred, how can you bear to even look at him let alone love him?’

‘I love him because he’s sweet and gentle.’ She sat down next to Master Peter and put her arm around his shoulder.

‘Cora, oh Cora I love you too.’ Master Percy sat down next to Cora. ‘I thought you knew.’ He tried to prise her arm away from his identical twin brother. ‘Please I beg of you – let’s start again.

Cora was perplexed. She looked from one brother to the other. ‘I love you both,’ she blurted out. ‘I – I don’t know what to do.’

Then suddenly she brightened. ‘I know- I know what to do,’ she said gleefully.

What is she going to do?

To be continued…

The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Nine

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

This badly scarred man was telling Cora how it had happened – the handiwork of a jealous husband.

As he told her his story, she found herself attracted to him despite the hideous scars on his face. His touch made her tingle – his kisses left her longing for more.

He went on to explain how after the acid attack, he must have lost consciousness – because when he came round he found himself in bed in a private hospital.

Now he carried on telling her how he had got there.

Cora listened attentively to what he was telling her.

Now read on…

‘But dearest,’ she looked into his half closed eyes, ‘I don’t even know who you are. What is your name?’

He paused – then told her – ‘I’m Master Peter of Harmonington.’

She jumped. ‘Are you related to Master Percy of Harmonington?’ She anxiously waited for his answer. ‘Master Percy of Harmonington sent me here for training,’ she added as a further explanation.

‘Yes I know, Percy is my twin brother.’ For a moment he watched her reaction with a worried look on his face.

Cora gasped. Putting her arms around this broken man, she held him tightly in an effort to give him some of her strength.

They lived in a small village, where everyone knew everyone else.

The jealous husband who had thrown the acid over him had contacted his brother Percy and bribed him with a large sum of money to take his sibling away and keep it hush hush as he didn’t want any scandal.

Cora was puzzled. ‘What I don’t understand my darling is how and why you specifically asked for me,’ she said. ‘There are so many other beautiful girls here at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure.

‘Percy has a photo of you in his wallet and I just knew I wanted to meet you, you looked so sweet and kind.’ He caught hold of her hand and raised it to his lips and kissed it. Cora allowed him to keep hold of it.

Then his hot lips again kissed the palm of her hand – then left a trail of feather light kisses up the inside of her left arm – her heart was pounding so hard, she felt sure he must be able to hear it. His kisses continued until they reached her neck – her body stiffened so intense was the thrill and her head was thrown back in sheer ecstasy.

His hands meandered down her body and into her cleavage. The Basque she was wearing pushed her ample breasts upwards so that her rosebud nipples peeped out teasingly. He gently eased her right breast out of its confines – then his hot lips sucked in her nipple, causing it to stiffen and become elongated. Moaning softly, she strained to push her nipple further into his mouth.

Easing her backwards so that she was lying on the bed he began the rather tedious task of unhooking the Basque. As she lay there, he could see the longing in her eyes that widened as his lips continued their downward journey – over her flat belly – until they reached her thick red bush. His fingers parted her pussy lips and eased their way into her sopping wet love passage. Finding her engorged clitoris he gently and rhythmically stroked it until she was on the verge of having an explosive orgasm.

Then to her disappointment he stopped.

Why has he stopped?

To be continue…

The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Eight

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

Cora is a trainee hostess at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure – she was sent here by her Master Percy of Harmonington.

Since her arrival the previous day she has learned two rules:

1.She must obey all commands immediately and without hesitation. Failing to do so was extremely painful.

2.She was reminded several times that her job was to please the client. Failing to do so could again result in very painful consequences.

Now she is lying over the knee of a cloaked and masked man. Bending his head he put his mouth close to her ear and whispered something to her.

What has he whispered?

Now read on…

She listened carefully – trying to make sense of what he was saying.

‘Do you understand,’ he asked her quietly.

She shook her head.

‘Okay,’ he gently rolled her off his knee. Clapping his hands, he ordered his two bodyguards to leave the room. They obeyed immediately.

‘That’s better my dear, now we can talk.’ She was still crouching on the carpet. Lifting her he gently sat her in a big red quilted satin chair.

‘Sorry about the cloaks and dagger stuff, I didn’t mean to frighten you,’ he said.

Pulling the mask off his face, she recoiled at what she saw. She couldn’t stifle the scream that rose up in her throat and she had to swallow hard to rid her mouth of the bile that trickled out of the corners of it.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said again. I know it’s a shock and that’s why I wear a mask.’ He put the mask back on.

Cora shuddered. But then her natural compassion came to the front and curiosity got the better of her.

‘What happened?’ She gently stroked his face, tracing his features through the mask.

Taking her hand away from his face, he lifted it to his lips and kissed it.

She was shocked as a tingle ran up her arm – causing her heart rate to increase.

Pulling her hand out of his grasp, she was flustered. How could this stranger have such an effect on her?

He sighed and mumbled an apology to her.

‘I would like to tell you more about me,’ he said.

She nodded her head.

‘I was in my late teens and believed I was not afraid of anything or anybody.’

Again she nodded then quietly told him to carry on.

‘There was a very wealthy man living in our village, he had a very beautiful wife,’ he paused then went on. ‘I was arrogant and was sure that I could have her. So I bedded her.’

Now he shuddered as he recalled the scene.

‘Her husband came and caught us.’

Cora put her hand over her mouth, her eyes widened.

‘What happened?’ she asked.
‘He didn’t say a word, just left the room, closing the door quietly behind him.’

Again he lifted her hand to his lips. She felt the tingle run up her arm but this time, she did not pull away from him. She realised that she had been holding her breath and let it go – then she was still, waiting for him to tell her more.

‘I dressed and moved towards the window, it was on the ground floor,’ he continued. ‘But I was stopped in my tracks as her husband climbed in through it.’

Cora gasped.

‘He had a bottle in his hand. Pulling out the cork, he threw the contents towards the bed where his wife was still cowering.’

‘Oh my God, then what happened?’ Cora asked.

‘I didn’t stop to think – but threw myself across the bed in an effort to shield her.’

‘The pain was excruciating. My face felt like it was on fire.’

By now Cora was crying. The scalding hot tears ran freely down her painted cheeks. ‘What was it?’ she asked.

‘Pure acid,’ he answered. ‘A few drops splashed onto her right shoulder. I could hear her screams as if from a distance.’

He went quiet. Cora put her arms around him – trying to comfort him. He kissed her. His lips travelled over her face, kissing away the tears – travelling downwards – leaving a trail of feathery kisses down her neck until they reached her heaving breasts. He buried his face in her décolletage.

‘Oh dearest,’ she sighed. ‘What happened next?’

‘I must have passed out with the pain, because when I regained consciousness I was in a bed in a private hospital.’

‘H-how did you get there my darling?’

To be continued…

The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Seven

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

The following morning Morag had awakened Cora, serving her breakfast in bed. Then she ran a bath for Cora and wouldn’t let her do anything for herself. While washing Cora’s pussy, Morag’s long slim fingers easily slipped into the well-lubricated love passage – causing Cora to have another long satisfying orgasm.

Once Cora had settled down after her orgasm, Morag helped her out of the bath, wrapping a white fluffy towel around her, gently patting her dry.

On the bed was a complete change of clothing – the reflection looking back at her made her feel a bit cheap – certainly not the way she would have normally looked and felt. However, with a big sigh, she realised this was a different life to the one she was used to.

Morag then led her down a passage and through another leather padded door. As she pushed Cora into another luxurious bedroom, she whispered to her to remember that her job was to always do everything to please the client.

The door closed behind her – leaving Cora unsure of what to do next. She was here at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure.

Now read on…

Spotlights in the ceiling and wall lights in the alcoves lighted the room.

This subdued lighting cast shadows around the room. As her eyes became accustomed to the light, she saw there was a large armchair in the centre of the room. Somebody was sat in the chair, but had his back to her – all she could see was what appeared to be someone wearing a black hooded cloak, the type monks wore.

Then the chair slowly turned round so that the occupant of the chair was now facing her.
She jumped in fright and shock.

The mystery person’s full frontal became visible to her. The black hood covered most of the upper face and forehead. But the lower part of his face was wearing a mask – the type people wore for Halloween – with a wide open mouthed evil grin.

She gasped again as the cloak fell open to reveal a massive fully erect cock that pulsed and moved about as if it had a life of its own.

‘Come closer girl, see what I have for you,’ the voice was high pitched and querulous.

She tried to take a step back, but there was just the closed door behind her.

‘I said come here girl, you must obey me.’

Still she hesitated.

Out of the shadows two figures dressed in black – their faces also fully masked, rushing at her grabbed an arm each and dragged her across the room, roughly pushing her until she was standing only a foot away from the mysterious person in the armchair.

‘On your knees girl,’ the taller of the two barked at her.

When she didn’t obey immediately, she was unceremoniously flung over his knee. Her long flowing skirts were pushed up her back and her voluminous black bloomers were pulled down to her ankles.

There was a cackling laugh from the figure in the armchair. ‘That’s how I like them – feisty – nothing like a girl who puts up a fight.’

The masked man who had her pinned down over his knee was now giving her a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom.

There was a slightly pungent smell from him that she recognised from yesterdays encounter – she shuddered – now regretting her attempt to bite off his cock.

He was making her poor bottom very sore and she screamed in agony. But he ignored her pleas for mercy – he even laughed at her predicament.

‘Yesterday I was in agony, now it’s your turn to suffer,’ he said gruffly.

Then again came the cackling laugh from the person in the armchair. ‘Bring the bitch to me,’ he ordered.

Cora was pushed off the spanker’s knee and she rolled onto the carpeted floor.

However, she wasn’t there for long as she was dragged to her feet and propelled the short distance and plonked over the knee of the mysterious man.

Bending his head, he put his mouth close to her ear and whispered to her.

What did he whisper?

To be continued…

The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Six

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far…

Cora is a guest at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure and in the few hours she has been there, she’s been spanked, caned, brought to a thrilling and exciting orgasm, and almost bitten off her assailant’s cock.

Now her new friend Bella had told her to get some sleep because in the morning they will have work to do.

Cora fell into an uneasy sleep wondering what Bella meant.

Now read on…

Cora was awakened in the morning by Morag gently shaking her.

‘Your breakfast is ready. Eat it while it’s hot,’ she fussed around Cora – helping her into her red satin dressing gown.

Cora found herself meekly doing as she was told.

She enjoyed her breakfast and Morag led her into the luxurious bathroom, where she ran water into the bath and added a handful of scented bath crystals – the aroma filled the bathroom.

Beckoning to Cora, she removed her nightclothes then helped her to step into the scented water and bade her to sit down.

When Cora reached for the soap, Morag shook her head. ‘No, Cora I must wash you.’ Cora was puzzled  as to why she was not permitted to wash her own body at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure.

Taking a large soft sponge, Morag washed Cora as if she was a baby. She used her bare hand to wash Cora’s pussy. Her long slim fingers inched their way into the by now throbbing cavity – yet again Cora felt the start of another orgasm. Then she was thrashing about in the water – in the throes of a never-ending orgasm.
When it was over Morag helped her out of the bath. She wrapped a big white fluffy towel around Cora and gently patted her dry.

Laid out on the bed was fresh new underwear – black satin pantaloons and a matching plunge bra. Pure silk black stockings and a black matching suspender belt were also visible.

The teal green dress that Morag put on her fitted so well it might have been made especially for her. To finish the ensemble, on her feet she had a pair of black patent six-inch high stiletto heel shoes.

Taking her by the arm, Morag led Cora to a full-length mirror. Cora gasped at the reflection – she felt a little bit cheap for all her finery.

Morag whispered to her, ‘Remember Cora, you have to please the clients.’

Still holding onto her arm, she led Cora out of the bedroom, along a narrow passage, through a leather padded door and giving Cora a gentle push into another luxurious bedroom, she closed the door, leaving poor Cora unsure of what to do next.

To be continued…

The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Five

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far…

Poor Cora couldn’t understand where she was and what she was doing there.

Bella had made her acquaintance – and had started to fill Cora in with what was going on at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure but she hadn’t got very far when two masked men had run in and each put a girl over his knee and started to spank her.

Ten minutes and many spanks later the spanking came to an end.

What is going to happen next?

Now read on…

The masked man who had been spanking Cora pushed her off his knee; she landed on all fours on the luxurious carpet. When she attempted to scramble to her feet, he put his size 10 shoe in the small of her back, so preventing her from getting up.

She felt him moving above her. Twisting her neck round, she saw him opening his fly and releasing his throbbing rampant cock from the confines of his trousers.

Pushing his cock into her face, he said, ‘suck it, wench.’ He had grabbed hold of a hank of her hair and pulled her head back – the pain causing her mouth to open in a scream – he took advantage of this and rammed his cock down her throat until she gagged on it.

He kept his hand on her head – pushing downwards, so her mouth was full of him.

For a moment he released his grip on her – this gave her the advantage and she closed her teeth around his cock – the metallic taste of his blood nauseated her.
He let out a scream and fell back clutching at his deflated cock. He sat there rocking himself backwards and forwards sobbing in agony.

Cora got to her feet and ran toward the open door.

But she fell full-length face down on the soft carpet – she was winded. Bella’s assailant who was closer to the door had stuck out his foot and tripped her.

Poor Cora, as she lay there gulping in air, her victim had recovered and was after revenge.

He sat on her squirming body – facing her bottom. She felt something sharp digging into her sore bottom – it felt like a million pinpricks – she screamed shrilly.

Then it was pandemonium.

Two men rushed into the room – they took in the scene at a glance. The man who was sitting on her was lifted off her and while one of the men led him out of the room, the other man lifted Cora and laid her gently face down on the bed. He blew a whistle and a young girl nervously came into the room.

‘Attend to her, Morag,’ he gently stroked her face.

‘Yes sir,’ she dropped to her knees at the side of the bed.

‘Cora,’ she whispered. ‘I’m just going to get something to clean you up.’

Cora gasped, she realised it was her escort from when she had first arrived at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure.

‘Thank you,’ she said gratefully.

Morag returned carrying a bowl of steaming water. Although she was very gentle, the water to which had been added some antiseptic brought tears to Cora’s eyes.

‘Sorry Cora,’ she said soothingly. ‘I had to wipe away the blood, now I’ll just apply some ointment and you’ll feel much better.’

She was right – Cora did feel much better.
‘Let me help you get into your nightclothes.’ Morag was fussing around.

Meanwhile, Bella had watched the whole thing and the terror was clearly shown on her face.

The man who had been spanking her had run out of the room as soon as the other man had been forcibly removed.

Now the two girls were sitting side by side on the bed. Dunking chunks of bread into a bowl of hot soup.

‘I’m so sorry about that Cora,’ Bella kissed Cora on her cheek. ‘We must get some sleep – tomorrow we will have work to do.’

What could she mean?

To be continue…

The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Four

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far…

She had received a severe caning – her bottom was on fire – then she was brought to a wonderful orgasm – the pleasure went on and on for several minutes. She had had a sample of what the Palace of Pain and Pleasure had to offer.

Now she had been left alone.

Had she dreamed it all?

Now read on…

Cora struggled to her feet – still feeling rather unsteady.

As she looked around her, the subdued lighting threw shadows into the corners of the room. Her bare feet sunk into the soft pile of the rose-coloured carpet. There was the smell of jasmine from a smouldering incense stick on the beautiful dressing table.

As she moved there was a rustling sound – looking down at herself she saw she was dressed in a dark green taffeta dress – she looked at her reflection in the dressing table mirror – the green of the gown she was wearing matched her eyes exactly – in contrast her red gold ringlets cascaded over her bare shoulders – in that moment she realised that she was beautiful.

She was overwhelmed by her luxurious surroundings, as well as being puzzled. How did she get into this room? The last thing she remembered was the rat and cockroach infested room – with the bare walls and cold stone floor.

There was a gentle tapping on the door. She crossed the room and opened it. A girl of about her own age was standing there. But Cora gave a gasp – the raven-haired girl was dressed identically to herself, except her taffeta dress was bright red.
The other girl put a hand on her arm and whispered, ‘Can I come in?’

Cora smiled and opened the door wider.

‘Thank you, I’m Bella,’ the girl walked into Cora’s room and sat down on the dressing table stool. She stifled a scream and taking a pillow from the bed, she placed it on the dressing table stool and sat down again.

While this was going on, Cora was silent.

Bella broke the silence. ‘My Master sent me here, who sent you?’

‘My Master, Percy of Harmonington.’

The two girls embraced each other. ‘How long have you been here Bella?’

‘Three weeks.’

‘What are we doing here?’ She shivered.

‘We are the playthings of rich men who pay for us to please them.’

‘D-do you mean we are prostitutes?’

‘Oh no,’ said Bella, they give us fancy names like Hostesses.’

Cora suddenly felt apprehensive, but she tried to hide it from Bella.

‘Can’t we escape?’

‘No they are watching us all the time. All the rooms are wired up for CCTV.’

‘You mean they’re watching us now?’

‘Yes, but as far as I know, there is no sound.’

Cora shivered again.

‘What do we have to …….’

She was interrupted by another door crashing open and two masked men came into the room, brandishing canes and whips.

The taller man went to Bella. She squealed in fright. ‘What have you been telling her Little Miss Blabbermouth?’ Poor Bella, the colour had drained from her face, she looked terrified.

She didn’t get a chance to reply. She was still sitting on the dressing table stool – she was yanked to her feet and her assailant sat down on the stool, pulling her over his knee – in one fluid movement.

Her voluminous gown was pulled up and pushed roughly up her back. Her bottom was bare – with the signs of a very recent spanking.

Cora watched in horror as poor Bella received another spanking.

The other man came up to her. ‘What has she told you?’ he asked her.

‘N-nothing,’ she stammered.

‘Don’t lie to me girl,’ he shook her arm. ‘Or maybe you want the same as she’s getting?’

Without waiting for a reply, he sat down on the side of the bed and pulled her over his knee. When he lifted her skirt she was wearing silk pantaloons – which he unceremoniously pulled down to her ankles.

For the next ten minutes there was the sounds of hands making contact with bare bottoms.

What is going to happen next?

To be continued…

The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Three

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far

Cora has been shown her room at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure. Gone was the luxury of thick piled carpets and crystal chandeliers.

When she wasn’t quick enough to respond to a question – she had been bent over the rough wooden table, her long full skirt had been pushed up her back and her red pantaloons pulled down. A harsh strapping was applied to her bare bottom. After that first strapping she pleaded that she couldn’t take any more.

She heard a strange whirring sound – she swiveled her head round, trying to see what was the source of the noise – what she saw shocked her and filled her with dread.

Now read on…

In the poorly lit room, shadows danced about, sometimes closing in on her and then receding.

The whirring came from a strange looking contraption attached to the ceiling. It was a fan – its three wide blades were rotating hence the noise she could hear. However, attached to each blade was a thin, whippy cane.

As if that wasn’t frightening enough – the whole contraption was lowered to within a couple of feet above her. The whirring sound became quicker and louder and a cane attached to the blade made contact with her quivering bottom – thwack. Before she could draw breath to scream – the cane attached to the next blade had struck downwards – again sending her poor bottom into a frenzy of activity – gyrating and quivering.

The next cane came so quickly after the previous that all her senses were centred on the pain in her bottom. Her screams mingled with the whirring sound became a deafening roaring in her ears and she felt dizzy.

She must have passed out, because the whirring noise had stopped and she found herself lying face down on the bed.

There was movement around her. Gentle hands were rubbing something cool and soothing into her tortured bottom. It felt so good. The hand stroked her bottom in circles – starting from the centre of her quivering cheek, becoming an ever-widening circle, slim fingers touching her wet pussy then moving away again. This was repeated several times – but to her own surprise she felt a yearning, her engorged clit was throbbing – she wanted more.

Now the finger didn’t pull away but entered her love passage and began to finger fuck her. She heard a voice saying, ‘Don’t stop, please don’t stop,’ and she realised she had spoken aloud.

However, the finger did withdraw and she felt distinct disappointment.

Then there was a whirring sound again. She opened her mouth to scream – a hand clamped over it – a hand smelling of some scented lotion. A soft voice hushed her like a baby – telling her not to be afraid.

The lips of her pussy were parted and she felt something cool and metallic enter her tight pussy – stretching the walls – it was withdrawn then plunged back into her aching pussy. In out, in out until involuntarily she realised she was raising her bottom to help it go ever deeper inside her.

It was so deep inside her, her vaginal muscles held it in place.

Then without warning she felt the waves of an orgasm building up inside her.

When the flogger fronds struck her bottom, curling round her hips – she felt a mini explosion inside her and she climaxed, wave after wave for what seemed like ages – when her orgasm finally stopped she felt exhausted.

The vibrator was withdrawn from her and a kiss was planted on each burning bottom cheek.

Now she was left alone.

Apart from her stinging bottom and still throbbing clit – it didn’t feel real – had she dreamt it all?

To be continued…

The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Two

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far…

Cora had arrived at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure – as she looked around her she felt overwhelmed by the sumptuous luxury of it all. It must have cost her Master – Percy of Harmonington a pretty penny – but she knew he had plenty of it. And that was why he sent her to the Palace of Pain and Pleasure – he had said it was to broaden her experiences.

She was escorted through the house, still marveling at the richness around her.

However, everything changed once she was led through the leather-padded door.

Gone was the thick-pile carpeting and crystal chandeliers – now the coldness froze her to the marrow. And when she was roughly pushed into a room – she looked around her in horror.

Now read on…

The room she was pushed into – if it could be called a room – a cell or a cage might have been a better description.

The walls were crumbling bricks covered in a dingy grey flaking paint.

The floor was cement – full of dirty cracks. In the dim light that emanated from the single light bulb that was hanging from the ceiling – she caught sight of a cockroach scurrying across the floor and under the rickety looking bed in the far corner.

In the centre of the room was a wooden table and a high three legged bar stool.

Up to that point, her escort had not spoken a word. Cora couldn’t make up her mind if the slim person, dressed all in black was male or female.

But now her escort spoke to her in a high pitched voice. ‘Your master has given us his orders, from now on you do whatever you’re told without question, do you understand?’

‘I-I-I don’t …… ‘ she began.

‘Without question,’ she suddenly found herself being pushed face down over the rough wooden table. Her voluminous skirts were pulled up and her red lacy pantaloons were pulled down to her knees.

She felt the coolness of the air on her bare bottom – but not for long. A leather strap struck her left cheek – cutting into the soft flesh and she cried out in surprise and shock, as the searing pain seemed to vibrate through the whole of her bottom.

When the strap descended again, it struck her right cheek, sending waves of agony through her whole body.

The strap found its mark another ten times, alternating between her left and right cheek – by which time she was sobbing helplessly.

She was pulled roughly to her feet and her escort spoke again, asking her if she understood, that she would do whatever she was told without question.

‘Yes, yes, I understand,’ she whispered.

‘I can’t hear you,’ and she found herself once again lying face down over the table.

‘Please, please no more,’ she pleaded.

‘Shut up.’

From behind her she heard a whirring sound. She strained her neck to be able to look behind her.

What she saw shocked her.

What has she seen?

To be continued…

Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part One

Original Spanking Stories


Eleanor Powell

Everybody living in the area knew about The Palace of Pain and Pleasure.

It was a red-bricked house – some might call it a mansion – standing at the top of a hill – looking down at the town below.

People talked about it in whispers.

During the day, there was little to see or hear – but at night there were rumours of blood curdling screams coming from within the bowels of the house.


Now as the shiny black limousine – with the tinted windows swept up the driveway, Cora took a few deep breaths. Her Master Percy of Harmonington had warned her that she was going to stay at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure and it was for her own good.

As the car smoothly came to a stop – someone dressed all in black stepped out of the shadows and opened her door. A slim hand caught hold of her arm and helped her out of the car.

She stood for a moment – blinking in the bright lights that were coming from within the house.

A cold shiver went down her spine and just for a moment she was paralysed with fear and unable to move. Then the hand on her arm shook her and guided her towards the imposing heavy oak front door.

Cora’s eyes widened as she took in the details. The whole scenario – the entrance hall with paintings on the walls – the thick pile-carpet beneath her feet – the overstuffed sofas and the crystal chandeliers overhead – all these screamed out luxury – sheer unadulterated luxury.

Still being guided by her escort, she moved forward down the hallway towards a wide staircase.

However, as they approached the staircase, the hand under her elbow moved her to the left. Going through a leather-padded door, she found herself in a stone floored passage with a stone staircase straight ahead of her – a stone staircase with no banister – leading downwards. She shivered again – but this time it was the stark coldness mingled with fear that struck terror into her very being.

She stood at the top of the stone staircase – her high-heeled shoes threw her off balance and if it hadn’t been for her escort’s steadying hand she would have overbalanced and fallen down the flight of twelve steep steps.

At the bottom of the stairs she felt herself relax slightly.

Now she was being led down another passage – through another stout wooden door.

Up to this point, she had been able to hear the sounds of music, conversation and laughter from above – now there was an eerie silence, except for the clicking sound her heels made on the stone flags.

When the sound of screaming cut through the silence she jumped at the suddenness of it. She knew then what fear real raw fear felt like.

Then a door on the left of the passage was pushed open and Cora was pushed roughly inside.

She looked around her in horror.

To be continued…