A Renter’s Dream – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Cecil B and Kat Surth

Approximate Running Time: 10.31 minutes

This young blond tenant has a Renter’s Dream.

After she’s been late paying her rent several times, her landlord threatens her with corporal punishment if it happens again.

But this girl has a fantasy and deliberately fails to pay her rent the next month – hoping that he will follow through with his threat/promise.

When the landlord arrives at her flat, the beautiful tenant is dressed provocatively.

The start of a renter's dream

The landlord is determined to give her a spanking; it doesn’t take long for her to find herself balancing over his knee, while her short, floaty skirt is bunched up around her waist. Then he starts spanking her on top of her flimsy panties. But as her knickers barely cover her rounded cheeks – we can see her ass reddening with every spank.

She grunts and wriggles her bottom while her landlord spanks her, and becomes disappointed when he stops. However, the landlord he says he hasn’t finished yet.

At his request, she hands him a hairbrush that just happens to be lying about and when he puts her back over his knee, she is so thrilled.

However, even though she is enjoying the spanking, her bottom is tingling so she puts her hand back in order to stroke her reddened cheeks. It is even more exciting when he starts stroking her bottom too. As his hands wander over her tender ass cheeks, he occasionally dips his finger into her wet pussy. Ohh-she finds herself gasping at the sheer pleasure he’s giving her.

He changes her position and has her kneeling on a chair to continue the spanking.

She is still living the renter's dream

Eventually, all good things must come to an end. She is able to live rent-free for another month.

As he leaves, the landlord threatens to come back and spank her again if she is late with her rent.

Looking backwards at her sore bottom, she is thrilled to have had a renter's dream

She writes in her diary that she won’t be paying her rent again because she has so enjoyed having a renter’s dream.

Nanny Knows Best


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Kelly Payne Collection

Stars: Kelly Payne

Approximate Running Time: 41.36 minutes

Nanny is getting agitated – very agitated. Sarah, her charge, went out and is now nearly two hours late.

Where could she be? She had promised to come home as soon as she had done what she was going to do.

Nanny is new at her job. Sarah’s mother had warned her that Sarah was a handful and needed strict discipline.

And this is not the first time the naughty girl has done this. Nanny’s worry is that she might lose her job if the wicked girl is allowed to run amok like she is doing at the moment. Going wherever she wants, whenever she wants and with whomever she wants. It’s just not good enough.

When eventually the errant girl gets home, Nanny has worked herself up into a right frenzy and is in no mood to hear excuses.

Firstly, she is disgusted at the way Sarah is dressed – like a whore. And the make up she is wearing makes her look like a real tart.

Sarah is indignant at the way she is being treated

She tells Sarah she is going to get a spanking – good and hard on her bare bottom.

Sarah pleads with her nanny, promising to be good in future. Her pleas fall on deaf ears.

Her butt is plugged

When the spanking starts, her cries of pain and promises to be good are just empty words. However, as the spanking progresses, she is truly sorry and her words are definitely sincere.

By the time Sarah’s mother gets home from work, Nanny has done a good job of reddening the naughty girl’s bottom.
Nanny updates mother on the situation and now Mother decides it’s her turn to discipline her daughter.

Mother has taken over

Mother brings out the heavy artillery. She spanks, paddles, straps, and uses a wooden backed hairbrush on her daughter’s bare bottom.

Between her nanny and mother, poor Sarah’s bottom is very sore. And the two women are certain that they will have no more trouble from her in the future.

The Hairbrush

Eleanor Powell
Studio: DropSeat Productions
Starring: Spanky, Antemis Antone and Susan Mills
Approximate Running Time: 41.46 minutes

Two naughty teenage girls arrive home two hours later than their mother expected them.

She is livid – how dare her daughters treat her with so little respect. She’s going to give them both a bare bottom hairbrush spanking.

Sending one of the girls to fetch the hairbrush – she bares the bottom of her other daughter.

Ready for her spanking

The hairbrush is handed to her, but the mother does not start the spanking immediately. What she does is bare the bottom of the daughter who brought the hairbrush, then orders her to stand facing the wall – with her knickers and jeans around her ankles – she is ready for her spanking.

A very sore bottom

Meanwhile, daughter number one is ordered to go over her mother’s knee.

What follows is a prolonged hairbrush spanking. She has to keep count and thank her mother after each stroke. Woe betide her if she miscounts as her mother promises to start from the beginning again.

By the time she is told by her mother to stand facing the wall – her poor bottom is a deep rosy red.

Now it is sister number two’s turn.

Twp well spanked bottoms

Once mother is satisfied that both girls have been dealt with adequately. She tells them to dress and get on with their chores.

Part Two

Truant Girls

This time, the two sisters are in trouble again. Their teacher phoned their father to say they had been playing truant.

So father takes them in hand and warms their bare bottoms with a leather paddle.

Dad does the punishment this time

Will they ever learn? Will they ever be able to stay out of trouble?

Abi’s Confession – Hard & Long OTK


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Approximate Running Time: 16.06 minutes



Abi has been standing naked in the corner for two hours – Headmaster Tom comes into the room – it’s time for the next part of her ongoing punishment.


First the lecture

Previously she was caned – the marks are still visible. Now she is to receive a long hard otk spanking.


She obediently puts herself over his knee – he puts his right leg over her legs to prevent her kicking out at him.

firmly held in place  - the spanking begins


He then explains to her what is about to happen to her. She has sinned six times therefore her spanking will be in six thirty seconds sessions. Giving her a watch she has to tell him when to start and stop spanking. There are one or two false stops and starts, but eventually they get there.


She ends up with a very sore bottom.


The hairbrush leaves its mark

However, this is not the end. For the next punishment session she has to be able to explain to him why she ended up masturbating in church, while the service was in progress.


How is she going to talk her way out of that one?

The Krissy Stories

Eleanor Powell

Studio: C
Starring: Krissy and Chelsea Pfeiffer
Approximate Running Time: 25.27 minutes

Chelsea has invited Krissy round for a chat. She felt it was the friendly thing to do – to welcome her to the neighbourhood.

Krissy doesn't expect a thing

However, poor Krissy had no idea of what was about to happen to her. Firstly, Chelsea explained to her that her mode of dress was upsetting all the other women in the area. With her low cut tops and tight skirts, the other ladies felt threatened as they saw their menfolk going google eyed whenever she was in the vicinity.

Is she learning anything?

So Chelsea on behalf of the other women took it on herself to do something about it.

A good spanking for a naughty girl

Which is why Krissy finds herself lying over Chelsea’s knee – for a hand spanking.

As her bottom became redder and sorer, she protested but was helpless to escape.

Once the hand spanking was over and she was allowed to get up – she mistakenly thought it was all over, but her tormentor had other ideas. Once again her bare bottom is made even more sore by a wooden paddle being used.

Finally, the wooden paddle is replaced by Chelsea’s belt.

It’s a very sorry Krissy who promises to dress less provocatively in future.

This is not the end of the video.

The cane makes an impression

Krissy hires a Personal Chef to cook her meals for her. Chelsea the Personal Chef is attempting to come to some agreement with her employer – who is such a faddy eater, she is not satisfied with anything that is suggested to her.

Chelsea loses patience with her and puts roast bottom on the menu.

Gentlemen Prefer Brats

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Artemis Antone and Arthur Meeks as Victor

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Tempted by the champagne

Artemis and Victor are on an all expenses paid business trip. The purpose of the trip is to drum up more business for their bosses.

However, Artemis has other ideas. Instead of mixing with the other guests in the hotel, she decides to order a bottle of champagne, by phoning Room Service. She is just about to pour herself a generous glass of the fizzy elixir when Victor returns to their room to see what was keeping her.

despite her protests she finds herself lying over his knee

He’s incensed to find her settling in for a cosy night with her bottle of champagne.

Being a super brat, she gives him a load of lip. Eventually, exasperated with her, he puts her over his knee with the intention of spanking the brattiness out of her.

He’s in no hurry and the spanking session turns into a sensual spanking session.

His fingers give  her pleasure

While in the process of giving her a very sore red bottom, he uses various implements and a vibrator.

submission is imminent

After he has brought her to a shuddering climax, he sits her on his knee for a cuddle.

The Body Shop

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Christina Carter and Cecil B

Approximate Running Time: 58.30 minutes


 Christina Carter had left her car for repairs at Cecil B’s Body Shop.

She comes back and is complaining about various things that are still not working. Cecil denies having even touched any of the things she is referring to.


She is in full flow

Her whining gets to him – until he can take no more. After pointing out that she hasn’t paid him yet, he takes action.

She finds herself leaning over the counter having her bottom soundly spanked.

Getting undressed

Squealing and squirming about it takes him all his time to hold her in position.

When he starts spanking her she is fully dressed, except for her oversize breasts that are tumbling out of her bra, then bit by bit her clothing comes off and he ends up spanking her in the altogether.

He puts her over his knee

He keeps changing her position and the implements he uses on her.

Eventually, when he believes she’s had enough, he tells her to wait for five minutes then get dressed and leave.

However, she lingers a little bit too long and Cecil comes back with his mechanic.

Thinking she has found an ally, she tells Cecil’s employee about him spanking her. But to her surprise and horror, he ties her up and gags her – helpless and truly at the mercy of the two men, they subject her to a spanking, using their hands, belts and paddles.

She is bound and gagged

When her cries of pain turn to moans of pleasure, Cecil finger fucks her.

Finally, still trussed up, she is put into the boot of the car and the lid is closed.


Claudia Misbehaves

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Chandler and Tom Byron

Approximate Running Time: 51.27 minutes

Claudia is on a fact-finding mission. She is needing answers to the burning question regarding sexuality and a pornographic star, so she manages to wangle an interview with Tom Byron.

After asking him some rather impertinent questions, he then admits that his speciality sexual turn on is spanking. However, Claudia does not heed his warnings and carries on probing.

When he pulls her over his knee, she protests loudly, but her objections fall on deaf ears. Tom is determined to give her the spanking she has obviously been asking for.

He pulls her over his knee

As her beautiful shapely bottom becomes redder and sorer each time his hand makes contact with her quivering cheeks, she warns him not to mark her – as her husband spanks her regularly and he would notice.

He bares her bottom

Then changing tactics, she asks him for a sensual spanking. He is only too happy to oblige.

The hairbrush really hurts

For the OTK enthusiast, there is plenty of bare bottom spanking with his hand. When he changes tactics, and uses various implements – such as paddles, straps, hairbrushes and floggers, it became necessary for her to be bent over a chair – thus giving him better leverage.

see her sore red bottom

So, after he has given her a very sore red bottom, he sends her home to her husband.

The Spanking Session

Studio: Real Spanking Video

Approximate Running Time: 34.58 minutes

This video was made by a real life married couple, who both enjoy role-playing. She is the naughty schoolgirl and he is the strict father.

Not for the first time, her father has a call from the school to say his daughter has been disruptive in class once again.

So, she is now due for yet another spanking – the fifth that week.

His naughty daughter has to be spanked

Putting her over his knee, he starts off by giving her a warm up spanking with his hand, on top of her skirt. As the spanking progresses, he pulls down her knickers and continues spanking her on her bare bottom.

The spanking progresses

He tells her that each time he has to spank her, it’s going to be harder than the one before.

As her bottom gets sorer so does his hand – and he moves onto using the hairbrush, then the large wooden paddle.

From spanking to sex

Eventually, they are both turned on. So much so, that he strips off himself and enters her from behind.

Spanking Tutorial

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Ariele Cole as Karen
Bobbie Tawse as Bobbie
Steve Logan as Mitchell

Approximate Running Time: 45.26 minutes

Listen up girls – are you longing for the man in your life to haul you over his knee lift your dress and bare your bottom?

How can she get him to spank her

Have you tried to tell him how being spanked turns you on big time, but he just doesn’t get it?

He's taking lessons

Do you purposely act like a cheeky brat hoping for some action, but you usually end up feeling let down and frustrated?

Or are you afraid to tell him of your inner longings, in case he thinks you’re kinky and – not normal?

Answering yes to one or more of these questions – don’t worry, you are not on your own, in fact there are millions of us with the same needs and feelings – in every part of the world.

Well let me tell you what I did.

could this be her lucky day

I asked my new husband to watch this movie with me. I was able to pause it if I needed to explain something.

Did it work?

He even uses the hairbrush

Well, I’m sat on a cushion while writing this – but with a smirky grin on my face.

So, go on watch the movie, maybe you will get more than you bargained for. I hope so for you.