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Free Spanking Stories - The BratKelly drove down the twisted road with her thoughts racing. She was driving the 30 miles to see Hunter again. She was nervous to see him again because she knew she was to be severely punished. Kelly knew she deserved every stroke he would give her but was still nervous. Still yet she couldn’t wait to see him. She thought she must be crazy to want to see him so badly knowing it was for punishment. Kelly couldn’t help it though. She loved the way he made her feel.

Kelly pulled into the parking lot of his hotel, getting more nervous by the second. She thought of turning around and leaving but she couldn’t do that, not after he drove 4 hours to see her. She picked up her phone and saw a text from Hunter. Kelly read the message and answered with “I just got here.” Hunter texted her the room number. Kelly went inside and straight to the elevator afraid to make eye contact with anyone. She felt like everyone knew why she was there or they would know when his belt started cracking on her bare bottom.

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Spanking Video Review – Tardy Gets Caned

Studio: Desade Productions
Approximate Running Time: 12 minutes

Tardy, well that’s not her real name, but because of her always being late, her boyfriend decides that name suits her very well indeed.

He goes a step further as he is exasperated at her tardiness in every situation and lecturing her has had no effect on her whatsoever.

A spanking is in order

Now is the time to show his displeasure – by putting her in otk and giving her bare bottom a sound spanking.

He has two new implements to use on her, a wooden backed hairbrush and a hefty wooden spoon.

The spanking is getting through to her

It doesn’t take him long to turn her bottom into a rosy red, while all the time he’s spanking her, she’s squeaking and squealing.

Eventually, she promises to leave home ten minutes earlier in future and no more excuses.

Stand Corrected

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Erica Scott and Devlin O’Neill

Approximate Running Time: 56.12 minutes

Erica is amazed that her boss Devlin is not exactly overjoyed with her treatment of his precious manuscript.

Her job was to proofread his book – correcting spelling and grammar errors. However, at no extra charge to him, she went a step or ten further and added her opinion on some of the statements he had made.

He's had enough - she's about to get a spanking

Devlin is incensed with her actions, because she even took it on herself to send the doctored manuscript to the publisher without his knowledge.

She defends herself – arguing her case – oblivious to his seething anger that is on the verge of boiling over.

Eventually, it does erupt and she finds herself pulled off her chair and unceremoniously tossed into an OTK spanking.

He shows her no mercy with this spanking

He accuses her of being conceited and too self-opinionated. It doesn’t take him long to pull down her scanty knickers and proceed to spank her bouncing bottom cheeks – that are rapidly turning from a creamy white to a deep cherry red.

All the time he’s spanking her, he’s lecturing her. He was under the impression that his manuscript was a serious piece of writing, but, because of her input, the publisher had categorized it under humor and he is not amused.

However, although her bottom is being blistered by her angry boss’ spanking, she keeps up with the answering back, determined to defend her actions to the end. And he finds himself having to readjust her position over his knee – due to her wildly kicking legs and squirming about.

When Devlin realizes his right hand is getting tired and sore, he changes to spanking her with a hairbrush and a paddle, yet still she carries on with her incessant banter and insults.

Almost an hour later and he's still spanking her

In total, she spends the best part of an hour having her bare bottom spanked by this extremely irate man, until she finally gives in and grudgingly apologizes and promises to rewrite the manuscript as a second edition, at no extra pay.

I think Erica is a very talented actor and she sure can take a long hard spanking, while, some of the things she says had me laughing at her audacity.

For the OTK spanking enthusiast, this movie has the lot. Enjoy!

Behind Closed Doors

Spanking Studio: Red Stripe

Starring: Barbara, Bill and Hilary

Approximate Running Time: 44.51 minutes

Hilary comes home from shopping and is very surprised to find her workaholic husband is already home – and it’s only the middle of the afternoon.

While she was out ‘shopping’ she had been caught shop lifting. And now Bill was about to carry out his threat to give her a really hard well deserved spanking.

He reminds her of a previous spanking he’d given her for the same reason and he demands to know why she did it again. She tells him how lonely she gets – stuck in the house all day – never seeing anybody, and she accuses him of neglecting her. She wants his attention.

Spanking his naughty wife

Now he’s prepared to give her the attention she’s craving for – he explains to her that he’s going to spank her and use various implements including the cane.

But, before he starts the spanking, he phones Mr Carter the shop owner in order to tell him of his plan to spank her. And to add to the humiliation, he insists that she speaks to Mr Carter and confirm that she is about to be soundly spanked.

Therefore, he starts off by giving her a warm up spanking – over his knee. He doesn’t hold back any and soon her bouncing bottom cheeks are turned into a dark very sore looking rosy red.

spanking with the hairbrush

She’s squealing loudly and begs him not to make so much noise. This does not stop Bill who’s determined that this is going to be the second and last time he’s going to have to spank her for shop lifting.

After the hand spanking, he sends her to the bedroom to get the hairbrush. Back over his knee, the hairbrush further reddens her cheeks.

For the paddle, she has to bend down with her hands on the seat of the couch.

Still the spanking continues

Then he very considerately, sends her to stand facing the wall – to contemplate why this is happening to her and to give her a rest.

When the phone rings, it’s Barbara from next door. She’s heard the familiar sound of a spanking taking place and wants to know the details. Barbara wears the trousers in their house. If her husband George steps out of line – he’s the one who gets spanked.

Hilary is at least glad that Bill doesn’t invite Barbara over to watch her humiliation.

For the caning part of the punishment he orders her to bend over the arm of the couch – her bottom well up in the air.

However, despite her squeals of pain – her quivering bottom is extremely sore – he carries on giving her the full number of strokes he promised her.

Having been severely spanked she is now very sorry

Spanking over, he takes her in his arms and gives her a much needed hug.

Spanking Video Review – Phone Etiquette


Approximate Running Time: 09.45 minutes

She’s sitting on the couch – multi-tasking. In one hand she has a hairbrush and is brushing her long red hair, while in the other hand she has her cell phone and is phoning her friend.

Her boyfriend comes in and he is not too pleased with her. She has broken his cell phone, so he can’t make or receive any calls. As he uses his cell phone for business purposes, he is probably losing work.

He snatches her phone before spanking her

Snatching her cell phone out of her hand, he throws it to the floor, where it shatters into several pieces.

Pulling her up, he sits down on the couch and puts her over his knee. He’s going to teach her a lesson with an otk spanking she is not going to forget in a hurry.

He bends her over for an otk spanking

As his large hard hand lands on each cheek alternately – changing her creamy white bottom to a deep cherry red, he is not satisfied with his efforts until he has spanked every square inch of her poor quivering bottom.

Spanking her bottom with a hair brush

The hairbrush that she had been using to brush her hair was now used to further redden her bottom. He even used her slipper but went back to using the hairbrush as it apparently left more of a stinging impression.

Spanking her bottom makes it very sore

Finally, he tells her to get out of his sight – he doesn’t want to see her for a while, so she leaves the room, rubbing her sore bottom in an attempt to rub away the pain and smarting.

Spanking her well brings satisfaction

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Spanking Video Review – Nikki the Maid

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Nikki Dublais

Approximate Running Time: 40.35 minutes

Nikki knocked on the door, she waited for a moment, but getting no response she lets herself into the hotel room of a new guest.

The room was a tip and she grumbled to herself about not knowing where to start.

Try as she could – she couldn’t get up any enthusiasm for her job as Room Maid. So she wandered around the room aimlessly, until she saw a large holdall that was gaping wide open. Her curiosity was aroused as she brought out a few of the contents – she was puzzled as to their possible use.

She was so engrossed in her voyage of discovery that she didn’t realise she was no longer alone. The hotel guest came out of the bathroom, taking in at a glance what was going on – he sat down on the bed, pulling her squealing and protesting over his knee.

He hauls her over his knee for an otk spanking

Her grey trousers are tightly stretched across her very shapely bottom. As his hand makes contact with her squirming bottom – it bounces back.

Then when she has a very sore bottom; he orders her to stand in a corner and not to rub.

The spanking continues

When he comes back into the room he catches her rubbing her tender bottom. So she finds herself once more lying over his knee.

Eventually, at his insistence, her clothes come off and he continues with the spanking on her very red and sore looking bare bottom.

A knock on the door and it’s the hotel manager, doing a spot check. He enters the room and sees his Room Maid lying over the knee of one of the hotel’s guests.

She has been truly well spanked

He is all in favour of corporal punishment, especially as Nikki has been stealing from the guests for some time.

However, he doesn’t think the spanking she has received up to that moment is sufficient – so he asks the hotel guest if he may carry on.

Nikki finds herself lying over her boss’s knee for a further spanking.

He introduces her to a couple of the items from the holdall that she had been looking through. She finds the hairbrush particularly painful.

Once he is satisfied that she has been dealt with adequately, he lets her stand up and rub her poor bottom, before he orders her to redress and get on with her duties.

Spanking Videos – Spank Thy Neighbor

Starring: Erica Scott and Ralph Marvell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Running Time: 55.14 minutes

I loved every minute of this movie. As far as I’m concerned it had everything a good spanking movie should have.

It all starts with a new neighbor moving into a flat above Erica’s. Her idea of bliss was to have her punk music blasting out at full volume – so that the flimsy built block of flats vibrated.

Ralph knocks on her door and introduces himself. He is very reasonable and politely asks her to turn down the volume. She just as reasonably points out that she only plays her music between the hours of 10.00 am and 10.00 pm.

However, he tells her he works nights, so has to sleep during the day.

But by now her being reasonable with him has evaporated. She is adamant that she will continue to play her music as and when she wants to and at the volume she enjoys the most.

Some banter between them ends up as stalemate.

Spanking Videos - She finds herself over his knee

It soon becomes obvious to him that he’s getting nowhere with her – so he decides to take action right there and then.

Much to her indignation and surprise, she finds herself lying face down over his knee. He starts to spank her. She struggles; she kicks her legs and tells him she hates him.

But he’s determined to change her attitude and ignores her abusive language.

Spanking Videos - The spanking continues on her bare bottom

After spanking her on top of her skirt, he pulls it up to reveal her reddened bottom, covered by a pair of panties; that have already ridden up into the crease in her bottom.

He is forced to proceed with the spanking as she stubbornly refuses to give in to turning down the volume. So, her panties are pulled to her knees, so he’s able to concentrate on her bare bottom.

Eventually with a very sore red bottom she gives in and agrees to be more considerate when listening to her music.

He leaves after telling her she knows what to expect in future if his sleep is disturbed again.

She cranks up the Boombox and waits for him. She doesn’t have long to wait. She coolly offers him some wine. But, he’s not there on a social visit, although she has a good attempt at flirting with him. She has gone to some trouble to make herself look sexy and seductive. Being a red blooded man he doesn’t fail to notice this, but focuses on spanking some consideration into her.

He uses his hand, a hairbrush and his belt, before she gives in. He asks her why she played the music loud again, knowing that he would carry out his threat to spank her again. Finally, she admits that she enjoys being spanked.

Spanking Videos - She still wants and needs more spanking

He’s already twigged that but just needs some proof. So he puts her over his knee again and gives her a few more spanks. Then nudging her legs apart, he puts his finger into her pussy and finding it sopping wet, he plays with her clit until she’s climaxed.

A very enjoyable spanking movie – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Spanking in the 21st Century

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Lucy and Ricky

Approximate Running Time: 40.58 minutes

The year is 2050 and due to a lack of men who are into spanking, Lucy finds herself craving for a spanking and the only way she can get one – is to pay for it.

She turns up for her appointment and is introduced to several young men – each specializing in their own aspect of spanking. She chooses to play with Ricky who like her is good at role play.

During their exploratory discussion regarding her needs, it is mutually agreed that he should be the wronged husband and therefore they are going to play out three different spanking scenes.

Scene Number One:

He comes home and accuses her of seeing another man. She emphatically denies this, then because he has actually seen her with the other guy; she changes her story to it being her cousin.

Spanking the unfaithful

Of course he doesn’t believe her and proceeds to give her an otk spanking. While he spanks her, he is scolding all the time. He starts off hand spanking her on top of her tight dress. Eventually, he orders her to take off her skirt and top. Her poor bottom can be seen to change from a smooth creamy white to a blazing inferno.

This scene ends with her promising to be faithful to him in future.

Scene Number Two:

Spanking the smoker

She can’t kick the habit of smoking so he makes it his mission in life to persuade her to stop. He does this by spanking her. His right hand bounces off her beautiful bottom, causing it to become a deep cherry red. He keeps on spanking her until she agrees to give up smoking.

Scene Number Three:

Ricky is getting very agitated – he’s looking under the bed and judging by his increasing bad mood, he can’t find what he’s looking for.

Spanked for trashing baseball cards

Lucy innocently asks him what he’s lost and he tells her his precious Baseball Card Collection. She admits that when she was spring cleaning, she found this shoe box under the bed – it was very dusty – so she threw it away.

He is beside himself with rage and decides to take it out on her bottom. As his hand makes contact with her quivering cheeks, it doesn’t take long to change the colour of her bottom from white to a deep red. As there is no way he can get the collection back, he tells her that he’s going to spank her every day for a month – in the hope that she stops and thinks in future before throwing anything away.

Finally, she thanks him for spanking her and agrees that it was just what she wanted and needed.

Ricky is also happy and giving a big sigh says he loves his job.

Fully dressed again, she returns to the main room where the other guys are and pays what she owes, and leaves after promising to return again someday soon.

Free Spanking Reviews – Trust Me

Studio: Red Stripe

Starring: Amanda, Bill and Hilary

Approximate Running Time: 0.45 minutes

Bill is tired and all he wants to do is go to sleep, but Mandy his wife is hell bent on trying to persuade him to go on holiday.

Patiently he once again tells her why he can’t go on holiday – after many months of work, he’s just about to make a breakthrough. Once that happens, then a holiday will be a great idea.

But, she goes on and on at him. Eventually, exasperated with her, he flings back the bedclothes and puts her over his knee.

Over The Knee Punishment

He hand spanks her luscious bottom, turning it to a rosy red. However, the spanking has little or no effect on her. When they do eventually go to sleep, they have still not settled anything.

Next day when he is at work, Mandy contacts his ex Hilary and asks her how she used to get him to do things he didn’t want to do.

So Hilary pops round for a coffee and a chat. It is decided that as Mandy has no computer knowledge and Hilary has – she’d show Mandy how to make his work disappear off the computer, on condition that Mandy takes full responsibility for it.

Bill comes home early and is pleased to see his ex getting on so well with his new wife.

Leaving the two girls to their chatting – he goes to his office. Moments later he returns and he’s hopping mad. His precious computer is completely dead.

Spanking multiple girls

Believing that both the girls are responsible for destroying months of work, he spanks them both alternately. First a hand spanking, followed by the hairbrush and finally the cane.

Spanking Hilary

At the end, Mandy is delighted when he agrees to go on holiday and when they return home, he’ll get a computer expert to try and restore the missing files again.

Spanking two young ladies

But, if retrieving the files can’t be done, Mandy is going to end up with a very sore bottom once more.

Household Affairs

Studio: Spanked at Home

Running Time: 08.58 minutes

The kitchen is a shambles; dirty dishes are all over the counter tops, while the sink is overflowing with even more dirty crockery. Left over food has been allowed to rot – causing a serious health hazard.

In the bathroom, the washing basket is bulging with unwashed clothes. Kathy should have been doing her chores – but obviously had neglected them.

She's still in bed

It is time she is taught a lesson with a good old fashioned otk spanking.

She is in bed fast asleep, when she has a very rude awakening.

Still rubbing the sleep from her eyes and trying to get her brain in gear, she finds herself lying over his knee.

He uses the back of a hairbrush on top of her pyjama trousers. Apart from moaning and occasionally crying out, she just lies there – no wriggling about or kicking of her legs. Even when her trousers have been pulled down to her ankles and her reddened bottom can be seen glowing through her panties, she still has no fight in her.

Down come her panties and her bare bottom is revealed – showing a very sore looking red bottom. Wielding the hairbrush, when his right arm tires, he changes over to using his left arm.

Over his knee the spanking starts

Finally, he tells her to bend over the bed and he canes her bare bottom.

Then comes the cane

Getting redressed she heads for the kitchen to start the clean up.