Jasmine is Much Too Cheeky – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine Lau and Elizabeth Simpson

Approximate Running Time: 21.04 minutes

Jasmine is much too cheeky. On this particular evening, her mother is waiting for her errant daughter to come home.

When Jasmine eventually does return home, she has no idea what’s going to happen to her. However, her mother soon puts her in the picture.

Because Jasmine is much too cheeky her mother spanks and canes her

Jasmine lies to her mother when she asked where her daughter had been. Jasmine was seen with a bad crowd that her mother has in the past forbidden her to see.

Jasmine’s sentence is passed by her loving, caring mother. She is to be spanked and caned.

Bending touching her toes is because Jasmine is much too cheeky

Part of the punishment is humiliation. So her bottom is bared in readiness.

Her bottom is warmed up by a hand spanking, then she is caned.

Scene Two

In this scene her father is disgusted with her Jasmine’s behaviour and slovenly ways. He tells her that her bedroom is like a pig sty and in future she is to keep it clean and tidy.

Her father is sorting her out because Jasmine is much too cheeky

But meanwhile she is due for a spanking and slippering. He tells her to take off her panties and get over his knee. She is humiliated and embarrassed, but her father points out that that is part of the punishment.

Her father spanks and slippers her because Jasmine is far too cheeky

After the spanking and slippering, Jasmine’s ass is so sore. Her father will not allow her to go to bed yet. She is to stand there with her hands on her head until the rest of the family have come home and are able to see what has happened to her because Jasmine is much too cheeky.

Caning for Jasmine – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine Lau

Approximate Running Time: 31.21 minutes

Jasmine has been in a lot of trouble at school, so her mother phones an old friend of the family to ask for his advice. He’s a strict disciplinarian and suggests Jasmine stay with him for a few days; he will soon knock her into shape. But he warns that there will be a caning for Jasmine, among other things.

A very nervous Jasmine turns up. She has come straight from school and is still wearing her school uniform, which is disheveled and in need of a wash.

At first, she sits down on the couch next to him and he explains to her why she is there and what’s going to happen to her. Jasmine is non-responsive and keeps her head down, not looking at him.

Having explained to her what’s going to happen, he’s going to start her spanking immediately.

Although she is not at all happy about it, there’s nothing she can do but obey.

He tells her to stand up and lift her skirt clear of her sweet ass, and then he beckons her to lie over his knee.

This spanking is only the start - before there is a caning for Jasmine

Giving her a hand spanking on top of her panties, he leaves her gasping and swearing under her breath. He has very sharp hearing and tells her that that sort of language will not be tolerated.

Therefore, she is going to get a taste of the slipper on her bare ass.

She gets the slipper before the caning for Jasmine

Jasmine finds it painful and at times she is about to swear but bites back the words.

He introduces her to the cane. As it bites into her already tender bottom, she gasps and cries out.

As promised there is a caning for Jasmine

Eventually, humiliation is part of the punishment too. Her mother’s friend orders her to remove all her clothing before continuing with a caning.

When part one of her punishment is over, he tells her to pick up her clothes and go to her room. When Jasmine has dressed she is to return to the lounge.

She has a very sore bottom after receiving a caning for Jasmine

The poor girl already knows that she’s in for some painful lessons over the next few days – including some more caning for Jasmine.

After Work Spanking – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 31.00 minutes

She’s at her dressing table, dressed in a black bra and thong with lace-topped black stockings. As she applies her makeup, she doesn’t realize she’s just minutes away from being on the receiving end of an after work spanking.

Her husband comes in after a full work day, and he’s tired and hungry. However, there’s no sign of any dinner and he knows that his wife beauty routine is not for his benefit.

He drags her from the dressing table stool and he sits down on it, as he pulls her over his knee.

He spanks her - it's an after work spanking

When the husband start hand spanking her, the wife squeals and struggles, but he holds her down tightly.

It doesn’t take long for the tears to start flowing.

In the diaper position the after work spanking hurts even more

However, he’s not moved by her distress and changes from hand spanking to using various implements that include paddles, canes, and straps.

Putting her in the diaper position, he carries on spanking her, carefully avoiding hitting her juicy pussy. He has other plans for her pussy.

He inserts a dildo into her cunt, while at the same time still spanking her sore, exposed ass. She doesn’t seem to know whether it’s agony or ecstasy. Should she be cry or sigh with joy?

he pushes a dildo into her - humiliation is part of the after work spanking

The question is – has she orchestrated the after work spanking?

Demoted To The Fourth – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Red Stripe

Starring: Emily, Annabel, and Miss Hayworth

Approximate Running Time: 42.25 minutes

Emily and Annabel, two senior girls at St. Stripes Girls School, have been summoned to Miss Hayworth’s office.

The Headmistress lectures them about their many absences from class. However, they are both quite smug – they have notes from their mothers.

She announces their punishment - they are to be demoted to the fourth

Miss Hayworth examines the notes carefully and compares the signatures with signatures she has on file. The girls’ notes are forged.

Also, the girls’ attitude annoys the headmistress. They are downright rude and insolent.

Miss Hayworth announces that they are going to be demoted to the fourth. This means that all of the privileges they enjoy as senior girls are to be taken away from them. Plus, they must go to the dormitory and dig out their fourth form uniforms and return to her office wearing them.

Both girls protest loudly-it’s going to be embarrassing, but Miss Hayworth has made up her mind.

Their punishment also includes being spanked, strapped, and caned.

She spanks each girl in turn - they know they have been demoted to the fourth

The Headmistress deals with Emily and Annabel  in turn.

Even with very sore, bare asses, they still have an attitude that Miss Hayworth is determined to knock out of them.

The Headmistress doesn’t give an inch. Rudeness, disobedience, and back talk  just increase the number of cane strokes.

being caned - part of their punishment of being demoted to the fourth

Miss Hayworth does win in the end, although it’s quite a battle of wills.

For their final humiliation, the humiliated girls are to stand outside Miss Hayworth’s office in their fourth form uniforms  with their panties around their knees and their sore red asses on display. The real fourth formers will be able to see how the two senior girls have been demoted to the fourth form.

Bad Attitudes – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com

Starring: Elin and Michael

Approximate Running Time: 10.54 minutes

Michael sat in his office to check the reports of some of the students at Girls Boarding School. One particular report took his attention – Simone, a new girl, had been expelled from her previous school because of her bad attitude.

And now at GBS, it seems that she is still being rude and disruptive in class. Three of the older, experienced teachers have complained about her. She contradicted them and called them rude names.

Michael calls her into his office. When he asked her to explain why she had such a bad attitude he got a mouthful of bad language from her.

He’s disgusted with her and tells her he’s going to punish her. She tries to argue but he’s having none of it and orders her to lie bent over the table.

spread eagled over the table having her bad attitudes spanked out of her

For the next few minutes he concentrates on turning her smooth, creamy, white, tight, little ass into a blazing inferno.

The pain, the humiliation having her bad attitudes beaten out of her

After leaving Simone to kneel on a chair in the corner to reflect on her attitude problem, Michael returns and orders her to remove all her clothes. She protests about the humiliation, but he tells her that is part of the punishment.

Michael then has her bent over in various positions while he canes her.

touching her toes for the final six strokes of the cane - goodbye bad attitudes

As a grand finale he gives her six strokes of the cane – she has to count each one and thank him for it.

She is sent to her room to get dressed.

Simone promises Michael that she will no longer have bad attitudes.

New Resident Justine


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com

Starring: Justine and Mr. Lewis

Approximate Running Time: 17.00 minutes

Mr. Lewis, a teacher at Girls Boarding School, has stayed behind in order to give new resident Justine some extra tuition in readiness for her upcoming exams.

New Resident Justine is having problems with her spelling

He tests her spelling which, unfortunately, is getting worse instead of better; his patience is wearing thin – he’s at his wit’s end to know how to help her.

As reasoning with her seems to be useless, he decides that maybe corporal punishment will get to the seat of the problem.

He orders her to come around to the other side of the desk and bend over it with her skirt up. He then uses a large, leather paddle to redden her bottom, giving her one stroke of the paddle for each letter of the word.

He orders the new resident Justine to come round to the front of the desk

However, even this doesn’t work and he begins to despair of getting through to this new resident Justine.

As a last resort, he thinks maybe some humiliation might do the trick – so he orders her to remove her clothing and paddles her already sore, red bottom while he tests her ability to count up to twelve.

He finds humiliating the new resident Justine is  the way to go

Finally, he tells her to sit at the desk, still without any clothing on and practice her spelling.

He’s determined that the new resident Justine will pass her exams – even if he has to repeat the paddling on a daily basis.

Maggy Back Again


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com

Starring: Michael and Maggy

Approximate Running Time: 07.27 minutes

Michael is sitting in his office catching up on some paperwork.

There’s a knock on the door. When he opens it a young lady is standing there clutching a suitcase.

“Who are you?” he asks her.

“I’m Maggy,” she answers.

“So what are you doing here, Maggy?”

She explains  why she's there

“I’ve come back, sir. I was here a few years ago. Now Alex my boyfriend has sent me back.”

“Now I remember. You’re the Maggy Headmaster Tom told me to expect.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Ok, Maggy, come in and take off your outer clothing.”

she protests about going over his knee

Maggy takes off her coat and scarf – it’s cold and has been snowing outside.

“So why has your boyfriend sent you back here again?”

She lowers her head and does not reply.

“I see,” said Michael. “Have you forgotten what you learned here?”

Again she didn’t reply.

“Right, Maggy, I’m going to give you a welcome spanking.” Sitting down on a straight-backed chair, he beckoned for her to get over his knee.

Now she finds her voice and protests loudly.

“Maggy, you are going to have to learn that it’s all about obedience at Girls Boarding School.”

“But I haven’t done anything wrong yet,” she backs away from him.

“You’re already disobeying me. As acting headmaster while Headmaster Tom is away, I will spank you and discipline you whenever I see fit. Do you understand?”

“But, sir!”

“That’s enough argument. Come on, get over my knee at once!”

So Maggy places herself over his knee.

He starts hand spanking her on top of her jeans. She cries out every time his hand makes contact with her bottom.

She attempts to ward off the spanks by putting her hand behind her and he slaps them away.

Then he tells her to stand up and take her trousers down.

When he pulls her knickers down, she protests loudly.

However, she soon realises that fighting against the rules is useless.

she is well and truly spanked

At the end of the spanking, he insists on her standing in front of him with her hands by her sides. She is not allowed any modesty whatever.

“Simone, come in here please,” he calls.

A small dark haired girl enters the room. Michael introduces them.

He tells Simone to take Maggy under her wing and show her around.

But he warns Simone that if Maggy gets into trouble – she too will be punished.

Spanking Ms. Cali Vol 2


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Alpine Sierra Studios

Starring: Ms Cali

Approximate Running Time: 42.06 minutes

Ms Cali is a beautiful blonde lady – who is fortunate to have a beautiful shapely bottom that other women would die for.

Unfortunately for her, she can’t seem to keep out of trouble. Her husband tries to keep control over her and when she steps out of line he appears to take great pleasure in spanking her.

He also has an imagination and when he is going to spank her, he chooses various locations – always in places that other people just might be able to see what’s going on. This is with a view to adding humiliation to his wife’s spanking.

In the opening scene – Ms Cali has done something to displease him. He leads her blindfolded out of the house into the backyard. He guides her so that she is kneeling on a wooden chair with a high back. As she leans forward – her voluptuous bottom is stuck up and out, giving him a great target area.

spanked in her own back yard

He uses a paddle and soon has her bottom glowing nicely. In her agitation she is inclined to kick her legs out and he warns her to keep them down or else …

His home made switch really stings

His next instrument of torture is a flogger. He knows how to use it to both sting and titillate.

In Scene Two she’s in trouble again. He chooses a day when there is a hurricane blowing outside – he has her standing in a doorway – bending forward so he can use his belt on her bare bottom. She sways her bottom from side to side, in an effort to avoid his leather belt. Or she could be swaying as she is being buffeted about by the high winds outside.

In the wide open spaces a spanking takes place

Now in Scene Three they’re on a beach. He gives her a lecture about not going off alone. Then he gets on with spanking her bare bottom with his hand and a paddle.

another place another spanking

In the next scene they are out in the countryside. She has displeased him yet again by going swimming on her own. He starts off spanking her bare bottom with his hand, then, he rips a thin whippy branch from a tree, shaves off the rough bits and uses it on her already sore bottom. Now this homemade implement really does sting and has her hopping about from foot to foot.

Scene Five they are back home in the kitchen. Now she appears to have an eating disorder. He is concerned for her health, so when sweet reasoning doesn’t work he resorts to putting her over his knee for a paddling.

Back in the kitchen for Scene Six. Looking very housewifely in an oversize apron he uses a large wooden spoon on her bare bottom – he’s still trying to get her to eat regular meals.

she has such a sore bottom

Finally in Scene Seven she is lying face down on a bench. He is swinging his right arm that is holding his doubled over belt. This spanking is so painful she is in tears by the end of it.

Out of Control


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Headmaster Tom and Kathrin

Approximate Running Time: 09.33 minutes

Why is Kathrin sneaking about? She has just knocked on Headmaster Tom’s office door – obviously getting no reply, which she hoped was going to be the case – she pushes the door slowly open and goes inside.

She is there on a mission – she’s looking for something, but what?

Opening a drawer she feels around inside it – right to the corners at the back. Success! Putting her find in the back pocket of her jeans, she carries on searching the other drawers. She has another find and just has time to enclose her hand around it – when Headmaster Tom comes into the room.

He is shocked to see her there. Hasn’t he always told his students that his office was out of bounds to them? In fact he had always locked the door when he went out and this was the first time he forgot to do so. Had she been waiting all this time for him to slip up?

He asks her what she’s doing there but she doesn’t answer him.

A great positon for a caning

Then he notices that she has something in her hand and prises her fingers open – she’s got one of his rings. Now he’s sure she must have something else that belongs to him.

Running his fingers over her jeans – he finds a bulge in her back pocket and withdraws a packet of cigarettes.

He is disgusted that he has a common thief living in his house. So Kathrin has to be punished.

In position for a caning

Getting the whippiest cane he can find, he tells her to bend over the desk and he canes her first on top of her jeans, then on her bare bottom.

bent over almost double - her bottom is well presented for a caning

It is the hardest caning she has ever had from him.

The cane marks are clear to see

There is a big question mark. Could she have gone into his office hoping to be caught and so caned?

Can you imagine anyone doing that?

Abi – The Wooden Paddle


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Abi and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 10.55 minutes

Abi has had a guilty conscience and voluntarily resolved to confess and be punished.

She approached Headmaster Tom – Headmaster at Girls Boarding School and he has agreed to punish her for each confession she makes.

He puts her through a series of spankings and paddlings etc – each one progressively getting more severe.

In this video she confesses to cheating in her exams and being sat in church on a Sunday morning and masturbating.

Her punishment now is to receive the wooden paddle. But prior to the punishment starting, she has been in the lunge position for some time. In this position she finds it both difficult to maintain the stance and also it is humiliating. Yet humiliation and pain are part of the punishment. Headmaster Tom knows what he’s doing.

Uncomfortable in the lunge position

He hands her a pair of jeans and a top, she puts them on.

Ouch! That hurt

She is told to get into position, which is bending forward with her hands on her knees – her jeans covered bottom is taut. Following his instruction, after each stroke of the paddle she is to tell him, ‘that is not enough, I need another one please.’

Her face says it all

As the paddle makes contact with her bottom, she sucks in her breath then asks for more.

After half a dozen strokes of the paddle on top of her jeans she asks Headmaster Tom to give her the rest of the paddle on her bare bottom. So he orders her to take down her jeans and then continues with the punishment.

It's even more painful on her bare bottom

Eventually, she tells him that she feels she has been punished enough and so the punishment session ends.

Until the next session.