End of Term Reports


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Spanking Out Loud

Approximate Running Time: 35.47 minutes

Laura has consistently failed her exams – not just in one subject, but in all subjects.

Her headmaster is determined to make sure she passes all her exams in future. He scares the living daylights out of her; by telling her he’s going to thrash her.

So Laura finds herself bent over a table with her legs spread well apart. She finds this position humiliating as her pussy is shown and there is no way to hide what he can see – something glistening around her pussy lips – will he notice?

In position for her punishment

Starting off with a warm up spanking he then progresses on to using a large leather paddle.

The cane is the implement that causes her the most pain and suffering. This causes her to come out of position and unfortunately for her adds more strokes to her caning.

The paddle reddens her bottom

After she promises that she will do better in future, the caning is over – for now.

Her well marked bottom

Bare Bottom Brits Vol 19

Eleanor Powell
Studio: British Discipline
Starring: Robin and Shay Hendrix
Approximate Running Time: 10.41 minutes

Robin is in big trouble.

She had been left to pack an order for some very wealthy and important clients. The courier was on his way to pick up the parcel.

However, she hadn’t done a very good job of it.

Her boss is furious with her and tells her she is about to receive a spanking that would ensure a little more care and attention in the future.

The value of the goods in the parcel is over £1000 and is fragile.

So she ends up over her boss’s knee getting a bare bottom spanking.

Let the spanking begin

As the spanking hurts, she comes out with a mouthful of obscene language that her boss is shocked by – so she prolongs the spanking and ends up using a leather strap on Robin’s already sore red bottom.

The strap hurts even more

Satisfied that she has done a good job of spanking her employee, she tells her to stand up and go and face the wall with her hands on her head.

Then still with her jeans bunched up around her ankles and her bare bottom in full view, she is told to repack the parcel properly.

Shay’s Spanking

Shay is a would be actor / spanking model.

During the interview with the casting manager, she is saying what she doesn’t want to have used on her.

No canes, hairbrushes or straps.

Who's calling the shots round here?

The casting manager is amazed by her audacity – who’s doing the interview here?

In view of the demands this impertinent girl is making – it’s a wonder she is given a chance to redeem herself.

The spanking is given on her bare bottom

So with her trousers bunched up around her ankles, she is hauled over the casting manager’s knee for a hand spanking.

She ends up with a very sore bright red bottom.

Will she make a spanking model?

Red Dress Spank


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 31.15 minutes

The Mistress is wearing a sexy red dress – while in contrast her submissive is all in black.

The submissive is keen to please her mistress – so she without hesitation submits to whatever her mistress orders her to do.

Wiping the tears away

The hand spanking she receives from her mistress soon has the tears flowing down her cheeks. Yet the girl in the red dress gently wipes away the tears – telling her not to cry. Then next moment the mood changes again and she is being spanked.

The spanking continues

The mistress introduces her to a leather paddle and insists on her kissing it before she uses it to bring even more tears to the poor submissive’s eyes.

She tells the tearful girl to do degrading things to her – like licking her shoes, while on her hands and knees on the cold white tiles.

There are several changes of position and implements.

Alternately soothing and hurting her

Finally, with a bright red bottom she is ordered to kneel on the floor with her hands on her head.

The mistress is satisfied with her submissive.

Madeline’s Secret Fantasy – Part Ten

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far ……

Madeline has been well prepared for her third initiation ceremony – and after a very painful lesson in obedience, administered by her lover, she went to bed in readiness for the busy day ahead of her.

She was too excited to sleep properly. But she eventually fell into a light sleep as daylight began peeping through her curtains.

The alarm goes off at 8 am and she gets out of bed – stretching and yawning.

Now read on ……

It’s the big day – the long awaited day – the day she is going to take her third initiation test in order to become a fully-fledged member of the ‘Secret Society of Spankos.’

There are butterflies in her tummy. Oh boy is she nervous?

She spends the day depilating – giving herself a manicure and pedicure. She decides to shower later – just before her lover arrives, which should be at 6 pm prompt.

He had given her strict instructions to be ready by the time he gets to her.

The night before he’d hinted that he’d have a special gift especially for her. Now she’s wondering what it could possibly be.

By 5 pm she’s ready for her lover. There’s no way she’s going to be late.

Actually, getting ready for him is the easy bit – he wants her completely naked – not even wearing shoes.

When she hears his key in the lock, she is sat on the couch, reclining back on the big fluffy cushions, her knees drawn up to her chest, her thighs wide and apart. The soft supple leather anklets feel alien on her slim ankles.

He pauses in the doorway and looks around – then smiles and nods his approval.

‘Good girl, I’m glad to see that you can do as you’re told.’
He comes over to her.

She feels so vulnerable in that position and makes to close her thighs.

‘Madeline, obedience remember. Leave those legs open.’

He bends down to kiss her trembling lips. Cupping her chin in his big hands. His hands move slowly down her body, caressing her breasts and twiddling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. The big sensuous hands continue downwards – over her flat belly until they reach her exposed pussy.

‘You’re so beautiful Madeline,’ he murmurs.

His fingers part the lips of her vagina and enter into her love passage. She gasps as he finds her clit and starts to strum on it. She can feel the stirrings of an orgasm, the waves of pleasure coming and getting stronger as his finger speeds up playing on her engorged clit. Oh it feels so good. She’s moaning and screams loudly,

‘I’m coming, oh god I’m coming.’

Then suddenly he withdraws his sopping wet finger from her throbbing pussy.

Her eyes plead with him to carry on – she feels so bereft. Smiling down at her he says, ‘Patience Madeline, from now on you will only come when I allow you to come, do you understand?’

Unable to speak, she nods her head.

‘Good that’s settled. Stay in that position, I told I’ve got something for you didn’t I?’

Her eyes are full of excitement. What can it be?

Going to his coat that he had left on a chair as he came in, he brings out a small square box.

‘Here you are my darling – go on open it.’

With trembling fingers she fumbles with the blue ribbon and removes the lid.

What’s inside the box?

To be continued ……

Fetch the Cane

Eleanor Powell
Studio: California Star Production
Approximate Running Time: 23.01 minutes

Carole is sprawled out on the couch, talking to her friend on the phone – while at the same time she is playing with herself.

Her mother comes into the room and tells her that as she’s been on the phone for over an hour she is going to have the phone confiscated for a month.

Carole gives her mother a mouthful of verbal abuse.

However, her mother has reached the end of her tether with her wilful daughter. Reports from her school saying she often skips school, smokes in the toilets and drinks alcohol on the school premises. This young lady needs some serious discipline.

Her stepfather agrees she needs to be punished

So her mother contacts her husband and explains the problem to him. When her stepfather arrives home he is not at all pleased to have been called away from an important conference – but he realises that his input regarding her punishment is essential.

Therefore, the united parents give their errant daughter a severe spanking and caning and they add humiliation to the

the sting of the cane and humiliation

Eventually, one sorry young lady kisses her parents goodnight and goes to bed.

one sorry young lady is sent to bed

Her parents hope they won’t have to repeat the spanking and caning ever again.

Punished in Paris


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Hydromadam Productions
Approximate Running Time: 34.59 minutes

Take a pretty spoilt headstrong girl, whose wealthy parents have sent her to Paris for a couple of weeks, in order to broaden her horizons and add some culture to her life.

Put this 19 year old young lady in a luxury hotel, with a chaperone / companion / disciplinarian to whom she has absolutely no respect and you have a volatile situation.

She had sneaked out of her hotel room the previous night and went night clubbing. It is now half way through the following morning and she believes she has got away with it, as she had left her companion sleeping.

The start of her punishment

However, with the sun streaming through the apartment window, her companion is wide-awake and determined to sort out this wilful girl with some good old-fashioned punishment.

Starting off with a hand spanking, followed by the sting of a hairbrush, her cute little bottom is soon turned into a blazing hot inferno.

Having her temperature taken

But her nanny thinks she needs a good clean out of her body, so she prepares an enema for her charge.

Getting a belly full

This is the ultimate humiliation as the poor girl sits on the toilet discharging the four quarts of warm soapy water.

Through clenched teeth she promises that there is no way she’s going to go through all that again – from now on she’s going to be a sweet obedient girl and not give her nanny any further reasons to spank her again.

Her punishment is over

So why does she sneak out of the apartment the following night? Has she not learned her lesson?

Caned for Smoking

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Approximate Running Time: 17.41 minutes

She’s in big trouble. Smoking with the gardener is not on.

The choice is hers. Either submit to some corporal punishment or the gardener will be sacked.

Accept a spanking or ...

As she doesn’t want him to lose his job, she goes for the spanking route.

She is told to go to the dormitory and change into her school uniform and come back downstairs.

The spanking begins

Knocking on the door, she waits to be told to enter. Now she is transformed into a schoolgirl. Short red pleated skirt, white blouse and a red tie.

spanked with her knickers still up

He starts off with an otk hand spanking. She is soon wriggling about over his knee, oohhing and aaahing after each spank lands on alternate cheeks. However, her navy blue school knickers are hiding the results of the spanking, so they are unceremoniously pulled down to mid thigh.

some gentle exercise

Her lovely bottom is bright red and looking very sore.

Paddling her bare bottom

She is rather insolent and gives him a lot of backchat. His response to her cheekiness is to humiliate her, while teaching her discipline.

To make sure she understands that obedience is paramount, he also has her doing sit ups and press ups without any argument.

Then as she is bending well over the desk, with her bottom well out and rounded, he uses an assortment of paddles that further redden her already red bottom.

Finally, he uses the cane. Now she really has got something to gasp about.

New Resident Justine

Starring Justine

(Running Time of the Movie 17.00 mins)

from Girls Boarding School

Justine a new student at Girls Boarding School is studying for some important exams, but her spelling is atrocious.

Her teacher gives up some of his own spare time to try and help her.

He gives her a spelling test that she fails dismally. Eventually he loses patience and decides that corporal punishment might help her to learn.

Justine do her spelling test

Using a large leather paddle he orders the trembling redhead to hold out her hand. Giving her three strokes of the paddle on one hand, he then tells her to change hands and delivers three more strokes in rapid succession to her other hand.

With stinging hands she is told to sit down and write out the words he dictates to her, yet still she is not doing so well.

He paddles her bottom

Her teacher then applies the paddle to her poor quivering bottom. Time after time, the paddle makes contact with her red knickered bottom. However, even that does not help. He tells her to spell humiliation and as she can’t spell it, he tells her he’s going to humiliates her.

At his orders, she removes her clothes including her bra and knickers and he continues paddling her by now deep red very sore looking bottom.

She is made to strip

He then tells her to sit down again, still with no clothes on, and study the dictionary. She winces as her burning bottom touches the hard wooden chair. He leaves the room, saying he’ll be back to see how she is getting on.

With her head down and tears of despair running down her reddened cheeks, the poor sweetie tries to settle down to some serious studying, while every so often attempting to rub the soreness out of her stinging belaboured bottom.

Russian Slaves 35: Punished for Infidelity — Nettles Corp.

russian spanking

The plot of this video is … hot young babes get tied down and whipped across their nekkid bottoms.

Technically, there’s more of a plot, and it involves infidelity, familial disgrace, and small village values and customs in 19th century Russia. But good luck deciphering the sub-titles and following the plot, should you choose to do so. Me, I just look at the girls.

The first hot babe to get whipped is an attractive young blond. First she’s put over the knee of a peasant patriarch type and spanked on her naked read end. Then she’s held down on a wooden bench and belt-whipped by a peasant matriarch type. Her dress is hiked to expose her naked rear end.

It’s a nice scene. There are real blows and real pain. The camera work captures good front and rear angles. She screams in pain as she’s whipped, and she wipes away tears at the end. It’s fairly short, but it’s hard, and there’s more to come.

Next to be whipped is an attractive young woman with long, light brown hair. She’s stripped completely naked and tied down to the wooden bench. She gets whipped by the same village matriarch type from the first scene.

This girl gets a longer, harder whipping. And she’s naked. And she’s very demonstrative and emotional. She cries and screams throughout. Again the camera angles give us good, prolonged face footage, in addition to the obligatory ass shots.

As hard as the whipping was, things don’t end for this girl. A virtual spank mob of young women storm her house, pull her out, and chase her into a field, where they tear off her clothing, and start beating and whipping her with sticks. She cowers helplessly in pain and fear until they stop. They leave her in the field, beaten, sobbing and naked.

There’s a lot of public humiliation in this movie. All of the beatings occur out in the open, often in front of groups of villagers.

But guess what? Those girls shouldn’t have done that. Now they must be whipped, too. Well, one of them, anyway. Maybe she was the ringleader.

The designated spank-mob-girl is stretched naked across the now-infamous bench and whipped with a switch. Angry red marks appear across her ass immediately. It’s not long before she’s wailing and screaming. She has long, auburn hair and nice body. She’s held down during her ordeal, but she manages to raise her torso enough to give us some breast shots along the weay.

She gets at least fifty strokes. By the end she’s virtually hysterical, crying pitifully and trying to catch her breath amid the sobs.

This is a good, hard, intense “spank” movie. There are some technological glitches, but the raw and real punishment scenes more than make up for them.

A Strictly Private Investigation — Strictly English

english spanking

Amanda Devlin is an attractive woman in perhaps her mid-30’s. She has an expressive, pretty face and shoulder length brown hair. And she’s stacked.

But Amanda’s been having some problems lately. Her husband’s left, and her financial situation is problematic. She was in a car accident and the insurance company paid for the damage. But she didn’t exactly spend the insurance money on the damage. The repair shop told her the car had other problems, and the money went to fix them.

She doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong, until she gets a visit from Chris Sutton, insurance investigator extraordinnaire. She signed paperwork accepting money for work that was never done. Apparently she’s committed insurance fraud, and she’s in big trouble.

Poor Amanda is weary. She doesn’t need any more problems. She’s practical, sensible and broke. She knows she needs to work something out. In very matter of fact way she offers the investigator sexual favors to make the issue go away. He acts offended by this, but the counter-offer he proposes is no more ethical. In the end they agree that she’ll come to his house for a day of spanking and house cleaning, and he won’t report her for insurance fraud.

Amanda shows up smartly dressed in a black jacket and skirt, as if she were going for a job interview. She looks professional and sexy. It’s a nice touch. Unfortunately, she also arrives to Sutton’s house late.

He starts off with a lecture. Then he orders her to put out her hand. He straps it as if she were a tardy schoolgirl. He even says “now you’ll learn what happens to naughty girls”. She has to hold out the other hand as well.

She complains that hand-strapping wasn’t part of the deal. But the truth hits her, and it shows in her face as she accepts the punishment. The truth is that she really doesn’t have any choice. Reluctantly, she does as she’s told. A tiny bit of the dignity that she’s acquired during her 30+ years of living seems to vanish with each stroke. And this is only the beginning of her day.

Ms. Devlin is a wonderful actress. Her wearily-expressive visage, her reluctant acquiescence, her slow descent into ever-more humiliating obedience — these elements are handled so well by her that they make this spanking video worthy of being called a spanking film. If there were Oscars for spanking movies, she would be nominated.

Each scene that follows is another wound to Ms. Devlin’s ebbing pride. When she is spanked over the knee, you can sense her mortification that she, a grown woman, should be subjected to such an indignity.

Mr. Sutton seems to relish her embarrassment. He hikes up her skirt, exposing her white panties. He pulls her panties into a thong, exposing her beautiful rear end. He spanks her hard. She gasps. She murmurs “please”. She complains that it hurts. She asks if there’s another way to work this out. Again she seems to be hinting at sexual gratification. He merely orders her not to wriggle and continues with the spanking.

They change positions. He makes her bend over the sofa, and he spanks her some more. She says she’s sorry. She promises not to do it again. “I’ll make damn sure,” he replies.

He lets her up. She adjusts her skirt correctly. He makes her hike it back up. She complains that he’s humiliating her. Again, that seems to part of his goal.

She has to vacuum the room with her skirt hiked up. Then she has to dust. During the dusting, she finds a cane by the mantelpiece.

Sutton decides she’s not working quickly enough, and he threatens to use the cane on her. She begs him not to, but you don’t have to be psychic to guess how that will turn out. Her reactions to the cane strokes are wonderfully vocal. Her body dances deliciously with each blow.

He also spanks her in the diaper position. He pulls down her undies. She gets very upset. Her embarrassment is palpable. For the viewer, it’s a treat. Eventually he lets her up and straps her. She yelps in pain, her sore bottom redder and redder.

Part of the punishment is humiliation. He tells her so explicitly, as if she (and we) couldn’t have guessed. He makes her take off her top and her skirt. She’s in her bra and panties. She has to fold her clothes carefully and place them down neatly. She has to parade for him. She gets spanked some more, in various positions, including the diaper position again. She gets more strapping and caning as well.

I lost track of the amount of times she offered sexual favors to him, and the amount of times he used it as a pretext for additional punishment. But there is something distinctly sexual about this relationship. She presents herself as a damsel in distress, a sort of spankable Blanche DuBois who appeals to the kindness (or at least sexual willingness) of strangers.

He pretends to be too moral to accept sexual favors. But this isn’t only about insurance fraud and discipline. He undresses her. He makes her parade for him. He manipulates her into different positions. He takes breaks, during which she cleans, and then he comes back for more. The activity certainly shares many aspects with a session of prolonged, passionate sex, with the usual and necessary breaks in between. And as much as Amanda protests the spankings, her appeals for sex instead seem heartfelt, as if the circumstances are putting her in the mood.

At the end of the video, he tells her to report to him again next week. She agrees to, even though two sessions weren’t part of the original agreement. When finally dismissed, Amanda doesn’t rush away like a bat out of hell. Instead, there’s something slow and poignant, almost reluctant, about the way these two people part. I sure don’t want to see them separate. I’m not sure they do, either. Interesting.

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