The Cane, The G-Spot, and The Orgasm – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Cum Again UK


Approximate Running Time: 23.12 minutes

Allison, a mature, curvy woman in her forties, had a fantasy and jumped at the chance when she got the opportunity to make it a reality.
Cum Again UK just happened to be looking for someone like herself – they had a theory regarding the possible erotic connection between the cane, the G-spot, and the orgasm.

At the studio it was a one to one scenario – with just the camera recording what was happening.

A gentle hand spanking to start - the cane, the g-spot and the orgasm

She was shackled with leather straps across her back and just below her knees, and she wore only black lacy briefs, black hold-up stockings, and black, fishnet, fingerless gloves.

The man who was going to be Allison’s spanking top explained how he expected the session to pan out.

He started out using a light leather strap and she did a bit of protesting, which only caused him to tease her. He wanted to use the cane on Allison, but despite the strap being applied to her ample bottom, it didn’t go red. And he pointed out to her that he couldn’t cane a white bottom.

When the top changed from the strap to a paddle, he was then able to produce a healthy-looking glow to her cheeks. Then he decided Allison was ready for the cane.

It was now beginning to happen - the cane, the  g-spot and the orgasm

He had an assortment of canes, but Allison didn’t know the effects of one from the other, so she suggested he make the choice.

The modus operandi became: the cane would be applied to her bottom lightly, then he would use his finger to stimulate her clitoris and g-spot in order to give Allison an orgasm.

He gives her a helping finger - the cane, the g-spot and the orgasm

This was repeated over and over again – with her having multiple orgasms. She had so many orgasms she lost count.

After half an hour of this stimulation, Allison was exhausted and the crotch of her briefs became saturated with her juices.

He left her still strapped to the chair for ten minutes so she could think hard about what had just happened.

The conclusion was that there is a very definite connection between the cane, the G-spot and the orgasm.

The Francesca Le Stories – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Starring:  and
Approximate Running Time: 24.06 minutes

Story One: Parent-Teacher Conference

Francesca Le’s son Brady is only eight years old, but, young as he is, he’s badly behaved in school and never does his homework.

Brady’s teacher, Ms. Chelsea Pfeiffer, calls his mother in to meet with her so she can get to the bottom of this problem.

After a few pointed questions, the child’s behavior appears to be the fault of the mother, not the child. Seemingly, Francesca is a party girls and she has no time for her son, nor has she any interest in what he’s doing at school. His mother doesn’t even know what grade he’s in at school. Ms. Pfeiffer reminds Francesca that he’s in 3rd grade.

The problem is, Francesca doesn’t realize the damage she’s doing to Brady and that his misbehavior is cry for help. He feels neglected.

Francesca Le thinks it's al a big joke

So Ms. Pfeiffer decides this flighty lady needs to be taught a sharp and painful lesson.

She drags the protesting, struggling Francesca over her knee and starts to hand spank her. First, on top of her clothes and then on her bare bottom. Despite the squeals of pain and threats to take legal action, Ms. Pfeiffer continues with the spanking using various implements. She is really getting to the “bottom” of the problem.

After a long hard spanking Francesca Le has a change of attidtude

The spanking is over once the neglectful mother promises to actively help her son with his education by spending more quality time with him.

Under threat of a further session with Ms Pfeiffer if the problem is still ongoing, she limps painfully out of the office.

Story Two: The Shy Lingerie Model

Francesca Le is a lingerie model at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s boutique. Her job is to model whatever a male client chooses when he’s looking for something suitable for the woman in his life.

However, Francesca peeps out of the curtains and seeing a distinguished man sitting and waiting impatiently for her to strut her stuff. Suddenly, she loses her nerve. She’s suddenly a shy lingerie model.

Francesca Le has an attack of stage fright and becomes shy

Ms. Pfeiffer, the lingerie designer and boutique owner, tries to reason with her sexy model, but it’s no use. Francesca will not be modelling that day.

After a while, the irate client stands up and heads towards the door. Ms. Pfeiffer tries to stop him from leaving, but he’s had enough.

This is a disaster for Ms. Pfeiffer. She has visions of going bankrupt if her lingerie model is going to refuse to do what she is paid to do.

So the boss drags her shy employee over her knee and proceeds to make her ass as crimson as the sexy underwear she wears.


Meanwhile, the cameras were rolling and captured Francesca being spanked – which is another side of Ms Pfeiffer’s business.

Francesca struggles and cries, but the spanking continues until she promises to do better in future.

Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook – Part 3

Clare Fonda and Paris Kennedy in LingerieParis Kennedy, shown here on her knees to Clare Fonda, got us invited to an exclusive models’ party, hosted by, the largest purveyor of vintage and retro style foundations on the internet. Girdlebound’s generous founder gifted us with numerous delightful undergarments, including classic open bottom girdles, stockings, garter belts, and bras. All of these will be appearing in future Shadow Lane videos. Thanks, Girdlebound!

Eve Howard and Clare Fonda in Lingerie and StockingsWe managed to get at least one shot where Clare wasn’t holding a glass of wine. These sheer, open bottom, slip girdles are flattering and sexy. Wearing one on a first spanking date without panties on underneath is guaranteed to intrigue and ignite any top guy with a retro bent.


These are two of my favorite shots of me spanking Sarah Gregory during the Labor Day party weekend.

Eve Howard Spanking Sarah Gregory

OTK Spanking with Eve Howard and Sarah Gregory


Don’t worry, I’ve got this. The coach may look like a bruiser, but he went “Waaaaa!” when  I spanked, strapped, and paddled him, just like any smaller, bad, little boy.

Eve Howard Spanks The CoachWhen you have a sub who can take it, why wouldn’t you use a cane?

The Coach Get a Caning from Eve Howard


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Hope to see lots of you at the next Shadow Lane party. Cheers!

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The Invitation & Surrogate Maid

Studio: California Star
Title: The Invitation & Surrogate Maid (Double feature)

lesbian spanking video

The Invitation

Joanne is a very cute brunette who visits the pleasure chest sex shop and stands’ looking at spanking magazines Violet the owner is a good looking blond. Joanne tells her that been spanked by another female is her fantasy but she never really had chance to fulfil it. Violet offers to take her back to her house for a coffee and to watch some girl on girl spanking films when the shop shuts in 20 minutes time.
lesbian spankingJoanne buys a book and they are stood at the back of the shop, violet asks Joanne if she can check out her bottom, still in the back of the shop Joanne kneels on stool and sticks out her bottom Violet gives her a short spanking over her jeans. It’s time to go to Violets house and Violet decides to take a cane with them and asks Joanne if she would like to try it out when they get to her house Joanne says she would.
When they arrive at Violets house they have a drink and look at the magazines Joanne bought from the shop then discuss some of the things in them. They then discuss what Joanne likes or would like to try then Joanne takes her coat jeans and top off. Wearing in just black panties and bra Joanne bends over the settee for a short spanking followed by longer over the knee spanking on her bottom and top of her thighs some good close ups. Now Joanne bends over the settee for the leather strap, then takes her panties down to receive the paddle , this is followed by 20 slow strokes with the cane then 5 fast strokes, they swap places and Joanne raises violets skirt and spanks her a couple of times then they decide to go to the bedroom to relieve themselves.

Surrogate maid
The Film starts with a pretty brunette making a cup of tea in the kitchen and drinking wine, she burns the toast under the grill just as Hubby comes into the kitchen and asks what she’s doing she swings round with the grill pan in her hand and knocks an egg on to the floor so hubby tells her she has had too much to drink and accuses her of making a fool of herself by flirting with other men all night. He bends her over a chair raises her skirt and spanks her over her panties. She has a cute ass and is wearing stockings and suspenders.

Next its panties down and he spanks her again we get a good view of her ass and a couple of good facial shots in this section. Hubbby sends her upstairs to change into her French maids outfit tells her to go clean up the mess. He then tells her to bend over and touch her toes then proceeds to spank her with a wooden spatula. Hubby tells her to get over his knee and spanks her again with the wooden spatula then sends her to the bedroom. A nice otk video

2 films in one what more can you ask for if you like domestic spanking then watch and enjoy I did.

Apologies Not Accepted – California Star

Apologies Not Accepted

California Star Productions

Ready for an improbable and convoluted series of events? Good. The action begins with a professionally-attired woman sitting at a desk working. We learn that this woman is a teacher named Ms. Fay, and that yesterday she spanked and paddled a student in her class named Helga. We learn this because Helga’s mother bursts into the room and confronts Ms. Fay about it. Helga’s mother then begins spanking and paddling Ms. Fay. In walks the school principal, who then spanks both Ms. Fay and Helga’s mother. Improbable? Yes. Ridiculous? Probably. Did I know that when I chose to watch? Yes. So why did I choose to watch? Because I find it sexy.

There must be hundreds of spanking videos featuring young or young-looking women and girls being spanked. Nothing against those videos, but such young women tend to be fairly submissive from the start. They’ve spent their entire lives in positions of subordination relative to authority. They’re children, they’re students, they’re daughters, etc. If they’ve worked or acquired life experience outside of school or family, it’s most likely been at a junior level. They fit much more easily and naturally into the role of being spanked.

I’d rather see a more mature woman get spanked. A mother, a teacher, a professional — someone who is used being in control and being listened to. Someone for whom the act of taking direction and the experience of being forced to do as your told or face corporal punishment is an unnatural and difficult role. That’s why I chose this video, and in spite of it’s improbability and ridiculousness, I wasn’t disappointed by it. If fact, I liked it a lot.

Helga’s Mom (if she has a name in this video, I didn’t catch it) is angry with Ms. Fay. She is loud and in-her-face about the spanking Helga received. Ms. Fay responds by being confident and professional is a rather smug way. She treats Helga’s Mom dismissively, which only makes the mother more angry. The mother says that Helga is at home crying her eyes out over the humiliation of being spanked in front of the whole class. I don’t know what can be done about, responds Ms. Fay. But I do, says the mother, and she takes Ms. Fay by the wrist, leads her away from her desk, and brings her down over the knee.

Ms. Fay is shapely and attractive. She’s wearing a knee-length skirt and a white blouse with some cleavage. Her body looks great. “Is this really necessary?” she protests in a clipped British accent. Her bottom is in the air, her hands are on the floor, and her skirted rear end is being smacked. Her confident, professional demeanor is gone now. She looks uncomfortable and put-out, even helpless. The brow of her pretty face is furrowed. Her voice has a pleading note. When her skirt is pulled up, it reveals fishnet stockings and sheer blanck panties. And phenomenal legs. The panties get pulled down shortly. Her rear end is beautiful as well.

The once-smug Ms. Fay apologizes fairly quickly, but “sorry” isn’t good enough for Helga’s mom. She’s intent on doing to Ms. Fay what Ms. Fay did to Helga. She taunts Ms. Fay at times. “How does it feel?” she asks, as the blows rain down. They are glancing blows, not hard ones. The drama is psychological, not physical. Ms. Fay admits it doesn’t feel good. It never does when the tables are turned.

Helga’s Mom orders Ms. Fay to go to her desk and get the paddle, just as Ms. Fay did to Helga. This sequence includes wonderful footage of Ms. Fay’s mostly-shaven bush, as she obediently gets up and fetches the paddle, with her skirt still hiked up and her panties down around her lower thighs.

Helga’s Mom is quite talkative, taunting and questioning Ms. Fay throughout the ordeal. She also observes and touches Ms. Fay’s reddening rear end. Ms. Fay is fairly taciturn throughout. I would have liked to hear more gasps and moans and vocal reactions, but the scene is sexy nonetheless. The audio is not great, so it’s not always possible to catch all the dialogue, even with my speakers turned all the way up. Ms. Fay may have been making sounds I just couldn’t hear. Also, Helga’s Mom has a thick German accent that makes some dialogue hard to understand, even when it’s audible.

During the paddling of Ms. Fay, a woman later identified as Ms. Wood walks in the room. Though rather young-looking, she is apparently a school administrator of some sort. She handles Helga’s Mom in much the same way Ms. Fay was handled earlier. A good stiff talking-to, a wrist grab, and Helga’s Mom is over Ms. Wood’s lap. It progresses the same way — handspanking over the skirt, handspanking on panties, hand spanking on nude bottom, and then the paddle while the woman leans over the desk.

Ms. Fay helps Ms. Wood physically subdue the angry mother. She holds down the struggling woman so she can’t get away, sometimes clutching her long hair bunched up in her fist like reins. Helga’s Mom is a more vocal spankee, at first argumentative and defiant, and then descending into moans, gasps and even high-pitched little shrieks as she’s paddled. It’s quite a come-down for the previously dominant mother. It’s very sexy, although I have to admit that I prefer the spanking of the attractive, shapely Ms. Fay.

Ms. Wood spanks and paddles energetically. She’s slim and pretty and athletic. She moves around beautifully as she inspects her work. She also takes some pauses to caress, observe and taunt. It’s all tremendously enjoyable.

After some hard paddling on each woman (no more glancing blows), Ms. Wood breaks out the cane. There is some annoyingly overdramatic build-up involved in the discussion and selection of the cane, and well as lengthy pauses between each stroke. Ms. Wood sites her target carefully, the way a billiards player calculates a bank shot. It’s a bit much. But I have to say that Ms. Woods is a great domme nonetheless. She deals with the overbearing mother particularly well. She doesn’t blink or back down. She’s always businesslike, she always has an answer, she never loses her temper and she’s always sure of herself. Her style of domination is psychological and emotional as well as physical, and it works very well in this video.

At the end, an arbitrary point when Ms. Wood decides the two women have had enough, she stops caning and orders them to get dressed. While doing so, they jostle each other physically. Their feud continues, and they each blame the other for what just happened to them. Ms. Wood, still treating the women as children, orders them to behave. This is a great video if you are looking for something other than the usual schoolgirl spanking.