Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook – Part 2

Eve Howard Spanks Madison YoungI spanked Madison Young in the opening scene of Paddled, Pleasured, and Purged, preparing her for a subsequent session with a behavior modification expert at our discipline therapy clinic. Madison was only one year out from having her first baby when this video was filmed and she had already gotten her slim, curvy figure back. This made her exactly the right size to fit across my lap. Star of some of our most popular (explicitly sexual) videos, Madison is a dedicated sex educator, adult producer, and erotic performance artist. Her artistry is never lost on a spanking audience, nor is her natural peachy-creamy-strawberry blonde charm.


Kid Dynamite Gets a Spanking from Eve HowardIn , I spanked Kid Dynamite in my first femdom video with a male spankee since I went to Nu-West/Leda in the 90’s to shoot “David Meets Shadow Lane”. My victim is a local.


My friend Clare Fonda (whose alter-ego Jamie Foster does scandalous things other than spanking) was the person who convinced me that it was time to get back in front of the camera. On the 4th of July, we co-starred in a series of short vignettes shot for our respective download sites.

Eve Howard and Clare Fonda
This breast-spanking scene, in which Clare bullied me severely for some imagined slight, had me screaming for mercy in mere minutes. It was a fan favorite for many weeks.


Clare Fonda Over Eve Howard's KneeIn this scene, included as a bonus on , Clare plays a lapsed Lambda Sigma Zeta girl and I play the senior sister sent to administer discipline to her for disgracing the sorority. This is an oft-repeated theme in our Our Sorority video series. In this case, her punishment consisted of me tickling her, slapping her breasts, and finally, forcing her to suck on a bar of soap while being tickled some more.

Clare Fonda Gets Soap PunishmentI like the way Clare’s cute cougar body looks in this scene, and, of course, I like the way she lets me abuse her. I honestly never knew I had it in me.

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Paddled, Pleasured and Purged – Madison Young

Madison has been having some trouble having orgasms recently and feels a visit to the Dr. is in order.

Nurse Eve does a good job of warming her up. I especially like when the paddle comes out and she spanks Madison while fondling her breast slightly.

Madison is very vocal during her treatment and as the paddling intensifies, so does her moans.

The story continues as the Dr comes in and submits Ms. Young to some analy play and enema.

Very nice.