The Discipline of Sasha – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: and

Approximate Running Time: 27.54 minutes

In’s The Discipline of Sasha, cute, blond Sasha is such a naughty girl. She got her sweaty little hands on a porno magazine and she knows from previous experience that her mistress Lady Venus has forbidden her to read such trash. But while the cat’s away…

Guiltily, Sasha sneaks into the house clutching the dirty magazine. Sitting on the wooden steps, she riffles through the pages until she finds a particular page that obviously turns her on. Her hand moves under her short, plaid, schoolgirl skirt and she pushes aside the crotch of her panties to play with her swollen clit.

With her other hand she tugs at her cropped tank top and plays with her stiffened nipples.

She is so engrossed in what she is doing she doesn’t hear Lady Venus come home earlier than expected.

“What are you doing?” Lady Venus demands to know. “What are you hiding behind your back?”

“Nothing, Ma’am,” Sasha whispers.

Lady Venus is annoyed with her and intends to discipline Sasha

However, Lady Venus insists on hearing the truth and makes Sasha hand over the magazine.

Now Lady Venus is going to discipline submissive Sasha.

Her wrists are manacled together and she is told to hold on to the beam above her head.

Lady Venus finds it difficult to keep her hands off the young girl. Under the pretext of spanking Sash, Lady Venus gently rakes her long, manicured nails up and down the squirming girl’s inner thighs.
Sasha’s pretty little ass is turning a lovely shade of red – due to a hand spanking by her mistress.

Turning Sasha's bottom red in the discipline of Sasha

Having been told to let go of the beam and bend over the banister, Sasha is then spanked with a riding crop.

Then it’s time for another change of position and she drapes herself over Lady Venus’s knee for a bare bottom, otk spanking.

An otk spanking in the discipline of Sasha

Lady Venus makes Sasha promise never to disobey her again after Sasha’s bottom has been turned deep crimson.

Her mistress shows her softer side by giving Sasha a loving hug.

The riding crop further reddens her bottom - in the discipline of Sasha

The discipline of Sasha is over and the young girl is allowed to get on with her chores.

Mistress Ray – Paddle Punishment


Eleanor Powell

Studio: DOM Productions

Starring: Mistress Ray

Approximate Running Time: 6.34 minutes

Mistress Ray’s slave has been a very bad girl and has to be punished.

With the help of an assistant, the unfortunate girl is bent over the back of a chair and strapped down so securely that she is completely helpless and unable to escape.

Preparing the slave for punishment

First of all, she receives a hand spanking on her bare bottom.

she gives her slave a loving but severe punishment

Then between Mistress Ray and her assistant, they use an assortment of implements to redden the slave’s bottom.

When Mistress Ray feels that her slave has been adequately punished, she orders for her to be released from her bondage and should crawl into a cage where she is to give a demonstration of playing with herself.

Naughty Schoolgirl

Eleanor Powell

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Starring: Christina Carter and Cecil B
Approximate Running Time: 25.17 minutes

She’s in her room – playing with herself. When she hears the sound of her stepfather’s key in the lock, she guiltily pulls up her knickers, pulls down her skirt and buttons up her blouse. Little Miss Innocent, nobody would know what she’d just been up to.

Playing with herself

As her stepfather enters the house, he picks up the post and carries it through to the lounge. One of the letters worries him, so he calls his stepdaughter to come downstairs.

Nonchalantly she saunters into the lounge. Immediately, he waves the letter under her nose. Not for the first time she has been disruptive in class and very rude to the teachers.

Her stepdad has had enough of her nonsense. He tells her he’s going to punish her.

She argues that as she has turned eighteen she can do or say whatever she wants. He tells her that as long as she is living under his roof, eating the food he provides, she will obey his rules.

The spanking begins

Dragging her over his knee, he starts spanking her on top of her skirt. She squeals and struggles but is unable to escape.

Much to her embarrassment he pulls down her knickers and continues spanking her on her bare bottom.

Her poor never before spanked bottom soon changes from a smooth creamy white to a very red, very sore looking backside.

He leaves the room to go and get something from the other room. While he’s away the naughty girl doth play – with herself.

Coming back he is disgusted with her.

So the spanking continues with her again over his knee. Only now he uses various implements on her already sore bottom.

He orders her to go to her room and wait for him there.

She plays with herself again

To while away the time, she lies on her back on the bed, knees up and knickers down, once again playing with herself.

This time when he catches her at it, he decides to give her a helping hand.

What is he to do with her?

Why not watch the movie to see what happens next.


Spanking Studio: HotOldMovies

Approximate Running Time: 09.07 minutes

This spanking video begins with two innocent school girls skipping through the school yard. All of the sudden, the pair stops skipping and starts smoking instead.

First one of the girls wants to do a wee, so her friend hands her a pan that just happens to be lying around. She removes her school knickers, squats down and relieves herself. She then passes it to her friend – who adds her own golden liquid to the pan.

Without warning, their teacher comes out into the school yard. After taking in the deviant scene, he frog marches the two girls indoors for a suitable corporal punishment.

Threesome sex and spanking

However, the two naughty schoolgirls seduce their teacher and being such good friends they share everything. While one is being shagged by the teacher the other one is self masturbating – then they change places.

A good time was had by all.

Spanking Video Review – Molly Gets Spanked

Studio: Dominant Divas

Starring: Rick and Molly

Approximate Running Time: 30.00 minutes

Molly is hot – very hot. She’s feeling so randy.

Lying on the bed, her legs wide open and knees up to her chin. She starts pleasuring herself by pulling aside the crutch of her knickers and using the middle finger of her right hand to play with her clit.

However, this doesn’t do a lot for her, so she brings out a large vibrator and pushes the head of it deep into her pussy. She is very close to cumming, when her partner Rick comes home early.

The vibrator slides into her pussy

He wants some of that pussy juice, but he puts aside his own desires and takes over pushing the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

Then to add a bit more spice to their foreplay, he puts her over his knee and spanks her. There is quite a lot of changing of position – even when they move into the sixty-nine position; he still carries on spanking her.

Some mutual foreplay

His stiff cock is in her mouth, while her blonde head is bobbing up and down, as she sucks and licks from the tip to the base.

Two happy and satisfied people

Holding her head in position, he tells her that he’s going to come all over her face. Withdrawing his cock from her hot little mouth, he comes – over her face, neck and tits.

They are two very happy people.

Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Nineteen

The story so far ……

Margie is reluctantly following the directions of the doorman at the Excelsior Hotel. She has removed Tazeline’s clothing, so that she is now standing there naked.

But, what is happening; the doorman appears to be having difficulty breathing? He’s gasping and grunting.

Margie turns away from Tazeline – and what she sees makes her catch her breath. He is ……?

Now read on ……

He’s standing there, his purple headed cock in his hand, and he’s wanking himself. Meanwhile, he’s oblivious to her standing there staring wide eyed at him.

However, when she moves, he notices her. ‘Come here,’ he orders her.

She approaches him nervously. His next command really shocks her.

‘Kneel down Fraulein and close your eyes.’

Pushing his long thick rampant cock towards her mouth, he says, ‘Go on Fraulein, open your mouth.

She clenches her teeth and twists her head away from him.

‘Open your mouth, you stubborn girl.’

She clenches her teeth even more.

He grabs hold of a handful of her hair and pulls on it so hard, she opens her mouth and lets out a loud ear splitting screech.

Quick to take advantage – he rams his cock into her open mouth, so far down her throat, she finds herself gagging on it.

‘That’s right Fraulein, now suck on it.’ He still has hold of her hair and is able to force her head to nod up and down.

Poor Margie thinks she is going to choke, because his ramrod cock is swelling in her mouth and the more she tries to pull away from him, the tighter he holds her.

Suddenly, he pulls his cock out of her mouth; it happens so fast, she falls backwards onto her sore bottom, and she cries out.

He goes back to wanking himself; while in a couple of strides, he is behind Tazeline. Dragging her across the room, he pushes her face down over the table. Roughly nudging her legs apart with his knee, he enters her from behind.

She can’t escape, as she is impaled on his cock and he plunges into her – deeper and deeper.

His grunts become louder as his cock grows ever larger inside her. Faster, faster, faster he goes, while she is screaming and crying with the pain.

Then her cries change to a soft moaning and she is moving in time to his thrusts. Unable to help herself, she comes at the same time as he does.

Withdrawing his limp cock from her pussy – he wipes it on her still sore red bottom, while his cum begins to run down her legs.

‘Stay there,’ he orders her as he pushes her back over the table.

‘Fraulein, come here,’ he beckons to Margie and like a zombie, she obeys him immediately.

‘Your friend needs some help,’ he tells her.

What kind of help does Tazeline need?

To be continued ……

Spanking Videos – Laying Down the Law

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Angela Faith as Jill Fenton
and Butch Simms as Officer Brad Steele

Approximate Running Time: 43.00 minutes

I love my work – even if it’s likely to kill me. I’ve just recently had a Pacemaker fitted and I’m not supposed to get excited – well …….

There’s a bit of a buzz from the various studios that are making these ‘Spanking’ Movies. Their dilemma is … should they stick strictly to making movies that are pure spanking or should they take the more natural route and follow through to including sex?

What do you think? Your comments would be very welcome.

Personally, having been on the receiving end of a spanking for over forty five years, I have always been disappointed if safe sex was not part of the spanking.

Obviously, Jill Fenton was in need of a spanking when she attracted the attention of Officer Brad Steele by undressing while driving down the highway. Despite his flashing his lights and sounding his horn, she ignored him and drove the rest of the way home, completely in the nude.

On reaching her home, she dashed out of the car and into the house, carrying her clothes under her arm.

She left him hammering on her door, while she redressed. Only then did she sweetly call for him to ‘Come in.’

Spanking Videos - Just an everyday spanking

Having read the riot act to her and explaining that it is a driving offense to drive down the highway naked. And he was going to write a ticket for her that would mean a heavy fine.

However, after some consideration, he suggests that it might be more appropriate if he was to give her a spanking.
She was elated that she was going to get exactly what she wanted – so she didn’t even put up a token fight.

The OTK spanking he gives her, firstly on top of her clothing then she ends up in the nude again.

Spanking Videos - back in the nude

As the spanking progresses, they are both turned on and it’s no surprise that by the end of the session they are both sexually satisfied. See her treating him to a blow job. Wow!

Spanking Videos - She's enjoying what he's doing

This is a must watch video. Enjoy!!!

Spanking Videos - Is he enjoying himself?

No Privacy

Studio: Spanked at Home

Starring: Alex and Kathrin

Kathrin, a pretty girl with short dark hair has been spanked and is in urgent need of relief. She knocks on Alex’s bedroom door and calls his name; getting no reply she walks into the room and sits on the end of the bed.

She enters the room

She first removes her shoes, then pulls her top off over her head and drops it on the floor at the side of the bed. Her black bra is also taken off and is tossed on the floor to join her top. Standing up, she turns her back on the camera and pulls down her trousers, stepping out of them, they also add to the pile of clothing on the floor. Finally, her black panties are taken off and discarded.

she removes her clothes

She relaxes and lies back on the bed. Her fingers wander down over her flat abdomen, moving ever closer to her throbbing pussy. Parting her black pubic hair, her finger wanders into her hot wet cunt, finding her pulsing clit; she plays with it, getting more and more excited. Her hands move upwards – cupping her tits with them, she squeezes and kneads them, taking her stiffened nipples between her thumb and forefinger, she gently pulls on them – causing them to stiffen even more.

She lay there pleasuring herself

Her hands move downwards again to pleasure herself. Lying there, softly moaning, getting very close to coming, but Alex coming into the room startles her and she tries in vain to cover herself with her hands.

He catches hold of her ankles

She attempts to stand up, but he pushes her back down onto the bed. Catching hold of her ankles, he pulls her legs upwards and starts to hand spank her – first one cheek then the other. Her already sore red bottom, from a recent spanking, is now becoming redder and sorer each time his hand makes contact with her bottom.

He carries on spanking her

Telling her to stand up he instructs her to go and get a wooden spoon. He shouts to her to hurry up.

Over his knee

Coming back into the room, she hands him the wooden spoon. He is sitting on the end of the bed.

Her bottom is getting redder

He orders her to lie over his knee. He moves her around until he is satisfied with her position. He then proceeds to spank her with the wooden spoon, again from one cheek to the other. Trying to fend off the blows, she puts her hand back; but catching hold of it he holds it out of the way of the target area. In her ever increasing anguish, her leg comes up and he pushes it back down again.

Her ordeal is over<img

Her bottom is by now, so red and very sore looking, but he hasn’t finished with her yet. Violently flinging the wooden spoon across the room, he then goes onto hand spanking her again.

Her bottom is a deep shade of red, when he stops spanking her and tells her to get up and leave the room. She quickly jumps up and scurries out of the room without a backward glance.