Mood-Pictures presents “Ancient Regime”

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I like Mood-Pictures, and I’m assuming since you’re reading this post, that you do too.
I like them because it’s short and sweet, yet there’s no lack of story.
The technical aspect of the films is always second to none. The camera angles intuitive, steady. The sound crisp.
Even the models are techinically “hot”.
And then they throw in an attempt at a storyline, and guess what, it works.

In “Ancient Regime” we see what techinques some Eastern European governments use to extract information from captives.
There’s a lot of caning, and some bondage. Very believable torture. Very militant, very swift, very strong.

The second part of the movie is told through the memories of a Communist Era torturer. We are taken back to his interrogation room, and see, through flashbacks, the man applying his skill.

Visually, the movie is excellent, and as I said before, the bottom is exquisite. But what brings this movie home is the theme. The military torturer thing works really well.

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