The Cane, The G-Spot, and The Orgasm – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Cum Again UK


Approximate Running Time: 23.12 minutes

Allison, a mature, curvy woman in her forties, had a fantasy and jumped at the chance when she got the opportunity to make it a reality.
Cum Again UK just happened to be looking for someone like herself – they had a theory regarding the possible erotic connection between the cane, the G-spot, and the orgasm.

At the studio it was a one to one scenario – with just the camera recording what was happening.

A gentle hand spanking to start - the cane, the g-spot and the orgasm

She was shackled with leather straps across her back and just below her knees, and she wore only black lacy briefs, black hold-up stockings, and black, fishnet, fingerless gloves.

The man who was going to be Allison’s spanking top explained how he expected the session to pan out.

He started out using a light leather strap and she did a bit of protesting, which only caused him to tease her. He wanted to use the cane on Allison, but despite the strap being applied to her ample bottom, it didn’t go red. And he pointed out to her that he couldn’t cane a white bottom.

When the top changed from the strap to a paddle, he was then able to produce a healthy-looking glow to her cheeks. Then he decided Allison was ready for the cane.

It was now beginning to happen - the cane, the  g-spot and the orgasm

He had an assortment of canes, but Allison didn’t know the effects of one from the other, so she suggested he make the choice.

The modus operandi became: the cane would be applied to her bottom lightly, then he would use his finger to stimulate her clitoris and g-spot in order to give Allison an orgasm.

He gives her a helping finger - the cane, the g-spot and the orgasm

This was repeated over and over again – with her having multiple orgasms. She had so many orgasms she lost count.

After half an hour of this stimulation, Allison was exhausted and the crotch of her briefs became saturated with her juices.

He left her still strapped to the chair for ten minutes so she could think hard about what had just happened.

The conclusion was that there is a very definite connection between the cane, the G-spot and the orgasm.

Spanking Schoolgirl – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Billie West Productions
Starring: Cameron Towers and Paige Hunter
Approximate Running Time: 40.22 minutes

Cameron is a very pretty blond schoolgirl who is supposed to to be studying for her exams the next day. However, she is soon going to be learning the art of being a spanking schoolgirl instead.

She flips through the pages of her American history textbook, hoping to learn something, but she is bored and cannot see the necessity for learning about things that have happened in the past.

She lights a cigarette and puffs at it  until she hears her teacher, Ms. Jones, who has come to check on her progress.

Ms. Jones questions Cameron about the past presidents, but Cameron doesn’t get a single question right.

Therefore, Ms. Jones thinks maybe a spanking might help her student to focus better.

A sore bottom might help the spanking schoolgirl

One thing leads to another and both teacher and student are turned on.

Ms. Jones takes Cameron to her home in order to give her extra lessons.

In Ms. Jones’s bedroom, the two women undress each other and Ms. Jones finds Cameron a willing pupil. She finger fucks the young girl and has her screaming as she has an orgasm.

Ms Jones finds spanking the schoolgirl and finger fucking her exciting

This is followed by Ms. Jones strapping on a cock. Without any hesitation, Cameron learns how to suck it.

Then Ms. Jones uses it to fuck her young student.

Cameron's cunt is wet and juicy - after being a spanking schoolgirl

Both the teacher and the pupil have a wonderful time together. To show her appreciation, Ms. Jones promises Cameron that she will get straight As in her exams.

Spank Me, Fuck Me – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Approximate Running Time: 16.31 minutes

The manager’s secretary is not working out very well for him. There are several errors in the important document she typed for him. He decides it’s time to punish her for her poor work. The manager’s method of punishment soon has her begging him to spank and fuck her.

As her bends her over the office desk, he tugs down her panties and spanks her with a leather strap.

It doesn’t take long for her milky, white ass to change to a deep scarlet.

The manager gets turned on as he spanks his secretary. His hands wander over her red cheeks, and then spread to other parts of her twitching body. Her cries of pain from being spanked turn into squeals of pleasure.

His wandering hands hsve her pleading with  him to spank me, fuck me

As her pulls her up into a sitting position, he eases off her clothing until she is naked. Then, with his secretary’s help, he too is completely naked.

even more pleasure when she begs him to spank me, fuck me

He sucks her nipples until they are stiff and elongated. She pleads with him, “Spank me, fuck me.”

He pushes his throbbing cock deep into her mouth and she gags as it fills her – touching her tonsils. Yet, she is so turned on all she wants to do is please him.

Change of position for spank me, fuck me

His experienced hands and fingers find her pleasure zones, and soon they are both moaning in unison.

She also plays with herself during the spank me, fuck me session

The boss moves her into various positions, easing his stiffened cock into her waiting pussy from behind.

However, as he is about to shoot his load, he has her waiting eagerly with her mouth open to catch his come.

She ends up taking his somewhat floppy cock into her mouth again in order to clean him up.

she cleans him up after their session where she pleaded with him to spank  me, fuck me

Her punishment session where she pleaded for her spanking and fucking was a roaring success that left them both happy and content.

Four Days of Spanking for Merrilee – Part Three


Eleanor Powell

The story so far ……

Merrilee has already received her first spanking and she’s only been in Spanko’s Gaol for a few minutes.

Her bottom is very sore. How is she going to manage to get through four days of being spanked, which is the sentence she has been given by the Spanko’s Court?

Merrilee was rude and disobedient to her husband Pete so he took her to court so that she can be sorted out.

Now read on ……

She is lying over the red velvet topped dressing table stool. Her ankles and wrists are tied to the legs of the stool – she’s helpless – unable to move.

Her bottom is so sore and red after the spanking given to her by the big butch woman – yet the vibrator that was still being slowly pushed into her bottom – was sending waves of pleasure through all the nerves in her body.

Then she knew – she recognised the old familiar feelings – she was going to cum. And she did. Usually she was a screamer, but now because her mouth was still stuffed with her own knickers, she can only moan and grunt.

Once her orgasmic spasms have passed – the large butch woman moved away from Merrilee.

She was back in a couple of moments. In her hand she is holding a large screw top jar.
Dipping her fingers into the white frothy cream, she very gently started to rub Merrilee’s bottom.

This had the effect of arousing Merrilee into a turned on frenzy. Her body started quivering again.

As the woman’s fingers went over Merrilee’s bottom – she used a circular movement, starting from the outer perimeters of Merrilee’s bottom – moving slowly in towards her wet and throbbing pussy.

Merrilee was surprised – how the hand that hurt her so much such a short time ago was now so gentle.

The cream covered finger entered the young girl’s love passage. Then it was withdrawn and carried on stroking the inside of her thigh. Starting at the inside of her knee – slowly traveling upwards until the fingertips were brushing her pussy lips – then the feeling of disappointment as they moved away down to her inner knee again.

What happened next really took Merrilee by surprise.

The gentle hand that was bringing her so much pleasure – changed again to the heavy hand that hurt her so much earlier. And she was once again being spanked – first one cheek then the other.

But why, what happened? What did she do wrong?

To be continued ……

Auto Erotic Spanking

She's wearing sexy knickers

by: Eleanor Powell 

Studio: Shadow Lane

Stars: Rucca Page and Butch Simms

Approximate Running Time: 35.02 minutes

 Mrs Smith has come to see if her car is ready. The car repairman wipes his oily hands on a cloth and presents her with the bill.

 ‘What’s this?’ she screams shrilly. ‘$900 for what?’

He gives her a breakdown of what he has done – there were a lot of problems, that he has sorted and spent over twelve hours on her car alone.

Standing in front of him, with a haughty look on her pretty face – she tears the bill into little pieces and scatters them on the garage floor.
‘Now lady,’ he warns her. ‘That’s no way to act.’

She makes a rude gesture at him.

And that’s it.

He pushes her roughly over the car bonnet and starts to hand spank her on top of her dress.

Apart from giving the occasional gasp and moan, she makes no struggle or protest. Maybe she’s enjoying it.

And when he pulls her skirt up to reveal a pair of white sexy knickers, again she makes a very feeble protest.

He ends off the spanking by pulling her knickers down to her mid thigh, exposing her by now ever reddening bottom.

Satisfied that he’s given her her comeuppance, he turns away to make out another bill for her.

He’s got his back to her so he doesn’t see what she’s up to.

Defiantly she pleaures herself

Leaning against the car, she pulls up her skirt and starts pleasuring herself. Only when she refers to him as an incompetent grease monkey that he decides to show her a thing or two.

He pushes her back onto the bonnet of the car and spreading her legs, he uses his tongue to further excite her. Her gasps and moans getting louder, he’s obviously getting something right.

now his tongue does the pleasuring

Then he realises that the shop floor was not the best place to do what he had in mind – so he tosses her over his shoulder and carries her through to his living quarters – behind the workshop.

Putting her gently down onto the bed he carries on bringing her back to the boil.

He needs some tlc too

What follows is a man and woman sexually enjoying each other in many ways – from touching, sucking, spanking and fucking.

He brings her to a noisy, writhing orgasm.

She lies on her back while he cums all over her face, while she eagerly tries to catch some in her open mouth.

He then tells her the bill is now settled in full.

If her car needs attention again, will she dare go back to him?

Tess Morgan Vs The Sybian


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Michael Khan and Tess Morgan

Approximate Running Time: 11.19 minutes

Tess a beautiful young girl is about to have her first session on The Sybian.

This is a mechanical cock that once inside her, can be made to vibrate – and the intensity can be increased or decreased – depending on how much she can take before having an orgasm.

She slowly lowers herself onto The Sybian

Michael Khan instructs her on its use. She nods her head to indicate that she understands.

Slowly she sits astride The Sybian – lowering herself onto the artificial cock. Once it is deep inside her and she tells Michael that she is comfortable – he is in charge of the controls and so turns the vibrator on.

When Michael starts spanking her it is even more intense

Almost immediately she is wriggling about and squealing as The Sybian does its job, vibrating and seeking out all her sensitive spots.

She is also told that when it gets too intense, she must not cum without permission but should shout out – ‘I’m a whore.’ Then Michael would either give her permission to cum or he would tone down the intensity – this would prolong the session.

In her excited state she stubbornly refuses to give in and say her piece.

However, when Michael starts spanking her, this excites her even more. And as the spanks make her bottom tingle – her orgasm is imminent. But Michael teases her by turning off The Sybian, leaving her pussy throbbing and wanting more, much more.

Between the spanking and The Sybian -she is so turned on

In his turn he refuses to turn it back on until she says her lines word perfect.

‘I’m a dirty slut,’ she shouts out and he tells her he can’t hear her – she has to keep on repeating it – louder and louder.

Eventually, he turns it back on and she is allowed to cum and cum and cum.

After she has come down from her high, she and Michael have a discussion about The Sybian and the effect it had on her. She tells him that she has never orgasmed so quickly before. The Sybian while moving about and vibrating inside her found her various G-Spots.

She takes some calming down after her intense orgasm

Therefore, The Sybian was voted as a huge success.

Erotic Spanking at Any Age


Eleanor Powell

Do you ever wonder how old is too old to be spanked?

I’m talking about erotic spanking between two consenting adults.

Is there a cut off point (e.g.,  you have had your fiftieth birthday)? Is there a time to stop being spanked?

Personally, I believe it is a choice that only you and your partner can make, but it must be a mutual decision. If one partner has to be coaxed to continue – surely that means you are not consenting adults any more.

Therefore, have you already made your choice? Have you been influenced by peer pressure?

Being spanked at any age is not the kind of topic you bring up in any “normal” conversation/environment. Non-spankos would be likely to think of you as a pervert. Yet to other people who are interested in spanking – be it as the spanker or the spankee, we are the normal ones.

Being spanked is truly a mixture of pain and pleasure. And unless you have ever been spanked for pleasure, how can you understand how the pain can convert to such pleasurable feelings?

Coming from a woman’s viewpoint, there’s nothing like the pussy tingling that leads to an engorged, throbbing clit.  As the orgasm comes to a head, the vaginal juices flow freely.

Such pleasure – such joy.

Now let’s go back to this age thing.

Taking into consideration the physical, mental, and emotional health of the spanking couple as said – is there a cut off age?

However, being in poor health physically can be a real turn off at any age. This is an unfortunate situation and the decision regarding the cut off age can be made for you – leading to disappointment and frustration.

I went through a stage of not being interested in being spanked that lasted for five long years. This was because of my being involved in a car crash in which I broke my neck.

It was my body that had to heal.

I shudder every time I think of how it could have turned out – according to the doctors I could have died instantly or been a vegetable for the rest of my life.

So at the age of sixty I started being spanked again.

However, Mother Nature had still not finished with me. I started having “woman trouble.” This resulted in my having to have a hysterectomy (my womb and ovaries were surgically removed).

That set me back a further year, but at the ripe old age of sixty-four I again enjoyed going over my partner’s knee for a titillating spanking.

I must admit, now I’m going on for seventy-four, my orgasms take longer to achieve and are definitely not as intense as they were when I was younger, but I still get the urge to be spanked, and my husband, bless him, does his best to oblige.

This is my own personal experience. Maybe you have a different story to tell. If you have, I’d love to hear from you.

Mmm! What A Tender Ass

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Scorched
Approximate Running Time: 30.56 minutes

She’s young and innocent. When her teacher asks her to meet him in the school cellar – well she knows she has to obey her teacher and so she turns up for the rendezvous.

He puts her over his knee

But when he makes his intentions very clear – she attempts to make it clear to him that his behaviour is not acceptable.

As he fondles her pert little breasts, through her cotton school blouse she struggles to free herself from his lecherous advances.

he changes her position and implement

However, he’s like an octopus – no sooner has she removed his hand from one part of her body – he puts his hand back again. She even tries to reason with him, pointing out that his behaviour is not appropriate.

Then he changes tactics and puts her over his knee and starts to hand spank her, first on top of her school skirt, then on top of her knickers.

When he pulls her knickers down to her ankles, he is even more turned on by the sight of her rosy red cheeks. She moans, she squeals and struggles but to no avail. All he does is tell her to keep still.

Using several implements to further redden her tender bottom and moving her into various positions, he eventually uses a vibrator that he inserts into her pussy.

She is being turned on

What with the spanking and now the vibrator – she is being turned on. And when he slowly inserts vibrating beads into her anus, she’s unable to prevent herself from showing her pleasure.

Then he suddenly removes the vibrator and picking up her bundle of clothes, he pushes them into her arms and orders her out of the cellar.

Madeline’s Secret Fantasy – Part Ten

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far ……

Madeline has been well prepared for her third initiation ceremony – and after a very painful lesson in obedience, administered by her lover, she went to bed in readiness for the busy day ahead of her.

She was too excited to sleep properly. But she eventually fell into a light sleep as daylight began peeping through her curtains.

The alarm goes off at 8 am and she gets out of bed – stretching and yawning.

Now read on ……

It’s the big day – the long awaited day – the day she is going to take her third initiation test in order to become a fully-fledged member of the ‘Secret Society of Spankos.’

There are butterflies in her tummy. Oh boy is she nervous?

She spends the day depilating – giving herself a manicure and pedicure. She decides to shower later – just before her lover arrives, which should be at 6 pm prompt.

He had given her strict instructions to be ready by the time he gets to her.

The night before he’d hinted that he’d have a special gift especially for her. Now she’s wondering what it could possibly be.

By 5 pm she’s ready for her lover. There’s no way she’s going to be late.

Actually, getting ready for him is the easy bit – he wants her completely naked – not even wearing shoes.

When she hears his key in the lock, she is sat on the couch, reclining back on the big fluffy cushions, her knees drawn up to her chest, her thighs wide and apart. The soft supple leather anklets feel alien on her slim ankles.

He pauses in the doorway and looks around – then smiles and nods his approval.

‘Good girl, I’m glad to see that you can do as you’re told.’
He comes over to her.

She feels so vulnerable in that position and makes to close her thighs.

‘Madeline, obedience remember. Leave those legs open.’

He bends down to kiss her trembling lips. Cupping her chin in his big hands. His hands move slowly down her body, caressing her breasts and twiddling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. The big sensuous hands continue downwards – over her flat belly until they reach her exposed pussy.

‘You’re so beautiful Madeline,’ he murmurs.

His fingers part the lips of her vagina and enter into her love passage. She gasps as he finds her clit and starts to strum on it. She can feel the stirrings of an orgasm, the waves of pleasure coming and getting stronger as his finger speeds up playing on her engorged clit. Oh it feels so good. She’s moaning and screams loudly,

‘I’m coming, oh god I’m coming.’

Then suddenly he withdraws his sopping wet finger from her throbbing pussy.

Her eyes plead with him to carry on – she feels so bereft. Smiling down at her he says, ‘Patience Madeline, from now on you will only come when I allow you to come, do you understand?’

Unable to speak, she nods her head.

‘Good that’s settled. Stay in that position, I told I’ve got something for you didn’t I?’

Her eyes are full of excitement. What can it be?

Going to his coat that he had left on a chair as he came in, he brings out a small square box.

‘Here you are my darling – go on open it.’

With trembling fingers she fumbles with the blue ribbon and removes the lid.

What’s inside the box?

To be continued ……

Spanking Bad Girls

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Ariels
Starring: Michael Khan and Philly Ramano
Approximate Running Time: 29.38 minutes

Michael is shocked – Philly has made a right mess of herself.

When he asks her why she has come home covered in tattoos she answers immediately that it is her way of expressing herself.

He has to show he's not pleased with her

He’s not exactly enamoured by her response and takes it on himself to give her a good spanking.

Now this should really show her he's annoyed with her

Starting off with her over his knee, he hand spanks her until her bottom is glowing red. Changing her position several times and using an assortment of implements he carries on with the spanking.

He introduces her to Fred – a vibrator that she holds against her throbbing pussy, while he spanks her.

They are both enjoying themselves until she has a shuddering orgasm with the help of Fred and Michael’s wandering fingers.

Maybe he's getting through to her

Is she sorry she disfigured herself by having these tattoos?