Getting Wizard Schooled 1

Eleanor Powell
Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Starring: Nina and The Wizard of Ass

Approximate Running Time: 39.45 minutes

Nina is in real big trouble.

One of the masters at the school is going to be punishing her, because she broke into the school lab – looking for something to stimulate her as she is bored.

He fixes a nipple clamp to her nipple

And when asked why she made a hole in the wall of the boys changing room, she admitted that she had a thing about seeing boys undressing etc.

She is to be spanked. But this spanking is going to be very different to the spankings her father has given her in the past.

He puts her over his knee

However, she consents to the spanking, as it’s the better alternative to being expelled in disgrace.

He undoes her bra

Even though she has consented to being spanked – she puts up a fight all the way, both struggling and kicking out at him and mouthing off at him – calling him a pervert.

In order to try and restrain her, he cuffs her wrists together. But still her cheeky mouth gives out a string of abuse. It is just as well he likes feisty girls.

All trussed up like a Christmas turkey

Meanwhile, he uses an assortment of implements to redden her bottom.

Finally he gives her an enema.

Now is she still bored and in need of stimulation?

The Slave and Her Two Masters


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Real Spanking Video

Approximate Running Time: 33.30 minutes

Here is one very lucky girl. Her Master is in the process of spanking her – when the bedroom door bursts open and her husband comes in. She is shocked – she didn’t expect him home until the following day.

The husband is surprised at the things she allows this other man to do to her.

two masters at once - her wildest fantasy

So here she is, having her fantasies fulfilled by this other man – not realising that she could have had all this with her own husband, if she had only asked.

Her husband puts her over his knee and hand spanks her. Then the other man joins in, each man alternately spanking her with an assortment of implements.

she's a fantastic cock sucker

As the grand finale – she sucks off both men until they come in her eager mouth and all over her face and neck.

Tandoori Stripes

Eleanor Powell
Studio: California Star Productions
Approximate Running Time: 29.44 minutes

Two young ladies decided that they would have an Indian Curry, so they went into an Indian Restaurant and ordered the works.

After enjoying a sumptuous meal – they were presented with the bill.

Were they going to pay?

They had a discussion and quickly and quietly they ran out of the restaurant and up the street.

However, Mr Patel the owner of the restaurant – being young and fit, ran after them. Catching up with them, he suggested they go with him to his home so they could work out what was going to happen.

He ushers them into the house and into his lounge.

Giving them an ultimatum – take a spanking / caning or he will go to the police. They had to pay in some way for the £65 of food they’d eaten.

Somewhat reluctantly they agreed to the spanking, which he promised would be very hard.

The first girl over his knee was the ringleader. As she relaxed over his knee she didn’t seem too fazed by the hand spanking he was giving her.

A painful experience

It was a different story when he told her to remove her jeans so he could spank her on her bare bottom. She was laughing, possibly because of nervousness or could she be enjoying herself?

As his hand was getting tired and beginning to ache, he told her to lean over a chair and he then went on to using a couple of paddles.

Finally he gave her a dozen or so strokes of the cane.

Girl number two for spanking

Her friend who seemed to be a lot more timid had her turn over his knee. Followed by the paddles and cane.

Once he was satisfied that they had both been dealt with severely he told them to go and he never wanted to see them again.

Madeline’s Secret Fantasy – Part Eight

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far ……

Madeline is preparing for her third initiation ceremony and with only one day to go, her lover has been teaching her unquestioned obedience.

Now she is stood naked before him. Her eyes are closed and both her wrists are held out in front of her.

What is going to happen now?

Now read on ……

Although her eyes are closed, she senses that he is standing in front of her.

Catching hold of her right hand, he lifts it up to his lips and kisses her palm. Then she feels something soft and supple being fastened to her wrist.

Her left hand is raised to his lips and a gentle kiss is planted in the middle of her palm. Again something soft and supple is fastened to her left wrist.

He has both her wrists in his big right hand.

She hears a strange clicking noise.

Opening her eyes she sees that she has leather cuffs on both hands and the clicking noise she heard was the fastening together of the cuffs.

She becomes aware of him looking down at her.

‘I thought I told you to keep your eyes closed,’ he looks angrily at her.

‘I-I-I …’ she began.
‘Obedience Madeline,’ he reminds her.

Turning her round, he tucks her head under his arm and quickly spanks her wildly gyrating bottom. She can’t escape and with her hands being fastened together, she is helpless.

‘Please,’ she whimpers.

‘Silence, ‘ he commands her.

With her poor bottom burning, she is pulled up into a standing position.

Again he tells her to close her eyes. She obeys immediately.

‘Good girl, I’m glad you’re learning obedience.’

Turning her round again so that she now has her back to him. He puts a soft supple leather collar around her neck. He adjusts the buckles – it fits her long slender neck just right. Not too loose – not too tight.

Still with her back to him, she feels him go down on his haunches. This time it’s her ankles that have anklets attached to them.

Once again he turns her around to face him. She still has her eyes closed – afraid to open them without permission.

‘You have done very well my darling,’ he kisses her gently on her lips. As the passion increases between them, his tongue forces her mouth open and his tongue explores inside it.

She gasps as she feels her pussy beginning to throb with longing and she is horrified to feel her juices running down the inside of her thighs.

Yet again, he turns her around so that she has her back to him. Pushing her forward towards the table, he forces her body over it.

And now what’s going to happen to her, what’s he going to do?

To be continued ……

Madeline’s Secret Fantasy – Part Seven

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far ……

Madeline has passed her second initiation ceremony.

Her lover tells her that there is one more test next week then she will be a fully-fledged member of the Secret Society of Spankos.

She tries to coax more details out of him, but he just winks at her and tells her to wait and see.

She is on tenterhooks – what is going to happen at her third initiation test:

Now read on ……

Although her lover came to see her every evening during the week and he was his usual loving caring self – yet when he arrives on the Thursday evening – he is different.

When he enters her lounge she is sitting primly on the couch – waiting for him.

Getting up off the couch she is just about to run into his arms as she usually does but he puts up his hand.

‘Stop!’ he says.

Laughing she says, ‘What’s up with you?’ and carries on walking towards him.

Catching hold of her left arm he pulls her over to the couch and sitting down on it he hauls her over his knee.

Then he is spanking her hard on her bare bottom. Ignoring her cries of pain he soon turns her cheeks into a fiery red.

‘Madeline, you have been a very naughty girl and you will learn to obey me, do you understand?’

‘What have I done? She asks.

‘It’s called obedience. If I give you an order, I expect you to obey me immediately without question.’


‘Without question young lady.’ Clamping his right leg over both of hers, his strong right hand comes down even harder on her already sore stinging bottom.

It hurts so much she can’t hold back the tears.

Then the spanking stops as abruptly as it started.

Pulling her up he carries her through into the bedroom. He lay her face down on the bed – urging her to kneel with three pillows under her tummy.

‘There, there my darling,’ his big strong hands gently stroke her blazing cheeks.

His hot sensuous mouth kisses and licks her cheeks. Parting them, his tongue runs down the length of her inner bottom cheeks. She is quivering with excitement and longing.

Lifting her, he lays her down on the bed – she is now on her back. Nudging her thighs apart, his tongue finds her clit and sucks on it – and coaxes it out of its hiding place. She wriggles.

Taking his mouth from her throbbing pussy, he tells her, ‘Keep still.’

‘I can’t,’ she giggles.

Flipping her over onto her tummy again, his strong right hand gives her another dozen hard stinging slaps.

He again pulls her up into a sitting position.

‘Obedience Madeline,’ he reminds her.

She looks up at him, her eyes swimming with tears. ‘Sorry,’ she whispers.

‘That’s better,’ he smiles down at her. ‘Now take off all your clothes, I’ve got something for you.’

She hesitates.

‘Madeline,’ he says sternly.

She is immediately galvanised into action.

Standing in front of him, her body naked and unadorned. She is used to being undressed before him, but somehow this time it feels different. She feels a little bit shy.

‘Okay, close your eyes,’ he says.

She hears him move across the room and the rustling of paper. Then he is back with her.

‘Hold out both your wrists,’ he tells her. ‘But keep your eyes closed.’

What is going to happen now?

To be continued ……

Wife Spanking


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 28.20 minutes

He’s busy hammering in his workshop – his wife interrupts him. She talks fast and is angry with him. She wants his attention. Well, she sure gets it.

He pushes her face down

Pushing her face downwards over the workbench, he pulls up her voluminous skirt and starts hand spanking her bare bottom.

She wriggles and squeals as his work roughened hands redden her poor bottom. But even his hard hands get tired, so he picks up a piece of wood that is lying around and hits her with that.

Relentlessly, the spanking goes on with her bottom becoming redder and sorer. He even pulls her blue slippers off her wildly kicking feet and uses them to spank her.

In the diaper position

However, spanking her is thirsty work, so he replaces her slippers and asks her to go and get him a drink of water. Being the loving and obedient wife that she is, she goes to do his bidding.

Taking the glass off her he takes a large swig of the water – and immediately spits it out.

Revenge is sweet as she put salt in the water.

In retaliation he starts spanking her again – once more improvising various pieces of off cut wood in order to save his hand getting sore.

He changes her position – from over the workbench to having her legs up in the diaper position.

Finally, he pulls her over his knee in order to finish off her spanking.

in the time honoured position

Then he goes back to his hammering.

Spanking His Pet Pussy

His poor pussy is getting a sore bottomspanking his naughty pussyHere pusy, pussy, pussy drink some milk


Eleanor Powell

Studio: HotOldMovies

 Approximate Running Time: 10.17 minutes

 His pet pussy is lapping up a saucer of milk that he has poured out for her. She has a bit of a struggle keeping her long red hair out of the milk, she looks up at her master with adoring eyes.

 However, when she is unable to finish the milk that is in the saucer, he coaxes her to lie on his knee.

His strong hands stroke her back. Then the stroking stops and he’s spanking her. She struggles to escape but he’s holding her too tightly.



His large hairy hand keeps on landing on her reddening bottom. Putting her in various positions, the spanking continues.

Finally as a reward – she lies on her back while he tickles her tummy, before taking her to bed.

Abi’s Confession – Hard & Long OTK


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Approximate Running Time: 16.06 minutes



Abi has been standing naked in the corner for two hours – Headmaster Tom comes into the room – it’s time for the next part of her ongoing punishment.


First the lecture

Previously she was caned – the marks are still visible. Now she is to receive a long hard otk spanking.


She obediently puts herself over his knee – he puts his right leg over her legs to prevent her kicking out at him.

firmly held in place  - the spanking begins


He then explains to her what is about to happen to her. She has sinned six times therefore her spanking will be in six thirty seconds sessions. Giving her a watch she has to tell him when to start and stop spanking. There are one or two false stops and starts, but eventually they get there.


She ends up with a very sore bottom.


The hairbrush leaves its mark

However, this is not the end. For the next punishment session she has to be able to explain to him why she ended up masturbating in church, while the service was in progress.


How is she going to talk her way out of that one?

Girl Scout Spanking

Eleanor Powell
Approximate Running Time: 14.46 minutes

Aunty is knocking on the toilet door. Her niece has been in there for a long time and she wants to have a chat with her.

Over Aunty's Knee

Eventually the young girl comes out – looking rather sheepish and guilty. What has she been doing in there?

Being spanked on her bare bottom

Her aunty discovers some chocolate bars in her skirt pocket. She’s supposed to be selling the chocolate to the public to raise funds for the Girl Scouts – not eat them herself.

Aunty is disgusted with her and pulls her over her knee and starts to spank her. The spanking is at first administered over her skirt – then eventually on her bare bottom.

She protests and struggles to escape the stinging blows, but the spanking continues. So she resorts to calling her aunty names.

The spanking intensifies. Her poor bottom is getting redder and redder. She is then sent to stand in the corner, with her red spanked bottom in full view. Just to make sure her skirt doesn’t slip down and cover her bottom, her aunty stitches it up out of the way.

After muttering under her breath – her aunty hears her and doesn’t like being called a bitch. So, she fetches some soap and cleans out the young girls filthy mouth.

The soap makes her retch

Intl. Discipline

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Spankaholics
Starring: Angelina Veski
Approximate Running Time: 37.50 minutes

Angelina couldn’t settle. Here she is in a strange country, living with her father’s best friend, as an exchange student, while, her parents in Poland are looking after his daughter.

She’s also quite a bit bored. So she is having a nosey around, opening, doors, drawers and cupboards – then she finds something that excites her. It’s a DVD and she puts it on – settling down to watch it. While it is running she phones her friend in Poland and they have quite a chat. She had just put the phone down when he comes home.

What is this DVD about?

She’s in trouble. He threatens to send her back to Poland in disgrace, but she begs him not to. Giving her an ultimatum – agree to a spanking or be sent home, she chooses the spanking.

He shows no mercy as he gives her a very sore bottom, progressing from an otk hand spanking to an introduction to the cane. He also humiliates her by some of the positions he puts her in while wielding the cane.

Her discipline begins

With a bright red bottom he sends her to her room after telling her that she can expect more of the same thing if he ever catches her going through his personal belongings.

The cane bites into her tender flesh