Free Spanking Videos – Failing Grades Again

Free Spanking Videos - Failing Grades Again
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Rick Cuban plays the responsible Daddy of Vanessa Lee (White) who has come outside to let her father know where she is going. Of course, dear old Dad wasn’t born yesterday…and notices her acting a little weird while holding a curiously folded piece of paper. Upon asking about the suspicious document, he finds out that she has received a “D” on her History exam. This cannot be brushed off without a stern punishment! Rick wastes little time in bending her plump bare bottom over outside, and lays a firm hand spanking on her defenseless cheeks.

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Russian Slaves 35: Punished for Infidelity — Nettles Corp.

russian spanking

The plot of this video is … hot young babes get tied down and whipped across their nekkid bottoms.

Technically, there’s more of a plot, and it involves infidelity, familial disgrace, and small village values and customs in 19th century Russia. But good luck deciphering the sub-titles and following the plot, should you choose to do so. Me, I just look at the girls.

The first hot babe to get whipped is an attractive young blond. First she’s put over the knee of a peasant patriarch type and spanked on her naked read end. Then she’s held down on a wooden bench and belt-whipped by a peasant matriarch type. Her dress is hiked to expose her naked rear end.

It’s a nice scene. There are real blows and real pain. The camera work captures good front and rear angles. She screams in pain as she’s whipped, and she wipes away tears at the end. It’s fairly short, but it’s hard, and there’s more to come.

Next to be whipped is an attractive young woman with long, light brown hair. She’s stripped completely naked and tied down to the wooden bench. She gets whipped by the same village matriarch type from the first scene.

This girl gets a longer, harder whipping. And she’s naked. And she’s very demonstrative and emotional. She cries and screams throughout. Again the camera angles give us good, prolonged face footage, in addition to the obligatory ass shots.

As hard as the whipping was, things don’t end for this girl. A virtual spank mob of young women storm her house, pull her out, and chase her into a field, where they tear off her clothing, and start beating and whipping her with sticks. She cowers helplessly in pain and fear until they stop. They leave her in the field, beaten, sobbing and naked.

There’s a lot of public humiliation in this movie. All of the beatings occur out in the open, often in front of groups of villagers.

But guess what? Those girls shouldn’t have done that. Now they must be whipped, too. Well, one of them, anyway. Maybe she was the ringleader.

The designated spank-mob-girl is stretched naked across the now-infamous bench and whipped with a switch. Angry red marks appear across her ass immediately. It’s not long before she’s wailing and screaming. She has long, auburn hair and nice body. She’s held down during her ordeal, but she manages to raise her torso enough to give us some breast shots along the weay.

She gets at least fifty strokes. By the end she’s virtually hysterical, crying pitifully and trying to catch her breath amid the sobs.

This is a good, hard, intense “spank” movie. There are some technological glitches, but the raw and real punishment scenes more than make up for them.