Punishment Day – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Approximate Running Time: 25.43 minutes

Mandy, a beautiful brunette, is chatting with Kristen, a petite, young blond, while they are peeling potatoes. Kristen has heard something about punishment day from the other women in their cult, but she is still full of questions. She shyly asks Mandy for some answers.

Mandy tells Kristen about punishment day

As Mandy has been a member of the cult for some time, she is able to assure Kristen that whatever happens is for her own personal development. However, the younger blonde girl is still not fully satisfied and she wants to know exactly what happens.

So, Mandy patiently tells her about the ritual spankings that are administered by Adrian. Now Kristen’s curiosity is really thirsting to know more.

The information that  Mandy tells her leaves poor Kristen feeling apprehensive. Mandy explains Adrian’s philosophy and why he uses spanking for personal growth. Mandy concludes by telling Kristen that punishment day is sprung upon the cult member without warning. Yet, she’s not to worry about it, because it is for her own good and she will eventually enjoy it and look forward to the next punishment day.

That evening, the two girls are preparing for bed. As they get into the big double bed, Mandy tells Kristen that tomorrow is going to be a very special day.

The sun is peeking through the curtains when Mandy wakes Kristen and gleefully tells her that it is punishment day.

The two girls put on their punishment robes and present themselves to Adrian in his office.

However, he decides to let Mandy spank Kristen for a start. Mandy’s hand is firm and strong as she spanks her friend’s slim and shapely bottom. Poor Kristen is soon whimpering and begging for the spanking to stop. But Mandy will only stop if Adrian tells her to.

Mandy is the first to spank Kristen on punishment day

Kristen’s bottom is a deep rosy red by the time Adrian signals to Mandy to stop.

Now he takes over, bringing the colour back to her butt cheeks of the young blonde girl.

Adrian takes over spanking Kristen on punishment day

Again, the choice of when to stop spanking Kristen is entirely his. Telling her to go and stand and watch Mandy receiving her spanking. Then the fair-haired girl covers her ears so that she can’t hear the cries of pain or is ecstasy coming from her friend’s mouth.

Both girls are spanked by Adrian with a leather paddle. They kneel on a table and reach out in order to hold onto an elephant – that’s part of the punishment day ritual.

It's Mandy's turn to be spanked on punishment day

Adrian and the two girls are all very happy, each knowing what has happened and why.

The two girls go back to their daily chores, feeling in tune with the cult’s guidelines and appropriately suited to living within it.

The elephant is a very important part of the punishment day ritual

The Cane, The G-Spot, and The Orgasm – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Cum Again UK


Approximate Running Time: 23.12 minutes

Allison, a mature, curvy woman in her forties, had a fantasy and jumped at the chance when she got the opportunity to make it a reality.
Cum Again UK just happened to be looking for someone like herself – they had a theory regarding the possible erotic connection between the cane, the G-spot, and the orgasm.

At the studio it was a one to one scenario – with just the camera recording what was happening.

A gentle hand spanking to start - the cane, the g-spot and the orgasm

She was shackled with leather straps across her back and just below her knees, and she wore only black lacy briefs, black hold-up stockings, and black, fishnet, fingerless gloves.

The man who was going to be Allison’s spanking top explained how he expected the session to pan out.

He started out using a light leather strap and she did a bit of protesting, which only caused him to tease her. He wanted to use the cane on Allison, but despite the strap being applied to her ample bottom, it didn’t go red. And he pointed out to her that he couldn’t cane a white bottom.

When the top changed from the strap to a paddle, he was then able to produce a healthy-looking glow to her cheeks. Then he decided Allison was ready for the cane.

It was now beginning to happen - the cane, the  g-spot and the orgasm

He had an assortment of canes, but Allison didn’t know the effects of one from the other, so she suggested he make the choice.

The modus operandi became: the cane would be applied to her bottom lightly, then he would use his finger to stimulate her clitoris and g-spot in order to give Allison an orgasm.

He gives her a helping finger - the cane, the g-spot and the orgasm

This was repeated over and over again – with her having multiple orgasms. She had so many orgasms she lost count.

After half an hour of this stimulation, Allison was exhausted and the crotch of her briefs became saturated with her juices.

He left her still strapped to the chair for ten minutes so she could think hard about what had just happened.

The conclusion was that there is a very definite connection between the cane, the G-spot and the orgasm.

Spank & Spread 5 – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 30.07 minutes

The sweet, young submissive is alone at home waiting for her mistress to return. She tries not to show her nervousness, though she knows that she is going to receive the spank & spread treatment.

Sure enough, her blond mistress comes in and immediately starts caressing her.

This is what she's been longing for - in spank & spread 5

The mistress is inclined to tease her playmate, and uses a sweet caress that never actually follows through in the right place and a puckering up of the lips that ceases before their lips actually meet.

The submissive brunette is longing for a kind word, a kiss, or a touch that will make her feel worthy, but she is disappointed over and over again.

When her mistress has her sit in an armchair leaning back with her legs up and spread wide apart, her pretty tight pussy is in full view.

Her legs are wide apart in the spank & spread position

Also, her bare bottom is fully accessible and her mistress takes advantage of this and hand spanks her.

The mistress starts spanking her sub’s ass with a paddle, then, still using the paddle, she gently spanks the dark haired girl’s pussy lips. The sexy sub whimpers in aroused response. She so needs a kind word or a loving touch, but it doesn’t happen.

Her mistress teases her by withholding her kisses in spank  spread 5

Meanwhile, her mistress laughs at her discomfort.

Getting bored with that game, the mistress strips the eager-to-please girl of all her clothing and takes her over her knee.

She has had to endure the spank and spread 5 treatment - and for what?

Now the spanking continues along with the seductive teasing.

Eventually, Mistress laughs as the dark haired girl breaks down in tears of pain and frustration.

After the tears fall, Mistress finally presses her lips to the red cheeks on her sub. Then she leaves the weeping girl lying on the couch. Her bottom is sore very sore and the kind word that she longed to hear doesn’t come.

First Time Spankings – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: Kelly Payne, Amber, Erica, and Sheree
Approximate Running Time: 53.40 minutes

Kelly Payne is giving out first time spankings to three young ladies. These are absolutely real spankings!

Erica is a stripper and tastefully and artistically performs her act for Kelly. Once she has removed every stitch of her clothing, she poses in front of Kelly, who admires Erica’s gorgeous ass. Kelly doesn’t mess around and immediately puts the pretty blond over her knee for a wood paddle spanking.

A very sore bottom after her first time spanking

The paddle whacks grow progressively heavier until Erica’s ass is cherry red. Once Kelly is satisfied that both Erica’s cheeks are equally bright crimson, she gently rubs a soothing cream into them. For Erica she processes the agony and then came the ecstasy. Erica clearly enjoys the endorphin rush as she pulls up her jeans in front of Kelly.

The second girl Kelly has to deal with is Sheree. Sheree works for Kelly, but when Kelly catches her idling in the office, she takes Sheree over her knee for a heavy discipline session.

Kelly believes that a sore ass should sort the young girl out. So she puts her over her knee and immediately begins the obligatory warm up spanking with her hand. Once Sheree’s ass is bright pink, Kelly uses a leather paddle to spank the squealing & struggling girl until her pert little bottom is a bright, glaring red.

Her first time spanking really hurt Amber is the third young lady to go over Kelly’s knee.

Amber is a thief and has stolen spanking movies from Kelly’s website. As Kelly points out to her, she has worked very hard making those movies. She tells Amber that stealing from her is morally wrong, and that spanking her would “be better than calling the cops.”

After amber endures a warm up OTK spanking from Kelly, she is tied with blue rope to a chair to restrict her movement. The spanking Kelly then gives the Amber is hard and long, using an assortment of implements including a wicker carpet beater and a wooden paddle. Only when the whimpering girl promises never to steal from her again, the spanking ends.

Helpless she has to take her first time spanking

Silly Millie – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Starring: and Hans Hoff
Approximate Running Time: 35.56 minutes

Hans Hoff returns to his hotel room after witnessing some justice being carried out on a young girl earlier in the evening. Silly Millie is going to be his plaything for the evening.

He phones reception asking for some room service. He asks for a bottle of their finest whiskey to be sent up to his room.

While waiting for his whiskey to be delivered, he opens his suitcase. He must check that his punishment implements have not been damaged during transit.

He spreads out his various toys on the bed.

There is a knock on his door and in comes Millie, a pretty blonde girl. She is dressed in a maid’s uniform. She carefully puts the tray containing the bottle of whiskey and a glass on his bedside table.

He puts Silly Millie over his knee

Looking round the room, she sees the punishment implements and gets excited at the sight of them.

Now it’s a case of who is egging who on.

Milly obligingly allows Hans to start spanking her on her almost bare bottom. She is enjoying it and encourages him to try out some of his other implements.

She giggles and sways her reddening ass from side to side.

Occasionally she pleads with him to stop, but is easily persuaded to let him carry on.

He uses a light flogger on Silly Millie bottom

He uses a couple of different paddles, a flogger, and finally a cane.

Poor Silly Millie has her bottom further reddened by the cane

Daylight is peeping through the curtains when reception phones through to him giving him his early morning call.

Now what’s this? Hans is not alone in his bed – snuggled down under the duvet is Millie.

It looks like they are to have another interesting day ahead of them.

The Disciplinarians – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: London Enterprises Video
Starring: Star Chandler, Angella Faith, Summer Knight, Brook Taylor and Isadora Rose as Kim
Approximate Running Time: 56.47 minutes

In The Disciplinarians, Star Chandler plays Dana Johansen, a woman who runs a specialised lady spanking service. She and her assistant Kim (Isadora Rose) are discussing the day’s first client, Mrs. Jones. But before the lady enters the discipline room for her appointment, Star wants to be sure that Kim really knows what it’s all about.

Just checking that Kim understands what The Disciplinarians is all aboutUnfortunately, her assistant hasn’t read the client’s file notes properly and misunderstands why the lady is coming for some discipline. So Dana gives Kim a reminder on her bare ass. After After’s Kim’s hands-on lesson from her boss, she better understands the female spanking clients at the discipline center.

A sore bottom for the disciplinarianAfter Dana meets with and disciplines Mrs. Jones, two young ladies come into the office without an appointment. They have heard a little bit of what happens there, although they obviously don’t know the full story. Dana briefly explains it to them. She emphasizes to them that once they agree to have a discipline session there is no turning back. The only way the session will stop is when Dana believes they have genuinely had enough.

The Disciplinarians spank both girls togetherDana and Kim take on the two new women and show them what a true bare bottom spanking is all about. During that afternoon, there was the sound of hands, paddles, and straps making contact with bare bottoms – accompanied by the screams, squeals and shouts of the recipients echoing round the offices of the discipline center. Dana and her assistant Kim are certainly the best disciplinarians in town.

Kim still has to learn to be less submissive if she wants to be one of the disciplinarians

Spanking Barbie – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Scorched
Approximate Running Time: 30.36 minutes

“Barbie, please bring my newspaper,” the commanding lady boss calls to her assistant. Barbie, the young blond office assistant, is not dressed appropriately for the office. She’s a pretty young girl with a long braid hanging down her back and a tiny mini skirt who obediently enters the office and places the newspaper on her boss’s desk. However, she doesn’t realize what is about to happen to her. Her inappropriate outfit earns her a spanking from her supervisor.

Spanking Barbie is turning them both on

Her boss glances up from some documents she is reading and studies the young girl carefully then decides to take a closer look. The young girl is wearing a mini mini skirt that just barely covers her beautiful bottom. A casual flip up of the mini mini skirt reveals that she is not wearing any panties.

She is told to bend over the desk and her boss starts to gently spank her. At the moment, this is not a punishment spanking but rather a titillating one. You can see Barbie’s grin right after the very first smack.

Besides using her hand, her raven-haired boss also uses various paddles and straps that make Barbie’s bottom a sexy, deep pink. Barbie elicits squeals of pain and pleasure to show that her boss is not really hurting her.

While spanking Barbie she is put into the diaper position

Clearly, the squeals are of enjoyment as she is turned on. To add to the enjoyment, her boss gently spanks the lips of her wet, juicy pussy and makes Barbie purr in approval.

The pain and the ecstacy when spanking Barbie

Barbie’s position changes several times,  from bending over the desk to kneeling on it and even lying on her back on the desk, with her legs up in the diaper position.

It is not clear if Barbie has learned her lesson or been encouraged to not wear panties for the office.

But the viewers are treated to a wonderful view of a beautiful girls stunning, sexy ass and a juiced up cunt, while the boss is spanking Barbie.

Spanked Lady Friends #6 – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Scorched
Approximate Running Time: 29.57 minutes

With her dark ponytail swinging from side to side in unison with the sway of her slim hips,  she confidently leads her shy lady friend into the lounge.  The shy girls is to become her spanked lady friend.

Sitting side by side on the couch, the dominant girl tentatively begins to gently stroke the smaller girl’s upper arms. Getting no objection, she becomes bolder. Her strokes and caresses moving slowly, with a feathery touch across her friend’s upper chest; her long slim fingers gently ease the other girl’s breast out of its bra cup. She massages the perky tits until the nipples became hard and stiff.

Being introduced to the elite membership of the spanked lady friends #6 club

What she did for one breast, she did for the other. Her submissive friend gives a shiver of pleasure, as the dominant friend takes the hardened nipple into her mouth, sucking on it until it became long and hard.

Eager hands hurriedly remove the young girl’s dress, until she was naked. Her body is now ready for anything the other girl was about to do to her.

she is ready willing and able to become a member of the spanked lady friends  #6 club

Now, without any hesitation, she knelt on the couch, her bare bottom stuck up and rounded, awaiting the spanking she is about to receive.

A pattern was established. About six gentle slaps on her bottom then followed by a gentle kneading of each bottom cheek. This went on for some time.

Obediently, the spankee moved position when told to do so. Sitting on the couch, hugging her legs to her chest, her girlish charms were readily available to her lover’s hands, tongue and an assortment of implements.

She had been introduced to the spanked lady friends club – and she couldn’t have been happier.

Further tuition on how to be a spaned lady friends #6

Never Steal Again


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com

Starring: Dana and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 04.28 minutes

Dana was caught red-handed by Headmaster Tom – she’s been stealing from his office. Now she is about to be punished so that she will never steal again.

Her bottom is being paddled - she will never steal again

For the first part of her punishment, Dana must bend over a chair to have her bottom paddled. She’s counting the strokes, gasping and crying each time the big, wooden paddle makes contact with her quivering bottom. After forty strokes she is told to stand up.

However, Headmaster Tom is determined to drive home the lesson. He needs to be sure Dana will never steal again. So to make the punishment fit the crime – as she was caught red handed, he’s going to strap her hands.

He tells her to hold out her right hand, then he brings the strap down on the fleshy part of her palm. She shakes her hand and clutches at it. But Headmaster Tom wants to get it over with and tells her to hold out her left. As she does so, you can see her hand trembling.

As she was caught red-handed he reddens her bottom in the hope that she will never steal again.

He straps each hand alternately – ending with both hands at once.

Her hands are red and sore - she will never steal again.

He leaves her looking at her red hands. She will never steal again.

Bound To Be Spanked


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com

Starring: Justine, Headmaster Tom, and Mr. Lewis

Approximate Running Time: 07.58 minutes

Headmaster Tom and Mr. Lewis are discussing Justine and her constant bad behaviour. She has broken practically every rule at Girls Boarding School. Now she is bound to be spanked.

They are discussing Justine - she's been naughty and is bound to be spanked

Justine is called to come out of her room, as Headmaster Tom and Mr. Lewis need to discuss something with her.

She comes down the steps - not knowing what is about to happen to her

She soon realises that she’s in big trouble. And as the two men make a grab for her, she screams and attempts to break free, but they are too strong for her.

The scene changes and she is now lying face-down on her bed. Her short skirt and knickers have been removed. She is about to be spanked. To make sure she can’t escape what’s coming to her, the men have bound her wrists and ankles with leather straps. Justine is also gagged in order to top off her forced helplessness.

Lying helplessly on the bed - bound to be spanked

After a short discussion, the two men agree as to how the punishment should be administered.

Headmaster Tom is standing on the left hand side of the bed and Mr. Lewis stands on the right.

Mr. Lewis has a large wooden paddle and Headmaster Tom is holding a smaller version.

Then the spanking starts. First Mr. Lewis gives Justine one stroke of the large paddle. Then Headmaster Tom gives her six strokes with the small one.

Justine tries with all her might to escape but her attempts are futile. She can’t even scream, but makes incoherent noises through her gag.

Each master uses the paddle on her alternately.

Justine's bottom is a mas of bruises

By the time they have decided that she has had enough, her bottom is a mass of angry, red weals and bruising.

Will she misbehave again – knowing that she’s bound to be spanked for it?