The Headmaster’s Office

headmaster spanking

The movie takes place around 100 years ago. It begins with four young women at a boarding school. It’s nighttime. They are drinking wine surreptitiously by candlelight. A fifth girl reports the behavior to a teacher, who confronts the girls and orders them to report to the Headmaster’s office the next morning.

The girls dutifully report the next day. They are wearing alleged period dresses that cover their entire bodies. There’s a very short lecture from the Head, in which the girls are told that they’ll be “severely punished” for what they’ve done. They are then ordered to remove all of their clothing. “Yes, Headmaster” is the extent of their dialogue.

stock spankingThey undress completely, but for stockings. It’s a nice touch, because the stockings are sexy. They come to the mid-thigh and stop, highlighting the nude bottoms just above. Interestingly, the girls didn’t seem to wear much, if any, underwear. The dresses came off, and voila — nudity.

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