The Discipline of Sasha – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: and

Approximate Running Time: 27.54 minutes

In’s The Discipline of Sasha, cute, blond Sasha is such a naughty girl. She got her sweaty little hands on a porno magazine and she knows from previous experience that her mistress Lady Venus has forbidden her to read such trash. But while the cat’s away…

Guiltily, Sasha sneaks into the house clutching the dirty magazine. Sitting on the wooden steps, she riffles through the pages until she finds a particular page that obviously turns her on. Her hand moves under her short, plaid, schoolgirl skirt and she pushes aside the crotch of her panties to play with her swollen clit.

With her other hand she tugs at her cropped tank top and plays with her stiffened nipples.

She is so engrossed in what she is doing she doesn’t hear Lady Venus come home earlier than expected.

“What are you doing?” Lady Venus demands to know. “What are you hiding behind your back?”

“Nothing, Ma’am,” Sasha whispers.

Lady Venus is annoyed with her and intends to discipline Sasha

However, Lady Venus insists on hearing the truth and makes Sasha hand over the magazine.

Now Lady Venus is going to discipline submissive Sasha.

Her wrists are manacled together and she is told to hold on to the beam above her head.

Lady Venus finds it difficult to keep her hands off the young girl. Under the pretext of spanking Sash, Lady Venus gently rakes her long, manicured nails up and down the squirming girl’s inner thighs.
Sasha’s pretty little ass is turning a lovely shade of red – due to a hand spanking by her mistress.

Turning Sasha's bottom red in the discipline of Sasha

Having been told to let go of the beam and bend over the banister, Sasha is then spanked with a riding crop.

Then it’s time for another change of position and she drapes herself over Lady Venus’s knee for a bare bottom, otk spanking.

An otk spanking in the discipline of Sasha

Lady Venus makes Sasha promise never to disobey her again after Sasha’s bottom has been turned deep crimson.

Her mistress shows her softer side by giving Sasha a loving hug.

The riding crop further reddens her bottom - in the discipline of Sasha

The discipline of Sasha is over and the young girl is allowed to get on with her chores.

HowZat! – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Starring:  and
Approximate Running Time: 56.05 minutes

Primrose Thrower and May Snow have been summoned to appear before the Moonglow Cricket Club’s committee for a disciplinary hearing due to their unacceptable behaviour the previous day. They were both spanked – and it was a Howzat situation.

This is what happened:

Yesterday was the Moonglow Cricket Club’s Centenary Match. Between them, the two girls spoiled the whole day and left the players and committee members embarrassed.

May was the first to explain herself to the committee. She made some very rude gestures to the players and generally upset them, completely ruining the whole day for everyone. She imbibed a bit too much, resulting in her speech and actions being both rude and offensive.

He spanks her - howzat

It was agreed that each member of the committee, in turn, should spank her. As one member finished spanking her, the next one would put her over his knee.

The fourth member should have been Sir Tom, but he was unable to be there, so the acting chairman carried out his instructions and spanked May on her bare bottom.

A tawse on the bare bottom - now howzat

Then it is Primrose’s turn to give her side of the story. Her father is the groundsman for the club, but due to his having been widowed recently, he was not in attendance. Therefore, Primrose took over her mother’s duties of attending to the catering side of the meetings. She was supposed to make a sherry trifle, but did so without the sherry. It would seem that she enjoyed the taste of the sherry and “spilled it down [her] throat.”  All she could do was hope nobody would notice the sherry trifle had no sherry in it. Howzat again.

So Primrose had to go through the same as her friend – being spanked by each committee member.
Both girls returned to the locker room and were found by the acting chairman sharing a shower together. Absolutely disgusted with their behaviour, he decides to deal with both the girls on his own, rather than involve the other committee members.

Now the second session is more severe as he uses a leather tawse on their bottoms.

Caught together in the shower - howzat for being disgusting

After he has tawsed each girl individually and left each with a very sore, red bottom, he dismissed them. As they walked out of the room arm in arm, he heard one of them refer to him as an “old fart.” Furious, he phones through to the doorman, instructing him to stop the two girls from leaving.

Therefore, the two girls find themselves being punished for the third time in one day. This third punishment was a caning. And to further humiliate them, he ordered both girls to remove all of their clothing.

being caned was the worst punishment of all - so howzat

By the end of the caning session, both girls were apologising profusely and promising never to repeat their actions of the previous day. Howzat!

First Time Spankings – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: Kelly Payne, Amber, Erica, and Sheree
Approximate Running Time: 53.40 minutes

Kelly Payne is giving out first time spankings to three young ladies. These are absolutely real spankings!

Erica is a stripper and tastefully and artistically performs her act for Kelly. Once she has removed every stitch of her clothing, she poses in front of Kelly, who admires Erica’s gorgeous ass. Kelly doesn’t mess around and immediately puts the pretty blond over her knee for a wood paddle spanking.

A very sore bottom after her first time spanking

The paddle whacks grow progressively heavier until Erica’s ass is cherry red. Once Kelly is satisfied that both Erica’s cheeks are equally bright crimson, she gently rubs a soothing cream into them. For Erica she processes the agony and then came the ecstasy. Erica clearly enjoys the endorphin rush as she pulls up her jeans in front of Kelly.

The second girl Kelly has to deal with is Sheree. Sheree works for Kelly, but when Kelly catches her idling in the office, she takes Sheree over her knee for a heavy discipline session.

Kelly believes that a sore ass should sort the young girl out. So she puts her over her knee and immediately begins the obligatory warm up spanking with her hand. Once Sheree’s ass is bright pink, Kelly uses a leather paddle to spank the squealing & struggling girl until her pert little bottom is a bright, glaring red.

Her first time spanking really hurt Amber is the third young lady to go over Kelly’s knee.

Amber is a thief and has stolen spanking movies from Kelly’s website. As Kelly points out to her, she has worked very hard making those movies. She tells Amber that stealing from her is morally wrong, and that spanking her would “be better than calling the cops.”

After amber endures a warm up OTK spanking from Kelly, she is tied with blue rope to a chair to restrict her movement. The spanking Kelly then gives the Amber is hard and long, using an assortment of implements including a wicker carpet beater and a wooden paddle. Only when the whimpering girl promises never to steal from her again, the spanking ends.

Helpless she has to take her first time spanking

Studio Punishment


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Headmaster Tom and Jenny

Approximate Running Time: 05.15 minutes

Jenny is sitting waiting for her punishment.

The Lecture Before the Punishment

As she sits and nervously fidgets, her fingers twist around each other. She know why she’s going to have this punishment. She’s broken one of the many rules at Girls Boarding School.

A door bangs and a man’s heavy footsteps come closer and closer. Headmaster Tom reminds her why she is going to be punished.

He tells her to stand up and bend down to face  the chair she had just been sitting on. Following his instructions, she bends forward and grips both sides of the seat.

He raises his arm and brings down the wooden paddle he’s holding onto her upturned bottom.

She cries out and almost loses her balance, but she quickly gets back into position so that the punishment can continue.

The punishment makes her cry out

After a dozen strokes of the paddle on her knickered-covered bottom, she is told to take her own knickers down. Her already red bottom is proof that her knickers gave her little or no protection from the cruel punishing paddle.

Now as the strokes of the paddle become harder,  she whimpers and bends her knees in an effort to escape the sting of the paddle. But she is sternly told to put her hands behind her knees. This means she is totally unable to avoid the punishment.

can she withstand the punishment?

Eventually the punishment is over. Or is it? Because now she has to sit on the hard seat of the chair, with the paddle balancing on her outstretched hands.

the punishment is almost over

This is for ten minutes. She doesn’t dare move – or the punishment will be repeated.

Mistress Ray – Paddle Punishment


Eleanor Powell

Studio: DOM Productions

Starring: Mistress Ray

Approximate Running Time: 6.34 minutes

Mistress Ray’s slave has been a very bad girl and has to be punished.

With the help of an assistant, the unfortunate girl is bent over the back of a chair and strapped down so securely that she is completely helpless and unable to escape.

Preparing the slave for punishment

First of all, she receives a hand spanking on her bare bottom.

she gives her slave a loving but severe punishment

Then between Mistress Ray and her assistant, they use an assortment of implements to redden the slave’s bottom.

When Mistress Ray feels that her slave has been adequately punished, she orders for her to be released from her bondage and should crawl into a cage where she is to give a demonstration of playing with herself.

Bedtime Punishment


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Headmaster Tom and Keagen

Approximate Running Time: 14.40 minutes

Headmaster Tom is in his study and he seems to be rather agitated. Then there is a knock on the door. He is very relieved to see that it is Keagen, one of the pupils at Girls Boarding School.

She is clutching a handkerchief to her face – such a pitiful sight.

Headmaster Tom is full of concern for her and wants to know how she got on at the dentist’s. She explains how she had to have two of her teeth taken out and it was a long and painful time for her.

She is in so much pain

He is gentle and sympathetic. Asking her if she had painkillers, he suggests that she takes some and goes to bed. Keagen thanks him for his concern and makes to leave the room.

“Keagen come back,” he bawls. “Where have you been for the past three hours?”

“At the dentist, sir.”

He then tells her that because she was gone such a long time, he phoned Mr. Robinson, the dentist, only to be told that Keagen did not turn up for her appointment.

So he and Keagen have a discussion that ends with her confessing that she didn’t go to the dentist because she was too scared.

As Headmaster Tom does not like his students to think he’s an idiot, he’s going to punish her.

Sending her to her bedroom, he tells her he’ll be along shortly to deal with her.
He insists on her admitting that she lied to him and wants her to ask him for a spanking.

she's beginning to know what real pain is

After a few starts and stops, she mumbles that she wants him to spank her and she reluctantly goes over his knee.

Her jeans-covered bottom is spanked by Headmaster Tom. Then he tells her to take down her jeans and he continues to spank her on her bare bottom.

When he produces a big wooden paddle, her already reddened bottom becomes even more red and sore.

He leaves her kneeling on the bed – jeans and knickers at mid thigh – her black and blue bottom proof of the spanking she has just received.

she is left to think it over

She is to stay like that for a few minutes and then get into bed.

Has she learned that lying to Headmaster Tom is not a good idea?

Merrilee is Sentenced – Part Two


Eleanor Powell

The story so far:

Merrilee has been rude and disobedient to her husband Pete and he has taken her to court so that she can be sorted out.

She was extremely rude to the Clerk of the Court, so for everyone’s sake, she was given a custodial sentence of four days in Spanko’s Gaol.

She was led crying and pleading down to the cells.

Now read on…

Downstairs, beneath the court room, is where the cells are located. Someone roughly pushed Merrilee into a dimly lit cell. There was a loud clang as the thick metal door was closed behind her. A key grated in the lock. So this was gaol. She was already beginning to regret her previous actions.

As her eyes became accustomed to the semi darkness, she looked around her.

In the middle of the cell there was a four-poster bed. Against the far wall was a wardrobe with a matching dressing table at the side of it. A red velvet topped stool is stood  in front of the dressing table.

Her attention was drawn to what looks like a pile of rags piled on the bed.

She moved closer to the bed when a disembodied voice barked out an order to her.

‘Merrilee, you will undress completely and put on the uniform that is lying on the bed.’
She hesitated.

‘Merrilee, you must obey orders immediately. Hesitation means disobedience and disobedience means you will be punished.’

‘Yes, but…’

The big metal door creaked loudly as it opened.

A large, butch woman filled the doorway. Her long sturdy legs strode across to where Merrilee was standing trembling.

Without another word, Merrilee’s left arm was grabbed as the Amazon woman sat down on the bed and pulled Merrilee down over her knee.

The frightened girl struggled to get free, but her assailant just held her even tighter.

Her short skirt was tugged down to her ankles and dangled there, caught on the buckle of her black patent shoes.

Merrilee’s flimsy black knickers were also pulled down to her ankles.

However, the big woman was determined to remove everything she was wearing. She unclipped Merrilee’s black see-through bra and tossed it aside.

Now Merrilee found herself lying naked over the other woman’s knee. For a few moments nothing happened until she felt the strong left arm encircle her waist even tighter and a strong right hand landed in the middle of her creamy white bottom.

Merrilee bucked over her punisher’s knee and let out a loud shriek.

There was movement above and behind her and she craned her neck trying to see what was happening, but she was being held so tightly she couldn’t move.

Again the sledgehammer hand landed on her left cheek, immediately followed by a slap to her right cheek.

As Merrilee opened her mouth to give another scream – something was stuffed into it and she gagged. It was her own screwed up knickers.

The spanking continued. She had never been spanked so hard in her life before. She struggled helplessly to escape but there was none for her. When wildly kicking her legs, the sharp heel of her shoe caught the other woman’s hand – gashing it.

Now the woman spoke. She gave an order and two big muscle-bound men sprang into action. One grabbed Merrilee’s ankles and the other her shoulders and they lifted her off the other woman’s knee.

They put her down over the dressing table stool and her ankles were strapped to the legs of it. Then her wrists were strapped to the other legs of the stool. Now she knew she was entirely at their mercy.

But what was it – what was happening behind her?

She felt fingers pulling apart her bottom cheeks. Something cool and slim was being pushed into her anus and there was a soft humming sound.

Whatever it was, it was pleasurable-until the first stroke of a crook handled cane made contact with her right bottom cheek, sending waves of pain through the nerves in her bottom.

In between strokes of the cane, the ‘thing’ that was up her bottom was being pushed further in and that was sending waves of pleasure through her.

The things that were happening to her, the pain, and the ecstasy – she was so confused.

What else is going to happen to her?

To be continued…

Merrilee is Sentenced – Part One


Eleanor Powell

‘Is Merrilee in the court room?’

‘Yes. Here I am, Mr. Clerk of the Court.’ Merrilee stood up.

‘Good, good. Please step up to the dock.’

Merrilee stumbled and had to be steadied by her husband Pete’s hand on her arm. She stood in the dock, a worried frown on her face.

‘Merrilee, do you know why you are here?’ The Clerk of the Court looked at her sternly.

‘N-no, sir,’ she whispered.

‘Speak up girl, the people here want to hear every word you say.’

‘I said no sir,’ she raised her voice by twenty decibels.

‘Okay, okay no need to shout you impertinent little madam.’

Merrilee looked around the courtroom. ‘Make yer mind up, at least everyone heard me that time.’

‘Hmm! Well it’s obvious why you have been brought before this court. Your very patient husband Pete has reached the end of his tether. Your rudeness, disobedience and sheer audacity needs to be sorted. Do you understand?’

‘Sure,’ she moved the piece of chewing gum from one side of her mouth to the other.

‘How dare you chew gum while in court – take it out of your mouth immediately.’

‘Okay,’ she said spitting it out in the direction of his reddened face.

‘You disgusting girl,’ he wiped his face with a clean white handkerchief.
‘Your Honour, it is the wish of this court that this unruly, ill mannered girl be sentenced to four days in Spanko’s Gaol.’

Now it was Merrilee’s turn to be shocked. She hadn’t thought her sentence would be so severe. Maybe a lecture and a slap on her bottom – but gaol.

‘Please, I’m sorry, don’t send me down. I promise I’ll be good.’

‘Too late Merrilee, sentence has been passed. Take her down to the cells.’

What’s going to happen to her?

To be continued in Part Two

Stolen Chocolate


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Elin and Michael

Approximate Running Time: 09.18 minutes

Elin thinking she is alone in the house is a little bit bored. So while filling in the time by being helpful – she tidies up the coffee table in the lounge.

How lucky is she - she's found some chocolate

But what is this – a bar of chocolate. She carefully unwraps it – but the urge to eat it is too strong and she rips off the paper and foil and sits down on the couch to have a square. However, one square is not enough – it’s delicious, so she has another square, then another.

And before she knew it, there was just one piece left and that is when one of the masters Michael comes in.

He rants and raves at her. She has just devoured a slab of very expensive chocolate that he had received from a very dear friend living in Barcelona. He had been so looking forward to eating it with a glass of fine wine.

Now he is so disappointed. Elin is about to receive a punishment from Michael.

Telling her to go and get the paddle from another room – she scurries out quickly.

On her return she hands him the paddle and stands waiting for further orders.

she's as comfortable as she can be lying  over the arm of the couch

Moments later she is lying over the arm of the couch with her beautiful bare bottom well up and waiting for the paddling to start.

After half a dozen strokes of the paddle she pleads with him to stop, because she can’t take any more. But he is not going to allow her to dictate how much is enough.

she pleads for mercy

So her bottom soon becomes red and blotchy – and is looking very sore.
Then with one final swat of the paddle and it’s over.

Yet he still hasn’t finished with her. Handing her a writing pad and pen he tells her to write ‘I must not steal ‘ 100 times and to bring it downstairs to him for checking.

trying to rub away the soreness - while  writing her lines

Poor Elin, let’s hope she doesn’t get tempted anymore.

Out of Control


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Headmaster Tom and Kathrin

Approximate Running Time: 09.33 minutes

Why is Kathrin sneaking about? She has just knocked on Headmaster Tom’s office door – obviously getting no reply, which she hoped was going to be the case – she pushes the door slowly open and goes inside.

She is there on a mission – she’s looking for something, but what?

Opening a drawer she feels around inside it – right to the corners at the back. Success! Putting her find in the back pocket of her jeans, she carries on searching the other drawers. She has another find and just has time to enclose her hand around it – when Headmaster Tom comes into the room.

He is shocked to see her there. Hasn’t he always told his students that his office was out of bounds to them? In fact he had always locked the door when he went out and this was the first time he forgot to do so. Had she been waiting all this time for him to slip up?

He asks her what she’s doing there but she doesn’t answer him.

A great positon for a caning

Then he notices that she has something in her hand and prises her fingers open – she’s got one of his rings. Now he’s sure she must have something else that belongs to him.

Running his fingers over her jeans – he finds a bulge in her back pocket and withdraws a packet of cigarettes.

He is disgusted that he has a common thief living in his house. So Kathrin has to be punished.

In position for a caning

Getting the whippiest cane he can find, he tells her to bend over the desk and he canes her first on top of her jeans, then on her bare bottom.

bent over almost double - her bottom is well presented for a caning

It is the hardest caning she has ever had from him.

The cane marks are clear to see

There is a big question mark. Could she have gone into his office hoping to be caught and so caned?

Can you imagine anyone doing that?