Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Clare Fonda Productions

Starring: as Aunt Gwen, , and

Approximate Running Time: 45.55 minutes

Amber has brought her friend Kendra home to stay the night. Amber introduces Kendra to Aunt Gwen, who acknowledges the visitor and asks her if she, like her niece Amber, is part of the ladies football (“soccer” to you folks in the States) team. Kendra tells her she is not at all interested as most of the ladies are in lesbian relationships with each other. This is not the response Aunt Gwen was hoping to hear and that’s why Aunt Gwen spanks Pixie and Kendra.

Amber introduces Kendra to her Aunt Gwen - which leads to Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

However, she tells Kendra she is welcome to stay, but there are certain things – rituals-that she must take part in, so Kendra warily agrees without knowing what will be expected of her.

As Aunt Gwen was not expecting a guest, she needs some bits and pieces from the shops. So she sends Amber out with a list and some money to go shopping for her.

Left alone, Aunt Gwen asks Kendra for her views on lesbianism. Aunt Gwen does not like what Kendra tells her.

Aunt Gwen gives Kendra a physical examination in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

Aunt Gwen rules the roost in this household and here is this young lady who appears to be challenging her and her authority.

First, she tells Kendra that she is going to have to check her health, as she can’t have just anyone sharing a bed with her niece Amber.

Aunt Gwen Spanks Kendra while Amber watches in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

She examines Kendra by moving her hands over the girl’s slim, young body. This satisfies her up to a point, but she insists that she needs to examine her more intimately – and orders her to remove her clothing. Poor Kendra does not like the way things are turning out and she protests that she is not staying, but she will get dressed and leave.

The older woman is stronger and manages to overpower her.

It isn’t long before Kendra finds herself lying over Aunt Gwen’s knee, having her bottom spanked. Unfortunately, there is no escape for her. When Amber returns from shopping, she is not too surprised at what she sees.

So Amber is told to watch and wait for her turn by Aunt Gwen.

Kendra soon realises that there is no help forthcoming from her friend, who is already well and truly under her Aunt’s thumb.

Having received a very sore red bottom, she is told to move to the top of the bed and Amber takes her place over Aunt Gwen’s knee.

So the two girls are spanked and Aunt Gwen says she’s now going out shopping to get a few personal things and she leaves the two girls alone.

It's Amber's turn to be spankied by her Aunt Gwen in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

Kendra is hopping mad with Amber for getting her into this mess. It’s not long before Amber is being spanked by the still nude Kendra.

Kendra spanks Amber in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

After some coaxing, Amber tells Kendra that her Aunt has gone out to buy a rectal thermometer.

Sure enough when Gwen returns from the shops, she pulls the thermometer out of her bag.

Kendra does not like the look of the rectal lthermometer in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

She assures Kendra that she is a trained nurse and taking her temperature is a good indication of her physical health. As Kendra is back over her knee by now, she is powerless to escape what is coming to her. Therefore, she has no choice but to allow her temperature to be taken rectally.

As it turns out, her temperature is normal and Kendra is again told to go into the corner and it’s now Amber’s turn to be spanked again.

Now with Amber well and truly spanked she is told to go in the corner with her back to her Aunt Gwen and her friend Kendra.

The older woman – not liking Kendra’s views on lesbianism, challenges her to do to her what lesbians do to each other.

Hearing some strange sounds, she peeps over her shoulder to see her friend on her knees with her head between Aunt Gwen’s thighs.

Baltimore Brat – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: ,
Approximate Running Time: 49.29 minutes

Kelly Payne is a very strict disciplinarian and is well used to dealing with brats, but she has her work cut out when she meets the Baltimore Brat. When you watch this classic from the Kelly Payne Collection, you’ll understand why it was the 2007 AVN Award Winner for Best Specialty Release for Spanking.

Annie finds herself standing in front of Kelly – attempting to wheedle her way out of the punishment she knows she’s about to receive.

Baltimore Brat is being little Miss Innocent

Her boyfriend, who loves her dearly, contacted Kelly asking for her help. He’s at the end of his rope with Annie. She is constantly rude and thoroughly badly behaved so he hopes that Kelly really can sort out his bratty girlfriend.

Annie immediately tries to lie her way out of trouble. First, Annie feigns surprise at meeting Kelly. Then she denies being a brat to her ever-loving boyfriend.

Kelly is ensuring Baltimore Brat does not escape

Kelly is too smart and won’t stand for any nonsense. Her job is to turn a spoiled brat called into a sweet and loving lady. She is not going to let Annie get away without a heavy spanking.

Kelly starts off with an OTK hand spanking on Annie’s pert little ass. Then Ms. Payne realizes that she’s going to have to bring out the implements-paddles, straps, and the dreaded cane-because her Baltimore brat is still back-talking to her and insisting she is innocent of all accusations.

Kelly immobilizes the pretty blond by binding her wrists together and making her lie face down on the bed. The strapping, tawsing, and caning continues.

Baltimore Brat is being crack caned

Then Kelly has a change of tactics and tells Annie to kneel up on the bed with her very sore, red ass sticking up in the air. She gives Annie instructions to stay like that or else.

When Kelly returns to her brat, she’s wearing a pair of tight-fitting surgical gloves. What Kelly Payne does next takes Annie by surprise. She inserts her finger into Annie’s asshole and finger fucks her there.

She then tapes Annie’s bottom cheeks apart and gives the poor girl a crack caning.

The final method of torture is really cruel: Kelly gives Annie an enema and warns her not to let it out. But unfortunately, some of the water escapes and Annie tries to mop it up without Kelly seeing her. However, Kelly doesn’t miss a trick and gives her Annie yet another spanking.

Filling up the Baltimore Brat

When she does allow Annie to go to the bathroom, she tells her to be quick.

Now, it’s obvious that Annie still hasn’t learned any obedience because takes her time, even after Kelly’s warning. When she returns from the bathroom, she admits to Kelly that she was in there masturbating.

The Baltimore brat just earned herself another uncompromisingly heavy spanking, strapping, and caning from strict Kelly Payne.

A big hug the Baltimore Brat has been tamed

Only once Kelly is sure that Annie is going to be a sweet, little angel does she ask for a hug and ends Annie’s ordeal.

Bare Assets — Red Hot Video


Three women get spanked in this video. All three are sex trade professionals. All three are a feast for the eyes, stripper-hot. All three get spanked long and hard and with very little mercy.

The first woman calls herself Hollie Stevens. She’s blonde and curvy. Her assets are generous. And no, that’s not a euphemism for saying she’s fat. She’s not. She has an attractive, womanly body.

According to the “plot”, Hollie is supposed to be a fashion model doing a photo shoot. She’s supposed to be a demanding, unprofessional, self-important diva who gets spanked to teach her a lesson. Okay, fair enough, as long as we get to the spanking.

And it comes. RHV Guy grabs pretty, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Holly by the earlobe, pulls her onto his lap, and spanks her butt until it’s red and raw. He turns a grown woman, an adult industry pro, into a bruised, blubbering, sobbing, submissive mess.

He leaves her no dignity. He spanks her speechless, almost breathless. She seems unable to do anything but cry out in pain. With her lying across his lap, he fingers her and describes her as “wetter than a glass of water”. She’s gasping for air by this point, unable to even respond, let alone resist his intrusive groping. He continues fingering. She calms down a bit, her breathing becomes deeper and more regular now that the spanking has subsided. “You like that” he asks her tauntingly, his fingers buried between her legs. “Fuck you” is the reply, but she’s smiling now.

But not for long. He spanks her again and makes her shriek in pain some more.

And when he’s done spanking her, when she’s wailing uncontrollably with each successive blow, he orders her to get off his lap and kneel before him. She does. The segment ends as her hands go to his fly.

Our next stripper is Lenore, who, after her experience, will probably do spanking videos “Nevermore”.

Lenore shows up in casual street clothes, which I find sexier than stripper outfits. They make her look like a hot girl-next-door type. She has a beautiful body. She’s small-waisted, with a tapering torso and generous, natural assets in all the places where they’re supposed to be. She’s no hard-body, but she looks like she takes good care of herself.

Her face is hard to describe. She’s cute enough, but her hair is as blah as it gets. The style, or lack thereof, accentuates her forehead. It’s neither flattering nor sexy. It looks like she put no effort into it for her “shoot”. Her body is great, but she needs a makeover above the shoulders.

Additionally, Lenore is whiny and Valley Girl-ish. She displays a “whatever” attitude during her “photo shoot”. Maybe it’s the attitude of barely even trying to look sexy that gets Lenore in trouble.

Anyway, she gets spanked in much the same way as Hollie Stevens. She gets grabbed by the ear, pulled across RHV Guy’s lap, and spanked into a shrieking, crying, tear-stained mess.

Lenore screams, begs and pleads with RHV Guy for the ordeal to be over. At one point she cries “I’ll do whatever you want”. For most men, that would be a golden opportunity. He could make her count strokes. He could make her call him “Sir”. He could make her repeat that she’s a bad girl. He could make her apologize. He could make her perform sexual acts. He could get his fingers wet again. The possibilities are wonderful to contemplate. He could humble her and demonstrate his control in whatever way he chooses.

And RHV Guy does … nothing. He just keeps on spanking. He appears to be in the zone, some kind of zen-like trance. He spanks her until he’s done, whenever that is. Maybe some switch gets thrown in his brain, like an alcoholic who’s reached his saturation point.

Then RHV Guy dumps Lenore off of his lap and onto the floor. This toned and pretty woman, who acted like a blase, detached sex trade pro just twenty short minutes ago, is now blubbering on floor like a little girl, snot-nosed and submissive. “Learned your lesson?” he taunts. “Yes!” she cries with feeling, to the cadence of her sobs. He smacks her rear end again, and she shrieks in pain.

Realizing it’s not safe to lie down within his reach, Lenore pulls herself up to her unsteady legs and blubbers her way into bathroom, where she continues to sob. The camera follows her there. At this point she’s too shell-shocked to even shut the door behind her.

Third in line for the treatment is a woman who calls herself Sherrie. She has a thick head of bottle-blond hair, dark roots and a pronounced Northeast accent. Like the other two, she has a great body and an attractive face. She’s tall, slender and leggy, with fake boobs that are big but not too big. She has a beautifully toned and sexy back and set of shoulders that are on display throughout the spanking. And unlike the other two women, Sherrie really is rather demanding and diva-esque during her photo shoot.

I should point out that RHV expects the women to act like uncooperative, self-important models on a job, so that the spanking they subsequently get seems like the comeuppance they deserve. But the girls generally can’t act like divas, even if they really are ones in real life, so this initial segment generally goes nowhere. Sherrie, on the other hand, pulls it off fairly well. I’m looking forward to her spanking.

It’s a nice one. Not as long or as hard as the other two, but hard enough. Sherrie whimpers and moans and gasps as the blows rain down. Previously demanding and bossy, she becomes extremely cooperative. She apologizes for her misdeeds and promises not to be mean again. She counts strokes for RHV Guy, calling him “Sir”. While over his lap she clutches his leg during the ordeal. She even presses her face against his thigh, like a medieval supplicant begging for mercy.

Whatever she does, it seems to work. I have no doubt that RHV Guy could have spanked her into the same sobbing mess as the other two girls. But he doesn’t. He stops before she gets there. He leaves her whimpering and gasping, but with at least a few thin shreds of dignity left.

In conclusion, this movie is an affront. Grown, professional women are treated abominably. I can’t say they’re treated like children, or like dogs, because no one would treat a child or a dog like this. The women are pummeled mercilessly on just the slimmest of pretexts. They are left beaten and bruised, sobbing and stripped, humbled and humiliated.

In other words, I loved it. I watched it twice, and I plan to watch it again. This one is a classic.

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Tears — Real Spankings Films

Tears – Real Spanking Films

Nine scenes. Nine girls spanked to tears. It doesn’t get any better, does it? Well, actually yes, it does.

First comes red haired, mop-topped Bobbi. She’s pretty. She looks like Little Orphan Annie, grown up a few years. But only a few. She looks young. We meet her on a bed, on all fours, stripped from the waist down. Her bed, apparently. There’s a child’s stuffed animal by the pillow. Is it supposed to make the scene sexier?

Bobbi starts crying almost immediately, but she keeps getting paddled. Her ass cheeks are spread. Her biology is on display, both orifices. She cries long, breathy sobs — ahhuhuhuhuhuh. She’s made to count. She can barely get the words out in between the sobs. Her bruised, purplish butt stands out against the rest of her pale skin. If she slumps her back in pain or fatigue, the spanker tells her to arch it. She does so. She’s way too beaten and demoralized to fight even that nitpicky little piece of direction.

Look, I’m as perverted and sadistic as the next guy, but this isn’t spanking — it’s torture. There’s no story and no build-up in this scene. But more importantly, there’s no will to resist on the part of the spankee. I love real disciplinary spanking that reduces a girl to tears, but all things have their proper time and place. I like fishing, too, but I don’t want to shoot them in barrel.

Next is Brandi, a dark-haired cutie pie in a schoolgirl uniform. We meet her in her dorm room by herself, reading. In bursts the dorm mother, who starts upbraiding Brandi for her lack of tidiness. Brandi looks a little bewildered at the laundry list of things wrong with her room, as if she’s thinking “I’m here to be spanked — do they expect me to clean up, too?” She’s got a point.

Brandi doesn’t say much more than yes ma’am or no ma’am as she’s being upbraided. I don’t think she wants to be bothered with ad-libbing a script either.

Brandi bends over the bed, her skirt gets flipped up, and she gets paddled in a quick, frenzied burst. It’s very short, but it’s hard and quick and intense, and she starts crying. It’s a sudden eruption of tears that she can’t hold back and probably never expected.

Brandi appears to have a nice body, but we don’t get much of a view. She wears her school uniform throughout, which includes a form-hiding sweater. It’s decent spanking scene — a good-looking girl reduced to tears. But I didn’t love it. I wanted to see more of Brandi, I wanted more of a build-up, and I probably still had a bad taste in my mouth from the prior scene with Bobbi.

The next scene, with Carolyn, is much better. Carolyn looks good. She has long, blondish hair and a pretty face. She looks young, but not as young as Bobbi, and certainly not as helpless or pitiful. Nor does she look as innocent or surprised, as Brandi did. Carolyn looks rebellious and bratty and knowing, like a wayward young woman in need of some discipline.

She’s ordered to strip, and she does so completely. Top to bottom. It’s wonderfully erotic — a great beginning. I like seeing her naked. Then she bends over a chair and the punishment commences.

Real Spankings has great technical production value throughout this movie. All of the lighting, audio, shot composition, etc. is excellent. This scene is a case in point. Carolyn’s face overhangs the back of a chair, and there’s a camera on floor below her, shooting upward, capturing all her facial grimaces and expressions in a well-framed close-up as she tries and fails to hold back the tears.

It seems like an obvious place to put a camera. I would expect it for every spanking video. I love to see a girl’s face as she’s spanked, and I don’t think I’m the only one. But for some reason, most videos shortchange the audience on face shots. Not this one.

As the strapping continues, Carolyn moans vocally in pain. Her breathing becomes loud and labored. When she breaks into quiet sobs, we see it in her face. When the strap makes her cry out, we see it and hear it. Her sobbing becomes louder with each blow. She tries to compose herself, and then comes the next one. It’s too much. Her tears flow. Her mascara runs. She sniffles helplessly. But unlike with Bobbi, the spanking ends when she’s had enough, which is fine with me. I’ve had my own happy ending.

Claire is a very attractive young woman, but this is a weird segment. Claire actually gets interviewed. She recounts a story about a school paddling by the princpal when she was pre-pubescent. Three swats over her clothing. It’s not world’s greatest story. Is it supposed to be sexy? She was in the 5th grade.

The interviewer pretends he’s helping her get over her fear of wooden paddles. Oh, so that’s why she told the story. This is therapy. I get it. It’s supposed to help her. It’s creepy. The paddling eventually happens, and yes, Claire cries, but everything that led up to it was a buzzkill. I didn’t care for this segment.

Donna is next. This doe-eyed brunette looks great. Her face looks great, her breasts look great, and her ass looks great. She’s undressed. It’s like the scene with Carolyn. Donna looks young also, but not pathetically so, like Bobbi. She looks like an attractive young woman you might see on a college campus.

The camera work is great also. Good angles, good composition. Her nice breasts are on display as she’s spanked. They shake and quiver with each blow. The strapping builds slowly. Her eyes gradually brim with tears. She sniffles and tries to hold them back, but to no avail. When she’s had too much, it ends, and she gets to sit on the chair and compose herself. She sniffs and dabs at her eyes, her pretty face looking wistful and forlorn. It’s a sexy, tasteful, nicely-done scene.

Jessica: This is my favorite segment of the movie. It’s a kind of a Holy Grail for me. Every now and then you’re lucky enough to see a girl in a spanking video that reminds you of someone you know in real life, someone you always wanted to spank. Someone who really needs a much-deserved helping of humble pie and corporal punishment. Voila! Jessica does that for me.

And the coup de grace is Jessica’s wonderful reactions. The spanking renders her absolutely powerless. Jessical yelps and bawls uninhibitedly with each stroke. She apologizes futilely. She clutches the bedspread desperately as she cries out. Her eyes are wide with pain. She’s completely subjugated. At the same time, she’s not Bobbi — you can tell she’s a seasoned pro, and it’s all part of the show.

Another great thing is that Jessica has a beautiful, tight litle body. She has nice breasts, a thin little waist, and a picturesque, teardrop-shaped ass. She’s wearing some kind of nightshirt, which infantilizes her more and makes the spanking even better. At the end, the spanker makes her kneel in place, hands behind her back, holding up the night shirt so that her beautiful red rear end is on display. It’s a sexy sight. She remains in place, kneeling and sniffling, as the segment ends.

Kathy: This is another weird scene. Kathy is late for physical education class again. Coach is pissed. She’s in his office. They’re sitting on chairs, facing each other. He takes control. He doesn’t listen to her excuses. He makes her bend over his desk, and he straps her. She’s wearing gym shorts. Soon they come down. Soon her white underwear does as well. Coach brooks no nonsense. Soon she’s crying

It’s decent, but not great. There’s nothing wrong with it technically, but … one of the basic elements of an erotic spanking scene is that you find the spankee attractive. With Kathy, the appeal just wasn’t real strong.

Then, afterwards, it gets creepy. Coach tries to buddy up to her. He’s her friend. He’s looking out for her. It’s not like her to be late. Is something going on in her life? He wants to know. He cares. She reveals no information. Good for her. Look, spanking a girl and paying her for it is a legitimate transaction. But using the spanking to render her vulnerable and then feed her emotional pain to the camera is ghoulish.

Kailee: This segment is long. We’ve got three girls — Kailee, Jasmine and someone else — who are “trying out” new paddles, as if this were rocket science. They look them over, discuss them, theorize about them. Newsflash to Realspankings: we’re not curing cancer here. There’s way too much talking in this scene about the different paddles and what the variatons in size and shape might mean. How do you get three pretty girls into a room for some spanking, and make it boring? This segment finds a way.

Also the “tears” in this scene are cheap. They’re not really from the spanking at all, which is not significant and still in the “experimental” phase. It seems that one of the models, Kailee, is having some personal issues that intrude on the job, and the unnamed issues cause her to have a little emotional meltdown that includes tears.

If emotional meltdowns were sexy, my ex-wife would be the equivalent of Angelina Jolie. But there are good reasons why men don’t like drama queens. I understand that spanking models have personal issues like anybody else, and sometimes those issues bubble up on the job. It’s natural, normal and understandable. But sexy, it ain’t.

Lori. Time for another rant. An average looking girl in a school girl outfit is still just an average looking girl. The outfit doesn’t magically make her sexy or even attractive. Lori a chubby thing who may still be sporting some baby fat. I’m sure she’s of legal age, but just because she’s old enough to be spanked in a video doesn’t mean she ought to be. When she showed up at the Real Spankings office, they should have given her a lollipop and sent her home.

Okay, I admit I’m in no position to judge anyone else. I’ve got my share of sadistic, misogynistic, perverted and voyeuristic fantasies. But this video bugs me. From li’l orphan Bobbi’s stuffed animal to Claire’s pre-pubescent spanking story to the phony “therapy” angle to Coach buddying up to Kathy to Lori’s babyfat, this video is just weird. On the surface it’s all fine because the models are of legal age, blah, blah, blah. But underneath, it’s feels wrong. I’m going to give Real Spankings another chance, because their production value is top notch and some of the scenes were great. But considering all aspects of this video, I’m not a happy customer.