Free Spanking Video – Russian Slaves 71 – Punishment for Smoking

Spanking Videos - Nettles Corp - Russian Slaves 71 - Punishment for SmokingPrepare yourself for some of the best corporal punishment ever put on film. Russian Slaves 71 from Nettles Corp is easily the top new spanking video addition to The two sleek and sexy Russian schoolgirls have been creating quite a stir at their private school. The headmaster has caught wind of their smoking habits, and is doubly angry that they have been doing so within the school’s bathrooms.

Headmaster brings them to a private meeting, and confronts them about their unladylike behavior. When the crass schoolgirls refuse to admit anything to him, he has them take their tops off and pull up their skirts to bare all. What he finds is incriminating evidence of the first degree. Not only has one student gotten prohibited tattoo work done on her back, but both girls are hiding packs of cigarettes inside of their underwear.

What is a Headmaster to do with such unruly schoolgirls? Deal them a full program of bare bottom hand spankings and corporal punishment, that’s what. Not only does Headmaster bring these ladies to tears with nothing but the hand that spanks, but he drills them through nude physical conditioning of the likes we have never laid eyes on to date in any spanking video.

This is a top rate spanking video series, and we greatly apologize for not featuring it’s new releases more often. You will be very pleased to view these Nettles Corp spanking movies.

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The Cheap Trick

The Cheap Trick

My Favorite Brunette

This movie is in Russian, with no subtitles. Even so, you should be able to follow the action and enjoy yourself.

It begins with a guy in his apartment, surfing the internet for “entertainment”. Basically, he orders a prostitute. Is this really possible? Maybe in Russia? Maybe there’s a lot out there I’m missing as I sit at home and watch these spanking videos.

Anyway, a car drives up to his place, with two girls inside. A blonde hands a small packet of something to the other woman, who is as yet unseen, as she gets out of the car. This part of the video is a little confusing, especially since you probably don’t care about these little details and just want to see a girl get spanked. But the details matter, and it all becomes clear later.

The guy answers his door, and an extremely attractive girl walks in. Really attractive. I can’t say enough about her. She has style. The way she walks in the house, the way she sheds her jacket and then her boots, the way she tosses her hair, the way she carries herself, etc. She has long, full, wavy brown hair, striking green eyes, a naturally hot body, arched eyebrows, and a flirtatious smile. She’s as charismatic as a Hollywood actress in a romantic comedy. This girl is sexy! I’m in love.

The guy hands her some money, and then leaves to change into his robe. Once she’s alone, her face takes on one of those “insidiously plotting” expressions you see on the faces of villianess in TV soap operas, and she proceeds to take out the little packet Blondie gave here earlier and spike the guy’s drink. But the door was open a crack, and he sees what she did. When he re-enters, though, he plays along as if he didn’t see a thing.

Now that he’s back, she gets down to business right away. She strips down to her bra and panties, garter belt and stockings, and does a little dance for him. She’s wonderfully sexy, with a great butt. When she turns her back, he uses the opportunity to switch the drinks. After her dance they toast one another and drain their glasses. She has unknowingly drank the spiked wine she’d prepared for him.

He goes to kiss her, but she leads him up to the bedroom instead. More shots of her phenomenal rear end as he follows her up the stairs. What a view!

They go to into the bedroom, and she lays down on the bed with a come hither look. But the drug takes effect and she passes out. Here things get a little confusing again. He takes her cell phone and somehow signals to Blondie that the coast is clear. How does he know that my favorite brunette has a partner? How does he know which of the many contacts in her cell phone is the right one? How does he know what the “all clear” signal is? Why do I even care?

Now the guy takes out a formidable-looking handgun and ambushes Blondie after she enters the place. She ends up face down on the ground with a weapon to her head. Okay, this isn’t a common internet john. The gun, the luxurious living quarters, the cool, collected judgment, the seemingly supernormal ability to figure things out instantaneously and infiltrate the plots of others. These women have apparently tried to pull a heist on the Russian version of James Bond. Except that this one has some sadistic inclinations. Oops.

The girls end up in what appears to be the guy’s garage. They are duct-taped to the rungs of a ‘V’-shaped ladder, facing each other. Blondie is completely nude. She has a nice body — slender, but with decent breasts and some curve to her butt. My Favorite Brunette has a garter belt and stockings, but nothing else. She looks nervous and uncomfortable. Blondie smiles bravely at first.

Russian Bond takes a cane from his collection (yes, he has more than one — but then, doesn’t Bond always have the perfect accoutrement for every situation?) and gives the lovely brunette some whacks. She starts yelping and screaming right away. Her body shudders as she strains against the duct tape. Does it really hurt that much? Is she faking? He circles around whacks Blondie. Now she is no longer smiling. She yelps and screams, too. Her body shudders and shakes
as well. He circles back and continues this pattern, whacking first one girl and then the other.

The girls struggle and strain as they’re struck. Their bodies wrack and pull against the bonds around their wrists and legs. Their butts turn from peach to red to purple. They are both sobbing and wailing in short order. Neither of these girls are the stoical types you sometimes see in spanking videos. At one point Blondie gets free of her duct tape. I don’t think she meant to — I think she just struggled so hard against the pain of the cane that she wrenched free accidentally. She makes no effort to run away. Russian Bond holds her against the ladder and canes her some more, as she clutches the rungs and sobs helplessly.

Every once in a while he stops and dialogue is exchanged. I don’t speak Russian, but the girls are clearly begging for the ordeal to end. Bondovich appears to agree, with a self-satisfied smile on his face. In the next scene, we see why he agreed so readily. As the video ends, he is seated comfortably on an armchair, smugly watching as the girls clean his apartment. Blondie is nude, and my favorite brunette is in her garter and stockings only. They have a broom and vacuum, and their exposed asses are discolored. They are now his naked, spank-toy, house servants. Beautiful!

Movies like this make me wish I could’ve been the director. It has so much promise, and so many wasted opportunites. The entire production is short, less than 30 minutes. The set-up takes at least half of that time. The actual period in which female rear ends get swatted is quite short. And during this time, while there are great reactions going on, with beautiful, sexy women sobbing in pain and fear, there are almost no close-ups.

I mean, this isn’t just another run-of-the-mill video about a schoolgirl who didn’t keep her room neat. This is an original (for a spanking movie) set up with so many possibilities. The women are criminals and con artists. They tried to rip the guy off. He has every right to be angry. They deserve whatever they get. Somebody took the time and trouble to create a decent set up for a spanking movie

And then, when the set up reaches fruition, opportunities abound. The girls are his prisoners. He can do whatever he wants. They can’t go to the police. And unlike more stoical girls, these two are vocal and physical and emotional when the strokes hit. Real tears cascade down their pretty faces. Real pain and fear twists their expressions. The brunette has gone from being a cunning, seductive, sexy femme fatale to a scared, sobbing, helpless girl. Blondie too. This is everything a spanking video should be, and yet it’s over in minutes, and you barely get to see any of it.

Even the ending scene, with the naked girls cleaning the apartment is a missed opportunity. I would have loved to see more of that. It would have been great to bask in their humiliation. But once again, it ends before it really starts.

I liked this move. I recommend it. It’s good. It’s a turn-on. But I can’t help thinking about how much better it could have been.

The Cheap Trick