Spanking Video Review – Best of British Spanking 17

Spanking Studio: Bizarre Video
Approximate Running Time: 45 minutes

In this video, you are going to see several different scenarios of naughty girls receiving the spankings that they have so asked for.

The first story is about Rose – she’s a maid, with a liking for a tipple.

She has just poured herself a generous glass full of the golden liquid and has raised it to her eager lips – when her boss enters the room.

He’s seen enough and she tries to convince him that she poured it for him. He doesn’t believe her and gives her a choice – accept a spanking or be fired.

The spanking is going to happen

She is shocked at the suggestion and all but calls him a pervert.

After a great deal of arguing with him, she eventually ends up over his knee for an otk spanking. Which progresses to him spanking her on her bare bottom.

When his hand is tired and his arm is aching – he lays out an assortment of implements – that will make it less painful for him. He gives her the choice of which instrument to use on her poor sore bottom. As she doesn’t know a paddle from a flogger, she chooses a tawse.

Scenario Number Two

Just a playful spanking before work

She’s getting ready for work, but her loving husband decides that it would be a good idea to give her a sore bottom, so that as she is sitting doing her work, she’ll be constantly reminded of him.

Another Scenario

Two very naughty schoolgirls have been found out – they cheated in an exam.

Simultaneous Spankings

The headmaster sees it as his duty to punish them. He uses several spanking implements on their bare bottoms. He soon has them squealing and squirming about as their creamy unblemished bottoms turn pink, then a very sore looking red. The use of the cane leaves a lasting impression on them, with blue white lines criss-crossing their sore and tender cheeks.

Now the Scene Changes Again

Spanking by proxy

This time Sister Ellis is responsible for the actions of her junior nursing staff. A patient has made a serious complaint and she has to accept a corporal punishment on their behalf.

You will see her shapely bottom turned into a bright blazing red.

Her staff had better watch out

At the end of the spanking, she is going to pass the message on to her staff.

Spanking Video Review – New Domestic Discipline 2

Studio: British Spanking
Starring: Lucy and Brian Mellish
Approximate Running Time: 37.58 minutes

Lucy has overslept. She hurriedly gets dressed and then goes off to school.

It’s late afternoon and she’s home from school. Uncle Brian is waiting for her.

He’s not a happy Uncle Brian. The Headmaster has been in touch about Lucy’s poor performance at school. Therefore, he has already been in contact with her parents – they live in Singapore. Her father has given Uncle Brian permission to deal with her in his absence and that’s just what he’s going to do.

He sends her to her room, with strict instructions to do some homework. And she is to report back to him at 8 pm.

He positions her for otk spanking

At the allotted time, she is standing in front of him in her school uniform. Abruptly, he tells her she is to receive a very severe spanking. He wastes no further time, but pulls her over his knee.

Initially, he spanks her on top of her knickers – that give her very little protection from the sting of his hard hand. Then her navy blue knickers are pulled down to her ankles and the spanking continues on her bare bottom.

He shows her no mercy. His job is to give her a darned good spanking.

After the hand spanking, he moves on to using a hand made leather tawse on her.

The tawse makes her bare bottom more sore

The tawsing makes her poor bare bottom even more sore than it was after the hand spanking.

However, he still isn’t satisfied with the spanking – she is told to undress completely ready for a caning.

He looks over his spanking work

As the whippy cane bites into her already tender flesh, the tears start. He insists that she thanks him after each stroke.

Punishment over, he examines her and is pleased with himself and considers it a job well done.

She is sent to bed. He comes in to her room to kiss her goodnight.

Free Spanking Video – Russian Slaves 71 – Punishment for Smoking

Spanking Videos - Nettles Corp - Russian Slaves 71 - Punishment for SmokingPrepare yourself for some of the best corporal punishment ever put on film. Russian Slaves 71 from Nettles Corp is easily the top new spanking video addition to The two sleek and sexy Russian schoolgirls have been creating quite a stir at their private school. The headmaster has caught wind of their smoking habits, and is doubly angry that they have been doing so within the school’s bathrooms.

Headmaster brings them to a private meeting, and confronts them about their unladylike behavior. When the crass schoolgirls refuse to admit anything to him, he has them take their tops off and pull up their skirts to bare all. What he finds is incriminating evidence of the first degree. Not only has one student gotten prohibited tattoo work done on her back, but both girls are hiding packs of cigarettes inside of their underwear.

What is a Headmaster to do with such unruly schoolgirls? Deal them a full program of bare bottom hand spankings and corporal punishment, that’s what. Not only does Headmaster bring these ladies to tears with nothing but the hand that spanks, but he drills them through nude physical conditioning of the likes we have never laid eyes on to date in any spanking video.

This is a top rate spanking video series, and we greatly apologize for not featuring it’s new releases more often. You will be very pleased to view these Nettles Corp spanking movies.

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Free Spanking Videos – Hard Lessons

This free spanking video comes to us from the California Star release, Hard Lessons. Mistress Gemini is not happy with two of her students’ behavior. She attempts to spank some sense into them while giving the crass schoolgirls an earful of proper lady mannerisms, but one is far too bullheaded to learn from simple otk hand spankings. Once the Mistress is done with her more receptive student, she returns with an armful of spanking implements and finds the schoolgirls hiding a pack of cigarettes. Watch the full spanking movie to see how this corporal punishment develops.

Free Spanking Video – Punished for Pleasure

Punished for Pleasure may look like your average school girl spanking video at first, but we assure you there is far more fun inside. The vast array of positions used during this spanking session make for the most entertaining corporal punishment we have seen this week. The man implementing this delicious spanking has certainly honed his skills restraining spankees. He takes great care in using his extremities to minimize the movements of his luscious little school girl’s ass, making it easy for him to spank on target over and over. It also helps that this devious academic is absolutely adorable, and carries a bubble which screams “spank me.” Check out this free spanking video from Punished for Pleasure, and watch the full DVD at the link below.

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Spanking Video Reviews – Naughty Exchange Students

Studio: British Discipline

Stars: Ivy, Angelina Cortez

Approximate Running Time: 32.08 minutes

Red Slippers Volume One

Ivy lolls about on the couch – reading some magazines. Her boss comes in and is not too pleased to see Ivy acting so slovenly. So she has a discussion with the poor unfortunate girl.

Just lolling about before a spanking

Firstly, she wants to know why Ivy was reading magazines about pregnancy and babies. The answer she receives shocks her. No, Ivy is not pregnant, but she had done a pregnancy test and it was negative.

What is she to do with this disobedient willful girl? She has given her a home so she can get an education. She decides that some corporal spanking is necessary.

Ivy finds herself lying over her bosses knee, her bare bottom is getting redder and sorer with each spanking slap that lands on it.

getting an otk spanking

When Angelina thinks she’s had enough, she tells her to get dressed and get on with her chores.

Red Slippers Volume Two

Ivy’s in trouble again. Wearing just a pajama top – she is lying on her back on the couch, her thighs parted and she is finger fucking herself – however unbeknown to her, Angelina her employer has been standing watching her for a few minutes.

Spanking once again

It is weekend and Angelina has just seen not one but two boys leaving. Ivy has had sex with both of them. This means another spanking, her bottom is still red and sore from her previous spanking.

At the end of the spanking session, Angelina tells her to get dressed and packed as she is being sent home to Russia in disgrace. Ivy begs her not to send her away.

Bed by 8pm

The house rule is that she should be in her pajamas and in bed by 8 pm. But Ivy is still in her school uniform, chatting on her phone to a friend.

Her bottom is being reddened again

Angelina is extremely annoyed at the way Ivy keeps flaunting the rules. She orders Ivy to take off her knickers, skirt and top and get over her knee. Another spanking brings the already reddened cheeks back to a fiery red.

She leaves poor Ivy sobbing into her pillow.

Ivy’s Exclusion

This time Angelina has received a letter from the school saying Ivy has been excluded from school for being a disruption in class.

Now Ivy is on her last chance. She not only gets an open hand spanking, but receives many strokes from a leather strap as well.

Once more spanking a sore red bottom

And to make sure she has learned her lesson, she is to be spanked every night before bed – for a week.

Maybe this time she will be a good girl and make Angelina proud of her.

Spanking Video Review – Jasmine’s Bare Bottom Spanking

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine

Approximate Running Time: 35.02 minutes

Jasmine’s poor bottom is still very red and sore from her previous spanking earlier that evening – but she is in big trouble yet again.

This time her guardian comes into the room and catches her red handed messing about with his keyboard.

An infraction worthy of spanking

She knows she is not allowed to touch it. He arranges music for the church choir and has many music pieces saved on his keyboard. She doesn’t hesitate to deny having done more than look at it. But as he actually saw her fiddling with some knobs etc – and when the doorbell rings, it’s her schoolfriend asking if she had done the recording yet? Well Jasmine was about to be shown once again, that disobedient girls will be dealt a hard spanking.

OTK spanking her

Her bottom is bared and he continues spanking her, bringing back the flush to her cheeks.

spanking makes her bottom red and sore

With a very very sore bottom, she is told to get bathed and into bed.

She hurries to obey in fear of being spanked again.

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Spanking Video Review – Bad Report Card

Studio: Billie West Productions

Starring: Charlie Love

Approximate Running Time: 40.00 minutes

Charlie is sitting on the couch – it’s obvious that she is very nervous as she can’t sit still – she’s fidgeting about all the time.

The thing is – she has brought home her school report card and she just knows that her father is going to spank her. However, her nervous excitement is not because she fears the spanking, but rather because she knows that being spanked turns her on big time. So the question she is asking herself is – will her daddy spank her?

Nervously awaiting her spanking

Yet before he gets home, she hides the report card behind a cushion – intending to bring it out when the time is right.

He remembers she is supposed to have received her report that day and demands to know where it is; so she hands it to him.

Dildo introduction while spanking

Quickly reading through it, he realizes his daughter is definitely not the brightest student in the class. She has failed every subject except one – Sex Education. It’s the one subject she enjoys learning about. Her teacher’s comments regarding her failing her other subjects – Charlie is too interested in flirting with the boys than learning her lessons.

Dad feels it is his duty as a responsible parent to carry out his threat and deal his daughter a well deserved corporal spanking.

He gives her bottom a spanking for every subject she failed.

Then he decides to further his daughter’s sex education by introducing her to various dildos. One that he slowly and gently slides into her anus, followed by a large, life size one into her very wet pussy.

Dildos during spanking

When he goes to cook the dinner, she calls him back because he has forgotten to play with her tits.

Ready for even more spanking thrills

Finally, she is left alone again – alone with her thoughts – and if the smile on her pretty face is anything to go by – her thoughts are very happy ones.

Free Spanking Videos – Failing Grades Again

Free Spanking Videos - Failing Grades Again
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Rick Cuban plays the responsible Daddy of Vanessa Lee (White) who has come outside to let her father know where she is going. Of course, dear old Dad wasn’t born yesterday…and notices her acting a little weird while holding a curiously folded piece of paper. Upon asking about the suspicious document, he finds out that she has received a “D” on her History exam. This cannot be brushed off without a stern punishment! Rick wastes little time in bending her plump bare bottom over outside, and lays a firm hand spanking on her defenseless cheeks.

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Free Spanking Videos – Girls Boarding School – Homework Test

Free Spanking Videos - Girls Boarding School - Homework Test
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Molly is your average blonde, pig-tailed under achiever at Girls Boarding School. Her past few weeks have shown very low scores during testing, and the headmaster is not appreciative of her lacking efforts. Headmaster calls Molly down to his chamber for a newly devised test he has specially created to let her redeem herself, but unfortunately she still hasn’t been maintaining her studies. Another failing mark convinces the Headmaster that a more stern punishment is in order. Molly is bent over the Headmaster’s knee for a stern bare bottom otk spanking, and much more spanking awaits her.

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