Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook – Part 3

Clare Fonda and Paris Kennedy in LingerieParis Kennedy, shown here on her knees to Clare Fonda, got us invited to an exclusive models’ party, hosted by Girdlebound.com, the largest purveyor of vintage and retro style foundations on the internet. Girdlebound’s generous founder gifted us with numerous delightful undergarments, including classic open bottom girdles, stockings, garter belts, and bras. All of these will be appearing in future Shadow Lane videos. Thanks, Girdlebound!

Eve Howard and Clare Fonda in Lingerie and StockingsWe managed to get at least one shot where Clare wasn’t holding a glass of wine. These sheer, open bottom, slip girdles are flattering and sexy. Wearing one on a first spanking date without panties on underneath is guaranteed to intrigue and ignite any top guy with a retro bent.


These are two of my favorite shots of me spanking Sarah Gregory during the Labor Day party weekend.

Eve Howard Spanking Sarah Gregory

OTK Spanking with Eve Howard and Sarah Gregory


Don’t worry, I’ve got this. The coach may look like a bruiser, but he went “Waaaaa!” when  I spanked, strapped, and paddled him, just like any smaller, bad, little boy.

Eve Howard Spanks The CoachWhen you have a sub who can take it, why wouldn’t you use a cane?

The Coach Get a Caning from Eve Howard


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Spanked for Twerking– A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Joelle Barros, Christy Cutie , Sarah Gregory, Keith Jones

Approximate Running Time: 53.38 minutes

Sarah is meant to be an example to her two younger cousins – Joelle and Christy. Unfortunately, she leads them into trouble and they all end up being spanked for twerking.

They didn’t know how to twerk, so Sarah gives them a demonstration. After some practicing and giggling, the girls decide to go out clubbing and show the other clubbers what twerking is all about.

Joelle and Christy realise the being spanked for twerking is not fun

However, their Uncle Penwyn sees a video of the three girls in action on YouTube. He is utterly disappointed with his three nieces and texts Sarah with strict instructions to spank the two younger girls. Sarah admits that she was the one who put the video on YouTube. So, as per Uncle Penwyn’s orders, she reluctantly gives them both a good over the knee spanking – by hand, hairbrush, and cane on their bare asses.

Now it is Christy's turn to be spanked for twerking

Unnoticed by them, Uncle Penwyn comes into the room unannounced. As he has been stuck in traffic for over three hours, he’s not in a good mood. He announces to them that his secretary was the one who found the video of them “tweeking.” The girls giggle as he asks about the dance and then try to explain it to him. He is disgusted that his own kin would partake is such a classless activity.

As Joelle and Chrisy’s bottoms have gone back to their normal pale colours, he’s not convinced that she has spanked her naughty younger cousins. So, he takes it on himself to spank all three of them – so they will know they have been spanked for twerking.

He gives each girl in turn a severe hand spanking – leaving Sarah, the ringleader, till last.

As they all have four years to go at university and he has paid for their studies, he expects them to get straight As.

All three girls have sore red bottoms – and they end up having a family hug.

After all lthree girls had been spanked for twerking, they have a family hug

Once Uncle Penwyn has gone back to the office, the three naughty girls – with a great deal of giggling-make plans to go clubbing, despite having been spanked for twerking – have they learned their lesson?

You will not mistake my kindness for weakness

22 year old British brat Sophie gets permission from her Aunt Sylvia to have friends over for a party. But Sophie lets her friends stay way too late and then argues with her aunt about sending them home. Angry Aunt Sylvia gives Sophie a sharp, spontaneous spanking for her selfishness and disrespect, orders her to get rid of her friends and then come back to her. When Sophie returns Sylvia tells her to pack her bags to return to the UK. Sophie begs to be allowed to stay in the sunny Southwest with her aunt, pleading with Sylvia to spank her again and even more severely, rather than send her away. Sylvia decides that Sophie needs this lesson, so she agrees, takes Sophie back over her lap and spanks the spoiled English beauty until her alabaster skin turns a stunning shade of deep, hot magenta. Sophie is spanked over her skirt, over her pantyhose, over her black lace panties and finally on the bare bottom. Hand and wooden hairbrush are used.

Paddled, Pleasured and Purged – Madison Young

Madison has been having some trouble having orgasms recently and feels a visit to the Dr. is in order.

Nurse Eve does a good job of warming her up. I especially like when the paddle comes out and she spanks Madison while fondling her breast slightly.

Madison is very vocal during her treatment and as the paddling intensifies, so does her moans.

The story continues as the Dr comes in and submits Ms. Young to some analy play and enema.

Very nice.


Last Spankings Of The School Year

As I was watching this I was thinking that they both looked like they were having way too much fun.

not 10 seconds later, doesn’t he say he’s having too much fun?

Guess it’s the universes way of telling me I’m in the right place at the right time.

or maybe their just really, really enjoying what they are doing and it shows.

Here’s a few more minutes of spanking video for you.

The young woman in the second scene has the most lovely accent.

Spanking Video Review – The Butler Did Them

Spanking Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Angela Faith, Jazmine Lei and Butch Simms

Approximate Running Time: 56.25 minutes

Angela enjoys playing Lady of the Manor.

However, Simms her butler is not too happy as his last month’s salary check bounced.

To appease him, she says she’s going to the bank to draw money for him.

While she is out, her new maid Jazmine finds Angela’s purse and fearing she too may not be paid, stuffs a £5 note down her bra.

Simms comes into the room and sees her doing it. Telling her he can’t allow her to steal from her mistress; he puts her over his knee and spanks her. It is a long drawn out spanking that evidently turns them both on big time.

She takes a spanking on her pretty bottom.

So that when Angela returns from the bank – she finds her staff having it off on her couch.

Sucking cock after spanking.

She rants and raves at them both. Jazmine the maid blames Simms and he defends himself – saying that as she is not paying him – due to the checks he receives, bouncing, he feels he has the right to get some pleasure from life.

She then orders him to get on with his duties.

Once he leaves the room, she puts Jazmine over her knee and starts turning the young girl’s beautiful bottom into a blazing inferno, this is in order to teach her a lesson – her first day in a new job and she is already causing trouble.

The mistress spanking the maid

Hearing the commotion, Simms comes to investigate and sees his mistress spanking poor Jazmine, who is squirming about and squealing.

He decides to turn the tables on his mistress and she finds herself lying over his knee.

Soon her bottom is a deep cherry red.

It turns into a sexy spanking inspired romp.

He suggests to Jazmine that she gets her own back for the spanking she has received from her mistress. So now, Angela is being spanked by her butler and maid.

It doesn’t take too long before the three of them are enjoying a romp on the couch. There is a lot of cock sucking and fucking doggy style.

A good time was had by all.

Spanking Video Review – Punishment Past Due

Spanking Studio: Shadow Lane
Starring: Ava Barton, Angel Black and Alex Dominiquez
Approximate Running Time: 36.20 minutes

Anna and Belinda were about to sign a contract for the tenancy of a very classy apartment. The landlord leaves them alone for a few moments – Anna is a bit uneasy – how are they going to pay the deposit and rent, seeing as they had no money in the first place?

However, Belinda suggests that they bluff it out; after all, what could he do to them.

So, all is signed, sealed and legal. They give him a check for the deposit.

Meanwhile, the girls settle into their new home.

The girls are happy with their new apartment

They attack a rare Ming vase, until a large crack appears in it. Then they ask him to come and take a look at it. They tell him that the crack in the vase devalues the property; therefore, he should reduce their rent.

But, he is already regretting taking on these two young ladies as his new tenants, because when he deposits the check into his bank account it bounces so high it goes into orbit.

Anna is first to get an OTK spanking

Still trying to bluff their way out of trouble, they tell him to redeposit the check the next day, as they will be getting paid. He soon susses out that they have no job, meaning they have no money.

He tells them they are a couple of brats and suggests they take a spanking in lieu of the rent. Anna and Belinda think the idea is hilarious, but they soon stop laughing once he has them draped over his knee.

Anna is first to be spanked. He starts the spanking on top of her tight black skirt. Then as the spanking progresses, he pulls the skirt up to her waist and carries on reddening her bottom on her flimsy knickers. The final indignity is when he bares her bottom.

Now it's Belinda's turn for a corporal spanking

Once he has turned her cheeks into a bright fiery red, he lets her get up and tells Belinda that it’s time she was over his knee. She is not as compliant as her friend and makes a fuss, squealing and wriggling about. Nevertheless, despite her struggling, she still ends up with a very sore red bottom, just like Anna’s.

Now the girls think it’s all over. But when he suggests that he be allowed to strap them and promises to let them carry on living in his house – rent free for a while they go for it.

He has them lying on their tummies, then unbuckles his leather belt, withdrawing it from its loops. After a couple of false starts, until he finds the best way of holding the belt, he makes their red bottoms even redder.

He makes the best of the situation – of having the two brats at his mercy and goes on to using several other implements, before he is satisfied that they have been punished enough.

Two bottoms ready for a strap spanking

Anna and Belinda agree to his final suggestion of getting two more girls to share the house with them, in order to help pay the rent.

Could he be thinking how nice it will be to have two more young ladies to spank?

Stand Corrected

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Erica Scott and Devlin O’Neill

Approximate Running Time: 56.12 minutes

Erica is amazed that her boss Devlin is not exactly overjoyed with her treatment of his precious manuscript.

Her job was to proofread his book – correcting spelling and grammar errors. However, at no extra charge to him, she went a step or ten further and added her opinion on some of the statements he had made.

He's had enough - she's about to get a spanking

Devlin is incensed with her actions, because she even took it on herself to send the doctored manuscript to the publisher without his knowledge.

She defends herself – arguing her case – oblivious to his seething anger that is on the verge of boiling over.

Eventually, it does erupt and she finds herself pulled off her chair and unceremoniously tossed into an OTK spanking.

He shows her no mercy with this spanking

He accuses her of being conceited and too self-opinionated. It doesn’t take him long to pull down her scanty knickers and proceed to spank her bouncing bottom cheeks – that are rapidly turning from a creamy white to a deep cherry red.

All the time he’s spanking her, he’s lecturing her. He was under the impression that his manuscript was a serious piece of writing, but, because of her input, the publisher had categorized it under humor and he is not amused.

However, although her bottom is being blistered by her angry boss’ spanking, she keeps up with the answering back, determined to defend her actions to the end. And he finds himself having to readjust her position over his knee – due to her wildly kicking legs and squirming about.

When Devlin realizes his right hand is getting tired and sore, he changes to spanking her with a hairbrush and a paddle, yet still she carries on with her incessant banter and insults.

Almost an hour later and he's still spanking her

In total, she spends the best part of an hour having her bare bottom spanked by this extremely irate man, until she finally gives in and grudgingly apologizes and promises to rewrite the manuscript as a second edition, at no extra pay.

I think Erica is a very talented actor and she sure can take a long hard spanking, while, some of the things she says had me laughing at her audacity.

For the OTK spanking enthusiast, this movie has the lot. Enjoy!

Spanking Video Review – The Spanking Professor

Spanking Studio: Shadow Lane

Spanking Stars: Raven, Erica Scott and Steve Fuller

Approximate Running Time: 43.29 minutes

Charlotte has been summoned to Professor Woodward’s home. Her expectations of how the meeting would progress – are a far cry from what she would have liked to happen.

He explains to her that the way she has been stalking him is an embarrassment and he’s asked her to come and see him – with the intention of persuading her to stop her foolish behavior.

But Charlotte is not listening. She declares her undying love for him. Eventually he comes to the realization that the only way to deal with her is to give her a spanking.

She thinks that’s a wonderful idea because after all isn’t a spanking just part of foreplay that then leads on to lovemaking, which is what she most desires in her foolish young heart.

However, once she is sprawled over his knee, it doesn’t take her long to come to the conclusion that she wasn’t getting a play spanking and it hurt like hell.

Getting the spanking she deserves

But being the brat that she is, she still tries to change his mind – offering herself to him.

As her bottom is bared and the spanking proceeds, her lush cheeks are becoming redder and sorer looking by the minute. He tells her he intends to keep on spanking her until she promises not to stalk him anymore.

At first it seems like stalemate, but his punishing hand relentlessly making contact with her bottom means she has no choice but to give in and promise to leave him alone.

A brat to the end – she tells him his own wife is the talk of the campus – as she is free and easy with her body, with all the men and boys.

Part Two

Faculty Wife

Professor Woodward was not at all happy to be informed by one of his own students, of his wife’s infidelity. So he’s waiting for her when she comes home.

She’s been shopping and is very keen to show him what she has bought.

However, he’s in no mood to be cajoled – his intention is to stop her sleeping around so ensuring that the only man in her life is him.

He his cheating wife a spanking

She tries coaxing him. When that fails she tries insulting him, which makes him livid.

Even when she finds herself lying over his knee, she still keeps up with the cheek and brattiness.

He thinks she should get a job to help out with the household expenses. Now this idea does not sit well with her at all. If she had a job, she wouldn’t be able to have her various coaches eg tennis, swimming and a fitness coach. And there is where the problem lies – her coaches are all men.

After a long hard spanking, she agrees to change her coaches to all women instead.

So they compromise – she will be faithful, keeping herself only unto him – he agrees that she doesn’t have to get a job.

Therefore, they are two happy bunnies.

When Spanking Was in Fashion

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Keith Jones and Vivian Sweet

Approximate Running Time: 58.04 minutes

It was Valentine’s Day and Keith had given his beautiful wife Vivian a pink heart shaped box of chocolates.

She was just about to leave to go to work, but he reminded her that she must get home that evening – by 5.30 pm or 5.45 pm at the latest, as he had booked a table for a romantic dinner at the town’s poshest restaurant. To make sure he’d be able to make the booking – he had booked it three months earlier.

As she was a few minutes early for work, he thought it would be a good idea to send her to work with a tingling bottom. So, he pulled her giggling and protesting over his knee.

Then satisfied he’d accomplished what he’d set out to do, he helped her to her feet and with a kiss he sends her on her way – but he gave her a last minute reminder about getting home on time.

That evening Keith was dressed ready for his romantic dinner with his gorgeous wife. He looked at his watch – it showed it was 5.30 pm. The minutes ticked by – and it was 6 o’clock and still no sign of his missing wife. His frantic calls to her went unanswered.

It was just on 7.00 pm when Vivian arrived home – carrying some packages. Her explanation for being late was she forgot the time as she was so engrossed in buying some fantastic play clothes for the pleasure of her wonderful husband.

As he had already cancelled the restaurant booking – what was he going to do for the rest of the evening?

First outfit - first spanking

He was curious – what had she bought? At his suggestion, she took the first of the outfits through to the bedroom so she could put it on.

He was indeed really impressed with it – but he thought there was something missing. The short white dress was so short it barely covered her bottom – Keith believed a red bottom would finish off the outfit beautifully.

The spankings continue

His excuse for giving her spanking number one was to show his annoyance for her being late home. It didn’t take long for him to change her creamy white cheeks to a deep rosy red – that contrasted with her white dress.

Then he sent her to put on outfit number two. It looked much more expensive than the first one – so he asked her how much had it cost. She was reluctant to say, but gave him a rough figure. Now he had another reason to spank her – she knew their credit cards were maxed out from the previous month. So she took a wild guess that outfit number two cost $50. Therefore, Keith reasoned that 50 spanks be given to her, with the hairbrush. Now he especially chose the hairbrush because he knew she didn’t like it.

She has a very sore bottom

He spanked her hard and fast and insisted that she keep count, threatening to start from the beginning if she miscounted.

Each outfit she tried on was more daring and teasing than the one before and was also obviously more expensive.

So her spankings became harder and longer, with him using different implements.

As the grand finale, he used the cane.

the final spanking

Justice having been dealt, he picked her up in his arms and carried her through into the bedroom.