Spanked for Clumsiness


Eleanor Powell


Approximate Running Time: 15.12 minutes

There is the sound of something breaking. The mistress is in the lounge and knows that there has been an accident in the kitchen.

Sure enough when she goes into the kitchen – she sees her young maid crouching down guiltily trying to gather together all the shards of a fine bone china teacup.

She’d had the cup for years. Her mother had had it before her. The cup is full of sentimental value; it can’t be replaced. She’s upset and knows the young girl must be punished for being so clumsy.

She lets the young girl know she is upset

So she has the young girl kneel on a chair, leaning over the back.

Flipping up the girl’s short pleated skirt, she starts to hand spank her. Then she pulls her knickers down to her knees and continues spanking her.

The spanking begins

Every time her mistress’s hand makes contact with her bottom, she cries out.

Then when her hand gets tired, the mistress starts using a paddle on the poor defenseless girl’s bottom.

The spanking goes on for some time – the girl’s bottom getting sorer and redder with each spank that lands on it.

A change of position

When the spanking is over, the girl is ordered to pick up the pieces of broken china and throw it away.

Brit Spank!

bare bottom brits

Title: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 1
Studio: British Discipline
Running Time: 41.47 minutes
Starring: Heather Stanton

Women, Dear Reader tend to be quite stubborn. It is one of the many mixed blessing of the fairer sex. For those of us who enjoy spanking their bums it is however a godsend for they tend not to learn their lesson after one. Thus this allows the spanking aficionado the knowledge that many a spanking is necessary.

This is of course true with our next title Bare Bottom Brits Vol 1 starring Heather Stanton. I am of course Brushstrokes from The Spanking Spot and I will be your Humble Narrator as we explore the behavior of naught girls and their reaction to a good hard bare bottom spanking.

Now our title of course does not bill the pretty Heather as the star, But the years I have been blogging about Spanking Dear Reader has allowed me to gather the knowledge of the girls around the world who have had their bottoms Smacked. Heather came on the scene a couple of years ago. A thin, pretty British girl for a penchant for trouble Heather came to my attention almost immediately and I am sure she will delight and titillate you in this review.

Bare Bottom Brits is a compilation of three unrelated scenes with of course our lovely Heather all of course available in beautiful High Definition streaming on

Our first Scene we learn that Heather is quite the untidy girl, leaving dishes and a mess about in the kitchen. After a half hearted attempt to do as she is told our spanker loses patience with our messy girl and drags her into the living room to teach her a lesson. Bent over a chair clad in a short cute jean miniskirt she protest as her bottom is smacked over the skirt. This of course does not last long since as we know

all proper spanking should indeed be given on the bare ass.

After being made to touch her toes the spanking continues as her unblemished bottom slowly turns a pleasing shade of red. After of course she is made to return to the kitchen and do the dishes as she was told, but this time with a stinging bottom.

In our Second Scene we have Heather in a schoolgirl outfit. A outfit might I say suits her quite well. As you might agree Dear Reader there is something that indeed titillates us about English Schoolgirl play, particularly when the girl wearing it is as attractive as Heather.

Well she apparently doesn’t follow the dress code properly and after a dressing down from the headmaster he explains the rules to this slovenly girl. Punishment in this school is a good old fashion spanking. Which she will receive today!

Now Heather really shines as a spanked girl when she is indeed over the knee getting a OTK spanking and this scene does not disappoint Dear Readers. Progressing slowly through spanking her over her skirt, over her panties and finally the bare bottom Heather begins sobbing as the spanking hardens. Not feeling a simple hand spanking is enough our headmaster gets his trusty leather strap and has her bend over the chair, which Heather hangs on for dear life. After a few smacks with the strap, he decides to give her a taste of the cane. And while not a particularly hard caning she jumps forward from feeling the searing pain that the cane affords unfortunate bare bottoms. A lesson she will remember for a long while.

Now Xerotic (The Spanking House that produces these fine videos) have always had a issue with bathroom Hygiene as a reason for their spankings. Not particularly my favorite but I suppose as good as any reason to spank a hot bare ass. Our third scene is just that, It seems our Heather does indeed not like to flush the toilet, among other basic bathroom etiquette. Thus after some cajoling her boss decides to teach her a lesson.

After making her pull down her tight jeans he gets to work spanking her over her panties. These of course don’t offer much protection since half her bottom is hanging out of these provocative undergarments. This is by far the harder of the three spankings, with her frustrated employer spanking her on the bare quite hard. Finally feeling she might benefit from the strap as well she is put over the back of the chair and is given a few firm whacks with a leather paddle.

So Dear Reader did I enjoy it. This indeed is a solid spanking movie. Personally I have always like Heather and her bottom is one of the more spankable in the business.

3/5 Stars

Spanking the Maid — British Spanking

spanking the maid

My High School English teacher once said that good fiction teaches a person something about himself. In that case, the video: “Spanking the Maid” from British Spanking is good fiction: it taught that I like the Manor Lord/Chambermaid role-play dynamic.

I never thought much about the spanked-maid scenario before. I don’t much like the uniform — too bulky and unrevealing. This video taught me that the sexiness comes from what it stands for: subservience, obedience, powerlessness.

The movie begins on a set that looks like something from Masterpiece Theater. And we meet a British gentleman named Lionel who speaks like he belongs on Masterpiece Theater. You expect Alistair Cooke to walk in at any moment and explain what’s happening.

Alistair never shows up, and it’s hard to tell what’s going on at first. But the puzzlement is short-lived, and it really doesn’t matter. We glean that Lionel has the goods on a maid named Lucy. He also has the hots for her. He confronts her and uses what he knows to blackmail her into allowing him to spank her.

Thus begins one of the sexiest spanking scenes I’ve run across. You don’t realize it at first, but Lucy is absolutely beautiful. She’s wearing that unsexy maid dress, and she’s seen mostly from a distance. But once we get to the part where Lucy and Lionel are together, with close-ups, you feel like you are gazing at the face of an angel.

This is not the standard “hike up the maid’s dress and spank her bottom” scene. It starts out that way, but it progresses into something far more erotic. It progresses into the complete submission of angelic Lucy, and her transformation into a naked, tearful and humiliated spank slave. Mmmmmm.

First Lionel spanks Lucy over his knee, dress hiked, black panties revealed. She says ‘ow” right away, so quickly that you think she’s faking the pain. But she says it again and again, with feeling, so that you soon realize you’re watching real hurt being inflicted.

He calls her naughty. She begs him to stop. He replies “All right, let’s stop for a minute, just long enough to take your knickers down.”

She whimpers a reply. Her knickers come off, and an absolutely gorgeous rear end is revealed. She squirms as the spanking resumes. “Stop wriggling,” he orders.

Lionel amuses himself by talking to her,making rhetorical comments about her bottom or her naughtiness. He knows she’s unable and unwilling to engage him in reply, so he just takes advantage of her verbally while he takes advantage physically. Her only responses are little whimpers interspersed with pleas to stop and exclamations of pain.

If you doubted the sincerity of Lucy’s exclamations, those doubts are soon alleviated. She begins sobbing real tears as she begs for the spanking to end.

Lionel stops, but once again it’s just a little break to suit his purposes. “I think I need to see a little bit more of you,” he tells her as he lets her off of his lap.

Beautiful Lucy doesn’t even stand up right away. She slides from his lap to the floor. She remains on her knees, rubbing her bottom and whimpering. Lionel makes her stand, and he orders her to remove her clothing. “Yes Sir,” is beautiful Lucy’s weepy reply.

Lionel tells her that she doesn’t deserve to wear a maid’s uniform. “Yes Sir, she agrees helplessly. He helps her out of her clothing. He touches her perky breasts along the way. This is not copping a feel. He caresses her lovingly, on the breasts and various other parts of her body. I would, too — she’s heavenly.

But we all worship angels in our own way, and beautiful girls are made for spanking, too. Lionel turns her around and resumes spanking her while she’s standing. She dances sexily from the blows.

Then he produces a birch and makes her hold the mantelpiece. He tells her to count, and to say “thank you, sir” after each stroke.

The birching is more painful. It makes her break down into overarching sobs about halfway through. It’s wonderfully sexy – beautiful Lucy is putty in his hands: helpless, powerless and bereft of all dignity.

After about ten birch strokes, he stops and gives the crying girl permission to kiss him. She does. She faces him, sniffling and gasping, even choking a bit on her throat-wrenching sobs. He gives her a choice.

Lucy’s first option is to get dressed and leave her employment without a reference. Her second option is to go upstairs and clean his boots, naked, and remain naked throughout. The dialogue that follows is so deliciously erotic that it’s worth reproducing:

“I’ll go upstairs and clean your boots, Sir.”

“You’ll stay naked for the rest of the day to show yourself how naughty you’ve been.”

“I’ll do anything you want, Sir.”

“Now get down on your knees and say ‘thank you for being so kind to me, Uncle Lionel’.”

The beautiful, naked and tearful young woman gets down on her knees before him and says “Thank you, Uncle Lionel, for being so kind to me.”

spanking the maidmaid spankingspanking movie

It’s good to be Lord of the Manor.

The Lizzy Madison Stories

chelsea spanks
Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Title: The Lizzy Madison Stories
Running Time: 15:41 minutes
Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Lizzy Madison

Yes Dear Reader it is I, Your Humble Brushstrokes from The Spanking Spot once again on’s wonderful review site to bring you my brand of spanking movie reviews that you can indeed trust. This week we shall explore a rather short title featuring one of my favorite naughty girls, Lizzy Madison.

Now Lizzy who I was fortunate to do an interview with before she retired from getting that incredible bottom spanked on a regular basis. Is indeed as intelligent as she is beautiful. A fine example of one that I would be indeed honored to put over my knee. But alas it is not I that we are talking about but the equally lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer in this wonderful short brought to us by

Before we begin I do want to point out one thing, about While many sites out there “pad” the runtimes of their movies with credits trailers and blank space. I was actually impressed when I ordered up this title. While the runtime of the movie when placed in a third party media player said it ran 16:28 there was about 47 seconds of black space before the video began. Now many would simply put the run time of 16:28 and be done with it. What indeed is 40 seconds. Well Dear Reader it is 40 seconds of less spanking that one is expecting and as all spankers know with a couple of well place swats upon a naughty girls bottom is more than enough to bring them to tears.

Now that being said I was rather impressed when I looked up the runtime that was stated on the site. Its listed 15:41, Exactly the time that the spanking ACTUALLY starts Dear Reader. This indeed is simply good business and indeed actions that one can trust. I applaud to make that distinction. Rest assured Dear Reader, when they say a title is a certain length you damn well get a certain length of spanking!

But what of the title Dear Reader? Well The Lizzy Madison stories is actually two separate unrelated spanking scenes, which is indeed ok with Your Humble Narrator since she gets spanked in different outfits and no matter what the outfit she is spanked in it is indeed a treat!

But before we get to this our Lizzy finds herself over Chelsea Pfieffers knee in a red sundress. Apparently this dress is indeed the thing that gets Lizzy her since she had the gall to purchase it with Chelsea’s credit card! Now while rather pretty it does act as a deterrent to Chelsea’s swinging hand so rest assured the dress does come up to reveal some rather pretty cloth panties with red highlights that will soon be matching the color of her incredible bottom. But of course we all know Dear Reader that a spanking is indeed not proper unless its on the bare. So her panties are soon removed to reveal a rather red stinging gorgeous ass. One the bare bottom spanking begins Lizzy’s kicking legs go a little harder and faster, and to Chelsea she indeed delivers a overall decently hard spanking to our kicking cutie. This OTK spanking clocks in a little over 5 minutes. More than enough time to teach a naughty girl a lesson.

In our next scene our lovely Lizzy finds herself in trouble again. In considerably more trouble we suppose from the rather large razor strap the Chelsea is holding. It appears that Lizzy disappeared with a presumably lucky groom during his own wedding!. Despite her insistence that nothing indeed happened Chelsea wisely chooses to demonstrate to her that regardless of the outcome she will not be doing that again.

Once again Lizzy is put over the knee, this time in a pretty blue dress. Her whining does not help the situation that her soon to be sore bottom finds itself in. Once again she gets a long hard OTK hand spanking progressing from over her skirt to her panties and once again on that gorgeous bare bottom itself. But in this case Chelsea feels that she needs a little more punishment than she is used to.

Lizzy soon finds herself bent over facing the dreaded leather strap. With no protection available her bare ass will feel the full force of the tortuous implement as she is informed 50 times!

While not the hardest spanking I have seen Lizzy get (and she has gotten some doozies in the past) Chelsea swings the strap with gusto, a few times having to grab poor Lizzy around the waist to keep her bottom a true and steady target. Lizzy to her credit takes her whacks with poise and of course a red hot bottom.

So indeed Dear Reader did I like it. This indeed was an excellent short spanking film. Optimal for when one does not have a lot of time and wants a rather hot distraction. Lizzy is of course her always beautiful self and of course the great Chelsea Pfeiffer delivering this spanking with grace and beauty.

4 Stars

Click here to watch Chelsea in action

Wife Bottom Education Edition 4 — Redlight Productions

wife spanking

Title: Wife Bottom Education Edition 04
Studio:Red-Light Productions

I love a good spanking. A good, real spanking. A good, real, pain-inducing, fear-inducing, tears-inducing, submission-inducing, humility-inducing, change-of-behavior-inducing spanking.

That’s what I look for in a spanking video. But in the absence of all that, I’ll accept good theater.

I’m not convinced that this video is truly showing me the real pain-inducing, repentance-inducing, etc. that I love so much, but certain of the actresses do such a convincing job of portraying it that I’m satisfied.

Wife Bottom Education 4 is a long video, pegged at one hour and forty minutes. It has a lot scenes. Some of them are quite short. I didn’t like all of them, but I loved enough of them to make the video worth watching and worth recommending.

The video is in German, with no subtitles. Unless you sprechen Deutsche, you won’t understand the dialogue. On the other hand, you won’t need to. The action and camerawork make everything crystal clear.

I won’t go through all of the scenes. Some are lackluster. Some are excellent. One of my favorites features a pretty, errant daughter, in her late teens or early twenties, who is confronted by her angry father. He speaks to her sharply. She looks worried. She’s upset by his criticism, and also by what she is ordered to do. She peels off her top. She hikes up her skirt. She bends over the the sofa.

Her weeping starts immediately, almost before the spanking. She gets strapped with a belt. She yowls and writhes in pain. Her chest heaves. Her torso bucks. Her head and neck snap back with the hard blows. Her pretty face grimaces in pain. She sobs piteously. It’s a beautiful sight and a wonderful spanking.

Other scenes feature a blond milf. She’s dressed like a suburban housewife and mother, but there’s something classy and elegant about her as well. Something natural, too.

Her husband confronts her about her diet. He makes her stand on a scale and weigh herself. Then she takes off all of her clothing.

Without a stitch to wear, we can see that she’s not overweight. She’s tall and well-formed, almost willowy.

She stands in her elegant living room, completely nude. She looks abashed, ashamed, embarrassed. Why? Because she’s naked? Because she was caught cheating on her diet? Because she’s a grown woman who’s about to spanked like child. All of these things, I would say. In other words, because she’s a great actress. She really makes you believe the action is actually unfolding.

Her spanking is great, too. She wails tearfully with each swat. In the middle of it, her husband gives her a break. She sits on his lap and curls her long, sexy, naked body into his for solace. He holds her, comforts her briefly, and then he resumes spanking her with a shoe. Tearfully, she submits to more painful and humiliating discipline.

The movie also contains another hot wife. She’s blond, sharp-featured and youngish. She looks like a trophy wife. Her older husband confronts her about not doing the housework.

Again, we see good acting. We see a grown woman, proud of her looks, and proud of the fact that she’s traded on her looks to get to a position where she has a husband and she doesn’t have to work.

We see that she’s reluctant to strip, reluctant to obey him. We see her pouting angrily as she submits to her husband’s discipline. She’s tall and thin, with a pretty face and the body of a fashion model. But unlike some overly skinny fashion models, this woman has a nice, round bottom.

She reacts vocally and bodily to the spanking. She breathes hard. She tries to block her husband’s hand. She exclaims in pain. She hangs her head. Her cute bottom is on display. Her pale skin colors nicely.

Both of these attractive blond wives appear in additional scenes in this video.

There are also mediocre scenes with other actresses. There is a young, very attractive woman who can’t seem to stay in character. There is another blond wife whose exclamations of pain sound fake, like d-movie horror screams. But that’s the beauty of this great web site and this method of viewing videos. You don’t have to buy the movie to learn that half of it’s no good. You don’t have to waste your time and money on poor spanking scenes. You can watch for a few minutes and get the feel for what you are about to see. You can skip over the mediocre scenes and spend your time with the good ones. And you can watch the good ones as often as you choose.

Watch here for free

The Scorned Cheerleader — Kelly Payne Collection

cheerleader spanking

Sandi is a young and pretty latina with golden skin and hair to match. She’s petite, but her rear end is beautifully curvy. Robyn (think that’s her name) is an attractive, light-skinned, young African-American woman. Both are cheeleaders on the same squad.

Robyn confronts Sandi for ruining her outfit. Both young women are wearing cheerleader garb. Sandi denies it at first. The two girls are both mouthy and full of street swag. They are in each others’ faces as they jaw back and forth.

Eventually Sandi admits to ruining the outfit, but “admit” is funny word here. Sandi boasts of doing it. She’s proud of it. She’s glad she did. “What are you going to do about it?” Sandi challenges, a taunting smile on her face.

Robyn calls Sandi’s bluff. “I’ll tell the coach and get you kicked off the squad,” she responds.

The threat works. “No, wait,” pleads Sandi. “I’ve worked hard for this. Don’t tell the coach. I’ll do anything.”

“A spanking,” says Robyn.

“What, just a spanking?” replies Sandi incredulously. “Then we’re even?” She can’t believe how easy she’s getting off. As she later finds out, though, she couldn’t be more wrong.

Robyn pulls Sandi down hard over her knee. This is just the start of a long, hard spanking that is neither gentle nor respectful toward the spankee.

Robyn flips up Sandi’s skirt. She begins both spanking and lecturing. Robyn lectures to the cadence of the spanks, and vice versa. “Lit-tle San-Di, lit-tle San-di” she says, with a hard, staccato blow for each syllable.

Then Sandi is roughly hustled to her feet. “Take off your dress,” Robyn orders.

“What are you talking about,” Sandi responds. There’s some resistance about the dress, but eventually Sandi complies. She’s still mouthy, though. “Then we’ll be even,” Sandi says, still trying to dictate the terms of the bargain.

Next comes more over-the-knee spanking. Sandi talks, and Robyn orders her to be quiet. Robyn continues with rhythmic swats and lectures: “spoiled brat … did I say talk?”

But Sandi remains mouthy, still trying to assert the terms of the bargain. “Are we done? Is this it? “Are we even?

“Shut up,” Robyn replies. Then follows more hard spanks, more lecturing, more “poor little Sandi” sarcasm.

Robyn even ties a scarf around Sandi’s mouth, telling her that she talks too much. Another scarf is tied around Sandi’s wrists. It’s done roughly, with continued lecturing.

“What are you doing?” demands the still mouthy Sandi.
“Shut up, ” replies Robyn.

Robyn exposes Sandi’s cute butt by giving her a hard wedgie during spanking. Then the undies come off entirely.

Robyn makes Sandi kneel on a wooden seat and lean over a desk. Robyn starts using implements on Sandi’s reddenning rear end — a wooden paddle, a black strap. The blows are hard. Sandi is a bit moaning now, no longer mouthy.

Then Sandi is hustled to her feet again. “Arms up”, Robyn orders. Sandi complies. Robyn yanks off Sandi’s shirt and bra, roughly as usual. Cute, little, golden-skinned Sandi is now completely nude. It’s a beautiful sight, but there’s no time to drink it in. Sandi is pushed harshly back over the desk, wrists bound again, for more paddling.

The session continues. Robyn complains that she’s “hot” and gets half-undressed herself. Sandi has stopped talking now. No more trying to dictate the terms of the agreement. Now we just hear her moaning and breathing hard. Even Robyn quiets down. The blows continue. It’s intense and intimate.

When Robyn fianlly stops spanking, she grabs Sandi by the hair and virtually throws her against wall. Sandi collapses into a sitting crouch and looks up. Her eyes are big and fear-filled. Robyn lectures her some more. Sandi nods submissively, amid some sniffling.

The movie ends, but it doesn’t. The camera continues running. We see a few moments of behind-the-scenes footage of the set. We hear the voice of Kelly Payne yelling direction at the someone. We see and hear Sandi and Robyn talking briefly together as co-workers, fellow actresses. It’s actually fascinating, but it ends quickly and goes to black. Sadly, this hot and sexy video is then truly over.

Anastasia Pierce Punished — Clare Fonda Productions

anastasia pierce

There are different ways to be hot. There’s stripper hot. There’s model hot. There’s girl next door hot. There are hot moms and hot college students and hot secretaries, all with their own look.

Anastasia Pierce looks like she should be emerging from a limo with a rock star. She’s arm-candy hot. She’s tall and long-legged and thick-haired. With her wide, dark eyes, her full lips and her high cheekbones, her face is a virtual emblem of seduction. And with her physical assets below the neck, she pretty much pops out of the clothes she’s wearing. And she’s not wearing all that much.

Apparently, her lack of proper attire is the problem that needs correcting in this video. Her Aunt Gwen feels that Anastasia needs a spanking to learn to dress more appropriately. Gwen leads Anastasia over her lap and begins spanking her.

Anastasia looks incredibly sexy draped her the knee. Her long legs kick. Her beautiful face pouts. I love her reactions, too. They are immediate. No just laying there
doing nothing. She frowns. She whines. She complains.
She groans. She asks why this is happening? She gets
lectured. She promises to dress better. In other words, she acts her part, in character. It’s nice.

Gwen keeps on spanking and lecturing the beautiful woman. Gwen removes the skirt. Anastasia has sheer black panties underneath. After more spanking, Gwen removes the panties. Anastastia protests, but to no effect.

Clare spanks harder. Anastasia cries out louder. Gwen make her count 50 swats. Anastasia does so obediently. She looks and sounds forlorn. “Can I get up now”, she pleads submissively, when she’s reached 50. Gwen lets her. Anastasia stands up and displays the redness on her beautifully-shaped bottom. She thanks Aunt Gwen and promises to be better from now on.

As punishments go, this one is moderate. It’s short and
sweet. As productions go, it’s excellent. Also short and
sweet. It wastes no time either before or after the
spanking. The sound and video quality are top notch. The camera angles are great. We see face, we see bottom, and both are equally beautiful. The entire movie is only about ten minutes long, but it’s ten solidly sexy minutes of wonderfully erotic spanking.
Check it out here for free

A Strictly Private Investigation — Strictly English

english spanking

Amanda Devlin is an attractive woman in perhaps her mid-30’s. She has an expressive, pretty face and shoulder length brown hair. And she’s stacked.

But Amanda’s been having some problems lately. Her husband’s left, and her financial situation is problematic. She was in a car accident and the insurance company paid for the damage. But she didn’t exactly spend the insurance money on the damage. The repair shop told her the car had other problems, and the money went to fix them.

She doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong, until she gets a visit from Chris Sutton, insurance investigator extraordinnaire. She signed paperwork accepting money for work that was never done. Apparently she’s committed insurance fraud, and she’s in big trouble.

Poor Amanda is weary. She doesn’t need any more problems. She’s practical, sensible and broke. She knows she needs to work something out. In very matter of fact way she offers the investigator sexual favors to make the issue go away. He acts offended by this, but the counter-offer he proposes is no more ethical. In the end they agree that she’ll come to his house for a day of spanking and house cleaning, and he won’t report her for insurance fraud.

Amanda shows up smartly dressed in a black jacket and skirt, as if she were going for a job interview. She looks professional and sexy. It’s a nice touch. Unfortunately, she also arrives to Sutton’s house late.

He starts off with a lecture. Then he orders her to put out her hand. He straps it as if she were a tardy schoolgirl. He even says “now you’ll learn what happens to naughty girls”. She has to hold out the other hand as well.

She complains that hand-strapping wasn’t part of the deal. But the truth hits her, and it shows in her face as she accepts the punishment. The truth is that she really doesn’t have any choice. Reluctantly, she does as she’s told. A tiny bit of the dignity that she’s acquired during her 30+ years of living seems to vanish with each stroke. And this is only the beginning of her day.

Ms. Devlin is a wonderful actress. Her wearily-expressive visage, her reluctant acquiescence, her slow descent into ever-more humiliating obedience — these elements are handled so well by her that they make this spanking video worthy of being called a spanking film. If there were Oscars for spanking movies, she would be nominated.

Each scene that follows is another wound to Ms. Devlin’s ebbing pride. When she is spanked over the knee, you can sense her mortification that she, a grown woman, should be subjected to such an indignity.

Mr. Sutton seems to relish her embarrassment. He hikes up her skirt, exposing her white panties. He pulls her panties into a thong, exposing her beautiful rear end. He spanks her hard. She gasps. She murmurs “please”. She complains that it hurts. She asks if there’s another way to work this out. Again she seems to be hinting at sexual gratification. He merely orders her not to wriggle and continues with the spanking.

They change positions. He makes her bend over the sofa, and he spanks her some more. She says she’s sorry. She promises not to do it again. “I’ll make damn sure,” he replies.

He lets her up. She adjusts her skirt correctly. He makes her hike it back up. She complains that he’s humiliating her. Again, that seems to part of his goal.

She has to vacuum the room with her skirt hiked up. Then she has to dust. During the dusting, she finds a cane by the mantelpiece.

Sutton decides she’s not working quickly enough, and he threatens to use the cane on her. She begs him not to, but you don’t have to be psychic to guess how that will turn out. Her reactions to the cane strokes are wonderfully vocal. Her body dances deliciously with each blow.

He also spanks her in the diaper position. He pulls down her undies. She gets very upset. Her embarrassment is palpable. For the viewer, it’s a treat. Eventually he lets her up and straps her. She yelps in pain, her sore bottom redder and redder.

Part of the punishment is humiliation. He tells her so explicitly, as if she (and we) couldn’t have guessed. He makes her take off her top and her skirt. She’s in her bra and panties. She has to fold her clothes carefully and place them down neatly. She has to parade for him. She gets spanked some more, in various positions, including the diaper position again. She gets more strapping and caning as well.

I lost track of the amount of times she offered sexual favors to him, and the amount of times he used it as a pretext for additional punishment. But there is something distinctly sexual about this relationship. She presents herself as a damsel in distress, a sort of spankable Blanche DuBois who appeals to the kindness (or at least sexual willingness) of strangers.

He pretends to be too moral to accept sexual favors. But this isn’t only about insurance fraud and discipline. He undresses her. He makes her parade for him. He manipulates her into different positions. He takes breaks, during which she cleans, and then he comes back for more. The activity certainly shares many aspects with a session of prolonged, passionate sex, with the usual and necessary breaks in between. And as much as Amanda protests the spankings, her appeals for sex instead seem heartfelt, as if the circumstances are putting her in the mood.

At the end of the video, he tells her to report to him again next week. She agrees to, even though two sessions weren’t part of the original agreement. When finally dismissed, Amanda doesn’t rush away like a bat out of hell. Instead, there’s something slow and poignant, almost reluctant, about the way these two people part. I sure don’t want to see them separate. I’m not sure they do, either. Interesting.

otk spankinghot ass spankingrough spankingcaning video

Naughty Nieces Get Spanked

Studio California Star
Title: Naughty Nieces 1

The story line goes as follows: Two pretty, but very innocent, girls are recruited from the bowling green to be “employed by a rather eccentric gentleman to dress as maids, and accept ‘proper’ discipline. When in suitable costumes, the girls discuss how they received their punishments in the past, anticipating what is forthcoming.

Soon they are made to strip off their brief maid’s uniforms and adopt the well known position to receive blistering bottom warnings. Their tear-streaked faces and pleas for mercies do not dissuade the ‘gentleman’ from flailing their buttocks until they are glowing red and very, very painful.

The film begins with some shots from the bowling green a blond and brunette have been watching the bowling as they walk away they are asked by one of the gentlemen there (Carl) if they would like to make some money they are interested and so are taken over to a car to meet another gentleman who looks a bit of a Arthur daily who would like to employ them at his bowling green next we see the girls in the bar and Carl takes them off to get into uniform.
They are sent to get a drink and some matches etc from the bar at this point he gets stroppy because there is no ice in his drink so its skirts up pants down and bend over a chair he then spanks them hard some nice facial shots lots of squeals and some nicely coloured bottoms lots of good facial shots 2 lovely girls 2 well spanked bottoms the film ends at the point that their uncle arrives and wants to know what his nieces Sonia and Samantha are doing there.

A weird place to end and a know there is a part 2 to follow but still a weird ending other than that it was ok