Caning for Jasmine – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine Lau

Approximate Running Time: 31.21 minutes

Jasmine has been in a lot of trouble at school, so her mother phones an old friend of the family to ask for his advice. He’s a strict disciplinarian and suggests Jasmine stay with him for a few days; he will soon knock her into shape. But he warns that there will be a caning for Jasmine, among other things.

A very nervous Jasmine turns up. She has come straight from school and is still wearing her school uniform, which is disheveled and in need of a wash.

At first, she sits down on the couch next to him and he explains to her why she is there and what’s going to happen to her. Jasmine is non-responsive and keeps her head down, not looking at him.

Having explained to her what’s going to happen, he’s going to start her spanking immediately.

Although she is not at all happy about it, there’s nothing she can do but obey.

He tells her to stand up and lift her skirt clear of her sweet ass, and then he beckons her to lie over his knee.

This spanking is only the start - before there is a caning for Jasmine

Giving her a hand spanking on top of her panties, he leaves her gasping and swearing under her breath. He has very sharp hearing and tells her that that sort of language will not be tolerated.

Therefore, she is going to get a taste of the slipper on her bare ass.

She gets the slipper before the caning for Jasmine

Jasmine finds it painful and at times she is about to swear but bites back the words.

He introduces her to the cane. As it bites into her already tender bottom, she gasps and cries out.

As promised there is a caning for Jasmine

Eventually, humiliation is part of the punishment too. Her mother’s friend orders her to remove all her clothing before continuing with a caning.

When part one of her punishment is over, he tells her to pick up her clothes and go to her room. When Jasmine has dressed she is to return to the lounge.

She has a very sore bottom after receiving a caning for Jasmine

The poor girl already knows that she’s in for some painful lessons over the next few days – including some more caning for Jasmine.

Spanking Video Review – Phone Etiquette


Approximate Running Time: 09.45 minutes

She’s sitting on the couch – multi-tasking. In one hand she has a hairbrush and is brushing her long red hair, while in the other hand she has her cell phone and is phoning her friend.

Her boyfriend comes in and he is not too pleased with her. She has broken his cell phone, so he can’t make or receive any calls. As he uses his cell phone for business purposes, he is probably losing work.

He snatches her phone before spanking her

Snatching her cell phone out of her hand, he throws it to the floor, where it shatters into several pieces.

Pulling her up, he sits down on the couch and puts her over his knee. He’s going to teach her a lesson with an otk spanking she is not going to forget in a hurry.

He bends her over for an otk spanking

As his large hard hand lands on each cheek alternately – changing her creamy white bottom to a deep cherry red, he is not satisfied with his efforts until he has spanked every square inch of her poor quivering bottom.

Spanking her bottom with a hair brush

The hairbrush that she had been using to brush her hair was now used to further redden her bottom. He even used her slipper but went back to using the hairbrush as it apparently left more of a stinging impression.

Spanking her bottom makes it very sore

Finally, he tells her to get out of his sight – he doesn’t want to see her for a while, so she leaves the room, rubbing her sore bottom in an attempt to rub away the pain and smarting.

Spanking her well brings satisfaction

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Spanking Videos – Au Pair Girl

Studio: Cheeky Video

Approximate Running Time: 49.34 minutes

Sarah is an English girl working in Greece for a Greek woman and her Scottish husband.

Her employers were going out for the evening – the theatre, then for a meal.

After they had gone, Sarah wandered about the flat. Tony had left his wallet on the table, so she opened it and put some of the money into the pocket of her jeans. Still wandering around, she opened her bosses’ jewellery box and put a ring on her finger.

Then Tony comes in and goes right to his wallet. Checking its contents – he realises that £40 is missing.

Husband and wife have a discussion; it seems that Sarah has been stealing from them for some time.

An immediate decision to punish her is acted on.

Despite Sarah denying being a thief, when the missing money is found in her pocket – denial was futile.

Spanking Videos - A Spanking is imminent

She has the choice – instant dismissal or a spanking. As she wants and needs the job, she reluctantly agrees to the spanking.

Spanking Videos - the wife starts the spanking

The wife takes the initiative and puts Sarah over her knee. Then Tony has his turn at hand spanking her.

The couple keep changing positions, so that poor Sarah didn’t know which way was up.

Spanking Videos - she was spanked by each in turn

By the time they had finished with her, she had a very red sore bottom. This was achieved by using their hands, a slipper, a paddle and finally a cane.

Spanking Videos - the final spanking

However, it’s possible they might have to repeat the whole thing again, as Sarah, seemed to enjoy herself and they certainly enjoyed dealing with her.


Studio: Spanked at Home

Starring Kathrin; Alex

Approximate Running Time: 07.50 minutes

Alex is set eating his breakfast, when Kathrin shows him his white trousers – that she has ruined.

She had washed them with something red so the colours had run and he now had pink trousers.

He’s furious with her for being so careless.

Ordering her to undress completely – he then tells her to lie on the bed.

He orders her to strip

He holds her legs up by the ankles so that she is in the diaper position and starts hitting her with the slipper. Her poor bottom is already very sore from a recent spanking; soon it’s a lot sorer.

She is in the diaper position

But he isn’t finished with her yet. He leaves her lying on the bed – making a futile attempt at rubbing away the soreness.

When he returns, he has brought the cane with him.

He uses the cane

She is so humiliated with the position she’s in and he canes her sore bottom time and time again, until her bottom is a mass of cane marks and is very sore and tender.

It is to be hoped that she will be more careful with her household duties in future because Alex has made it very clear what she can expect if it happens again.