HowZat! – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Starring:  and
Approximate Running Time: 56.05 minutes

Primrose Thrower and May Snow have been summoned to appear before the Moonglow Cricket Club’s committee for a disciplinary hearing due to their unacceptable behaviour the previous day. They were both spanked – and it was a Howzat situation.

This is what happened:

Yesterday was the Moonglow Cricket Club’s Centenary Match. Between them, the two girls spoiled the whole day and left the players and committee members embarrassed.

May was the first to explain herself to the committee. She made some very rude gestures to the players and generally upset them, completely ruining the whole day for everyone. She imbibed a bit too much, resulting in her speech and actions being both rude and offensive.

He spanks her - howzat

It was agreed that each member of the committee, in turn, should spank her. As one member finished spanking her, the next one would put her over his knee.

The fourth member should have been Sir Tom, but he was unable to be there, so the acting chairman carried out his instructions and spanked May on her bare bottom.

A tawse on the bare bottom - now howzat

Then it is Primrose’s turn to give her side of the story. Her father is the groundsman for the club, but due to his having been widowed recently, he was not in attendance. Therefore, Primrose took over her mother’s duties of attending to the catering side of the meetings. She was supposed to make a sherry trifle, but did so without the sherry. It would seem that she enjoyed the taste of the sherry and “spilled it down [her] throat.”  All she could do was hope nobody would notice the sherry trifle had no sherry in it. Howzat again.

So Primrose had to go through the same as her friend – being spanked by each committee member.
Both girls returned to the locker room and were found by the acting chairman sharing a shower together. Absolutely disgusted with their behaviour, he decides to deal with both the girls on his own, rather than involve the other committee members.

Now the second session is more severe as he uses a leather tawse on their bottoms.

Caught together in the shower - howzat for being disgusting

After he has tawsed each girl individually and left each with a very sore, red bottom, he dismissed them. As they walked out of the room arm in arm, he heard one of them refer to him as an “old fart.” Furious, he phones through to the doorman, instructing him to stop the two girls from leaving.

Therefore, the two girls find themselves being punished for the third time in one day. This third punishment was a caning. And to further humiliate them, he ordered both girls to remove all of their clothing.

being caned was the worst punishment of all - so howzat

By the end of the caning session, both girls were apologising profusely and promising never to repeat their actions of the previous day. Howzat!

Baltimore Brat – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: ,
Approximate Running Time: 49.29 minutes

Kelly Payne is a very strict disciplinarian and is well used to dealing with brats, but she has her work cut out when she meets the Baltimore Brat. When you watch this classic from the Kelly Payne Collection, you’ll understand why it was the 2007 AVN Award Winner for Best Specialty Release for Spanking.

Annie finds herself standing in front of Kelly – attempting to wheedle her way out of the punishment she knows she’s about to receive.

Baltimore Brat is being little Miss Innocent

Her boyfriend, who loves her dearly, contacted Kelly asking for her help. He’s at the end of his rope with Annie. She is constantly rude and thoroughly badly behaved so he hopes that Kelly really can sort out his bratty girlfriend.

Annie immediately tries to lie her way out of trouble. First, Annie feigns surprise at meeting Kelly. Then she denies being a brat to her ever-loving boyfriend.

Kelly is ensuring Baltimore Brat does not escape

Kelly is too smart and won’t stand for any nonsense. Her job is to turn a spoiled brat called into a sweet and loving lady. She is not going to let Annie get away without a heavy spanking.

Kelly starts off with an OTK hand spanking on Annie’s pert little ass. Then Ms. Payne realizes that she’s going to have to bring out the implements-paddles, straps, and the dreaded cane-because her Baltimore brat is still back-talking to her and insisting she is innocent of all accusations.

Kelly immobilizes the pretty blond by binding her wrists together and making her lie face down on the bed. The strapping, tawsing, and caning continues.

Baltimore Brat is being crack caned

Then Kelly has a change of tactics and tells Annie to kneel up on the bed with her very sore, red ass sticking up in the air. She gives Annie instructions to stay like that or else.

When Kelly returns to her brat, she’s wearing a pair of tight-fitting surgical gloves. What Kelly Payne does next takes Annie by surprise. She inserts her finger into Annie’s asshole and finger fucks her there.

She then tapes Annie’s bottom cheeks apart and gives the poor girl a crack caning.

The final method of torture is really cruel: Kelly gives Annie an enema and warns her not to let it out. But unfortunately, some of the water escapes and Annie tries to mop it up without Kelly seeing her. However, Kelly doesn’t miss a trick and gives her Annie yet another spanking.

Filling up the Baltimore Brat

When she does allow Annie to go to the bathroom, she tells her to be quick.

Now, it’s obvious that Annie still hasn’t learned any obedience because takes her time, even after Kelly’s warning. When she returns from the bathroom, she admits to Kelly that she was in there masturbating.

The Baltimore brat just earned herself another uncompromisingly heavy spanking, strapping, and caning from strict Kelly Payne.

A big hug the Baltimore Brat has been tamed

Only once Kelly is sure that Annie is going to be a sweet, little angel does she ask for a hug and ends Annie’s ordeal.

Blue Denim – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Shadow Lane
Starring:  as Jessie, as Erica, , and
Approximate Running Time: 49.07 minutes

It’s 4th of July and Jessie and Erica are having a girl talk about life in general and their men in particular. Jessie is wearing a blue denim skirt and Erica has on a pair tight blue denim shorts.

Jessie deliberately goes out of her way to find things to do to bring some excitement into her life. Her friend Erica hasn’t been living with her boyfriend Keith very long, yet she too likes to tease him. She wonders how far she can go before she’s in trouble with Keith.

Exchanging confidences - two friends in blue denim

On this particular day, Jessie admits that she does some topless dancing in bars and lets other men take liberties with her. This really shocks Erica.

Their guys catch up with them and the chat becomes more general.

After a while, the two couples split from each other.

Erica has the devil in her and her mischievous antics are bordering on doing some real harm to Keith. He threatens her with a spanking if she carries on like she has been doing. But she chooses to ignore his threats – believing that they are empty ones. After all, he loves her and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

Erica has gone too far she's having the seat of her blue denim shorts warmed

In the evening, the two couples meet up for a drink and some relaxation. Erica is still playing silly tricks on poor Keith, who is being very patient with her. Yet how far is too far? She is oblivious to when she has reached that point and recklessly keeps up the silly pranks. That is until, calmly seething, he puts her over his knee and gives her a quick, sharp spanking in front of their friends.

Erica is still playing childish games

Now it is Erica’s turn to be embarrassed. But Keith apologises to Jessie and Nick and the foursome again part for the night. Spitefully, Erica in a loud voice lets slip about Jessie and her antics when her husband Nick is not around.

Jessie and Nick are left alone and he demands to know what it was Erica was referring to.

Nick is determined to spank the truth out of Jessie

Jessie denies all the allegations, but Nick doesn’t believe her. He puts her over his knee and soon has her kicking her legs wildly as her bottom turns redder and redder from his spanking.

Her bottom is really sore

She refuses to admit what she does when he’s not around. He can be just as stubborn as she is and threatens to spank her all night if need be – all he wants is the truth.

Eventually, the continual bombardment of spanks on her sore, red bottom makes her change her attitude. She then tells him what he wants to hear. Now that she has admitted to him that she messes around with other men when he’s away, he needs her to go a step further and promise not to do it again. Tearfully, she agrees and sits on his knee and they kiss and make up.

Back home, Erica and Keith are still at loggerheads. He tells her that he loves her, but if her behaviour continues like it has been their relationship may not last. However, she’s not really listening to him. So he tells her he wants her undivided attention.

He blindfolds her and puts her over a rocking horse. Next he ties her wrists and ankles to the horse – now she is helpless. Then the spanking continues until he uses a riding crop and that brings her to her senses. He unties her and she promises not to be so badly behaved in future.

Keith is getting his point across to Erica

So they too kiss and make up.

First Time Spankings! Part Two – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: , Aphrodite, Juliana, and Ariel
Approximate Running Time: 60 minutes

At last Kelly Payne has Miss Aphrodite in her studio! Veteran spanker Kelly has been waiting a long time for this opportunity to spank this irresistible hottie.

It’s Aphrodite’s first time spanking and she’s obviously not sure what to expect.

Aphrodite sits in her purple dress - her first time spanking and she's not sure what to expenctHowever, Kelly is an expert spanker and soon has the playful girl over her knee. She spanks her bare bottom until it is bright red and just turning purple. Aphrodite hadn’t realised how much a spanking could hurt, but she seems to love every minute of it.

After Kelly used a paddle to further redden the girl’s bottom, her purple dress was placed next to her spanked ass. The dress and the cheeks matched!

Finally, Aphrodite thanked Kelly for giving her such an exhilarating experience before they hugged and parted company.

Her first time spanking hurt more than she thought it would


In the next scene, Juliana has arrives at Kelly Payne’s studio because she’s in need of a spanking – and Kelly is only too eager to oblige.

She is well and truly spanked . Since this is her first true spanking, Kelly goes easy on her at first, but soon has the girl squirming around and begging for mercy. However, Kelly doesn’t do mercy.

Juliana's first time spanking was very painfulAt the end of the session, Juliana leaves nursing a very hot, sore, red bottom.


In the third scenario, Ariel’s husband has sent her to Kelly for a straightening out punishment for his wife as a last resort to rectify their marital troubles.

In order to save his marriage, he wrote to Kelly, telling her how his wife is lazy and does no housework or cooking. He has attempted to spank his lazy wife, but she just swears and curses at him.
Now Kelly has a challenge – to make this rude and cheeky girl into a good and loving wife.

So Kelly goes right into the spanking without the usual warm up hand spanking.

She uses an assortment of paddles on Ariel’s previously unspanked ass.

By the end of the session, Ariel is genuinely crying and in a great deal of pain.

Ariel is determined that her first time spanking would be her last.

She assures Kelly that she is going home to be a dutiful and loving wife. This was her first time spanking and she is adamant that it will be her last one.

First Time Spankings – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: Kelly Payne, Amber, Erica, and Sheree
Approximate Running Time: 53.40 minutes

Kelly Payne is giving out first time spankings to three young ladies. These are absolutely real spankings!

Erica is a stripper and tastefully and artistically performs her act for Kelly. Once she has removed every stitch of her clothing, she poses in front of Kelly, who admires Erica’s gorgeous ass. Kelly doesn’t mess around and immediately puts the pretty blond over her knee for a wood paddle spanking.

A very sore bottom after her first time spanking

The paddle whacks grow progressively heavier until Erica’s ass is cherry red. Once Kelly is satisfied that both Erica’s cheeks are equally bright crimson, she gently rubs a soothing cream into them. For Erica she processes the agony and then came the ecstasy. Erica clearly enjoys the endorphin rush as she pulls up her jeans in front of Kelly.

The second girl Kelly has to deal with is Sheree. Sheree works for Kelly, but when Kelly catches her idling in the office, she takes Sheree over her knee for a heavy discipline session.

Kelly believes that a sore ass should sort the young girl out. So she puts her over her knee and immediately begins the obligatory warm up spanking with her hand. Once Sheree’s ass is bright pink, Kelly uses a leather paddle to spank the squealing & struggling girl until her pert little bottom is a bright, glaring red.

Her first time spanking really hurt Amber is the third young lady to go over Kelly’s knee.

Amber is a thief and has stolen spanking movies from Kelly’s website. As Kelly points out to her, she has worked very hard making those movies. She tells Amber that stealing from her is morally wrong, and that spanking her would “be better than calling the cops.”

After amber endures a warm up OTK spanking from Kelly, she is tied with blue rope to a chair to restrict her movement. The spanking Kelly then gives the Amber is hard and long, using an assortment of implements including a wicker carpet beater and a wooden paddle. Only when the whimpering girl promises never to steal from her again, the spanking ends.

Helpless she has to take her first time spanking

Bare Bottom Collection Vol. 5: Bottoms Up! – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: B & D Pleasures
Starring: , , , , , &
Approximate Running Time: 57.03 minutes

This movie, Bare Bottom Collection Vol. 5: Bottoms Up!, is a collection of  girls’ fantasies about the bare bottom punishments they receive for their wrong doings.

It starts off with a Daisy Duke-wearing student who has failed all her exams. Her teacher believes she is capable of passing her exams if she would just make an effort. He has to enforce his authority in order to make her see that he is deadly serious. After a warm up spanking, the teacher tells her to remove her short shorts. As she pulls them down, her tiny thong gets caught in the skin-tight fabric. She ends up with a very sore ass after a prolonged OTK session with him.

A bare bottom spanking is what is needed

The next scene depicts a young girl who works in a movie studio. She has received some messages to pass on to her boss, but she is fascinated by a movie of a girl receiving a spanking. She stands watching the movie and doing some self-spanking. When one of the movie crew interrupts her reverie. He’s been watching her for several minutes.

With a bit of bravado on her part and some goading on his, she ends up over his knee. It soon becomes apparent that she is more than interested in being on the receiving end of a spanking herself. She gets more than she bargained for, but thoroughly enjoys getting a bare bottom spanking.

She's getting a very sore bare bottom

In the third scenario, a sultry brunette has arrived home to the flat she shares with a girl friend. She winces as she sits down on the couch next to her pretty blond friend. The friend becomes very curious and coaxes the truth out of her roommate. And the friend is more than agog hearing what happened to her about taking part in a spanking movie.

Curiosity gets the better of the blond and soon her roommate is spanking by her friend. This is an opportunity not to be missed and she is being spanked for various reasons, including being late with the rent and the phone bill. The sexy brunette also realized that the roommate is wearing her stolen panties!
The blond finds herself promising the sun, moon and stars – just so long as she can carry on being spanked, because it has been a dream of hers for some time. These sexy ladies seem to be having a blast together. The brunette continues to spank and tease her roommate, even licking her pink cheeks between spanks.

Her fantasy is coming true - a bare bottom spanking

In the final, we see a boss and employee situation. The employee has no respect for her boss and is extremely arrogant. When her boss overpowers her and has her helpless over her knee – it takes some time, but her boss proves that a well-spanked bare bottom can be an attitude adjuster.

One employee brought down to earth with a well deserved bare bottom spanking

Big Bottom Girls Caned – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: California Star Productions
Approximate Running Time: 53.04 minutes

This is the story of how and why big bottom girls get caned.

The alarm clock was ringing out shrilly.

“Turn it off for goodness sake,” he grumbles irritably. “What time is it anyway?”

“Seven o’clock,” she replies, banging down hard on the turn off button. Then there is silence.

She starts to get out of bed, but her husband coaxes her to come back to bed for another half hour or so. She protests that if she’s late for work again she’ll get fired.

Half an hour or so later, she gets dressed hurriedly and leaves her husband still in bed.

Meanwhile, her boss is in a stew because her secretary has been late for the second time in the past two weeks. The boss has meetings to attend and she is in need of some documents that her secretary took  home with her.

Flustered, her missing secretary arrives.

Her boss is hopping mad and tells her she’s fired. She needs a secretary she can rely on. And to make matters worse, the secretary has left the briefcase with the documents in it at home.

But the boss relents when her employee begs her not to fire her – she needs the money. She’ll do anything her boss wants.

She obviously doesn’t expect what her boss suggests: she’s going to be spanked.

The spanking starts -- big bottom girls caned

First, the secretary receives a hand spanking. The boss spanks her secretary on top of her skirt and then on her bare bottom. However, that is only the start. Her boss goes on to strap and finally cane her.

Now for the cane because big bottom girls caned

Back home at the flat, her husband has discovered the briefcase, so he gets dressed and hurries round to her office to take it to her.

When he arrives, he witnesses his wife on the receiving end of a vicious caning. He demands to know what is going on.

He comes to a quick decision. He is going to do to the boss all she has done to his wife, including the spanking, strapping, and the caning.

He spanks straps and canes the boss - as big bottom girls caned

Both the boss and the secretary have very red sore asses.

Finally, the wife keeps her job and her boss keeps her secretary.

All’s well that ends well in Big Bottom Girls Caned.

Finally he gives his wife's boss a taste of the cane - big bottom girls caned

Iron Hand – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Approximate Running Time: 26.41 minutes

She painstakingly irons her man’s shirt while unaware that shortly he is going to use his iron hand to redden her bottom.

Coming into the room, he looks over her shoulder to see how she is getting on with his best shirt. He has to attend a special meeting and wants to look his best.

However, when he puts the freshly ironed shirt on, he is disgusted at her handiwork. He removes the creased and crumpled shirt, and orders her to make a better job of it this time.

She cowers in fear of his using his iron hand to spank her

So she tries again, but once again when he puts on the shirt he is still not at all happy with it. He throws the offending shirt at her and tells her to make a good job of it this time or else … he will use his broad, rough hand on her bottom.

Unfortunately, there is no pleasing him.

He roughly pushes her up against the wall – she cowers and whimpers as he threatens her with the hot iron.

His iron hand is making her bottom very sore and red

Then sitting down on the sofa he maneuvers her over his knee for a hard spanking with his large, strong hand.

His own hand starts to sting as her ass becomes more red and sore.  So brings out a leather paddle and carries on spanking her.

Making her bottom accessible for his iron hand

Moving her into various positions, including the diaper position, he continues spanking her defenseless ass cheeks.

His huge, iron hand moves over her whole body as he teases her, squeezing her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and running his fingers down the cleft between her bottom cheeks, making her clench her buns together.

Eventually he leaves her again facing the wall, whimpering and in fear of him actually striking her with the hot iron that he is holding in his hand.

His iron hand has left her with a very sore bottom

Whether she will do a better job of his shirt in future remains to be seen.

Self Spanking – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Justine and Arnold

Approximate Running Time: 07.35 minutes

Justine is home alone and she’s feeling bored and horny. She wants and needs a spanking, but Arnold is out. Without him, she decides to do some self spanking.

She kneels on the bed. Clutching a wooden spoon she’s taken from the kitchen drawer, she takes aim – swinging her arm backwards she hits one cheek, then the other.

Self spanking was not easy as Justine found out

However, try as she might, she couldn’t do it hard enough to hurt, so that makes her feel frustrated. Oh, how she wished Arnold was there right now!

As the saying goes – be careful of what you wish for or you might surely get it.

At that moment, Arnold walks in and sees what she’s doing – or trying to do. Spanking Justine is his job, so it’s his duty to help her out.

Arnold to the rescue - much better than self spanking

He takes the wooden spoon from her hand and smacks her ass with it. Now that does hurt and poor Justine whimpers after every stroke!

Then Arnold goes to the kitchen and comes back with a wooden breadboard. It’s so big that he hits both cheeks at once when he hits her bottom with it.

The breadboard really hurts - much more than selfl spanking

Now she’s complaining that it’s hurting her. Some people are never satisfied.

Kneeling on the bed with her hands on her head and her ass glowing bright red, Arnold leaves Justine to think about what just happened.

Which is better – self spanking or being spanked by Arnold?

Jasmine is Much Too Cheeky – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine Lau and Elizabeth Simpson

Approximate Running Time: 21.04 minutes

Jasmine is much too cheeky. On this particular evening, her mother is waiting for her errant daughter to come home.

When Jasmine eventually does return home, she has no idea what’s going to happen to her. However, her mother soon puts her in the picture.

Because Jasmine is much too cheeky her mother spanks and canes her

Jasmine lies to her mother when she asked where her daughter had been. Jasmine was seen with a bad crowd that her mother has in the past forbidden her to see.

Jasmine’s sentence is passed by her loving, caring mother. She is to be spanked and caned.

Bending touching her toes is because Jasmine is much too cheeky

Part of the punishment is humiliation. So her bottom is bared in readiness.

Her bottom is warmed up by a hand spanking, then she is caned.

Scene Two

In this scene her father is disgusted with her Jasmine’s behaviour and slovenly ways. He tells her that her bedroom is like a pig sty and in future she is to keep it clean and tidy.

Her father is sorting her out because Jasmine is much too cheeky

But meanwhile she is due for a spanking and slippering. He tells her to take off her panties and get over his knee. She is humiliated and embarrassed, but her father points out that that is part of the punishment.

Her father spanks and slippers her because Jasmine is far too cheeky

After the spanking and slippering, Jasmine’s ass is so sore. Her father will not allow her to go to bed yet. She is to stand there with her hands on her head until the rest of the family have come home and are able to see what has happened to her because Jasmine is much too cheeky.