Minnie the Jinx – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Starring:  as Minnie,  as Sarah Robinson
Approximate Running Time: 42.14 minutes

Minnie is a waitress at a Gentleman’s Club in London, but she is nicknamed Minnie the Jinx.

One of the visitors to the club is Herr Hans Hoff from Dusseldorf. He is on an exchange visit from the Department of Trade and he is complaining to Sir Gary about a certain waitress that has no idea about how to serve meals or drinks.

Sir Gary wants to know more regarding this complaint so he offers Herr Hoff a drink while they discuss it.

Minnie the Jinx takes a sip from each glass - she has to be sure it's ok

Minnie is the waitress who brings the drinks. While serving Herr Hoff, she trips and his glass of wine lands in his lap. She’s full of apologies as she attempts to mop up the spilled drink, but Herr Hoff is disgusted and excuses himself while he goes to have a change of clothes.

Sir Gary, having witnessed her carelessness for himself, quizzes Minnie about her credentials. It turns out that she got the job by telling a few white lies on her application form.

He marches her off to see Sarah Robinson, the Personnel Officer. She cannot produce Minnie’s references when asked for them.

Sir Gary is in a bad position – he’s embarrassed that he has such a clumsy, rude, and loud-mouthed girl on his staff.

He’s all for sacking Minnie, but Sarah Robinson suggests punishing her instead. Sir Gary agrees.

Sir Gary starts spanking Minnie the Jinx

Herr Hans Hoff is a disciplinarian and carries a suitcase full of punishment implements around with him. He willingly lends the suitcase to Sir Gary when he is told the contents of the suitcase are to be used on Minnie the Jinx.

Poor Minnie finds herself leaning over Miss Robinson’s desk, with her skirt up and panties down, receiving a cane on her poor, previously-unmarked bottom.

Minnie the Jimx has a very sore bottom

Miss Robinson holds Minnie’s hands so that she can’t rub her bottom while  the caning continues. Then Miss Robinson pleads for leniency on Minnie’s behalf.

After Minnie has been well and truly caned, with her bottom red and bruised, she is promises to be a good girl in future. Then Sir Gary asks Miss Robinson if he can see the wages book. However, it doesn’t exist. Now he knows there is a scam going on.

The only way he knows is to straighten out this mess by giving Miss Robinson the tawse on her creamy, bare ass.

Now it's Miss Robinson's turn to have a sore bottom

Both Minnie the Jinx and Miss Sarah Robinson have very sore bottoms by the end of the video. However, they will be allowed to keep their jobs, but woe betide them if they mess up again.

The Francesca Le Stories – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Starring:  and
Approximate Running Time: 24.06 minutes

Story One: Parent-Teacher Conference

Francesca Le’s son Brady is only eight years old, but, young as he is, he’s badly behaved in school and never does his homework.

Brady’s teacher, Ms. Chelsea Pfeiffer, calls his mother in to meet with her so she can get to the bottom of this problem.

After a few pointed questions, the child’s behavior appears to be the fault of the mother, not the child. Seemingly, Francesca is a party girls and she has no time for her son, nor has she any interest in what he’s doing at school. His mother doesn’t even know what grade he’s in at school. Ms. Pfeiffer reminds Francesca that he’s in 3rd grade.

The problem is, Francesca doesn’t realize the damage she’s doing to Brady and that his misbehavior is cry for help. He feels neglected.

Francesca Le thinks it's al a big joke

So Ms. Pfeiffer decides this flighty lady needs to be taught a sharp and painful lesson.

She drags the protesting, struggling Francesca over her knee and starts to hand spank her. First, on top of her clothes and then on her bare bottom. Despite the squeals of pain and threats to take legal action, Ms. Pfeiffer continues with the spanking using various implements. She is really getting to the “bottom” of the problem.

After a long hard spanking Francesca Le has a change of attidtude

The spanking is over once the neglectful mother promises to actively help her son with his education by spending more quality time with him.

Under threat of a further session with Ms Pfeiffer if the problem is still ongoing, she limps painfully out of the office.

Story Two: The Shy Lingerie Model

Francesca Le is a lingerie model at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s boutique. Her job is to model whatever a male client chooses when he’s looking for something suitable for the woman in his life.

However, Francesca peeps out of the curtains and seeing a distinguished man sitting and waiting impatiently for her to strut her stuff. Suddenly, she loses her nerve. She’s suddenly a shy lingerie model.

Francesca Le has an attack of stage fright and becomes shy

Ms. Pfeiffer, the lingerie designer and boutique owner, tries to reason with her sexy model, but it’s no use. Francesca will not be modelling that day.

After a while, the irate client stands up and heads towards the door. Ms. Pfeiffer tries to stop him from leaving, but he’s had enough.

This is a disaster for Ms. Pfeiffer. She has visions of going bankrupt if her lingerie model is going to refuse to do what she is paid to do.

So the boss drags her shy employee over her knee and proceeds to make her ass as crimson as the sexy underwear she wears.


Meanwhile, the cameras were rolling and captured Francesca being spanked – which is another side of Ms Pfeiffer’s business.

Francesca struggles and cries, but the spanking continues until she promises to do better in future.

Baltimore Brat – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: ,
Approximate Running Time: 49.29 minutes

Kelly Payne is a very strict disciplinarian and is well used to dealing with brats, but she has her work cut out when she meets the Baltimore Brat. When you watch this classic from the Kelly Payne Collection, you’ll understand why it was the 2007 AVN Award Winner for Best Specialty Release for Spanking.

Annie finds herself standing in front of Kelly – attempting to wheedle her way out of the punishment she knows she’s about to receive.

Baltimore Brat is being little Miss Innocent

Her boyfriend, who loves her dearly, contacted Kelly asking for her help. He’s at the end of his rope with Annie. She is constantly rude and thoroughly badly behaved so he hopes that Kelly really can sort out his bratty girlfriend.

Annie immediately tries to lie her way out of trouble. First, Annie feigns surprise at meeting Kelly. Then she denies being a brat to her ever-loving boyfriend.

Kelly is ensuring Baltimore Brat does not escape

Kelly is too smart and won’t stand for any nonsense. Her job is to turn a spoiled brat called into a sweet and loving lady. She is not going to let Annie get away without a heavy spanking.

Kelly starts off with an OTK hand spanking on Annie’s pert little ass. Then Ms. Payne realizes that she’s going to have to bring out the implements-paddles, straps, and the dreaded cane-because her Baltimore brat is still back-talking to her and insisting she is innocent of all accusations.

Kelly immobilizes the pretty blond by binding her wrists together and making her lie face down on the bed. The strapping, tawsing, and caning continues.

Baltimore Brat is being crack caned

Then Kelly has a change of tactics and tells Annie to kneel up on the bed with her very sore, red ass sticking up in the air. She gives Annie instructions to stay like that or else.

When Kelly returns to her brat, she’s wearing a pair of tight-fitting surgical gloves. What Kelly Payne does next takes Annie by surprise. She inserts her finger into Annie’s asshole and finger fucks her there.

She then tapes Annie’s bottom cheeks apart and gives the poor girl a crack caning.

The final method of torture is really cruel: Kelly gives Annie an enema and warns her not to let it out. But unfortunately, some of the water escapes and Annie tries to mop it up without Kelly seeing her. However, Kelly doesn’t miss a trick and gives her Annie yet another spanking.

Filling up the Baltimore Brat

When she does allow Annie to go to the bathroom, she tells her to be quick.

Now, it’s obvious that Annie still hasn’t learned any obedience because takes her time, even after Kelly’s warning. When she returns from the bathroom, she admits to Kelly that she was in there masturbating.

The Baltimore brat just earned herself another uncompromisingly heavy spanking, strapping, and caning from strict Kelly Payne.

A big hug the Baltimore Brat has been tamed

Only once Kelly is sure that Annie is going to be a sweet, little angel does she ask for a hug and ends Annie’s ordeal.

First Time Spankings! Part Two – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: , Aphrodite, Juliana, and Ariel
Approximate Running Time: 60 minutes

At last Kelly Payne has Miss Aphrodite in her studio! Veteran spanker Kelly has been waiting a long time for this opportunity to spank this irresistible hottie.

It’s Aphrodite’s first time spanking and she’s obviously not sure what to expect.

Aphrodite sits in her purple dress - her first time spanking and she's not sure what to expenctHowever, Kelly is an expert spanker and soon has the playful girl over her knee. She spanks her bare bottom until it is bright red and just turning purple. Aphrodite hadn’t realised how much a spanking could hurt, but she seems to love every minute of it.

After Kelly used a paddle to further redden the girl’s bottom, her purple dress was placed next to her spanked ass. The dress and the cheeks matched!

Finally, Aphrodite thanked Kelly for giving her such an exhilarating experience before they hugged and parted company.

Her first time spanking hurt more than she thought it would


In the next scene, Juliana has arrives at Kelly Payne’s studio because she’s in need of a spanking – and Kelly is only too eager to oblige.

She is well and truly spanked . Since this is her first true spanking, Kelly goes easy on her at first, but soon has the girl squirming around and begging for mercy. However, Kelly doesn’t do mercy.

Juliana's first time spanking was very painfulAt the end of the session, Juliana leaves nursing a very hot, sore, red bottom.


In the third scenario, Ariel’s husband has sent her to Kelly for a straightening out punishment for his wife as a last resort to rectify their marital troubles.

In order to save his marriage, he wrote to Kelly, telling her how his wife is lazy and does no housework or cooking. He has attempted to spank his lazy wife, but she just swears and curses at him.
Now Kelly has a challenge – to make this rude and cheeky girl into a good and loving wife.

So Kelly goes right into the spanking without the usual warm up hand spanking.

She uses an assortment of paddles on Ariel’s previously unspanked ass.

By the end of the session, Ariel is genuinely crying and in a great deal of pain.

Ariel is determined that her first time spanking would be her last.

She assures Kelly that she is going home to be a dutiful and loving wife. This was her first time spanking and she is adamant that it will be her last one.

First Time Spankings – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: Kelly Payne, Amber, Erica, and Sheree
Approximate Running Time: 53.40 minutes

Kelly Payne is giving out first time spankings to three young ladies. These are absolutely real spankings!

Erica is a stripper and tastefully and artistically performs her act for Kelly. Once she has removed every stitch of her clothing, she poses in front of Kelly, who admires Erica’s gorgeous ass. Kelly doesn’t mess around and immediately puts the pretty blond over her knee for a wood paddle spanking.

A very sore bottom after her first time spanking

The paddle whacks grow progressively heavier until Erica’s ass is cherry red. Once Kelly is satisfied that both Erica’s cheeks are equally bright crimson, she gently rubs a soothing cream into them. For Erica she processes the agony and then came the ecstasy. Erica clearly enjoys the endorphin rush as she pulls up her jeans in front of Kelly.

The second girl Kelly has to deal with is Sheree. Sheree works for Kelly, but when Kelly catches her idling in the office, she takes Sheree over her knee for a heavy discipline session.

Kelly believes that a sore ass should sort the young girl out. So she puts her over her knee and immediately begins the obligatory warm up spanking with her hand. Once Sheree’s ass is bright pink, Kelly uses a leather paddle to spank the squealing & struggling girl until her pert little bottom is a bright, glaring red.

Her first time spanking really hurt Amber is the third young lady to go over Kelly’s knee.

Amber is a thief and has stolen spanking movies from Kelly’s website. As Kelly points out to her, she has worked very hard making those movies. She tells Amber that stealing from her is morally wrong, and that spanking her would “be better than calling the cops.”

After amber endures a warm up OTK spanking from Kelly, she is tied with blue rope to a chair to restrict her movement. The spanking Kelly then gives the Amber is hard and long, using an assortment of implements including a wicker carpet beater and a wooden paddle. Only when the whimpering girl promises never to steal from her again, the spanking ends.

Helpless she has to take her first time spanking

Spanking Schoolgirl – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Billie West Productions
Starring: Cameron Towers and Paige Hunter
Approximate Running Time: 40.22 minutes

Cameron is a very pretty blond schoolgirl who is supposed to to be studying for her exams the next day. However, she is soon going to be learning the art of being a spanking schoolgirl instead.

She flips through the pages of her American history textbook, hoping to learn something, but she is bored and cannot see the necessity for learning about things that have happened in the past.

She lights a cigarette and puffs at it  until she hears her teacher, Ms. Jones, who has come to check on her progress.

Ms. Jones questions Cameron about the past presidents, but Cameron doesn’t get a single question right.

Therefore, Ms. Jones thinks maybe a spanking might help her student to focus better.

A sore bottom might help the spanking schoolgirl

One thing leads to another and both teacher and student are turned on.

Ms. Jones takes Cameron to her home in order to give her extra lessons.

In Ms. Jones’s bedroom, the two women undress each other and Ms. Jones finds Cameron a willing pupil. She finger fucks the young girl and has her screaming as she has an orgasm.

Ms Jones finds spanking the schoolgirl and finger fucking her exciting

This is followed by Ms. Jones strapping on a cock. Without any hesitation, Cameron learns how to suck it.

Then Ms. Jones uses it to fuck her young student.

Cameron's cunt is wet and juicy - after being a spanking schoolgirl

Both the teacher and the pupil have a wonderful time together. To show her appreciation, Ms. Jones promises Cameron that she will get straight As in her exams.

Silly Millie – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Starring: and Hans Hoff
Approximate Running Time: 35.56 minutes

Hans Hoff returns to his hotel room after witnessing some justice being carried out on a young girl earlier in the evening. Silly Millie is going to be his plaything for the evening.

He phones reception asking for some room service. He asks for a bottle of their finest whiskey to be sent up to his room.

While waiting for his whiskey to be delivered, he opens his suitcase. He must check that his punishment implements have not been damaged during transit.

He spreads out his various toys on the bed.

There is a knock on his door and in comes Millie, a pretty blonde girl. She is dressed in a maid’s uniform. She carefully puts the tray containing the bottle of whiskey and a glass on his bedside table.

He puts Silly Millie over his knee

Looking round the room, she sees the punishment implements and gets excited at the sight of them.

Now it’s a case of who is egging who on.

Milly obligingly allows Hans to start spanking her on her almost bare bottom. She is enjoying it and encourages him to try out some of his other implements.

She giggles and sways her reddening ass from side to side.

Occasionally she pleads with him to stop, but is easily persuaded to let him carry on.

He uses a light flogger on Silly Millie bottom

He uses a couple of different paddles, a flogger, and finally a cane.

Poor Silly Millie has her bottom further reddened by the cane

Daylight is peeping through the curtains when reception phones through to him giving him his early morning call.

Now what’s this? Hans is not alone in his bed – snuggled down under the duvet is Millie.

It looks like they are to have another interesting day ahead of them.

The Disciplinarians – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: London Enterprises Video
Starring: Star Chandler, Angella Faith, Summer Knight, Brook Taylor and Isadora Rose as Kim
Approximate Running Time: 56.47 minutes

In The Disciplinarians, Star Chandler plays Dana Johansen, a woman who runs a specialised lady spanking service. She and her assistant Kim (Isadora Rose) are discussing the day’s first client, Mrs. Jones. But before the lady enters the discipline room for her appointment, Star wants to be sure that Kim really knows what it’s all about.

Just checking that Kim understands what The Disciplinarians is all aboutUnfortunately, her assistant hasn’t read the client’s file notes properly and misunderstands why the lady is coming for some discipline. So Dana gives Kim a reminder on her bare ass. After After’s Kim’s hands-on lesson from her boss, she better understands the female spanking clients at the discipline center.

A sore bottom for the disciplinarianAfter Dana meets with and disciplines Mrs. Jones, two young ladies come into the office without an appointment. They have heard a little bit of what happens there, although they obviously don’t know the full story. Dana briefly explains it to them. She emphasizes to them that once they agree to have a discipline session there is no turning back. The only way the session will stop is when Dana believes they have genuinely had enough.

The Disciplinarians spank both girls togetherDana and Kim take on the two new women and show them what a true bare bottom spanking is all about. During that afternoon, there was the sound of hands, paddles, and straps making contact with bare bottoms – accompanied by the screams, squeals and shouts of the recipients echoing round the offices of the discipline center. Dana and her assistant Kim are certainly the best disciplinarians in town.

Kim still has to learn to be less submissive if she wants to be one of the disciplinarians

Spanking Barbie – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Scorched
Approximate Running Time: 30.36 minutes

“Barbie, please bring my newspaper,” the commanding lady boss calls to her assistant. Barbie, the young blond office assistant, is not dressed appropriately for the office. She’s a pretty young girl with a long braid hanging down her back and a tiny mini skirt who obediently enters the office and places the newspaper on her boss’s desk. However, she doesn’t realize what is about to happen to her. Her inappropriate outfit earns her a spanking from her supervisor.

Spanking Barbie is turning them both on

Her boss glances up from some documents she is reading and studies the young girl carefully then decides to take a closer look. The young girl is wearing a mini mini skirt that just barely covers her beautiful bottom. A casual flip up of the mini mini skirt reveals that she is not wearing any panties.

She is told to bend over the desk and her boss starts to gently spank her. At the moment, this is not a punishment spanking but rather a titillating one. You can see Barbie’s grin right after the very first smack.

Besides using her hand, her raven-haired boss also uses various paddles and straps that make Barbie’s bottom a sexy, deep pink. Barbie elicits squeals of pain and pleasure to show that her boss is not really hurting her.

While spanking Barbie she is put into the diaper position

Clearly, the squeals are of enjoyment as she is turned on. To add to the enjoyment, her boss gently spanks the lips of her wet, juicy pussy and makes Barbie purr in approval.

The pain and the ecstacy when spanking Barbie

Barbie’s position changes several times,  from bending over the desk to kneeling on it and even lying on her back on the desk, with her legs up in the diaper position.

It is not clear if Barbie has learned her lesson or been encouraged to not wear panties for the office.

But the viewers are treated to a wonderful view of a beautiful girls stunning, sexy ass and a juiced up cunt, while the boss is spanking Barbie.

Spanked for Twerking– A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Joelle Barros, Christy Cutie , Sarah Gregory, Keith Jones

Approximate Running Time: 53.38 minutes

Sarah is meant to be an example to her two younger cousins – Joelle and Christy. Unfortunately, she leads them into trouble and they all end up being spanked for twerking.

They didn’t know how to twerk, so Sarah gives them a demonstration. After some practicing and giggling, the girls decide to go out clubbing and show the other clubbers what twerking is all about.

Joelle and Christy realise the being spanked for twerking is not fun

However, their Uncle Penwyn sees a video of the three girls in action on YouTube. He is utterly disappointed with his three nieces and texts Sarah with strict instructions to spank the two younger girls. Sarah admits that she was the one who put the video on YouTube. So, as per Uncle Penwyn’s orders, she reluctantly gives them both a good over the knee spanking – by hand, hairbrush, and cane on their bare asses.

Now it is Christy's turn to be spanked for twerking

Unnoticed by them, Uncle Penwyn comes into the room unannounced. As he has been stuck in traffic for over three hours, he’s not in a good mood. He announces to them that his secretary was the one who found the video of them “tweeking.” The girls giggle as he asks about the dance and then try to explain it to him. He is disgusted that his own kin would partake is such a classless activity.

As Joelle and Chrisy’s bottoms have gone back to their normal pale colours, he’s not convinced that she has spanked her naughty younger cousins. So, he takes it on himself to spank all three of them – so they will know they have been spanked for twerking.

He gives each girl in turn a severe hand spanking – leaving Sarah, the ringleader, till last.

As they all have four years to go at university and he has paid for their studies, he expects them to get straight As.

All three girls have sore red bottoms – and they end up having a family hug.

After all lthree girls had been spanked for twerking, they have a family hug

Once Uncle Penwyn has gone back to the office, the three naughty girls – with a great deal of giggling-make plans to go clubbing, despite having been spanked for twerking – have they learned their lesson?