Painful Duel VI

Video: Painful Duel VI
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Studio: Elite Pain
The sixth part of our severe game show with a brand new set of girls. The rules: A couple of girls are invited to the show. Who of them are chosen for a duel. Both girls receive alternating sets of 6 strokes with the same instrument on their same body pars. Each stroke is worth 30 USD. The duel goes until one of the two participants quits. The looser doesn't get a penny,the winner takes all the money for all the strokes she received and also has the opportunity to participate in the next duel (this is not obligatory). The first duel features a frontal single tail whipping, the second duel features a very hard pussy whipping with an electric cord and a cat'o'nine

Stars: Angie, Annette, Britney, Linda, Maximilian Lomp

Spanking Delights

Video: Spanking Delights
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Studio: Bizarre Video


Marcy gets a lesson in proper servitude from her Mistress Daria. She quickly learns the meaning of obedience. After being well beaten and striped, Marcy must focus her attention and tongue on her Mistress’s pussy. Driven on by the sound and sting of the tawse frequently applied to her backside, Marcy does a superb job of licking and lathering. Pleased with her performance, Daria rewards the new little slut with another application to her reddened posteriors. Sensing that the girl is a wonton slut, Mistress Daria dons her strap-on and plunges into the girls now swollen pussy for a long fucking session.


Little Zara’s pert round bum is in for a butt blistering at the hands of her mother. The recalcitrant student has been skipping school and lax in her studies. Her mother is about to make her day a lot more uncomfortable. It’s over the knee with her for a hand spanking that leaves her smooth rounded bottom pink and smarting even through her panties. But when Mother catches her with her hands in her pussy instead of on her books, it’s on the bare for the young tart. Back over the knee she goes this time without the protection of her panties. Mother smacks and slaps away until Zara’s alabaster cheeks are red and bruised. No amount of pleading or squirming slows her mother’s hand. When she is left to tend to her books again, this time with a burning bottom, Zara finds her pussy much more interesting. The warmth in her blazing backside has swelled to the front of her body. She rubs her burning bottom and quivering quim to a subtle but satisfying orgasm, while dreaming about her next spanking.


This was Debora’s first spanking and what a blistering she got. She really squirms around over the spanker’s knee at the surprised intensity as his hand slaps away at her red bruising bottom.


In today`s set sexy brunette Viva Small dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl gets punished by the principal .She is put to stand in the corner and reflect on all the naughty things she have done . She can’t hold her pee anymore as she stands there so she lets a strong steamy stream into her panties. When the principle return he is aghast at her behavior and administers a hand spanking on her bared moist bottom.


Miss Hartcort, the piano teacher, employs some unconventional methods determined to make Amy a better piano student. She punctuates Amy’s playing mistakes with an over the knee spanking. When this does not prove to be effective she resorts to the strap and tawse. Amy is soon both dancing and singing while her poor behind is reddened and blistered. Taken with the young teens mischievous moves, Miss Hartcort offers Amy a more adult education employing the tip of Amy’s tongue to her clit and then rewarding the girl with a pounding strap-on pussy reaming.


Veronica is tied against the wall with her perky butt facing Sergio and his menacing crop. He lectures her for her misdeeds punctuating his words with a stinging smack to her ass cheeks. Bound tight, She can only twitch and whine after each staccato rap of the crop. When her backside is peppered with red marks, Sergio picks up a flogger and finished her off with strong howl producing strokes. Afterwards she is properly trained in cock sucking and a thorough pussy pounding.


Elleis paddled with the wooded ruler over her white cotton briefs, before they come down to reveal her creamy white ass cheeks. These are soon blotched and striped with painful red marks due to the principle’s application of the ruler and cane on her tender backside. When she thought it was finally over the worst of all occurred. She is made to lean over a desk and read her lesson while a spanking machine pummels her bottom with a steady rhythmic application of wooden paddles.


Lazy housemaid Athina is caught loafing on the job by her employer Brandy Smile, and there will be hell to pay in various delightful forms, After getting scolded and face-slapped by her boss, Athina receives a bare bottom spanking. More spanking follows, and punitive cunnilingus too, followed by a flogging on Athina’s fine cheeks! Mistress Brandy even spanks her maid’s soles. But the chastisement is not over by any means. Brandy gets naked only to put on a crotch harness complete with a red dildo! And her maid is going to learn the full extent of Brandy’s control when she is taken in her asshole.

Stars: Athina, Blue Angel, Brandy Smile, Cindy Hope, Daria Glower, Debora Rush, Elle Alexander, Laura M., Marcy, Victoria White, Viva Small, Zara, Andre Baylock, Ben Kelly, Nick Lang, Tony Desergio

Hog Tied – Kimber Woods Makes Her Hogtied Debut An This Little Pain Slut Delivers

Video: Hog Tied - Kimber Woods Makes Her Hogtied Debut An This Little Pain Slut Delivers
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The camera never lies and the feeling of exhaustion and defeat is palpable as we watch Kimber quiver in a pool of her mess. Kimber is a pain slut of the divine order!!! Welcome to the family!!

Stars: Kimber Woods, The Pope

Heidee Spanks Mike

Video: Heidee Spanks Mike
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Studio: Dave's Custom Media
Mike feels so bad about the direction his life has taken. He’s spent most of his life drunk, lazy, & unable to take care of himself or anyone else. Heidee Nytes is here to make sure he gets his ass in line, and the only way to do that is to make his ass red! Heidee starts a very sorry Mike out with an OTK hand spanking, followed by a variety of hard, flesh pounding implements like a rubber paddle, two wooden paddles, a wooden spoon, a leather strap, a bath brush, and the list goes on and on! This hardcore spanking gets interrupted when Mike’s cell phone rings in the middle of it! Mistress Heidee’s reaction is stern & agonizing! After it’s all said & done, Heidee comforts Mike, who has been spanked to tears, and lets him know everything is okay.

Stars: Heidee Nytes, Mike

Menacing Male Doms!

Video: Menacing Male Doms!
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Studio: Wasteland
Three BDSM Masters put five beautiful female submissives through the paces of slave training, submission, punishment, rope bondage and, of course, mind blowing orgasms. Starring Maledoms Rob Gadling, David Lawrence & John Strange. These five submissive women are not in control of their orgasms, their Masters are!

Stars: Daisy Duxxx, Giselle Humes, Lilly Ligotage, Nyssa Nevers, Sicilia Ricci, David Lawrence, John Strange, Rob Gadling

Heidee Loves Spanking Deanna’s Ass

Video: Heidee Loves Spanking Deanna's Ass
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Studio: Dave's Custom Media
Heidee allows Deanna to choose four implements for her punishment. Deanna, unable to resist the urge to be daring, chooses among them Heidee's thickest cane and a 3 tailed rubber flogger that even Heidee is a bit intimidated by. Starting with an OTK hand spanking, Deanna is instructed to hand Heidee the tools of her bottom's demise, ending with the dreaded rubber flogger, which leaves Deanna in tears of regret for her brazen behavior and choice of punishment.

Stars: Deanna Cannonball, Heidee Nytes

Whipped Ass Volume 25 – Tag Teaming Threesomes

Video: Whipped Ass Volume 25 - Tag Teaming Threesomes
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Exhausted executive Dee Williams is dominated by Cherry Torn and Kleio Valentien. Dee is stripped naked and pinned down as the Dommes spank and slap her exposed ass and finger her greedy cunt. They tie her up and fuck all her slutty holes senseless with their strap-ons as Dee cums over and over again.

Roommates Dahlia Sky and Juliette March bring in Mona Wales to help settle an argument through lesbian domination. Spanking, flogging, riding crops and strap-on fucking are just some of the techniques Mona uses on them. Dahlia and Juliette both learn a valuable lesson, not to fuck with their roommate because their roommate will literally fuck them back!

Penelope Reed is tied up in bondage by evil sluts Aiden Starr and Bella Rossi. She gets flogged and smothered by Bella as Aiden uses the crop on her clit over and over again, harder each time. They fuck each other hard with strap-ons until all their bodies are trembling with orgasms.

Stars: Aiden Starr, Bella Rossi, Cherry Torn, Dahlia Sky, Dee Williams, Juliette March, Kleio Valentien, Mona Wales, Penelope Reed

The Fight – Suzie vs Holly

Video: The Fight - Suzie vs Holly
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Studio: Elite Pain
Suzie and Holly had some arguments in the studio, so Mr. Lomp decided to arrange a fight between these two beauties. They have to endure various hard and painful treatments from the master to decide who is the winner, who can take more...Holly is new to this. Maximillian Lomp needs to know who is more beautiful, more seductive and a better slave.

Stars: Holly, Suzy, Maximillian

Girlfriend Tied Up & Spanked By Mommy

Video: Girlfriend Tied Up & Spanked By Mommy
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Studio: Dave's Custom Media
How many times have I told you not to sneak your little girls into my house?!?! Well, maybe now you'll learn your lesson! I've got her tied up here in the basement, and I am going to spank her ass red! And you'll sit there, watch, and learn your lesson! Maybe then. you'll learn not to sneak little sluts into my house to fuck! Watch me spank her ass red with my bare hand! Do you hear her yelling for help? You're not gonna help her. You're a little fucking pig! You're gonna sit there an stroke your dirty little cock like piggy boys do! Go ahead and keep touching yourself while I spank her with a bath brush! You make me sick! I can't believe you're my son. You're just staring at her, you little pervert! She's moaning for help as I'm spanking her with a wooden paddle!! You're not learning anything, are you? Maybe if I strap her ass with a piece of leather? Will you learn then? No! Then she's gonna have to take 18 whacks with a rubber paddle, one for every slutty year she's been alive! There! Let that lesson sink in a while. You better be a good boy, and keep an eye on her. Mommy will be back later to let her go.

Sissy Und Cuckold & Loser Training

Video: Sissy Und Cuckold & Loser Training
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Studio: Amator
Let the humiliation begin! Poor Men and their balls... they're humiliated, beaten and busted! Beautiful Women with an ugly attitude are going to give these guys an understanding of the word pain! These hot dominatrixes will leave you feeling pathetic and begging for more sweet degradation and humiliation. Hot girls are eager to give you instructions on how to jerk it, and they can’t wait to verbally crush, make men uck others in women's clothes or violate their own assholes!