Minnie the Jinx – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Starring:  as Minnie,  as Sarah Robinson
Approximate Running Time: 42.14 minutes

Minnie is a waitress at a Gentleman’s Club in London, but she is nicknamed Minnie the Jinx.

One of the visitors to the club is Herr Hans Hoff from Dusseldorf. He is on an exchange visit from the Department of Trade and he is complaining to Sir Gary about a certain waitress that has no idea about how to serve meals or drinks.

Sir Gary wants to know more regarding this complaint so he offers Herr Hoff a drink while they discuss it.

Minnie the Jinx takes a sip from each glass - she has to be sure it's ok

Minnie is the waitress who brings the drinks. While serving Herr Hoff, she trips and his glass of wine lands in his lap. She’s full of apologies as she attempts to mop up the spilled drink, but Herr Hoff is disgusted and excuses himself while he goes to have a change of clothes.

Sir Gary, having witnessed her carelessness for himself, quizzes Minnie about her credentials. It turns out that she got the job by telling a few white lies on her application form.

He marches her off to see Sarah Robinson, the Personnel Officer. She cannot produce Minnie’s references when asked for them.

Sir Gary is in a bad position – he’s embarrassed that he has such a clumsy, rude, and loud-mouthed girl on his staff.

He’s all for sacking Minnie, but Sarah Robinson suggests punishing her instead. Sir Gary agrees.

Sir Gary starts spanking Minnie the Jinx

Herr Hans Hoff is a disciplinarian and carries a suitcase full of punishment implements around with him. He willingly lends the suitcase to Sir Gary when he is told the contents of the suitcase are to be used on Minnie the Jinx.

Poor Minnie finds herself leaning over Miss Robinson’s desk, with her skirt up and panties down, receiving a cane on her poor, previously-unmarked bottom.

Minnie the Jimx has a very sore bottom

Miss Robinson holds Minnie’s hands so that she can’t rub her bottom while  the caning continues. Then Miss Robinson pleads for leniency on Minnie’s behalf.

After Minnie has been well and truly caned, with her bottom red and bruised, she is promises to be a good girl in future. Then Sir Gary asks Miss Robinson if he can see the wages book. However, it doesn’t exist. Now he knows there is a scam going on.

The only way he knows is to straighten out this mess by giving Miss Robinson the tawse on her creamy, bare ass.

Now it's Miss Robinson's turn to have a sore bottom

Both Minnie the Jinx and Miss Sarah Robinson have very sore bottoms by the end of the video. However, they will be allowed to keep their jobs, but woe betide them if they mess up again.

Eve Howard’s Spanking Scrapbook – Part 3

Clare Fonda and Paris Kennedy in LingerieParis Kennedy, shown here on her knees to Clare Fonda, got us invited to an exclusive models’ party, hosted by Girdlebound.com, the largest purveyor of vintage and retro style foundations on the internet. Girdlebound’s generous founder gifted us with numerous delightful undergarments, including classic open bottom girdles, stockings, garter belts, and bras. All of these will be appearing in future Shadow Lane videos. Thanks, Girdlebound!

Eve Howard and Clare Fonda in Lingerie and StockingsWe managed to get at least one shot where Clare wasn’t holding a glass of wine. These sheer, open bottom, slip girdles are flattering and sexy. Wearing one on a first spanking date without panties on underneath is guaranteed to intrigue and ignite any top guy with a retro bent.


These are two of my favorite shots of me spanking Sarah Gregory during the Labor Day party weekend.

Eve Howard Spanking Sarah Gregory

OTK Spanking with Eve Howard and Sarah Gregory


Don’t worry, I’ve got this. The coach may look like a bruiser, but he went “Waaaaa!” when  I spanked, strapped, and paddled him, just like any smaller, bad, little boy.

Eve Howard Spanks The CoachWhen you have a sub who can take it, why wouldn’t you use a cane?

The Coach Get a Caning from Eve Howard


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Hope to see lots of you at the next Shadow Lane party. Cheers!

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Spanking Schoolgirl – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Billie West Productions
Starring: Cameron Towers and Paige Hunter
Approximate Running Time: 40.22 minutes

Cameron is a very pretty blond schoolgirl who is supposed to to be studying for her exams the next day. However, she is soon going to be learning the art of being a spanking schoolgirl instead.

She flips through the pages of her American history textbook, hoping to learn something, but she is bored and cannot see the necessity for learning about things that have happened in the past.

She lights a cigarette and puffs at it  until she hears her teacher, Ms. Jones, who has come to check on her progress.

Ms. Jones questions Cameron about the past presidents, but Cameron doesn’t get a single question right.

Therefore, Ms. Jones thinks maybe a spanking might help her student to focus better.

A sore bottom might help the spanking schoolgirl

One thing leads to another and both teacher and student are turned on.

Ms. Jones takes Cameron to her home in order to give her extra lessons.

In Ms. Jones’s bedroom, the two women undress each other and Ms. Jones finds Cameron a willing pupil. She finger fucks the young girl and has her screaming as she has an orgasm.

Ms Jones finds spanking the schoolgirl and finger fucking her exciting

This is followed by Ms. Jones strapping on a cock. Without any hesitation, Cameron learns how to suck it.

Then Ms. Jones uses it to fuck her young student.

Cameron's cunt is wet and juicy - after being a spanking schoolgirl

Both the teacher and the pupil have a wonderful time together. To show her appreciation, Ms. Jones promises Cameron that she will get straight As in her exams.

Silly Millie – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Starring: and Hans Hoff
Approximate Running Time: 35.56 minutes

Hans Hoff returns to his hotel room after witnessing some justice being carried out on a young girl earlier in the evening. Silly Millie is going to be his plaything for the evening.

He phones reception asking for some room service. He asks for a bottle of their finest whiskey to be sent up to his room.

While waiting for his whiskey to be delivered, he opens his suitcase. He must check that his punishment implements have not been damaged during transit.

He spreads out his various toys on the bed.

There is a knock on his door and in comes Millie, a pretty blonde girl. She is dressed in a maid’s uniform. She carefully puts the tray containing the bottle of whiskey and a glass on his bedside table.

He puts Silly Millie over his knee

Looking round the room, she sees the punishment implements and gets excited at the sight of them.

Now it’s a case of who is egging who on.

Milly obligingly allows Hans to start spanking her on her almost bare bottom. She is enjoying it and encourages him to try out some of his other implements.

She giggles and sways her reddening ass from side to side.

Occasionally she pleads with him to stop, but is easily persuaded to let him carry on.

He uses a light flogger on Silly Millie bottom

He uses a couple of different paddles, a flogger, and finally a cane.

Poor Silly Millie has her bottom further reddened by the cane

Daylight is peeping through the curtains when reception phones through to him giving him his early morning call.

Now what’s this? Hans is not alone in his bed – snuggled down under the duvet is Millie.

It looks like they are to have another interesting day ahead of them.

Spank My Wife Please! Vol 1, Mrs. Smith – Michael Kahn Productions

milf spanking

I’m handsomer than I was 20 years ago. Not better looking in the real sense, just relatively so. When I was a teenager, having a flat belly and a full head of hair was nothing special. In my current age demographic, it gets me noticed.

That’s how it is with MILFs, including our very own “Mrs. Smith”, the star of this particular movie. You may not have paid her much attention in high school, but she’s been working out ever since. While the other mothers put on weight, she kept her teenager figure. Nowadays she’s the hottest mom at the bus stop or the PTA meeting.

And yeah, she knows it. Whatever attention she didn’t get in High School, she’s making up for it now. She’s proud of herself. She wants to be noticed. She fancies herself quite the hot little sex goddess.

She shows up for the video shoot wearing wearing fishnet stockings, black stiletto boots, a black micro mini skirt, and a midriff-baring, shoulder-baring, mini-top. Across her chest reads the word “Bitch”. Her belly’s pierced. And she’s smoking a cigarette.

Overkill? You betcha! Wanna see her get spanked? You double-betcha!!!.

The camera zooms in on her boots and travels upward, revealing every part of her sexy body and outfit along the trip. When we get to her face, she’s smirking in a very self-satisfied way. This woman is way too proud of herself. If anyone ever needed a spanking, she’s it.

She has long brown hair and pretty face. She does a little interview for the camera. She bats her eyelids and tells us that she’s always wanted to be spanked. She tells us that she visits swingers’ clubs. She turns around, pulls up her skirt and reveals a tight little ass and the skimpiest of thongs.

The spanker is a balding, middle-aged guy with a hefty gut — presumably Michael Kahn. He paws her cute little butt at first. Who could blame him? Then the spanking starts. It’s not hard at the beginning. They’re both standing. He goes from one buttock to the other.

He puts her over his lap on the sofa. There’s some chit chat between the two. No lecturing, no pretense that she’s done anything bad. It’s just an experience for her, like her visits to the swingers’ clubs. He looks like a kid in a candy store, though, staring at her butt, rubbing it and spanking it.

He doesn’t seem to be spanking hard, but it gets to her.
She’s feeling pain. No pleasure. Maybe she didn’t alwya wat to be spanked after all. He mentions the tears in her eyes. She sniffles a bit, wipes her eyes and nose. She says that it hurts.

He keeps spanking. “Please no more,” she asks plaintively. She doesn’t look like a hot sex goddess anymore. She buries her head in the couch. “Please stop,” she begs again. More sniffles. The camera comes around to show her unhappy face. She’s suffering.

She asks him to stop again. She sounds tearful. Her butt is red. She struggles to get away. He holds her holds her down and continues swatting.

She says she’ll do “anything” to end the spanking. She says she can’t take it. “I’m begging you”, she pleads. The sex goddess is way down off the pedestal now.

He extracts his price to stop. His cock in her mouth. She agrees.

From this point on, she’s enthusiastic. She seems to generally enjoy his cock in her mouth, as well as the various other positions they assume.

And maybe that was the point — spank her until she agrees to sex. If so, though, you get the impression she would’ve agreed to it no matter what.

So how good was the movie? I liked it. The spanking may have been mediocre by some standards, but it got the job done. It really brought “Mrs. Smith” down a few pegs. And whatever she lacks as a spanking model, she makes up for as a sexual enthusiast. The spanking was nice, but it’s a pleasure to watch her and listen to her engage in the sexual activity she really enjoys.

Naughty Nieces Get Spanked

Studio California Star
Title: Naughty Nieces 1

The story line goes as follows: Two pretty, but very innocent, girls are recruited from the bowling green to be “employed by a rather eccentric gentleman to dress as maids, and accept ‘proper’ discipline. When in suitable costumes, the girls discuss how they received their punishments in the past, anticipating what is forthcoming.

Soon they are made to strip off their brief maid’s uniforms and adopt the well known position to receive blistering bottom warnings. Their tear-streaked faces and pleas for mercies do not dissuade the ‘gentleman’ from flailing their buttocks until they are glowing red and very, very painful.

The film begins with some shots from the bowling green a blond and brunette have been watching the bowling as they walk away they are asked by one of the gentlemen there (Carl) if they would like to make some money they are interested and so are taken over to a car to meet another gentleman who looks a bit of a Arthur daily who would like to employ them at his bowling green next we see the girls in the bar and Carl takes them off to get into uniform.
They are sent to get a drink and some matches etc from the bar at this point he gets stroppy because there is no ice in his drink so its skirts up pants down and bend over a chair he then spanks them hard some nice facial shots lots of squeals and some nicely coloured bottoms lots of good facial shots 2 lovely girls 2 well spanked bottoms the film ends at the point that their uncle arrives and wants to know what his nieces Sonia and Samantha are doing there.

A weird place to end and a know there is a part 2 to follow but still a weird ending other than that it was ok

Caning Trilogy

Studio: California Star
Title: Caning Trilogy

The story line for the first of the3 films is caning catastrophe and the story line is as follows a total mishap results in a spanking and caning for a gorgeous catering girl when she appears at Lady Somes house with no food, hopelessly drunk, and only moments before 60 party guests are due to arrive. There has apparently been some confusion, but the excuses fall on deaf ears and Lady Somes has no alternative other than to issue punishment, using both her hands and the cane.
The film begins with lady Somes drinking wine she is slightly plump with long dark hair and glasses but quite attractive when the catering girl arrives she is a thin good looking girl with auburn hair. when the caterer is not ready and says she thought it was the next day lady Somes is outraged as her guests are due to arrive in 45 minutes and there is no food and drink for them or a maid to serve them so lady Somes spanks and scolds her first over her jeans then over her thong before removing it and giving her cute rear a good sound over the knee hand spanking.
This is followed by a bare bottom paddling bent over the settee and is about 62 swats later the catering girl is stripped naked and receives 15 good hard strokes of the cane her bottom is delightful colour and is beautifully lined by the cane. She is then stood naked in the corner so that lady Somes guests can see her handy work when they arrive, the film ends.
An unusual story line and I enjoyed it


Film no 2 is called Dental Nightmare and the story line is as follows, a pretty young girl has a dream whilst under anaesthetic at her dentist. She is led into a dungeon by a dominatrix for hand spanking and canings and is also paddled across a whipping stool.
the film begins with a shot of a dental practice then we go to a beautiful brunette in a dentist chair and another slim beautiful brunette in dentists whites examining her teeth before giving her gas the film blurs then restarts with both these gorgeous girls in a bondage chamber and the patient is given an over the knee spanking on her knickers before they are taken down and she is given a long slow spanking over the dentists knee.

Next the patient is stripped naked bent over a whipping stool and given 46 swats of the paddle and then 81strokes with the strap and 70 strokes of the cane the film cuts back to the girls in the dentists again with another shot of the dental practice and ends
Another unusual story line the punishment is not given hard but is adequate.
If anyone recognises the dental practice please let me know so I can change dentists

Film no 3 is Table Dancers Part II, this is the continuing story of what happens when a beautiful woman gets in trouble for not doing what she is supposed to at the local club.
film starts girl in blue dress turns up late lady in black dress and top berates her for been late and turning up at 1100 instead of 0800 lady threatens to sack her then repents and decides to cane her instead so its dress off thong off over the knee spanking then bent over settee for 33 good hard strokes of the cane I like the way she keeps looking at her lined bottom and rubbing it in between the first 26 strokes and the little dance on the 19th stroke is great. finally she is told she is suspended for a week and to wait there for a couple of minutes till the other girls have seen her bottom then the film ends with a very sore bottom for this girl there are also some great facial shots towards the end of the caning.

It’s Your Responsibility — Red Stripe

It’s Your Responsibility

Red Stripes

This video has a great premise. A daughter has been misbehaving in school, and the mother is called in for a meeting. After arriving, the mom is told that, in effect, “it’s your responsibility”. She’s been ineffectual in
raising her daughter, and now, either the mother submits to a spanking herself for the misbehavior, or her daughter will be expelled. Aghast at the potential family shame of her daughter being removed from school, the mother agrees to be spanked.

Mrs. Hunter-Ford, the mother, is dressed in an elegant white suit when she arrives at the school that day. “Good afernoon, Miss Spencer” she says, as she sits down in the office of the school administrator. “I don’t remember asking you to sit down just yet,” replies Miss Spencer icily. Sheepishly, Mrs. Hunter-Ford stands back up and waits. This initial rudeness is a foreshadowing of far greater indignities to come.

Before permitting the older woman to sit down, Miss Spencer talks to Mrs. Hunter-Ford for a while about the flaws in the daughter’s behavior. Miss Spencer then proposes the devilish bargain that is the premise of the movie — a spanking for the mother or expulsion for the daughter. The mother dithers, pondering the humiliation, but eventually she agrees to the spanking.

Miss Spencer then begins ordering the older woman about. “Take off your jacket.” There’s hesitation. “Come on!” she says, raising her voice. Off comes the jacket, then the skirt, and a miserable and no longer elegant-looking Mrs. Hunter-Ford is now over the knee and getting spanked. Her large and attractive rear end gets hit hard and often. She protests when her underwear is pulled down. “Nobody sees my bottom.” But protestation is futile. Miss Spencer is commanding and single-minded.

I like Miss Spencer as a spanker and as a domme in general. She hits hard, and she makes clear that she expects nothing less than absolute obedience. When the mother complains or hesitates to follow an instruction, Miss Spencer says “I see where your daughter gets it.” Protests from the spankee only bring extra verbal abuse and extra punishment. Another thing about Miss Spencer is that she’s very attractive. As
a spanker, she great to look at.

I wish I could say the same for Mrs. Hunter-Ford. She has a large, curvy, spankable bottom, and nice cleavage (her shirt remains on, so we never see more than the cleavage), but she could use some yoga or a membership to the gym. And her hairstyle is so frizzy that it bunches around her face and hides it at various camera angles. Even so, it’s fun and sexy to watch the woman humiliated, spanked and ordered about. Especially when it’s done so expertly.

After a round of hand spanking, Miss Spencer makes the mother stand up and take down her garter and stockings. Then’s she’s made to bend over a desk for some tawsing. After a few blows, Mrs. Hunter-Ford breaks position. Wasn’t the spanking enough, she whines. The pain and fear in her face are evident.

It’s also evident that she’s in a no-win situation with a harsh mistress. Because the mother has just made a fuss, Miss Spencer says, she’s going to get extra discipline. The lesson is clear: only absolute obedience is acceptable, and Mrs. Hunter-Ford hasn’t learned it yet. But there’s time.

The mother appears to start crying during the tawsing. She also reaches back a few times to rub her sore bottom. Each time she does so, Miss Spencer informs her that it earns her extra strokes. It’s a painful Catch-22 for the miserable mom. Her rear end hurts, but if she does anything to relieve the pain, she’ll just get more punishment.

Finally, Mrs. Hunter-Ford is caned and forced to count strokes. She moans the numbers forlornly and tearfully. It’s quite a comedown for the well-heeled woman. She gets extra strokes, because, according to Miss Spencer, she can’t pay attention. At one point the mother is allowed to break position. She stands in front of the younger woman, grateful for the temporary reprieve, sobbing openly, rubbing her bottom and tearfully asking for the session to end.

It doesn’t. She’s forced to touch her toes for the final, extra strokes of the cane. Her sobbing gets louder and longer in this position. She’s good at touching her hands all the way to the floor, though. Maybe she doesn’t need yoga after all.

At the end, Miss Spencer tells Mrs. Hunter-Ford to go home and spank her daughter the way she’s been spanked. And Miss Spencer even says she’ll inspect the daughter’s bottom upon her return to school. Sobbing, sniffling and moving her sore body painfully and gingerly, Mrs. Hunter-Ford gets herself dressed to leave.

This movie has good and not-so-good aspects. One strength is the willingness of Mrs. Hunter-Ford to endure such a long, hard punishment session. And her tears and other reactions are wonderful throughout. Other strengths are the strictness and sheer physical attractiveness of the domme. Miss Spencer is very easy on the eyes, and her relentless insistence on absolute obedience results in a very painful and humiliating session for Mrs. Hunter-Ford.

The main weakness, though, is also Mrs. Hunter-Ford herself. She’s not that attractive physically, and not that convincing as a wealthy, upper strata English woman. The subtext of the movie’s premise is that a woman who would never take a spanking in other circumstances is forced to so. But Mrs. Hunter-Ford never really comes off as haughty or arrogant or commanding. Even before she gets spanked, her voice, manner and posture are more compliant than dominant. So her spanking, while erotic and enjoyable, is never quite the comedown for a proud, domineering woman that the video’s premise suggests. Even so, it’s an enjoyable and erotic video of a harsh and painful spanking session.

It’s Your Responsibility

Red Stripes